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Archive-name: Dreams/loveunkn.txt


Archive-title: Love with Unknown Person Afar

He sat at a desk in the darkened classroom of his architecture class, viewing 

on the wall the projected slide of a large, beautiul temple in a minor town 

in the south of India, with mountains rising in the distance, and town 

apartments sprawled around the temple.  The professor noted that the 

photographer took the photo from the roof of a nearby cheap hotel.  He 

imagined himself on the roof of that hotel, observing the town, and all the 

somewhat decrepit buildings who had been captured in the photo along with the 


His attention drawn to the buildings surrounding the temple, he was taken by 

the shabbiness that, in contrast with the exquisite temple, emphasized their 

this-worldliness.  Looking at a building not quite adjoining the temple, he 

saw the face of a figure, which. when he paid closer attention, was the face 

of a young teenaged woman.  He wondered if  she realized that day, early in 

the morning, that her image would be captured and magnified, captured and 

transported to the classroom where he sat in contemplation of it.

The lecture turned into a dull monotonous drone, and in the classroom 

completely darkened except for the image of the slide, his thoughts began to 

wander as he was drawn into the image and the woman he saw.

He wondered how she would feel if she knew he were thinking of her.  He 

wondered how she would feel if he were beside her that morning as she woke 

and looked out the window.  If she woke to find him lying next to her, 

running his fingers through her long, jet black hair, or feeling the softness 

of her cheeks and neck with his wet lips, running his fingers along the soft 

curves of her body and bellybutton.  He imagined lying behind her as she 

slept on her side, running an arm around her, underneath her neck, through 

her soft hair, and letting his hand rest cupping a breast.  He felt the 

gentle heaving of her chest as she slowly took her sleeping breaths, her 

chest gently heaving, rubbing her nipple back and forth against his hand, 

slowly getting hard as it did so.  He rolled her over and pulled the sheet 

off of her body, surprised to find her fully naked, her beautiful body and 

tits and pubic hair innocently displayed on her sleeping body.  He ran a hand 

between her legs, pulling them slightly apart as he felt his dick rise in his 

jeans.  She began to rouse, breathing erratically, her eyelids starting to 

flicker.  He places his lips on hers, sucking gently, running his tongue in 

and out of the wetness of her sweet mouth.  At first she was seized with 

surprise, her muscles jerking below him as she woke to find him there.  At 

first she started to pull away and close her legs, but as his finger pushed 

into the dripping wet mound of her pussy, she let out a small moan, half 

pleasure, half surprise, and let him push it all the way in.  He kissed her 

harder, deeper, grabbing a tit, fondling it, feeling his dick grow rock hard.  

One finger, two fingers... her cunt was extremely tight but dripping wet, and 

her moans, growing ever louder, let him know she was thrilled.  He rolled 

over between her legs and took his dick out of his jeans, and pushed the head 

of his dick into her hairy wet mount.  He let out a gasp of delight as just 

the tip of his dick enjoyed the sensations of the wetness of her pussy and 

the fuzziness of her hair.  He grasped her shoulder with one hand, and laid 

the other arm across the side of her body, grabbing a tit as he raised his 

ass and prepared to shove his dick into her pussy.  He thrusted it in 

inch by inch into the excruciatingly tight pussy, her juices dripping all 

over him.  As she moaned and gasped louder and louder, he kissed her hard and 

used his tight grip to shake her body for emphasis.  When his dick was all 

the way in, he thrusted into her as hard as he could, stretching her pussy to 

its thrillingly pleasurable limits.  Fuck after fuck, her moans, her tight 

cunt, her hot juices, her inflated, hard nippled, her moans, turned him on 

more and more, and when he finally came, her tight cunt sucked every last bit 

of cum out of his body as he gasped and heaved, feeling her soft hair against 

his body, her soft tits, her sweet lips and skin... he fucked her and fucked 

her as he came, breathing in every bit of her womanhood as he filled her cunt 

deep with cum. 

He rolled off her, thoroughly satisifed, calm, relaxed, and looked into her 

eyes.  He couldn't speak to her, of course, not knowing the dialect of the 

region... but, his arms around her, running up and down her belly, over her 

tits, her hairy mound, and occasionally into her dripping pussy, he looked 

into her deep brown loving eyes, and they smiled.


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