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Archive-name: Dreams/ltrbambi.txt


Archive-title: Loverboy's letters to Bambi

         Bambi,  as  I  have mentioned, I  am  blessed  with  extraordinary

    staying power. I can fuck over and over and over, for hours...but  only

    fantasies  can make me come while masturbating... I have a very  active

    imagination  (as you can probably figure out!) and as a hobby  I  write

    articles  for  local  magazines, although not of the  variety  you  see

    here...I blush when you complement my writing. Thank you!

         The  biggest  turn  on  for  me  is  a  woman  who  will  love  me

    unconditionally.  And of course I love large breasts, and  round,  full

    asses,  and  long thick hair as well, which is why  your  questionairre

    turns   me  on  so...  Sharing  fantasies  with  you  has  truly   been

    wonderful...and  as  for what I would like to know more  about  you,  I

    would like to hear about other dreams, other fantasies, perhaps sexual,

    perhaps not...these turn me on as well. Your dream house, or lover,  or

    job,  or trip... also, the color of your eyes (I imagine them as  clear

    and  brown)  and your hands and fingers (long and  delicate?)  or  your

    other erotic zones...anything that tells me more how to please you, and

    lets  me feel closer to you, more intimate... Sexuality is a  wonderful

    component of intimacy, but not the whole thing...?

         I have another fantasy for you, lover... I would like to construct

    a  dream  evening for you, as a birthday present... My gift to  you!  I

    pick you up at work, having only told you to bring everything you would

    you  would need for the weekend... not a word about where we are  going

    or  what  wonderful surprises I have planned for you.  You do  not  ask

    questions,  just begin to imagine the wonderful possibilities... as  we

    drive  out of the city, away from the congestion, the smog, across  the

    golden gate bridge as the sun sets.

         It  is late evening as we turn off the highway onto a small  road.

    The moon is full and shining brightly, and we can see fields and fields

    of pumpkins, and the smell of apples is in the air. We go for miles and

    miles  under  the moonlight, and already you are imagining what  is  in

    store,  what  we will do, how I haveplanned to honor you. We  turn  off

    onto a small gravel road, and go up a hill, passing small cabins  along

    the  way,  up  towards a big four story wooden house  with  the  lights

    shining brightly within. We park the car, and go up to our room,  which

    as  rich  wood paneling, with a big brass bed and  beautiful  patchwork

    quilt on it, thick and fluffy.

         We  undress  each other slowly, reverently, and then I  take  your

    hand, and begin to lead you out the door. You wish to speak, but I  put

    my  finger  on my lips.  We will not communicate with words  tonite.  I

    lead  you  down  the stairs, and behind th house,  where  you  catch  a

    glimpse of the hot springs pools...Only a few couples are in the water,

    and  as we step into the first pool, the water is hot, and  our  bodies

    tense up at the initial shock, then quickly relax.  Soon we are in  the

    water  up  to  our  necks.    Your body  feels  light  in  the  heavily

    mineralized  water,  and  I encourage you to float on your  back  as  I

    gently  put  my hand under you and begin to slowly massage  and  arouse

    you.   One  by one, several plump women with large  breasts  enter  the

    pool, and come towards us.  As you float in the warm water,  completely

    relaxed,  you feel one of them begin to lick your clit,  while  another

    one  is feeling your ass, and I am lightly touching your  thighs.   Two

    more women come too, and before I know it I am also floating, and  they

    are sucking my cock, and massaging my cheeks..while we both hold hands,

    connected  in the water.  All this stimulation only awakens  my  desire

    for  you,  Bambi.  I can hear you softly purring next to  me,  as  your

    fingers  lightly begin to massage my hand.  The women put us down,  and

    we embrace, and the feeling of each others body, is wonerful.

         All weekend, I will massage and tend to you, my Bambi. You will be

    rubbed,  and  caressed,  and  fondled.   Your  every  fantasy  will  be

    fulfilled...  As  we  embrace,  and I feel my  cock  getting  hard  and

    pressing  against  your  belly, I can see one  of  the  ladies  looking

    longingly  at you.  Your are so beautiful, my Bambi, that  you  attract

    many  suitors...We  leave  the pool, to go on to the next  one,  and  I

    beckon to this lady to follow us, into a dark bathouse,lit only by rays

    of  moonlight. You enter the water, and  wade in.  This time the  water

    is  really steaming, very hot, and after a few moments you are  winded,

    and pop out of the water, leaving only your feet in, and lie down on  a

    wide wooden bench to rest.  I lie down next to you, and our lady friend

    also comes, and begins to massage us both, with a fragrant, fruity oil.

    She  is  strong, with big, beefy arms, and her strokes  are  firm,  and

    purposeful.  You turn over, and as our friend massages your full  round

    buttocks, our tongues mingle deeply.  My desire for you has never  been

    stronger, and I instantly want to be inside of you.  You oblige me, and

    we  lie  on  the bench, me thrusting in and out, in  and  our

    friend  adds  her  tongue  to  the  crowd  paying  attention  to   your

    pussy...Before  long, you are in ecstasy, moaning deeply, as  I  thrust

    into  you faster and faster... thrashing about, griping my ass  cheeks,

    pulling  me into you....almost shrieking... But no, the night has  only

    begun, my bambi.  Let us hear how you would have it finish...


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