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Archive-name: Dreams/fantbeac.txt


Archive-title: Beach Fantasy

We began walking down the beach lost in thought. The night was cloudless and

full of stars. The air was warm and yet I still shivered at your slightest

touch. We walked until we came to a cave in the rocks. There I kissed you,

gently at first, then passionately and demanding. Taking your hand I led you

inside to a blanket and a small fire. Slowly, I trailed kisses down your neck

as I unbuttoned your blouse. I stopped briefly at your nipple while I slipped

off your dress. Lightly I moved my hands up the inside of your thighs brushing

my lips against one thing as I moved upward until my lips found your wet, juicy

cunt! Rubbing it lightly with my hand, I slowly and softly trailed my free hand

across your tight ass while I licked your clit, moistening it. I grasped your

firm butt in my hands urging you to cum as I licked faster and faster. All of a

sudden you started to quiver as wet fluid rushed out of you. I was so pleased

that I smiled with great delight. I then picked you up and carried you over to

a blanket by the fire. I then proceeded to lie you down and remove the rest of

your clothing. I just love you firm breasts with those rose-bud nipples. They

make me so horny! Taking one breast in my hand and fondling it gently I

consumed the other one and began sucking on it. Pausing only to nibble or to

play with the tip. Then, without taking your eyes from mine, you moved down

between my legs and began to give me the best head that I had ever received.

You went so slowly at first, then faster and faster till a tidal wave of cum

rushed into your mouth. You swallowed every last sweet drop of it. You

shuddered in delight as you felt my throbbing shaft rub the opening of your

cunt. Your eyes pleaded with me to stop teasing you and to take you, but I only

smiled, sliding it in part of the way and then quickly out. Crying out in

frustration you rolled me over and slowly placed me inside of you. You began

moving your hips in a circular motion, placing my hands around your hips as I

thrust myself deep and hard inside your moist trembling cunt! I then pressed

against the back wall. In a heated frenzy we began rolling over the blanket,

each thrusting and moaning until at last we had reached the heights of ecstasy,

crying out and collapsing in a mess of hot sweaty bodies.


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