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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.012


Archive-title: Eating Pussy

I love to eat pussy.  I always dream of delving my

tongue into a warm, juicy pussy.  My strongest fantasy is to 

return home from work one night, open my door and find myself 

wrestled to the ground by an extremely beautiful woman.  She 

would quickly subdue me, and carry me to the bed where she 

would tie me down.  She would then proceed to undress herself, 

and strip totally, laughing at me while I helplessly struggle 

against my bonds.  She would stroke my penis...tempting me, 

telling me how much she wanted to feel it inside her.

She tells me that she owns me, body and soul, as her slave.

I look at her and tell her "I am no one's slave".  She smiles, 

and places her legs around my neck, grinding her crotch into 

my face, and quickly pulling it away.  "Now if you were to be 

my slave, I would allow you to lick my clit and put your cock

in me".  I stutter,"I shall never be your slave..." and she 

grinds her pussy into my face while feverishly stroking my 


I feel my will melting away, as she pulls away again.

"Well,slave?" she asks.  "Yes!!" I cry and she lets out a big 

smile.  "As I knew you would".  "Eat me!!" she commanded...

I did as she ordered.  "Will you untie me,?" I asked. "NO!"

She pulled away, and starting licking the rim of my cock.  She 

licked and sucked and stroked me. She massaged my chest, 

exciting me beyond anything.  She got me so close to coming, 

and then she stopped, squeezing my balls.  "Do you want to 

fuck me?" she asked.  I don't know how I managed to gasp a 

"yes" as she had me out of breath.  She them straddled my cock 

and started riding up and down like a cowboy bucking a bronco.

 She made me come, then ordered me to eat her, lick her pussy

clean, and suck her breasts. I did until I collapsed from exhaustion.


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