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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.014


Archive-title: The Seraglio

While initializing my auto dialer, I erroneously digitized 

999-999-zzzz., and when connected, I was transported magically 

to a modern eastern seraglio. Upon arrival I was met by six 

delightful girls wearing diaphanous pantaloons, announcing 

"Welcome to the house of Serendipity!" While one of the 

beautiful girls popped the mouthpiece of a hookah filled with 

an aphrodisiac into my lips, another one removed my trousers 

and let it all hang out. Six ways around the world, we went 

and yet, hour after marvelous hour, I could still get it up 

and into any of the 18 orifices being offered..............

I kissed and was kissed. I performed cunnilingus and had 

fellatio performed on me. I licked, screwed, soared and roared 

for hour after marvelous hour yet never began to tire - all 

the result of the powerful aphrodisiac which had been given to 

me in the beginning. Can you imagine the thrill of being in 

the midst of six lush lips, six red labia, 12 beautifully 

formed breasts, and six throbbing clitorises all pulsating in 

unison as if they were one organism seeking to culminate in one

gigantic orgasm...which did occur frequently and at well placed

and welcome intervals......

The most beautiful girl in the harem broke away and told me it 

was time for her to perform her specialty. She was an exact 

look alike of Marilyn Monroe  (my own special fantasy).

Marilyn kissed my lips and asked me to kiss hers and to treat 

her body like a real treasure. This was no problem, for her

body was a real pleasure chest.

I caressed it gently while she began vibrating with wonderful 

sensations. I touched her mound of Venus and found her ready 

to climax. She helped me soar at the same time and then

magically, I was transported back to my computer world.


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