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Archive-name: Dreams/frmdream.txt


Archive-title: Dream

``...She was wearing something pink, or off-white.  All that I remember was the

jacket I was wearing was a tweed sport coat.  We walked into the house, and

headed for the bedroom.  It was at the top of a small staircase, and overlooked

the living room.  The bed was to the right, and must have been 20' x 20'.  It

was covered with loose white cotton sheets, and almost a dozen overstuffed 


``...I woke up in her arms.  We were intertwined like pasta.  I kissed her, and

she murmured.  I slipped out of bed, and put on my coat, and walked down the

stairs and out the door."

``...Upon my return, I headed directly for the elevated bedroom.  For some

reason, I was looking straight down on the bed, from the ceiling.  She was 

completely nude, and lying in the middle of the bed.  The bed was white, her

hair was blonde, and her skin was slightly tan.  There are no pillows or

blankets around her.  She is a monolith of beauty amidst a sea of pale.  The

next thing I know, I have lost my vantage point of the ceiling, and I am next

to her, unclothed.  My lips upon hers awaken her.  I passionately kiss her, and

move from her mouth to her ears and throat.  My lips trail down her chest, and

I caress each breast and nipple with my tongue.  Slowly, I tire of this, and

gently start snaking further south.  My hands are on her thighs.  My mouth

feels the slight peach fuzz below her navel and I follow it.  Down."

[from a dream]


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