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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.027


Archive-title: The Motel

My fantasy involves going on a business trip and staying in a motel 

for the night.  I go out of my room to buy a drink, and when I return, 

the door is open.  I think to myself that I must have left it open.

After I enter and close the door, I sit down on the bed and turn on

the TV, which has cable.  The TV has a kinky porno film on, and I feel 

my dick getting hard.  I decide to take matters into my own hands and 

begin jacking off.  

As soon as I begin, a beautiful woman steps out of the bathroom.

She looks at me, shocked, and I stare at her.  She is stark naked, 

and is very very beautiful.  She looks at my 7 inch cock and starts

to get excited.  Without saying a word, she smiles and starts to go

down on me.  The wonderful sucking action of her mouth starts to 

drive me crazy.  As I feel my come in my balls stirring, I pump 

harder and harder into her face.  She gets really hot and sticks 

her finger in her pussy.  She sucks harder and harder, sticking

more and more fingers into her slit, until her whole hand is inside.

She then pulls it out and shoves it in my face.  I lick it clean, 

and the wonderful taste is too much for me.  I come in a shuddering 

orgasm, and we all shake and quiver together.

Afterwards, I put my pants back on and go next door, which was my room!


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