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Archive-name: Dreams/fantas2

Archive-author: Red Rider

Archive-title: Restaurant Fantasy

Hi! I'm new on the board and I like to write about sex.  In fact,

I like everything about sex; public sex and flashing, watch and

be watched, playing with myself, especially like fucking  with

all the variations that imagination and experience can dream up. 

Perhaps by putting my writing on the board, I can make some new

friends with the same interests.  While much of my writing is

fantasy, there is also a lot of first hand experience which is

fun to share and let me share your fantasies and experiences.

I will start first and will soon know if anyone on the board is 

interested.  My voice phone line is (209) 237-4308.   


Perhaps I will start with a fantasy, one that I have had as long

as I can remember: 


My  girl and I arrive at the Martinique a few minutes before our

reservation and when the matre de accepts my hand in greeting, 

there is a twenty in the palm which from experience is instantly

detected and deftly passed from my hand to his pocket.  He knows

that it is a twenty by instinct.  He is also converted 

immediately to one of my most loyal and accomodating friends 

willing to move anything and anybody in the house to make me 

happy and to insure the presence of another twenty.  In a very 

low voice, I let him know that my pleasure would be a corner 

table with a view of the dining room.  For a moment he has that 

wild look that says that he is trapped in a hopeless situation. 

Then, whispering, just a moment, he disappears and just as 

suddenly returns announcing that our table is ready.  We both 

know that, that table, disappeared from the party that overlooked

that twenty.  

For the brief moment that he was gone, I had been standing 

close (very close) to my newest adventure, Angela.  I 

was to her side and just behind her and I could smell her 

wonderful perfume it was faint and that was good,--- had to get 

even closer. Then I could feel the warmness and swelling between

my legs and I knew that the evening was going to be fun-it 

already was-this beautiful girl, dressed so attractively, 

sparkling in the half light of this beautiful restaurant, and me

getting an erection just standing there,Fuuuuuun! 


Now I could turn my head to ask her if she liked what she saw and

by moving my hips forward the least little bit my bulge brushed 

the cheek of her ass.  Wow! I could immediately see in my

imagination, both of those smooth round surfaces and the crack

between their soft curves, the inside of her thighs and what lay

ahead of that. Thoughts of guilt; of course. But, the pressure

grew stronger and I hadn't moved.  She half turned toward me to

answer my question and I bussed her on the cheek, couldn't help

it, impulse. Then we headed for our table and sitting very close,

made the wine and then the menu decisions.  With the wine serving

we were told that the chef took special interest in the order for

chatau briand and requested our patience while the delicacy was



After pouring the second glass of wine, I looked around and the 

time was perfect so I allowed a gold piece that had been the 

subject of conversation, to roll off the table and I immediately

went after it.  There it was right at my feet, but now I was 

under the cloth and looking around, saw that my cover was 

complete.  Then I put my hand on one of her knees and then the

other. They were separated the way girls do when their legs are 

concealed, but with my touch they began opening wider and pushing

her skirt hem upward ---there it was, the absolute beauty of her 

cunt.  She must have thought ahead because she was wearing hose 

with a garter belt and loose panties that had already moved aside

to reveal the thing I wanted to see most. I moved forward 

brushing her thighs with my lips and placed my nose in her pussy

hair.  OOOOH heaven!  Her smell was delicate and musky with a 

spice, cinamon? Ginger?...... all three!  

I didn't forget what I was there to do,  putting my arms under

and around her legs I pulled her a little bit forward, then

bringing my hands over the top of her muff, I moved them to each

side of her pussy and spread the lips open wide so that the clit

was standing up like the little man in a boat.  Now my lips

covered that soft flesh and my tongue searched for that little

man.  It was small at first, but I could feel the little fellow

and as I massaged it, it grew, and now I could suck it like a

miniature prick.  Nothing happened except that I had never been

so excited in my life. The feel of the soft skin of her legs

against my cheeks, the fragrarent odor of sex, her pussy hair

against my nose and my hands flat against her belly feeling the

tension build; plus doing something that was the ultimate in

naughty, this just had to be the most fun thing I had ever done.

This was the ultimate fantasy for me, and now it was happening. 

This girl so poised and beautiful was about to get her gun in the

midst of all these people.  My tongue worked slowly and steadily,

moving around her clit and then massaging it's underside. 

Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, she threw her hips

forward with a thrust so sudden and violent that my lip was

bruised and the orgasm was on and she had given herself to it

totally.  My arms around her legs held her to me and my tongue

never stopped it's rythm. She thrust herself upward again and

again.  Finally her humps got closer together until her pelvis

vibrated for a bit then she put her hand on my forhead and pushed

me away. You know how it is when you just can't do anymore.  I

slipped from between her legs and slowly raised my self to the

seat beside her.  Those who saw me could only look questiongly

and I sure as hell wasn't going to supply them with any answers. 


I looked at her and was afraid to find what her reaction would 

be.  She was holding her head in her hand as if she were ill or 

in shock.  I didn't say a word and neither did she.  Then without

raising her head she said, " don't ever do that again".  

Silence............then she said " I have never been that excited

and I have never had an orgasm as strong as that, but the 

necessity to scream was so strong that everybody in the place was

watching me and I'm embarrassed.  all these people know what I 

look like when I'm coming.  Do that whenever you like, but please

do it someplace where I can scream".  Then, under the cloth she 

moved her hand over my leg and massaged my swelling and she kept

massaging it while the waiter went throught the ceremony of 

serving the entre for two. 


WOW!  I just read this back and it sounds like it really 

happened.  I Wish!!!!!!!!!!!  Writing something like this is fun

for you, I hope, and I must tell you that it gives me something 

warm and slick to play with.  Why don't you write something for 


Your horney friend,  

Red Rider 

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