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Archive-name: Dreams/letter.txt


Archive-title: Letter, The

The moonlight filters through the thin drapes into our room. We continue

to slowly dance around the dimly light room. As we turn and spin, I lean

heavily against you and push you onto the bed. I take you and kiss your lips. 

I move to your chin and down to your neck. I continue to kiss your neck on 

the side and move towards the back making my way towards your hairline. I 

trace the bottom of your hairline with my wet tongue until I reach the tip 

of your ear. I then move to the top of your ear and kiss and gently suck 

on the edge. I slowly follow the ridge of your ear down to your earlobe. I 

nibble on your earlobe and suck where it meets your neck again. I then run 

my tongue to the backside of your ear to where it meets the neck. While I 

listen to you moan with desire, I suck and lick the small hollow which forms 

there. I re-wet my tongue and run it roughly up the back of your ear along 

the crevice where your ear meets your neck. 

You try to gain control of me and kiss my neck. However, I manage to flip 

you over again and continue to kiss your neck. I move down the front and 

trace your collar bone with my tongue. As I move your shirt back on one 

side so that I can reach more of the clavicle, you continue to moan and 

squirm. This just excites me all the more and makes me more passionate. 

I move down to your shirt and unbutton the first button - all the while 

trailing with my kisses. I then unbutton another and another. By now, I 

can access a large portion of your chest and I am just crawling all over 

you. I am also running my hands wildly up and down your side, your chest, 

your legs, and across your hips.

I can stand it no more and I rip open the rest of the buttons and tear off 

your shirt. I run my hands all across your chest and your arms and shoulders. 

I dive down once more with my mouth. I aim for your belly button and dart 

my tongue in and out of it. I run my hands all over your inner thighs and 

up towards your stiff and drooling penis. I move from your belly button to 

your pants. I rub my mouth over your hardened line and press my lips against 

you. You are groaning and panting and I am going mad with desire. I reach 

for the top of your pants and rip them off - taking your socks with them.

I am now at the end of the bed looking up at you and see your precum seeping 

through your underwear. I want to go down on you now but try to wait. I start 

at your feet and kiss and touch and lick my way up to your knees. As I reach 

you knees, I veer inward. I reach the soft, sensitive skin of your inner 

thighs. You are twiching and jumping and I am dripping through my clothes. 

I kiss and suck my way slowly up the inside of your thighs while I lead the 

way with my hands. I rub your legs at the sensitive line of your underwear. 

I feel my body pulsating and I reach up and run my hands all over your groin. 

I move up suddenly and start to kiss your thick, hard shaft through your 

underwear. You are now so erect that the head is peaking out of the top and 

I move up and quickly dart my tongue over it. I pull your underwear back and 

thrust my mouth down on your manhood. You gasp and I moan. I swiftly remove 

you from your captivity.

I hold you in my hand as I climb up and mount one of you legs. I can feel 

you pulsate in my hand. Once again I run my tongue over the head and along 

the shaft. I run my tongue up and done and all around the head. I taste more 

precum being secreted and I vigorously suck on your penis trying to draw more 

ambrosia out. I continue to suck while I move my head up and down so that I 

move up and down your shaft. As I am doing this I am grinding madly into your 

leg getting more and more excited. I move back up to the head of your penis 

and pull the skin down some. I thrust the tip of my tongue into the center 

of this ungodly delightful object. I run it around and around the inside of 

the hole.

I run my hands all around your body - wherever I can reach. I rub your

legs, your stomach, your balls. I gasp as I am charged with a surge of

excitment. It is becoming very difficult to concentrate on you because

I am getting so excited. I remove my mouth and pump you with my hand 

while I sit up and grind even more on your leg. We are groaning and

gasping and panting quite rapidly now. I notice your level of excitement

and dive back down on you. I hold the base of your shaft with my hand

because you are starting to thrust involuntarily now. This is a good sign 

since I realize that I am about to come. I continue to suck

on you even harder and harder. I feel your body tensing and then

you release. This pushes me over the edge and I scream and suck and

grind as we both orgasm together. I suck on you till you can take no

more and I sit up press hard on your leg and continue to shudder as my 

orgasm subsides.

After this I remove my drenched clothing and we lie in each others

arms and kiss affectionately. After a while we slip into a peaceful



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