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Archive-name: Dreams/echo.txt

Archive-author: Stephanie Kay Buffman

Archive-title: Modern Day Echo

    Five-fifteen.  Still time to make the bus if she hurried.

Laura quickened her pace as she made her way through the park towards

the Cayman Street bus stop.  She really wished she wasn't in such a

rush, but alas, such is life.  She sighed as she adjusted her

packages in her arms.  The sun shined brilliantly overhead.  The

pigeons had all gathered about the statue of Narcissus staring into

the fountain that decorated the city park.  

    Laura stopped and stared.  She had never really taken time out

of her day to look at the statue.  In spite of its weathered outer

texture, he was truly beautiful.  She set her bags down on the steps

of the fountain and climbed up two more for a closer look.  The

pigeons scattered as she crossed into their territory.  He was indeed

spectacular, this Narcissus.  No wonder he fell in love with himself.

The grayish green marble was fading, but you could imagine that it

once gave the illusion of alabaster skin.  His eyes were deepset, and

Laura imagined them to be dark green, perhaps with flecks of gold.

His lips were rosebuds, and his hair, a thatch of golden curls.  Laura

was baffled that she had never noticed it before.  His face bore a

boyish smirk as he gazed into the water to feast upon himself.  She

felt the need to touch it.

    She reached her hand out, stretching her fingers tentatively

toward the statue.  Her fingers grazed his cheek and a hand clamped

over hers.  She looked up, expecting to see a policeman hovering over

her, but there was no one there.  She looked to her own hand and

realized it was covered by a young man's.  He was about 19, and bore

an uncanny resemblance to the statue.

    "hey!" she said.  "What's the problem?"

    "Nothing," he answered, face down.  "I just saw you looking at

...looking that way."

    He looked into her eyes and she gasped.

    "" she stammered.  " pose for


    She gestured toward the statue, and as she set her gaze upon

it, she realized there was nothing there.

    "I guess you could say so..." he smirked.


    He nodded.

    "But...but...can't anyone see you, like I am seeing you now, I

mean?  Aren't the scientists and tv crews going to bombard us at any


    "No," he answered.  "You are the only one who can see me."

    "Wow.  How did this happen?"

    "Well, I have loved myself for so long, and only myself, and

yet, when someone worships me as I worship myself, I am allowed a

bitter taste of true mutual love."


    "Please..." he said.  "Let's not talk anymore."

    He kissed Laura's hand and moved to be next to her.  He slowly

lifted her arm.  He frowned as he examined the clothing she wore.  He

was clad only in something that could only be described as a mixture

of a toga and loincloth, cinched at the waist with gold braid.  He

examined the clothing for a moment, then began tugging at it.  

    Laura made no move to stop him.  She didn't know exactly how

to react, so she just let him.  He finally tugged so hard that the

flimsy cotton blouse tore.  A tear formed at the corner of his right


    "Laura," he said sorrowfully.  "I broke it!"

    "No, no, just ripped it.  Look..."

    She showed him how the buttons fastened and unfastened.  He

was intrigued.  He unfastened them all and removed her shirt.  She was

not wearing a bra, and her hard nipples stuck out from her small, firm

breasts.  She felt the slight chill of the April breeze and brought

her arms up to shield her breasts.  

    Narcissus moved to her skirt next.  Finding no buttons, he

tugged at it, and found it yielded willingly.  Laura was scantily

dressed in only her small cotton panties.  But not for long, he

removed those too.  

    He then walked around to face her, standing her up.  He walked

around her entire form, stopping to kiss the sensitive areas on the

back of her neck.  Shivers ran up and down her spine.  With his hands.

he began exploring her body.  He let his palms caress her swollen

nipples as she moaned with delight.  She turned herself so she was

facing him.  She wanted him to be as naked as she was.  She felt so


    She remembered where she was for a moment and looked around.

Mothers strolled by with carriages, men walked dogs, children played,

but no one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary.  SHe put

them out of her mind and focused back on her Narcissus.

    He looked deep into her eyes as he lifted her arm once again.

He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently, then moved on to

kiss the entire length of her arm...  She let her head roll back and

her eyes close.  There was something so passionate, and yet so

innocent about this man.  

    Narcissus took her hand and led her to the fountain.  He

stepped in.  She wondered for a moment if she could get in trouble for

that, but only for a moment did she wonder before following him.  THe

water was warm in comparison to the wind.  She trailed her fingers in

it as the walked to the rocks that adorned the center.  He sat Laura

down and stroked her hair.  He was still wearing his makeshift robe.

Sensing her arousal, he removed it, and for the first time she gazed

upon his erect penis.  It was beautiful, quite perfect in her eyes...

    Narcissus soaked his robe in the water and wrung it out.  He

let it trail across Laura's breasts, and then began washing her with

it.  She had never been washed by a man, and certainly not by a Greek

hero of mythology!

    All at once he dropped the robe into the water and kneeled in

front of her.  She closed her eyes as his lips met hers.  They were

the sweetest candy she'd ever tasted.   It seemed like an eternity

they just held on like that.  His hands began caressing her breasts,

stopping to circle her nipples gently.  She hooked her right hand in

his hair and with her left she stroked his back.  The more aroused she

got, the lighter his touch would be, making her want him even more.

She began raking her fingernails up and down his back, his kiss became

more fierce and he forced her back against the rocks.  The water from

the fountain cascaded down on their nakedness.  She felt his hardness

against her, and wanted him more and more.  He let his hands move down

to her thighs.  He lightly glided his naild over them.  Laura let out

a little sigh.

    His fingers kept teasing her, each time getting a little

closer to her pussy.  Finally she could take no more.  She turned him

over and began kissing him all the way down his body.  She licked and

sucked on his earlobes, breathed her way down his neck, teased his

nipples with her tongue, nibbled at his inner thigh...  Narcissus

moaned in ecstasy.

    With her right hand, she began massaging his hard penis.  She

started by running her fingertips the length of it, and then began

breathing on it.  She licked his balls as she massaged the head.  She

had never felt so free in her life.  She then kissed it, running her

tongue along its underside.  She opened her mouth and took it in,

rolling her tongue around it as she sucked.  WIth her left hand, she

massaged the area right above his scrotum, and she glided the

fingernails of her right along his inner thigh.

    His body tensed and flexed as she sucked him, finally he could

take no more, and pulled her face away.  He pulled her to him and held

her there for a moment.  She felt his heart beating in his chest.  He

began stroking her buttocks and this turned her on again.  THe water

came in stronger waves now, only adding to the excitement.

    Boldly, she climbed on top of him and let her warm pussy cover

him.  She looked into his eyes, and he stroked her cheek.  She leaned

forward to let him suck on her nipples.  Laura began moving her hips

in a circular motion...she felt him against her and loved it.

    He grabbed her by the waist and positioned her.  She knew what

was about to happen...  It would seem absurd to analyze it, so she

just let it happen.  She felt a wave of dizziness wash over her as his

penis entered her vagina.  Neither of them moved for a moment, and

then Laura began with slow, rhythmic movements.  In the distance she

could hear carhorns, children laughing, dogs barking, sirens blaring,

but in her mind she could only hear the pounding reverberations of

passionate times and distant places.  The world shook, the water

poured over them, and Narcissus began thrusting his pelvis up to meet


    Laura knew it wouldn't be long.  She knew she was about to

come.  SHe could feel the familiar sensations invading her body.  It

was unlike any sexual experience she had ever had.  All her sexual

knowledge began with masturbating in dorm showers, and ended

here...right here.

    As she neared the peak, her rhythms became erratic and faster.

He matched her with every move.  She was getting closer, closer...she

reached that last moment that everyone reaches before climax.  That

feeing of strong elation and unreality.  She threw her head back and

gasped as she felt herself clench and release...her body racked with

orgasm.  Elation passed over her in dizzy waves of relief.  She fell

backward into the pool as she passed out.

    "Been staring a long time...shame they don't keep better care

of it, eh?"

    "What?" she asked.

    She turned to meet with a kind faced old policeman.  She

shook her head.

    "Yeah...Narcissus has been with us for quite awhile..." he

said.  "I wonder what he thinks about all day, staring in that pool.

You have a nice day now."

    She stared after him as he strolled away.  

    She turned her gaze back to the statue.  She understood the

boyish smirk now.  She smiled as she gathered her packages.  Lifting

her wrist, she checked the time on her watch.

    Five twenty-seven.  She could still make the bus.  She turned

and walked down the fountain steps, hurrying toward the bus stop.

Stephanie Kay Buffman

March 9, 1993


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