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Archive-name: Dreams/fantasy.008


Archive-title: Afternoon Delight

It was a cool, cloudy & lonely afternoon.  I just got out of the

tub to retire to my king size water bed for a good book & a

snooze.  I looked up to see a tall handsome stranger standing at

the end of my bed, nude & smiling.  As our eyes met he moved to

climb toward me and held me tight.

He kissed me passionately & whispered "I know just what you

want & I'm here to provide it.  Relax & enjoy."  He then fondled &

massaged every inch of my body while I sighed with every touch.

He kissed my moist lips & began to move down kissing every part

along the way.  He sucked my breasts & I shivered with

his tongue in, out & over my clit.  I moaned trembled & exploded

into a violent, intense orgasm in which I momentarily lost

consciousness, he then came up to me & kissed me-I could taste

myself on his lips.  He entered me & we both sighed together. He

began to pump harder & faster, but suddenly stopped & rolled

over to his back only to pull me on top of him.  He entered

again, I began pumping-he squeezed my buttocks & moaned

loudly, my breathing intensified, I moaned with pleasure as we

came together I rolled off of him onto my back & sighed. As I

awoke, alone in my bed, breathing heavily....I was totally

satisfied!  I looked around the room & no one was there!!

Surely that wasn't a dream I thought, I rolled over and dozed

off for yet another "AFTERNOON DELIGHT", hoping he would

return.....HE DID!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!


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