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Archive-name: Dreams/jodi.txt

Archive-author: J.Kozlowski

Archive-title: Wet Dreams

 Jodi reached over sleeping form beside her and quietly

pressed the button on the clock radio next to the bed.  She

couldn't help smiling to herself as she rolled over on her

belly.  She closed her eyes against the softness of the

pillow in the half light of early morning.  She loved this

time of early morning.  This was a special time of dreams

that she could direct.  They were dreams where she could let

her imagination run free in a state of half awake, half

asleep.  It was a time when she could see and be and do any-

thing she wanted.

As she drifted in her dream, she imagined herself in a hazy

room.  The white silk of her floor length nightgown was very

soft against her skin.  Nothing was distinct.  The lights

were soft, the furniture was soft, the colors were soft and

the walls faded in the distance.  It was like viewing the

world through a photographers soft focus filter.  Thru the

hazy soft light she could make out two forms approaching her.

A little thrill of expectation ran thru her body like a

tingle of electricity.  She knew where she was taking this

dream.  It was one of her favorite retreats.

She watched as the hazy forms drew closer.  She recognized

one of the forms as Paul who, in the real world still lay

sleeping quietly beside her.  The other form was the face-

less, bearded, unidentified man who always inhabited this

little part of Jodi's highly erotic imagination.  She could

see that they wore nothing as they approached her.

Then she imagined their strong hands reaching out to caress

her body.  She closed her eyes and focused on the sensations

as strong hands firmly held her and worked gracefully and

deliberately at the line of small buttons down the front of

her nightgown.  Soon it fell away and immediately disappeared

in the haze at her feet.  One hand cupped a full breast,

kneading and lightly playing with the stiffening nipple.  A

second hand slowly ran down her the sensuous curve of her

spine and firmly grasped one well rounded cheek.  She

responded by giving a lewd little squeeze to the fingers that

casually rested well within her crack.  A mouth found the

little electric spot on her shoulder that connected directly

to another spot about four inches below her navel and deep

within her.  She welcomed the little current that coursed

through her body.  A third hand massaged her high on the

inside of her thigh.  Jodi parted her legs a bit to make more

room for the exploring hands and fingers as another warm

mouth began to nibble on her ear lobe.

Without premeditation, her own hands reached, palms out,

and gently grasped a quickening maleness in each.  She loved

the feel and heft of the soft skin sacks.  The little move-

ments within each little sack always intrigued and excited

her.  Her reward was the sound of two sets of masculine lungs

inhaling deeply in unison.  She encircled one of the harden-

ing male members with her long fingers, gently sliding her

hand up the length of it and then down again ...  a gentle

but, firm bite on her neck and an "uuuuuummmmmmmm" in her ear

was her answer.

Experimentally, she softly ran her long fingernails up the

tender, sensitive underside of the other rapidly hardening

cock.  It jerked and the casual fingers probing the crack

between her cheeks moved lower.  They probed deeper and more

firmly.  She heard a deep throaty groan.

Jodi giggled.  She couldn't suppress the giddy thought there

might be some kind of a secret code.  Maybe, with a little

bit of patience and practice, she could decipher it.  "If I

do this," she mused to herself, " ... he does that." The idea

that she might be able to elicit whatever responses she

wanted merely by manipulating these two delightfully

convenient and pliant male handles appealed to her sense of

humor.  Single string marionettes!  What a concept!

Then the hands began to press her onto a leather covered

doctors examining table that had materialized conveniently

behind her.  Bindings appeared from nowhere and she was first

held and then tied in place.  Her shoulders were firmly set

comfortably against the elevated back of the device.  Her

wrists were bound to the sides of the table. Her feet were

set into the stirrups and fastened securely.  Jodi offered no

resistance.  In this position her body and sex were

completely exposed and she was helplessly unable to either

cover herself or touch herself.  Immobile, she could only

watch.  If she became the object of attention, she could only

succumb.  She always imagined it would be this way.

The form that was Paul placed a bar stool where Jodi could

easily see.  He sat on it and in full view, he smiled at

Jodi.  He began to stroke his erection as the faceless form

took his place on the floor at the foot of the examining

table.  The form positioned himself between Jodi's parted

legs and began to stroke Jodi's inner thighs, slowly working

his way to more and more sensitive areas where her thighs

came together.  The only features Jodi could make out on

her dream stranger were his beard and mustache.  Jodi basked

in the delightful teasing, deliberately tensing and relaxing

of the muscles within her pelvis.  She felt herself becoming

more and more aroused by the teasing fingers and hands.  She

felt fingers delicately circling and probing the folds of her

pouting pussy lips.  They gently played with her clit making

her squirm in little waves of pleasure.  Fingers opened and

entered her, spreading her delicious lubrication to her

throbbing love button.  All the while he expertly kneaded and

massaged her.

The highly personal 'examination' of her vulnerable pussy

seemed to go on forever.  Jodi felt herself becoming more and

more excited.  Her mind raced.  Her lascivious nature painted

lewdly erotic images and sensations in her imagina-tion.  She

strained at the stirrups and the bindings on her wrists.  She

wanted to spread her legs 'til they ached. She wanted to open

herself completely to these bold fingers.  She wanted to take

them deep inside her.  She wanted them to fill her more than

she'd ever been filled before.  In her minds eye, she could

see and feel herself thrillingly impaled on this hand.  She

wanted to feel a fist moving deep inside her, massaging her

soul as she engulfed it.  She wanted to feel it's living

presence deep inside her, filling her as she wildly fucked

and fucked and fucked it.

Then she felt the hot and cold sensation of breath as the

faceless form moved closer, tonguing and toying with her now

throbbing clitoris.  The hairs of his closely trimmed beard

ran riot on the sensitive areas between her legs and on her

tender inner thighs.  He eagerly licked and penetrated her

with deep, wet kisses.  She squirmed as she felt the little

tickle of her own musky love juices moving down the crack of

her ass.  Her hips began to grind and thrust uncontrollably

against the illusive tongue.  She felt the urge to grasp his

head with her hands and press it hard against her hungry sex.

She could make it happen, it was her dream after all but, she

fought the feeling.  There was something delightfully

exciting about being helplessly "done to" like this.  She

basked in the rush of feelings and the sense that she was not

responsible for anything.  All she needed to do was to

luxuriate in the sensations as they overtook her.  She loved

her delightfully naughty position and what the forms were

doing to her body.  She wanted to wallow in her instinctive

responses more than she wanted to do anything else.

Turning his attentions from Jodi's now wet and burning hole,

the faceless form stood and moved behind Paul.  Reaching

around Paul from behind, he replaced Paul's massaging hand

with his own, slowly stroking the length of Paul's distended

shaft.  Paul groaned as the unfamiliar fingers glided over

his hard, erect flesh.  The effect on Jodi was electric.

Involuntarily, she inhaled and moistened her lips with her

tongue at the sight.  Her attention was riveted on the sights

and the cool air on the wetness between her legs.  Nothing

else existed for her but Paul's hard cock, the strangers

hands, his bearded face and her own longing pussy.

The bar stool de-materialized and Jodi watched as the forms

floated closer to her.  The hand on Paul's cock guided it

closer and closer to her pussy.  Then she felt the first

touch of the swollen purple head against her starved cunt.

With very little pressure the cock slid easily and deeply

into her.  Her hips undulated in unison with his penetrating

thrusts.  Her wetness flowed within her as the cock slid

firmly in and out of her hungry hole again and again.

When Paul withdrew, his cock glistened and sparkled with the

slickness of her juices in the dream light.  He moved to the

side of her table and leaned over her.  The faceless form

took a place on the other side of the table.  He bent to take

Paul's wet member in his hands and greedily licked Jodi's

lubrication from the hardened shaft.  They were very close

and Jodi could smell her own musk mixed with their masculine

scents.  The image of Paul's hard rod being massaged by male

hands, sucked by a strange male mouth sent erotic shivers

through Jodi's entire body.  It was a fantasy she longed to

make real.  The men moved in slow motion.  It was a

delectably lewd and deliberatly erotic display just for

Jodi's pleasure.

It became clear that Paul was getting close to bursting so,

the male partners traded roles.  Now Paul was sucking

vigorously.  The bearded lover gasped and groaned, thrusting

his hips in counterpoint to Paul's movements.  As Paul

withdrew, Jodi could see the first clear, sparkling droplets

of pre-cum forming at the little hole at the end of the

engorged shaft.  The dream strange began to stroke his

straining cock with urgent motions.  As he masturbated with

one hand, he massaged the hanging sack at the base of his

bursting member with the other.  Jodi could tell that he was

on the verge of cumming violently on her belly.  As she

watched, she realized that she was holding her breath in

anticipation.  A soul wrenching moan cut the air as the first

creamy streams of hot, sticky cum shot out across her body.

Jodi exhaled.  His cum beaded on her hot skin.  The succes-

sive pumping spurts of the warm, milky fluid began to

discipate.  Paul began to rub the oozes of cum on Jodi's

belly down and between her legs, working it and his fingers

deep into her open and waiting cunt.  Massaging her sex, he

paid particular attention to the secret little places he knew

so well.

Not to be left behind, Paul brought himself to the brink as

well.  Soon he sprayed his own creamy load of cum into the

earthy mixture of juices between Jodi's legs.  Jodi closed

her eyes in ecstasy as she felt four strong, cum slick hands

massaging and penetrating the soft, wet, recesses of her very

willing pussy.  The tension inside her was becoming unbear-

able.  Her hips bucked and twisted in her mounting eagerness

as she strained to push herself the last little way to

ecstacy.  The naked forms pressed against her trembling

flesh, grasping and biting and licking everywhere at once,

writhing with her, engulfing her and sharing in her wanton

lust.  Jodi could feel herself teetering over the edge and

into the abyse.  Panting frantically and lost in her dream,

she breathlessly allowed the sensations to overwhelm her.

The ghost like figures seemed to be humming as they melted

away into her body.

Back in the real world, the snooze alarm sounded again.

Paul was fully awake and reached over to tap it before it

registered on Jodi's consciousness.  He could feel the gentle

rocking of the bed and it told him that Jodi was dreaming her

morning dreams again.  Paul loved these hot, steamy mornings.

He smiled to himself as he slowly rolled the light summer

blanket down toward the foot of the bed, exposing Jodi's nude

body.  She was lying on her tummy in a light sheen of pres-

piration.  Her legs were apart.  She was rocking her hips

against the bed and breathing hard in a way that always

turned Paul on.  Paul knew she was on the verge of cumming.

It was a delicious sight and Paul knew they would start the

day with a bang.

He adjusted his position for a fuller view of Jodi's moist

pussy as it rocked back and forth, rubbing against the

mattress.  Leaning on one elbow, he began to fondle Jodi's

soft, yielding inner thighs and wet, open pussy lips with his

other hand.

"Hell," he thought to himself, "...  can't think of any

reason why I shouldn't enjoy her dreams, too!"

With a mischiveous grin, he began to hum a little ditty as

his fingers found their way easily inside Jodi's pouting



On another steamy morning not long after, in those moments

between sleep and wakefulness, Jodi dreamed it was Paul that

she and the dream stranger bound to that old doctors

examining table.  But, that's definitely another story!

Of course, Jodi had many other lusty dreams with many other

pleasant themes but, we cannot relate them to you now ...  at

least not until she relates them to us!  


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