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Archive-name: Dreams/insbev.txt

Archive-author: Victor Burroughs

Archive-title: Inside Beverly Hills


This is a work of fiction involving consensual heterosexual

intercourse. As far as the author knows, nothing like the events in

this story ever happened, though he fervently wishes they had

happened to him. If you're the prudish type who hates anything to

do with sex, or if you are not 18 years of age or otherwise below

the age of consent in your country, stop reading right now. You

have been warned.

                              * * *

I walked into the party and looked around. People were dancing to

the techno-rave-disco music, each one cooler than the next. This

was Beverly Hills, where the guys all have that tall and tan look

and the babes are all augmented, capped beauties with hair

extensions, where you couldn't shake a stick at all the

hairdressers, dentists, and plastic surgeons even if you could get

them all together at once.

Fake tits don't bother me one bit. I like 'em as much as the real

ones, especially if the nipples are always hard. I don't mind

capped teeth and hair extensions either. It doesn't matter why a

babe looks good, so long as she looks hot to me. And this house was

packed with women who made my groin throb with desire. My sister

was right when she said I could make contacts here, hopefully my

prick would be contacting some Beverly Hills poontang tonight. I

grabbed a champagne glass from a waiter and sipped it as I went on

into the next room, eying the surgically enhanced babes as I dodged

the dancers.

My sister was here because her newest boyfriend, the latest in a

long string of married Hollywood producers who would promise her a

role, take a good helping of her pussy, and dump her when she

caught on, was giving the party. I met him for the first time at

the front door of the party. He got my name wrong, of course. "Hi

Mark," he said, "pleased to meet you. I'm always telling your

sister she's sitting on a hell of a career." What a fucking prick!

I gritted my teeth and shook his sweaty hand, then excused myself

and left the lovebirds alone. I tried to give her advice, I really

did, but she wouldn't take it. Since she wouldn't take my advice to

drop the ass, I was going to catch my own hollywood ass tonight.

The next room was a little quieter, but still noisy. I finished the

champagne and grabbed another one and went through the door,

stepping past the dancers and gropers. Sexy though all the jiggling

flesh was, I had to meet somebody before I could dance with her, at

least if I wanted to make a good enough impression to get into her

panties that night.

People were standing around in groups next to the pool. I walked up

to a good sized one and listened for a minute. They were talking

about the music inside, arguing over what kind it was. This was

perfect. I butted in with my patter about music and everybody

listened to it.

They all looked at me like I dropped from Mars. I stuck out like a

sore thumb at this party full of big haired Bruce Jenner lookalikes

in cotton duck suits. In my leathers, pale as a ghost, and with my

buzzed blond hair, I looked more like Billy Idol than a hollywood

man. I'm in industrial metal dance music, but you can call it rock

and roll. That's why I look the way I do, not scummy or anything,

but still anything but all american.

I kept talking and ran my eyes around the circle. The girls were

all very cute, and they were looking my way. One of them looked

familiar, but I couldn't place where I had seen her before, so I

finished the circle. I went back to her, and as our eyes locked

together I realized she was Alyssa Milano, that cute dark haired

kid who played Tony Danza's daughter on "Who's the Boss?" She had

grown up into a very sexy woman, but still had that vulnerable,

big-eyed look. I finished the joke with the surprise punchline and

grinned, then the laughter started as they caught on. She was still

looking at me so I smiled at her and winked. She got the joke and

smiled at me, then dropped her eyes in a sexy little-girl way.

We all kept talking about music this and that, all the time

poaching champagne (Alyssa and me) and smart drinks (most of them)

from the waiters, and before long I was next to Alyssa, talking to

her about music. She was knowledgeable, and I told her I was

surprised she knew so much about music, since I don't meet too many

women who are really into music and know much about it. She had

already been drinking a lot and seemed sad about something, so I

tried to keep her smiling, talking about fun stuff. I didn't talk

about Hollywood at all. I sensed that the Hollywood life was what

was bugging her. We talked more about my life in a rock and roll

band, songwriting, and recording. Any artist is an egotist, and I

love talking about *my* stuff; my music, my guitar, you name it, if

I have it we talked about it.

Eventually the conversation wandered around to sex, and then to

groupies. She wanted me to tell stories, so I told her about some

of the wild times I've had. Looking at her, I sensed an invitation,

kissed her. Her lips were half open, but I kept my tongue in my

mouth. I didn't want to scare her away now that I was so close. I

stood back for a second and judged her reaction. She smiled shyly

at me, looking just like she looked in her show when she was

sixteen. God, she was cute. I could barely keep myself from

ravishing her right there, in the open. She slipped her hand into

mine and we started to walk around the yard of the place, away from

anyone who might see us.

I squeezed her hand, "Your beauty stirs me, makes me want to do

crazy and wonderful things."

"Tell me more, mister rock and roll."

"I'm Victor," I said. "I want to take off my clothes and dance

under the moon, howling like a banshee."

"Victor," she wrapped her lips around the syllables. "Is that all?"

"I want to take off your clothes, if you'll agree to dance with me.

We can howl at the moon together. And after we howl at the moon I

want to make love  to you like the ocean crashes on the beach."

"Are you trying to seduce me, Victor?"

"You're seducing me, you beautiful little brunette vixen,"  I

smiled, and swung her into my arms. "And because fair is fair, I am

seducing you too. And I think we're both succeeding, because I'm

hard as a rock and you wouldn't have asked me unless you were

turned on. How turned on are you, Miss Beverly Hills?"

"I'm Alyssa," she said. "And I want to be your groupie tonight."

She threw her arms around my neck, pressed her body against me, and

kissed me vigorously, her tongue tunneling between my lips. I held

her compact frame against me and tasted her delicious kiss as she

tasted me back. She rubbed her abdomen and crotch hard against my

cock, which was throbbing to get out of my pants and into this

tight young starlet.

We disengaged, then holding hands we hurried back to a hedge,

adjoining the tennis courts. I got on my knees and crawled behind

it, and dragged her with me. Alyssa tripped on the roots and fell

on me. We started making out like teenagers. I quickly pulled off

her dress and bra, and she removed my clothes. Hot and heavy, we

petted for a while. Her panties were still on, and my cock kept

throbbing and rubbing against them. As long as I could rub her

smooth, fleshy tits and her stiffening nipples, though, I didn't

care. There would be plenty of time to slip into her hot box later.

I moved one hand beneath her panties, and began to rub around her

pussy opening, as she moaned and kissed me harder. I slipped a

finger inside her cunt. It was starting to get wet but it was still

too tight to slide my cock into it, so I started to rub her in a

circle, rubbing around her clitoris and labia. I licked her ears,

then moved down to her neck and her chest. I bathed her taut,

delicious breasts liberally with my tongue, then went further down.

I scooted around until my face was at the top of her panties and my

cock was bobbing in front of her face. I was still rubbing her

pussy, and by this time the aroma of her sex was making itself

known. I pulled her panties off and stuck my tongue into her slit

while I kept diddling her with my finger. She was moving her hips

with my motions, amplifying the sensation of getting her hot pussy

rubbed. I stuck my face into her cunt, and fucked her back and

forth with my tongue, licking and sucking Alyssa Milano's juicy

pussy like a pro.

Something soft and warm touched my cock. She was holding it,

looking at it, inspecting it. "It's so big," she said. "I could

choke on it."

"Kiss it and lick it, Alyssa," I said, "and then you can suck it."

I loved nibbling this delectable star's tasty pussy, but she wasn't

going to get away without returning the favor to my prick.

She kissed the tip, licked her lips, and said, "It's good. Salty."

She licked the top of my cock, from base to tip.

I went back to licking and sucking her cunt and let her lick my

cock and get used to it. She was obviously inexperienced at oral

sex. I wondered if she was a virgin. She was the only one at this

party, if so.

I felt a suction at my cock and balls, then they were in a warm and

wet place. Alyssa sucked my cock into her beautiful mouth. I looked

towards her, her face was in a patch of moonlight and I watched as

her lovely lips engulfed my throbbing manhood. Her tongue ran over

the head of my love muscle, then she slurped me into her throat,

then sucked at my cock as she pulled it out, and licked the head

again. She kept bobbing her head like that, and it was a great

blowjob, especially for a girl who only a minute ago had been

scared of choking on it.

"Alyssa, you are a wonderful cock-sucker. You're a natural."

"I like what you're doing to my cunnie, Victor. I'm glad I'm your

groupie tonight."

"Me too," I said. "You can be my sex goddess any time you want."

She kept working my cock with her lips and tongue, and I vibrated

my tongue against her lovely quim as I fondled her buttocks and ran

my finger around her sweet little bunghole. Meanwhile she was using

her hands on my balls and the base of my cock as she bobbed her

lovely head up and down on my proud warrior. I started coming, and

pumped a huge load of sperm into her sucking mouth. Her eyes opened

in astonishment, but she swallowed all of my spunk greedily. After

groaning the end of my orgasm I scooped up more of her copious

pussy juice with my finger and rubbed it into her asshole, and when

she was ready slid my finger into her butt. She was thrashing her

body and legs with ecstasy. My softening prick slipped from her

lovely lips, and I licked her pussy and wiggled my finger around in

her butt as she came with moans and whispered screams. Alyssa

Milano's cunt overflowed and I lapped up her delicious juice like


After we had both recovered from our orgasms I scooted around

again, and we kissed in the afterglow, under the hedge.

"Have you ever done that before," I asked.

"Only once," she said, "and I didn't like it. This was different,


"Alyssa, Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" I said. "I

suspect you want me to find out pretty soon anyway... are you a


"Yes," she replied. "I almost did it with a boy once on the set but

we got caught. That was the one time I tried a blowjob before now,

but his penis wasn't nearly as big as yours."

"Alyssa," I said, "then let's move to a nicer place to make you a

real woman. And maybe we can find some protection. I want to spend

all night with you but my supply is limited."

"Thanks, Victor," she said, "you're thoughtful."

"Do you want to go back to the house and find a bedroom?" I kissed

and hugged her close.

"There's a guest bungalow in the back of the gardens. Let's use

it." She broke the clutch, and pressing her clothes against her

chest with one hand, dragged me with the other hand back through

the paths in the garden.

She led me to a bungalow in the back, just as she had described. We

opened the door. It was unlocked. We dropped our clothes on the

doorstep and embraced, our groins thrusting against each other.

Upon inspection the room was perfect. There was a bed in the dim

light, and by the bedside was a bowl of condoms, flavored, ribbed,

lubracated, and all sorts of other varieties.

"Wow," I commented, "this must be the bedroom for *special*

guests!" I latched the door and hugged Alyssa, and we jumped into

the bed.

We were kissing and hugging, and soon, with the sight and thrilling

touch of her tight young body in the dim light (better than almost

no light as outdoors had been) I was erect again. I took a condom

out of the bowl and showed Alyssa how to put it on me, and then I

put my rubber sheathed prick at the opening of her pussy. I rubbed

it up and down the slit, and then slowly inched it in. After about

an inch I encountered resistance. She still had her cherry. She had

trusted me to let me pop it so I took it easy. I left just the head

in, kissed her and murmered love words to her for a minute to let

her get ready for it, and then lunged into her tight but soaking

wet pussy. She winced at the pain as her hymen ripped apart, but as

I fucked her virgin cunt and slowly worked my dick all the way in

she smiled, kissed me furiously, and gasped her enjoyment of our

sexual intercourse. I moved deep inside her.

Her cunt was very tight and oily, and gripped me like a fist. I

rocked back and forth, sawing my cock into her snug snatch. She

grabbed my ass and started pulling me into her pussy, and rocked

her ass back and forth to get my cock even deeper.

Alyssa was a natural at fucking, a true cockpleaser with all the

instincts of a born slut who likes nothing better than a hard cock

deep in her pussy. As she started to moan and cry out my name I

plunged deep into her pussy, against her womb, then slid out past

her labia. I fucked her like this again and again, slamming all the

way into her pussy and then pulling out. I continued this deep

fucking motion for a while, since I can last a long time with a

condom on, until she came in a tremendous orgasm, her pussy sheath

gripping me tight as her juices flowed past my pistoning cock and

dripped down her butt. I kept fucking her, barely able to believe

that I was screwing Alyssa Milano, television star, whose budding

young body I and every other man in america had lusted over for

years. She kept coming, and as she grabbed me and kissed me hard,

moaning that she loved me and my cock, I exploded in orgasm inside

her spasming pussy.

"Oh Victor, I never realized how good sex was with the right

person." she whispered into my ear. "That was wonderful."

I kissed her deeply, swallowing her tongue into my mouth. Alyssa's

big eyes, her soft voice, innocent face, and her firm but womanly

body were irresistable. My cock grew hard again. She chose another

condom, replaced the other one, and I readied myself to piston into

her hot, buttery cunt again.

We fucked the rest of the night, and in the morning we said

goodbye, and I caught my flight and went home. She tries to keep me

faithful to her, since she knows rock and roll musicians have lots

of temptations, especially if they are singers, so we talk dirty on

the phone every day. Not that it works, when a gorgeous blond bimbo

begs me to fuck her and her friend I'm not going to say no. But

since that party Alyssa flies out every other week and we spend the

weekend fucking like beasts. Now that our first album is starting

to take off I wonder whether she'll be at our shows in Los Angeles

and the area. If so, I hope she wants to be my groupie after we

play the Forum or the Whisky or whatever place we play. The other

guys in my band even told her they hope she brings the cast of

"Beverly Hills 90210" to the dressing room with her.

They think Jenny Garth is a hot tamale, and want to boff her brains

out, while I have a secret desire to unleash the slut inside

Shannen Doherty.

I hope Alyssa does, that would be excellent!


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