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Archive-name: Dreams/letter4.txt


Archive-title: Letters IV

From:	KUHUB::JASH    "Still Waters.." 29-NOV-1992 15:41:51.38



Subj:	How's your thigh doing?  (wicked grin..)

	To the sweet sound of hard drives krrr-ing, Anne takes her first

	gulp of Coke Classic in 3 months, and staggers around as the

	caffeine/sugar rush hits her.

	"Ohhhh God!  Better than sex!"

Meanwhile in a totally different Galaxy, the High Priestess Kathia of the

Temple of the Four Crazed Goddesses is bending over her victim, 

The Great Rocker of Ventura Datum.  (After he was lured and then ambushed by 

the Four Priestesses of the F. C. Goddesses.)

Her Mystical Honour, Grand Priestess Kathia:

	AHA!  I have you now!  Totally helpless and in my POW-WA. 

His totally testosteroness, The Great Rocker of Ventura Datum:

	Vile Voman..  I mean, Woman!

	Know you that pain means nothing to me!

	It just makes me madder and more determine to kill you!

(H.T.T.T.G.Rocker of V.D strains his awe-inspiring muscles to break the

bonds around his wrists.  Unfortunately, the bonds are made from the 

entrails of the GAK (an incredibly stubborn animal in life, and even more

so in death..) which simply tighten with every flex of his wrists..)

H.M.H.G.P Kathia  (in a much lower voice..):

	Don't fight me too long, Oh Great Rocker.

	(Her hand slides slowly down to caress the Great Pole)

	There is so much pleasure waiting for the two of us, before this

	planet blows up in little smithereens.

	(Nails scratch slowly across his bare thighs..)


H.T.T.T.G Rocker:

	Forget it, Bitch!

	A little harder.

	Never wilt I give in to thy loathsome demands!

	I am the pride of my world, our finest specimen of manhood.

	Ohhhhhh  yeeeeessssss!

	Never...  never will I soil ...  

	my physical perfection with...


	thy soft, rounded, unholy form..

	uh uh uhhhhh...



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