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Archive-name: Dreams/lezdream.ff

Archive-author: anon

Archive-title: Friends

         I wasn't sure whether or not I would post my fantasy, but

  finally decided I would.

         My name is Carol and I live alone in a small two bedroom

  apartment in a suburb of a big city on the East coast.  One of my

  closest friends is a girl named Lisa.    Recently I invited Lisa to

  stay over night at my place.  We hadn't seen eachother for awhile and

  I figured it would be a good time for some girl-talk.  We work at

  different jobs and are far enough apart to make it a long distance call

  when we chat, so we don't usually talk very long.

         Well, we talked late into the night and finally said goodnight,

  both of us exhausted after a long workday and late night.  But at least

  tomorrow was Saturday.    I went to bed in the

  nude as usual - I had warm blankets, and it just seemed more

  comfortable that way.

         I started to waken when I felt a cool rush on my body, I reached

  down to see if maybe the blankets had fallen off while I was asleep and

  suddenly realized that I was no longer alone in my bed ... someone was

  there with me ... Lisa!

         "Shhh" she whispered "I don't want to scare you - just make love

  to you"

         At first I was a bit shocked, I had always felt I was open and

  began to think about what she was suggesting, and became excited at the

  thoughts I was getting.  One of my fantasies I shared with my boyfriend

  was making love with another female - but mostly in the context of a

  3-some - and it had been an exciting part of our lovemaking to discuss

  what would happen between me and the other female.  So I assented ....

         I found that Lisa was wearing a tiny transparent nightgown, and

  a musk perfume which was invading my head, so I helped her out of it

  with shaky fingers and building excitement.  She was so smooth and

  silky.  I traced a line across her shoulders to her neck with my tongue

  and felt her quiver ...

         "Lower luv" she whispered huskily "taste me, all over"

         My hands removed her bikini panties while my mouth continued

  down her body ... her hands in my hair moving me down her ... her

  fingers playing in my ears ... her breasts so inviting - I take one

  nipple into my mouth feeling it harden and bloom - one hand teasing the

  other nipple, circling around it and feeling it tauten ... my other

  hand finding it's way down to her waiting pussy, already wet in


  .. I continue to play with her breasts but begin to concentrate more

  attention on her pussy, one finger playing now with her clit, moving

  back and forth over it and back to her wet pussy opening ... I am

  getting so very excited now and her moans of desire spurred me on to

  more explorations ...

         "turn around lover, so I can play you too" she instructs, and I

  do, my own pussy wet with longing for her touch ... she is now in a

  position where I can only play with her nipples with my fingers so I

  concentrate my attention on her sweet-smelling pussy ... mmmmmmm ...

  such an offering before me ... I feel her tongue tracing over my thighs

  heading for my hunger point ... I shake when I feel her licking inside

  my legs and over to my pussy, tracing up and down from my clit to

  my ass

  .. "ooooooohhhhhhhh" I moan at such exquisite torture ... I respond to

  her by returning the favor, tasting her sweetness with my tongue and

  lips ... our breath is coming in gasps at this play and we

  are becoming so very hot, our hands roaming at their own free will all

  over eachother's bodies ... sucking at eachother's luscious

  treasure ... wet and hungry ... building up to such high pleasure

  ... holding eachother close by wrapping our legs around eachother

  ... tongues probing deep inside eachother ... such sensations never

  enjoyed before .. I place one finger near her ass and gently trace the

  tight opening with it ... she moans "yes" so I continue ... gently

  tracing from pussy to ass (to wet my finger) and then teasing the hole

  with it ... then inside and I hear her moan loudly ... she moves

  convulsingly against me but continues to eat me so I guess it is ok

   ... I  finger her asshole while continuing to eat her sweet

  juicy pussy ... finally I can contain myself no longer ... I arch up

  against her mouth and find myself going right over the edge into

  oblivion ... she follows me up and over .. so hiiiiiiiiiiii ...

         When I come down I lay back ... moving so as to hold Lisa close

  to me in the aftermath of our passion ... I kiss her sweet lips and

  cradle her to myself ... both of us spent now ... we drift off into

  sleep ...

         When I awaken I am alone ... it is morning ... I am slightly

  puzzled ... was I dreaming, or did Lisa and I really make love during

  the night?


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