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Archive-name: Dreams/greatday.txt


Archive-title: Great Day

Hi Babe,

   I have been thinking about you these past few days. I haved dreamed

about what my perfect date with you would be like.  I woould like the

day to begin early.  I would show up around noon to take you shopping.

You meet me at the door and I almost fall over as my eyes behold the

most beautiful creature I've ever seen.  Your hair is flowing down around

your shoulders.  You are wearing a sexy white basque that exposes the

soft tanned skin of your breasts.  It tapers down to your small waist,

and exposes your tanned bellybutton.  Those tight jeans you have on really

acsentuate your softly rounded hips, and OH! What it dose for that tight

ass is beyond imagination.  As my eyes move down, looking at the shape of

your beautiful legs, I finally stop as I come to your sexy 4" white pumps.

I try to snap back to reality, and my eyes return to gaze at your beautiful

eyes.  The glow in your eyes tells me you want me now.  I place my hands on

your hips and draw your body up agianst mine.  My arms encircle your waist,

your breasts press agianst my chest.  With each hand I gently squeeze your

buns and then lift you till our lips meet.  We kiss each other deeply, our

tongues dueling with each other.  You smell so good, I never want to let go.

You finally push me away with a giggle, saying I'll mess up your makeup.

You grab my hand saying I'm not getting off that easy, That I promised to

take you shopping.

   It seems like we have been in the car forever, but finally we get to the

mall.  I jump out of the car and come around and open the door for you, I

just cann't wait to get my hands on your body again.  With my arm around

your waist, and your hand in my back pocket we walk into the mall.  We spend

all afternoon going from one store to another.  It was so much fun seeing

you try on clothes.  I really like the nighty you got for tonight.  That one

piece swinsuit I bought you shows more skin than a bikini, and makes your

body look so feminine, all the guys in the shop were looking with lust at

you while there ladies looked at you with envy.  I feel so good knowing you

are all mine.  I really had a good time in the shoe store, watching the

salesman's hand shake as he fitted you with many styles of heels.

And seeing your dainty feet is a real turn on.  You start complaining about

your feet so we go into a small bar&grill, find a seat in the back and sit

down.  I order us a couple of beers, and we just sit and talk.  I place my

hand on your thigh and gently massage it.  You give me a little wicked

smile as my hand moves towards your croch.  I see your eyes roll up and you

melt into my arms.  I begin kissing you, my tongue circles your ear, and

your body begins to squirm.  My tongue moves down your sexy long neck, but

when I make a move to your exposed cleavage you giggle and push me away.

   I am so hot that we chug our beers and head for home.  As soon as we get

through the door you crash out on the couch.  I drop the packages and sit

next to you and pull you to me.  I run my hands all over your body as we

kiss deeply.  I begin to nibble at your neck, taking in the wonderful

smell of your body.  You begin to moan as my mouth moves to your breasts.

They tast so good!  With my hands I rub your back until I find the clasp

of your basque and undo it.  I slowly pull the basque from your body and

your breasts burst from their bondage.  The contrast between your tanned

skin and the white creamy flesh of your breasts.  I begin sucking and

nibbling at your nipples while they grow larger and harder.  You push me

away so you can get up and then tell me to remove my pants.  I do so and

then sit on the couch.  You slowly move your head down to my croch and

my cock is engulfed by your mouth.  You give the best bloww jobs I have

ever had.  I quickly explode into your mouth and you take it all down.

   You get up and stand over me.  I look up at your beautiful breasts

heaving with desire.  I see that smile again, only this time with a little

cum dripping from your lips.  I reach up and unzip your jeans and then reach

into your panties.  Oh, you feel so hot and wet.  I wiggle my hand around

until I find your sweet pussy stick.  I pull it out of your pants and

begin to lick the tip.  My tongue moves up and down your shaft, and then

begins to circle the head.  It is so small and soft, delicate, feminine,

I slowly move my lips around the head and then take you all the way in.

I love to suck your sweet juices.  I undo your jeans and pull them down.

But you can't get them off so you fall onto the couch.  I slowly remove

each shoe, one at a time.  Your feet look so dainty, and I love the nail

polish. I lick your feet, suck on your toes, but I want something else.

I finish pulling your jeans off and then put your pumps back on.

I just love to look at your beautiful legs wearing heels.  I begin

rubbing your legs, they are so smooth.  I begin to lick the inside of your

thighs.  My lips move up to your pussy.  You spread your legs and swing

them over my shoulders.  I push my face into your croch.  I part my lips

and begin taking you in slowly.  I am finally stoped by my nose running

into that cute little triangle of hair above your pussy stick.  I feel

you growing hard in my mouth, you are just going crazy, and begin

thrusting your meat into my face.  Your body begins to shake wildly,

grabbing at your own tits.  Suddenly while my hands are holding your ass

in the air, I thrust my thumb up your ass.  You screem with pleasure as

my thumb expands your tight ass.  Your cock begings to quiver and pulsate,

and then I tast the sweetness of the few drops that hit my thoat.

We just lie there trying to regain our energy.  It feels nice with my head

on your lap, but we have to move if we are going to make that dinner


   I stand up, lean over you and then lift you up into my arms.  It feels

like you have allways belonged there.  I carry you into the bedroom and

then into the master bath.  I walk with you into the shower and turn the

water on.  As the cold water hits you, you jump from my arms and out of

the way of the water.  So now I jump out of the way of the water and press

my body agianst yours.  I have you backed into a corner of the shower, you

can't get away.  I move my mouth over yours and kiss you, our tongues meet

in wild abandon.  The shower is now warmed up and I pull you into it,

our arms locked around each other's body.  The warm water flows over our

heads and down our bodies.  Your skin feels warm and slippery. You push

me away and get a washcloth and soap it up real good.  You begin to

scrub my back, it feels soooooo good!  You turn me around and wash my

chest then your hands go dowm to my dick.  Oh that feels good, you begin

to kneel down and wash my legs.  You playfully take little licks at my

soft dick, its wiped out, but it will be ready for later.  I take the

washcloth from you and begin to wash your back.  You then stand up facing

me and I wash your neck, breasts, making sure I massage them well.  I then

reach for your sweet stick and you jump alittle from the senstivity.  I

massage your balls.  Now its my turn to tease you.  I give each beautiful

leg a complete washing.  Next I grab your cock, hold it up while I lick your

sexy balls.  I lick you like I was licking a pussy.  I love the feel of your

legs agianst my body.  Hey We have to get dressed now.

   We get out and dry each other off, having some more fun in the process.

I love to watch you dress, it really turns me on.  First you go to the

mirror to fix up your hair, then you put on your makeup.  Your eyes are

so beautiful, and those lips are just plain sexy.  You then go to your

dresser and pull out a sexy black bra, garter, and panty set.  You slip

into the bra and then slide the panties over your long legs, nearing the top

you gently tuck your little cock back between your legs and then pull the

panties over your round ass.  Next you put on the garter and then slide

your sheer stockings over your legs.  You attach the stockings to the garter

and then look at your legs in the full length mirror.  Next comes the

strapless black dress, tight down to the waist and then a full, flowing

skirt.  You finish everything off with a sexy pair of 4" black pumps.

You look good enough to eat, and I will later!

   Its off to dinner, and when we get to the resturaunt I slip the waiter

 a 20 for a quite booth in the back.  We have a nice quiet dinner, talking,

playing, just a wonderful time.  I feel so alive when I am with you.  After

dinner we go out to dance.  We hold each other tightly as the music goes on.

God my dick is so hard, can you feel it pressing agianst your body as we

dance.  I love the way your body feels and moves as we dirty dance.  Every

one in the place begins to watch us.  Like befor, all the guys in the place

are lusting after you, and you find that such a turn on as I do myself, that

we really get dirty.  Now the whole place begins to watch us dance.  The

noise of the crowd we attracted grows louder.  But we are totally locked

together in our own world.  All of our communication is through our

undulating and entwined bodies as we move as one.  We both begin to breath

harder, but we can't stop, I feel like a runaway express train.  The music

stops and we begin to slow down, and as we do you put your arms around my

head and pull my lips to yours. We kiss with lost abandon, and only wake up

as the crowd's applause grows to a thunder.  We separate and look at the

crowd around us and both turn red.  The clapping continues as we walk out

the door.  That was so invigorating that I just want to get you home so I

can make love to you all night.

   As we drive home you are sitting next to me, my arm around you, and your

head resting on my shoulder.  There is absolute silence, I am just feeling

the rythm of your body as your heart beats, and your chest rises and falls

with each breath.  What a lovely creature you are to behold, I am the

luckyest guy around.  My lady has every thing I need, I could want no more

We are finally home, I get out of the car and then you slowly slide towards

me and swing your beautiful legs towards me giving me a little glimps of the

tops of your stockings.  I take your hands in mine and pull you into my arms

and then wrap my arms around your body.  You can't get out of the tight

grip of my arms, your arms are pinned to the sides of your body.  I start

to kiss you deeply and you gust begin to melt.  You now are pressing your

body against mine.  You finally are able to move your arms from under my

grasp and you encircle my head with them, pressing our lips harder together.

We break our embrace and walk, hand in hand, to the door.

   I unlock the door, swing it open, and flip on one light.  Quickly, I

take you in my arms and lift you to me. You are quite shocked, but your

arms go around my head and you begin licking and nibbling at my neck as

I carry you into the house.  I take you over to the couch and lay you down

while not letting go.  I kiss you while I begin to move my hands all over

your body.  I begin to move my lips down your neck as my hands begin to

massage your tits.  I continue to work my tongue down your neck to your soft

exposed shoulder.  The smell of your body is intoxicating.  I reach the

my destination, the creamy flesh of your exposed cleavage.  I push my

face into your tits, my nose in the crack,my tongue darting in and out.

I push the dress from your breasts and suck and nibble at those big, jucy

nipples.  I like to make them hard and erect.  But I also like to make

something else hard and erect.  I lift myself off of you and reach up under

your dress.  With one hand on eash thigh, I slide both hands up to your

panties. I begin to rub your pubic mound, it feels so soft, you are moaning

and wiggling your hips around.  With one hand on each hip, I slowly pull

your panties down your legs.  You lift your legs up so that I can slide

them off your feet, Place the panty to my face and breath deeply.  Your

scent turns me into a wild man.  I lift your dress and stick my head under

it.  My tongue goes right for your prick.  You lift your legs higher and

wrap them around my head, your hand pushing my head into your pussy.  I

wrap my arms under your legs and around the top so that I can grab ahold

of your cock.  My mouth moves to your balls, sucking one, then the other,

into my mouth.  Your hand continues to push my head down until I reach your

ass.  I lick and dart my tongue in and out of your pussy.  I make real

sure that you are good and wet.  I then get up, allowing your legs to

remain on my shoulders.  Quickly I pull my zipper down and my hard cock

jumps from my pants.  I move the tip up to the entrance of your hole, and

gently enter.You are going wild as I pump my meat into you.  Your hands

pulling on your nipples.  I reach around and start to rub your cock.  I

ram my dick into you harder, and stroking your cock faster and faster.  I

can't hold it in any longer and explode into your sweet box.  The feel of

of my cock comming in you causes you to come.  I love to watch your cock

squirt its few tiny drops out.  Even your cock is delicate, and feminine

to me.  I pull my prick out of your pussy and bend over to lick the tiny

drops of your passion.  You then get up and tell me to get undressed and

wait for you in the living room.  You leave, go into the bedroom and shut

the door.

   I quichly rip the clothes from my body, shut the light off, and sit on

the couch waiting for you.  Stairing at the bedroom door it suddenly opens

and I see you in the doorway, with the bright light from the room streams

around your body.  I first only see the beautiful outline of your body, as

my eyes begin to adjust, your hair is framing your face and draping over

your shoulder.  You have that black lace teddy on, It is straining to

contain those nice big tits of yours.  As my eyes move down, I see the

bottom is french cut, which exagerates the sexy curves of your hips.  Then

I notice the garter straps hanging from the teddy.  Your legs are encased

in very sheer black stockings, and then I see the 5" spike heels.  You

slowly walk over to me, swaying your hips and bouncing your tits.  Upon

reaching me you kneel down on the floor.  Your hands move over my thighs,

massaging them, causing them to move apart.  You lower your head down into

my lap and begin to kiss and nibble at my dick.  Looking down I see your

silky hair flowing around my lap.  I put my hands on your head and lower

your mouth around my cock.  Oh, you begin to swallow my cock, it feels so

good.  Your hands massage my balls, and the feel of your long nails

agianst my skin makes even more excited.  I begin to ramm my dick in and

out of your mouth.  I blow my wad into your throat, and you continue to

suck me dry.  I take your hands and pull you up on the couch.  You sit

facing me and we wrap our arms around each other.  We kiss and the feel

of your body agianst mine turns me on.  Your hands move down to my soft

cock and begin playing with it.  I reach into your teddy and pull your meat

out through the leg hole.  I move closer to you so that I can take both

our cocks in my hands and rub them agianst one another.  You really like

that, I feel your little prick get hard, the head begining to turn purple.

I then get up, holding on to your cock and lead you into the bedroom, and

then push you onto the bed.  I begin to stroke your beautiful legs.  As my

hands move up, my tongue begins to lick your feet and slowly move up.

As my lips reach the exposed flesh of your thighs I can feel you quiver.

I take your cock and balls into my mouth, I love the tast and smell of your

pussy.  My nose burries its self into the neat triangle of pubic hair.

You are as hard as a rock, but you can't cum yet.  I move my tongue down

past your balls and start licking your ass, getting it ready to take my

cock.  I roll off you and lay on my back, with my pole sticking straight

up.  You straddle my body and slowly lower yourself, while guiding my cock

into your tight hole.  You begin to bounce up and down on my prick and your

hands move to your tits.  Your hands begin to massage your tits and then

with your long nails, pull on your nipples.  My hands are now at work on

your hot little rod.  My body goes into convulsions as I cum in your ass.

This is all it takes to get you to cum, and it squirts out on my chest.

You pump on my cock a little longer and them lift your body off mine.

You lick my chest clean, and then lie your head on my chest.  we fall

to sleep, our  bodies entwined together.  What a perfect end to a perfect

day.  I hope we can have another!


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