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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.011


Archive-title: Lisa Thomas

    Since I started using this board my biggest fantasy 

revolves around Lisa Thomas. I want to meet Lisa on a corner.

She will be dressed like a common whore; wearing a low cut red 

top which is cut just above the nipples, and a short , short 

dress. She is wearing high heels and her legs are clad in black 

fishnet stockings which attach to a black garter belt. she is 

wearing crotchless silk panties and a matching sling bra.  Her 

shapely ass is accented by the shortness of her skirt. She is 

attracting the attention of every one who walks by , however, 

she stands there acting aloof. As I walk by she reaches out and

grabs my tie and steps out in front of me and gives a sly 


Starting at the top she strokes her hand down my body,

ending at my belt. She undoes the latch of my belt and tells me 

if I want her to continue then I should follow her. We walk a 

couple of blocks to a hotel and go upstairs to our room. When 

we get inside the door she slips off my jacket, loosens my 

tie, and starts to undress herself, but she leaves on the 

garter , hose, and bra. We are both standing next to the bed and 

we grab each other and fall down on to the silk sheets covering 

the bed.

We are lying there kissing and feeling each other when she says

that she should get going. She gets out of bed and starts 

towards her pile of clothes on the floor. I get 

up, come up from behind her and spin her around and push her 

to her knees. I grab her black hair and pull her face to my 

hard cock and tell her to eat and swallow. After she pleases me 

I pick her up and carry her over to the bed and throw her down 

on it. I spread her long legs apart and push my face towards her 

aching pussy. I stay there teasing and tormenting her 

bringing her to the brink of orgasm many times but then

backing down each time. She is soaked in sweat, writhing on 

the bed begging me to let her come. But I ignore her plea.

After at least another half hour I allow her to come. I then

climb on top of her and penetrate her quivering flesh. Later I 

turn her over and take her doggie style. Lisa starts begging me 

to stop and let her sleep but instead I lay down and make her 

get on top and make her fuck herself slowly from above. When I 

am satisfied I let her rest, however she must sleep with her 

head nestled in my groin.


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