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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.020


Archive-title: Dave Daunton

I have just got done answering a message left to me

by Dave Daunton and as usual I'm dripping wet at my pussy.

You see, Dave has a way with words unaware was I that he

also had a way with sex.  It's about 9:00 PM and I log off

the BBS and start thinking about this sexy guy they call

'Dave Daunton'.  By now, I'm so aroused that a glass of milk

could cause me to climax. But I resist the temptation to take

out the old dildo, thinking to myself how I would much rather

have Dave's body on top of mine. 

I fall asleep after thinking about this, with this idea

in my head. About 12:00 AM there is a knock on my door.

At first I think I'm dreaming but I manage to get to the door

to find this strong muscular bodied, tall and dark man

with a bulge in his pants that could be taken for a hockey

stick. He goes on to tell me that he is lost and is looking

for someone called Dawn Reynolds (me).  He goes on to tell

me that his name is 'Dave Daunton' and I start soaking my

scanty black panties at this sight before me. 

After I take a deep breath, and regain my composure, I ask him

to come in since it was a bit drizzly outside. We talk for awhile

about him and he tells me he must go get Dawn. I tell him that

I am the girl on the BBS, and he sits there in awe.

I quickly strip completely nude for Dave's eyes and

then rip his jeans (tight as hell) off him. Bang!! Out pops

that delicious rod of his, pulsating in the moonlight. I grab

for it and deep throat his until he explodes down my throat. 

I take him to my brass king size bed. I throw him down and we kiss

each other's whole body passionately. I roll over on my

stomach and beg Dave to ass fuck me. He responds with hard

deep pumps. The hurt is quickly extinguished by the great

feeling of the motion inside of me. Dave lets go another load

and as he takes his cock out the cream oozes out which I

eagerly lap up. I tell him to eat me out and he does teasing me

with his tongue and nose. I climax at this point and my

screams are soon quieted by the soft moans of Dave who now

has entered my throbbing clit. At this point I pass out with


I awaken to find that it is now 11:59 PM and the Sysop

has come on the chat mode and is ringing for my attention, begging

me to get off the system. He explains that he has let me go on

for 3 hours now, and other users must get on. I log off and tell

the darling Sysop thank you for bearing with me. As I log off

there is a knock on the door. Could this be a dream or is it



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