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Archive-name: Dreams/letter3.txt


Archive-title: Letters III

	To all of those who are wondering what's happened to the writer

of the DarkNites series..  I'm still around.  Some what.

I've taken some time out from writing erotica to get drunk on Spring..  

Romance, life, Romance.

	Here's something I sent to a special guy (accidently sending it

to myself in the process.  Hmmm, I think that maybe God was trying to tell me 

that I should post this..).  Hope you like it!

	I'm always looking for critiques (even flames!!) so feel free to 

write to me at  I have no problem with people

e-mailing my stuff around, as long as my name remains with it.


From:	KUHUB::JASH         "Still Waters..." 31-MAR-1993 13:32:56.40



Subj:	Moonlight and Gershwin..

	Warm under the covers while its cold outside...  Hot cocoa and

	marshmellows..  Lying on the warm grass with the sun on my

	face..  Swinging in a hammock in the shade besides Potter's Lake..


	Staying in bed till 2 pm.... No homework....The feeling after

	I've eaten a lot and am relaxing on my couch....Full body massage..

	soaking in a hot bath with a glass of cold wine... wearing silk..

	Lying in someone's arms listening to Yanni long after everyone 

	has gone to bed...


	Sticking my hand out of the window to feel the rain.... kissing 

	someone in the rain... sitting on Campanile hill listening to the 

	carillion... seeing how far I can kick the water in a puddle.. 

	watching lightning at night... jade silk and black lace... spring...




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