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Archive-name: Dreams/drmwalk.txt

Archive-author: REV

Archive-title: Dream Walker

     I don't want to write any more Debbie does DECA stories right

now, so I thought I try another idea I had.  I believe my idea is

broad enough where I can continue writing on it as long as I want

and not get too repetitive.  This chapter is about an out-of-body

experience, and I plan to add an interesting wrinkle next chapter.

I have never had an OOB experience so my description my be offbase,

but hey that's artistic licence.  As always I would appreciate any

comments or suggestions on the story.


     Disclaimer:  All events and characters in this story are

fictitious.  The author considers this material his original work. and

maintains all rights to this story, transmitted by any methods,

known or unknown.  ;-)

                              Dream Walker

                               Chapter 1

                             Written by REV

     Chad got to his apartment at 2:30 in the afternoon, how he hated

having to be at work at 5 in the morning.  He had spent the entire day

unloading trucks at the warehouse.  He made his way through the living

room into the bedroom, shedding his clothes as he walked.  He reached

his warm waterbed not a second too soon, as he crawled in and fell fast


     He awoke feeling great, better than he had felt in a long time.

Chad made his way to the kitchen to get a drink of orange juice.  When

he reached the refrigerator, he was startled that when he tried to open

the door, his hand had passed through it.

     Chad made his way back to the bedroom, only to see himself asleep

in the bed.  Looking at his clock, Chad saw that it was only 2:45.  He

told himself that this must just be a dream, this could not really be


     Chad though to himself, if this is a dream I might as well make

the most of it.  Chad made his way back into the living room and walked

through the front door.  Once outside, he started walking down the

street towards the center of town.  Chad found it rather humorous that

no one seemed to notice him walking naked down the street.

     As he walked he noticed that the sidewalk was moving away from

him, he was flying.  He needed only to think which way he wanted to go

and his body would go in that direction.

     Chad was flying around over town, when in the distance he saw his

old high school and had a brainstorm.

     Chad was there in a matter of seconds, and headed straight for the

gym.  He walked through the and into the girls lockeroom, where he

always wished he could have spied into when he went there.

     He made it into the lockeroom, just as the gym class got there.

The class was made up of about 30 girls, each taking off their gym

uniforms in front of the lockers.  Chad watched as each one stripped

and headed for the showers.

     Chad followed the girls into the shower, he was bombarded by the

image of steam and water glistening off of young flesh as he walked

through thee showers.  Chad felt his erection growing as he walked

around each girl admiring their body.  Then towards the back he noticed


     She had long blond hair that went half way down her back and green

eyes that seemed to stare back at him.  Her body was unbelievable, she

belonged in Playboy instead of in high school.  Her body was like a piece

of artwork with every line and curve perfect.

     Chad was suffering, as he watched this girl wash every part of her

body.  He longed to touch her, but when he tried his hand passed through

her.  He could not even masturbate, because he could not even touch

himself, he had no substance.

     Every part of her body called out to him, oh how he wished he could

touch her.  Her tits were firm and taut with a nipple poking out of each

one, fulling erect from the splashing water.  Small clusters of soap suds

slowly slid down her curves, and finally down her long shapely legs.  Her

bush was a little darker than her hair, and neatly trim, her slit was 

totally visible to Chad.

     Chad thought he was going to die, when he watched her soap up her

pussy.  Her slender fingers slid down her stomach and between her legs.

She rubbed through her pubic hair, bringing the soap to a lather, then she

moved to her pussy.  She slid her fingers all around her mound, giving it a

good cleaning, and Chad had an excellent view.

     Once done, she gave herself a finial rinse off and made her way out

of the shower, with Chad not far behind her.  Chad watched her dry off

and get dressed.  By the time she had finished dressing, the bell had

rung.  It was the last class of the day so the girl headed to her car in

the parking lot.  Chad tagged along, as she left school grounds.

     It was about fifteen minute, before she stopped, pulling into a

driveway.  This must be where she lives, Chad thought to himself.

     She made her way to the side door and let herself in.  Chad followed

her as she walked to her room, and watched as she put her books on the

dresser.  When there was a knock on the door, she turned and ran down the


     Chad caught back up with her, when she was opening the door.  The

guy on the other side stepped in and grabbed the girl, pulling her

towards him.  They came together in a kiss.

     When the kiss broke the guy said, "God, Christy, I've missed you."

     Christy throwing her arms onto his shoulders, "Well, Dan, you know

how my mother feel about you."

     Dan let out a slight snicker and scooped Christy up in his arms.

Dan carried her into the livingroom and dumped her onto the couch.  Dan

dropped to his knees and slid off Christy's shorts and panties.

     Christy spread her legs in front of Dan, and he started to knead

her pussy mound with his fingers.  As he worked his fingers, geting her

pussy wet, Christy was working her shirt up over her head, freeing her

tits.  Dan's fingers were now coated with Christy's juices, and he 

worked his index finger inside of her.  Christy began moaning as Dan

began licking her clit.  Cristy began fondling her tits, bringing each one

up to where she flicked each nipple with her tongue.

     Chad was pacing the floor while he watched, not knowing what to

think.  Half of him was incredible turned on, but the other half was

totally frustrated that he couldn't do anything about it.

     Dan had stood up in front of Christy, she leaned forward and began

to work on his belt while rubbing his hardon though his jeans.  The

belt gave way, and Christy unbuttoned the jeans and let them fall.

Christy could clearly see the outline of Dan's cock through the thin

material of his underwear.  Christy ran her face against the fabric,

letting her warm breath permeate through.

     With a quick yank, Christy had the underwear down around Dan's

knees, and his cock pulsating in front of her.  She covered his cock

with kisses and licks of her tongue.  Then she slid his entire length

into her mouth.  She worked her mouth back and forth along his cock,

while using her tongue on the underside of his shaft.

     Dan pushed Christy's head off of his cock, and grabbed her knees.

He pushed her knees back and he got back down on his knees.  While holding

up Christy's knees, Dan shoved his entire cock into her pussy.  Christy

screamed as Dan entered her, and she began to buck wildly against him.

Dan was trying to keep up with Christy's pace, trying to match her

thrust for thrust.  Christy's screams and moans echoed in Chad's mind

and Dan shot his load deep inside of her.

     Dan fell on top of Christy, and began to kiss her nipples.  Christy

looked at the clock on the wall and said, "Shit, It's after five, my

mother could be home in minute."

     They each quickly got dressed, and Christy walked Dan to the door.

"I'll meet you at McDonald's at eight", Christy said and kissed Dan


     Chad figured that the excitement was over and decided to head back

home.  He spent over an hour getting home, taking time to enjoy his

dream.  He even laid down on the sidewalk, to see which women weren't

wearing underwear.

     When Chad got home it was seven, and he was still asleep in his bed.

He laid down in the same position his body, hoping it would end the 


     Chad shoot up out of bed, when he felt the wet spot beneath him.

His cum was smeared all between him and the sheets.  He crawled out of

bed and took the sheets off, using them to wipe the cum off of his body.

He put them with the rest of his clothes to be washed and threw another

set on the bed.

     By this time, the light lunch he had was catching up with him.  He

decided to go out and get something to eat, so he got dressed and went

out to his car.

     While driving towards 'Restaurant Row' the McDonald's sign caught

his attention.  Chad thought, why not it was only a dream.

     Chad walked in, and after waiting a few minutes there was an open

register.  He gave the cashier his order, and had to wait for his food

because they were temporally out of fries.

     He took his tray and walked towards the dining area.  As he turned

the corner, he froze, as he saw Dan and Christy not more than 

ten feet away.

     Chad snapped out of this trance when he noticed almost everyone was

now staring at him.  He managed to make it to a vacant table, within

ear shot of Dan and Christy's booth.  As Chad ate, he did his best to

eavesdrop on their conversation.  The only information he got though was

a conformation of their names.  It was then that Chad relized that he

had not been dreaming but was there.

                              Dream Walker

                               Chapter 2

                             Written by REV

     Chad's head spun as he drove home from McDonald's.  No way his dream 

could have been that accurate, without actually being there.  He stayed

up most of the night pondering this question, until he fell asleep.

     Then just as before, he got out of his bed only to turn around and 

still see himself sleeping.  This time he wasted no time in sightseeing

but headed straight for Christy's house.  As he flew, the town was dead 

below him, lit only by street lights.  

     When he reached Christy's house he did not even bother going through

the house, rather directly into Christy's room through an outside wall.

Christy's was fast asleep in her bed.  Due to the warm weather she was 

sleeping on top of her bed covers with only a white laced teddy covering 

her.  Chad reached out with his hand for her shapley legs making sure not

to pass through them, but rather trace their curves with his hand.  He 

moved his hand up along her legs up to her stomach then to her breasts

wondering how they would feel to his actual touch.  As he moved to place

his hand to her cheek he was shocked when a white flash of light surrounded


     As the light died down, Chad noticed he was no longer in Christy's 

room, but in a field with tall grass as far as the eye could see.  The

sky above him was deep blue spotted with thick clouds which seemed to

whirl around above him.  

     In the distance he sees a figure walking.  Chad began to run towards

the figure.  As he got closer and closer, the figure began to take the

shape of Christy.  She was wearing a long white dress which was blowing

in the wind.  

     Chad stopped a few feet in front of her and she continued walking 

towards him as if he were not there.  He reached out with his hands for

her shoulders and was ecstatic when his hands contacted causing her to

stop.  He could actually touch her.  

     Christy looked up into his eyes and said, "Oh, can I help you?"

     Chad moved his hands to her face as he said, "Yes you can."

     He then drew her mouth to his.  Chad could tell she was a little 

uneasy at first, but soon gave into him and allowed him to slip his tongue

into her mouth.  

     As their tongues began to dance inside each other's mouth, he moved

his hands down her body to her heaving chest.  With his fingers he slid

straps of the dress over the sides of her shoulders causing it to fall

to the ground.  As the dress fell, Chad discovered that the dress was the

only thing that Christy had on.  So now, his hands had total access to her

full breasts.  He worked his hands around her chest, exploring every inch

until he had reached her now erect nipples.  Chad began to play with them

in between his fingers causing Christy to moan into his open mouth.

     Christy began to move her hands from where she had placed them on his

back down his body.  She soon reached his ass and squeezed his cheeks 

embedding her fingernails slightly into the flesh.  She then broke away 

from the kiss and worked her way down his chest with soft, wet kisses.

When she reached his erect cock, she ran her tongue along its length and

twirled around the cock head.  She then eased back a little bit and blew

her hot breath onto Chad's cock which sent shivers across his entire body.

Digging deeper into Chad's asscheeks, she pulled his cock into her mouth

taking him all the way to the back of her throat.

     Chad's head spun as Christy's tongue worked his cock.  He knew he

would not be able to take to much more of this, and reached to pull

Christy's head off of his cock.  Chad pushed Christy back into the tall

grass and dropped to his knees.

     Chad grabbed ahold of one of Christy's ankles and began to kiss his

way up her leg.  He soon reached her inner thigh and then her wet pussy

mound.  He first kissed around her pussy lips, then as her moans grew, he

spread her lips with his fingers and darted his tongue inside of her.

     Christy's body jumped with the touch of his tongue.  She arched

upward as Chad slipped a finger into her pussy underneath his tongue.

Christy's hand worked down to the back of Chad's head and pulled him

tighter against her pussy.

     Chad forced Christy's hand from his head and turned her over in the

grass.  Taking his cock in his hand, Chad forced his cock deep into her

pussy from behind.  Chad grabbed Christy's asscheeks as spread them as he

pounded her pussy.  Christy screamed in ecstasy as her pussy muscles

clamped around his cock.  Chad looked up at Christy's hands and noticed

she had torn up two sections of grass and was digging into the ground

with her fingers.  Chad could not hold back his own orgasm an more,

he drove in cock deep inside of Christy and shot his cum deep inside of


     As soon as his orgasm subsided the flash of light returned.  When

the light died, Chad found himself in the same position he was in before.

     He looked at the bed and saw that Christy was now awake, with a

large wet spot in the crotch of her teddie.  Chad followed her as she got

up and headed for the bathroom.

     Once in the bathroom, Christy pulled herself out of the teddie and

tossed it into the hamper.  She walked over to the shower, turning on 

the water and letting it warm up while she admired herself in the mirror.

After a while she stepped into the shower and began to wash off her body,

paying special attention to her pussy.  Shw worked her soapy fingers 

in and around her wet pussy mound thinking about her dream.

     She soon became lost in her memories as her finger started working

past her pussy lips.  She soon worked a second finger inside of her while

she pinched her nipples with her other hand.  

     Chad noticed that Christy was getting close to orgasm but was not

being as nearly vocal as she was earlier.  She's probably afraid she'll

wake up her mother, Chad thought to himself.  

     Christy was now frantically pumping and twisting her fingers inside

pussy.  She bucked against them as she rode them to orgasm.  She then 

rinsed herself off and climbed out of the shower.  Next, she grabbed a 

towel off of the rack, and began to dry herself off.  

     Once dry, she walked back to her room nude.  She laid back down on

the bed and was soon fast asleep with the moonlight from the window

reflecting off her light skin.

     Chad stood there watching her sleep for about fifteen minutes.

He then walked down the hallway to see what Christy's mother looked 

like.  After peeking into a few rooms, he finally found the one her 

mother slept in.  As Chad looked at her sleeping, he wondered how old she

was because she looked almost as beautiful as Christy was.  Chad thought

that she couldn't even be forty years old.  Chad jumped as the mother 

turned over in her bed causing the covers to be pushed aside to reveal

that she too was sleeping in the nude.  Chad's eyes drank up the sights

of her body from head to toe.  

     Her breasts were even more full than Christy's and the rest of her

body was very tone and tan, showing that she took care of herself.  Chad

was taken back a little bit when she ran her hand ddown her chest and 

started talking in her sleep.  

     "Stop that Rodney, we might get caught!"  she exclaimed in her 

sleep.  She then moved her hand to her pussy and said, "You asshole

Rodney!  You know I can never say no to you once you get your fingers

on my pussy!"  

     Chad could see her pussy lips swell and become wet to her touch.

Her other hand moved to her breasts and started squeezing her nipple.

She moaned, "Oh yeah, suck my nipples.  I want to feel you inside of


     With that, she drove two fingers into her dripping pussy.  Her moans

started to become very vocal and Chad wondered what would happen if she

woke Christy up.  She was now thrusting her pelvis off of the bed 

actually fucking her fingers back.  Throwing back her head, she yelled,

"Oh God Rodney!  Shoot your hot cum inside of me!"

     She then came in a shuddering climax of ecstasy.

     To Chad, she almost seemed to regain consciousness, but she merely 

grabbed her pillow and snuggled it close to her body.  Chad realized just

how long he had been there when the alarm clock on the nightstand began

to ring.

     It was already six o'clock, he was already an hour late for work.

He quickly rushed back to his house, and physical body.  

     By the time he had gotten up, dressed, and got to work, he was an

hour and a half late.  Luckily for him, Steve wasn't there, so nobody 

else really cared if he was late.  It was a hard day for Chad. With what

had happened, he could not get into the frame of mind to work.  All of 

his thoughts were of Christy and her mom.


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