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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy4.txt

Archive-author: Brian

Archive-title: Candystriper

Cindy stood in the mirror, admiring her freshly ironed uniform.  With the white

baseball hat and flat shoes, she looked innocent, an angel of mercy.

The head nurse, a stout woman with the infinite light year heart, enjoyed the

treatment Cindy gave her patients whenever she administered medicine,

propped up pillows, or read to an old woman whose eyes were operated


Cindy was admired by most of the doctors, which made some of the other

blow-dry and makeup nurses in training jealous.  But their

comeuppance came when Cindy helped out a shorthanded doctor in the ER;

an old man had a severed leg, and none of the other nurses were

"available."  "Let the little bitch take care of it herself," one

nurse snarled.  (That same nurse was fired for engaging in comprimising

act with a orderly in the hospital janitor closet.)  "She thinks she

can do anything," sneered another.

But despite all of this jealousy, no one ever denied that she was beautiful.

At five feet nine and with a healthy mane of white-blonde hair, Cindy

could pack a tight mini and a garter belt with a minimum of bother.

After five, her bare face took a completely different

countenance...she transformed from sweet candystriper to a real live

Venus in High Heels.  The only thing that fortunately didn't change

was her personality...nothing could take away from that.

There was this 35 year old man, Bill Llewellyn, a poor Welshman who

had flown in to receive some much needed back surgery.  Every day,

Bill had to endure grueling physical therapy, but usually Cindy was

there to cheer him up.  Though he spoke fluent English, his accent was

heavy, and when he swore, it was in Welsh.

One of the doctors recommended that other exercises could be used to

ease Bill's back pain.  One doctor even had the gall to mention sex

("but only masturbation, because penetration would throw ethics out

the window"), but that would denigrate the patient's dignity.

Cindy was doing her usual rounds when the head nurse was in an

unusually foul mood.  "Where have the ethics gone?" she sighed,

shaking her head.  "Next thing you know they'll have stoke victims

writing symphony orchestras."  Cindy was nearby when she heard her,

and asked what was wrong.

"It seems that one of our esteemed doctors wants to have alternative

therapy done to Bill Llewellyn.  The following list of intensive

massage, ultrasound, and other sound medical practices are fine.

Self-stimulation and copulation are not."  Suddenly, a wicked gleam

came to Cindy's eyes, and the head nurse began laughing.  "I assume

you like the other two choices, huh?  But that doesn't solve the

problem.  Bill Llewellyn needs the utmost medical care and we must

protect his dignity.  We can't fuck the guy and call it a cure!"

Cindy looked up in the air, and soon a mischeivous smile creased her

lips.  "I could assist Bill in making him feel better...I think he's

kinda cute."  Cindy covered her mouth to hide her laughter.  The head

nurse looked from side to side, and then she said sotto voce, "It's a

good thing you're a volunteer, or else this hospital would be closed

in a blink of the Medical Association eye.  I would have the patient

feeling better than having the patient go through agonizing therapy

and pain."

A couple of days later, Bill had just finished his afternoon therapy,

and the orderly directed Bill back to his room.  The door creaked

open, and Cindy came into the room.  "Hello, Bill. I'm going to give

you a post-therapy wash if you'll sit on the bed, I'll get

the water ready."

She ran some warm water into the bucket, and found a sponge from

underneath the bed.  After putting a little bit of bath oil into the

bucket, she undid Bill's johnny and found that his penis was already

erect.  She washed all around his belly, making small rivers around

his stomach.  Bill's eyes were in a state of semi-sleep, but he closed

them again when Cindy gently and tenderly washed his genitals,

squeezing his penis after she was through.  She began to knead the

flesh between her hands, and it was obvious that Bill was really

enjoying the attention.  Soon, she began to pleasure him, alternating

long strokes with a skilled tongue and good suction.  Suddenly, his

back arched, and he began to climax.  One wave after another made his

hips buck, but Cindy was able to catch it all in her throat.

A few days later, Bill's condition improved dramaticaly.  Therapy

became painless, and Bill was able to bend over and stretch.  Every

day, Bill did Tai Chi exercises to put his mind at even balance, and

to keep boredom at bay.

Next week, Bill was released from the hospital.  Cindy missed him, but

she never lost her cheerfulness as she treated the other patients.

Later that week, Cindy received a beautiful bouquet of roses, with a

note attached:

"Cindy: I would like to repay your kind services at the hospital.  I

know you might have gotten in trouble, but what you did was better

than any medicine.  Stop by my apartment for coffee and

conversation..." and the address of his apartment was given at the bottom

of the card.

Cindy rang the doorbell a few days later, after she went to a party with

her friends that got raided by the police.  Bill answered the door; he

was watching "Nightline", and on the table was a cup of tea.  "C'mon

in, Cindy.  I wasn't expecting you," he said, and Cindy entered.

"Am I disturbing you?" Cindy asked with a catch in her

voice, but Bill raised his hand.  "You're only interrupting a night

with Jay Leno, Ted Koppel and the entire staff of Columbia

Broadcasting," he said modestly.  "You look very nice tonight...not

like you do at the hospital," he added, drinking in her form enclosed

in a denim miniskirt, white Edwardian shirt, white heels, and white mesh nylons.

Bill handed her a cup of Chamoile Tea, in which she drank slowly.  A

orange-red lipsticked smile traced her lips, and she never took her

eyes off of Bill as she sipped.

"As I said before, if I got you into any trouble, I am completely

sorry," Bill smiled wanly.  Cindy laughed, and shook her head.  "I

admit I was being a little too forward and not using a shred of

medical ethics, but I've read that some form of sex is good for the

back.  Believe me, my little 'remedy' was furthest from a cure.  But I

think it gave you impetus to heal, along with the Tai Chi exercises

you did daily."

Bill responded by leaning over to Cindy and kissing her squarely on

the lips.  Taken aback, Cindy recoiled a bit, but she began to loosen

her resistance.  Bill kissed everywhere on her face, giving attention

to her neck, her eyes, and the insides of her mouth.  Both of their

tongues danced, and neither of them cared if it continued forever.

Cindy began to undress Bill, slowly undoing each button of his shirt

to reveal his chest.  It was not a muscular chest, but Cindy buried

her head within the thick tuft.  She took his nipples and began to

suck on them, and after undoing the belt buckle, she found his

erection at full attention.  She brought down his boxer shorts and he

stood nude after she removed his argyle socks.

Now it was Bill's turn.  Carefully, he removed her blouse, touching

her neck gently after he discovered her white bustier-bra.  Since the

bra had a front clasp, Bill removed her bra with ease.  A well-formed

pair of breasts met his gaze, and like a baby he nursed her swollen

nipples.  As he did, he unzipped her denim skirt, letting it fall to

the floor.

Cindy stood up, and he reached to unclip each of her garters from her

gossamer white nylons.  With a flourish he unhooked the belt from

behind, and rubbed his hand up and down her thigh.  Her moistness was

already running down her thigh, staining the tops of her nylons.

Gently he took down her white panties, and found her warm and

welcoming mound inviting.  He rubbed his hand up and down her slim

legs, and as he did, he brought the stockings down as far as her

ankles.  Cindy bent down, and began to do what she did in the


But instead of climaxing, Bill withdrew from Cindy and said something

in Welsh.  He pleasured her mound, and her engorged clitoris was the

feature attraction for her loud moans.  But Bill did not let her have

an orgasm either - he backed off and settled her on the couch.

Bill gently mounted Cindy, and he started to suck on her nipples while

entering her gently.  For each thrust, her moans grew exponentially

louder, and she could hold back no more.  She shot up like a bolt as

she began to climax; she buried her head in his shoulder as she

shook hard against him.  Her waves began to excite him, and he also

had an intense orgasm...more intense than at the hospital.

Bill gently cleaned Cindy up and then himself.  Her parents would

wonder why she hadn't come home, and would freak out if they found out

that she had sex with someone twice her age.  Bill hugged her gently,

and said, "Darling, even though you are half my age, and a minor, I

could get arrested.  But there is a Welsh proverb that says, 'It's

foolish to get arrested, but even more foolish for being arrested for

having a good time.'  You can visit me as often as you like, because

you are welcome here."  Bill kissed Cindy lightly on the cheek, and

she left the house with tears in her eyes.

Cindy awoke from her dream, as her alarm clock rang.  She was already

home, and she looked in the mirror.  Walking in a long nightshirt to the

closet, she pulled out her old candystriper uniform, looked into the mirror,

and smiled.  Her daughter Rhianna tugged on her night shirt, and said,

"Come on, Mommy.  We've got to meet Daddy at the airport.  I want to

say 'Croeso w domuw, Pappa!'"


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