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Archive-name: Dreams/dreams1.txt


Archive-title: Dreams Without Reality

It was one night in the middle of august.  The days were still hot

but this night was particularly cool offering pleasant relief to

our old two story house that lacked the benefit of air conditioning.

I had enjoyed an evening of swimming and basketball with some friends,

and did not get home until about 10:00.  My parents were out of town

visiting my grandparents on my father's side.  My sister, Donna,

had stayed home also.

Donna's a 19-year old brunnette with small breasts, but a sweet ass

to complement a thing waist.  she was already in college, myself

a year her younger waiting to get off to college within a week.

anyhow Donna had a friend over for the night, Angela.  now, Angela

was a blonde, the same age as my sister, with huge tits and long,

beautiful legs.  the two were spending there last week together as

best friends do, since they went to different colleges.  i asked

if either needed anything from the kitchen since i was getting something

to drink.  both said no.  i got my drink, showered in the upstairs

bathroom, and went to bed letting them have the run of the house.

about 1:00, i woke up.  the bathroom was separate from the bedrooms

so i walked down the hall to take a leak.  when i returned to my

room, i heard moaning coming from my sisters room.  curious, i leaned

closer, but the shift in weight sent the old boards creaking.  the

moaning stopped.  i crossed the hall to my room and closed the door

behind me.

my window was already open, so i just lifted the screen and climbed

out onto the roof that covered the front porch.  i walked past eh

hall window, and sat down quietly next to my sister's window.  my

sister's desk lamp illuminated the room.  my prick instantly saluted

the scene before me.

Angela was completely naked, Donna in just panties, and Angela was

sucking one of my sister's tits.  her hand slid down to my sister's

stomach and casually lifted her panties.  Donna parted her legs slightly

to allow her friend's probing fingers access to her slit.  my sister

moaned slight and began pulling at the nipple Angela was not sucking

with her free hand.  her other hand was pulling at Angela's nipples,

one then the other.

Angela looked up directly at the window.  no way, i thought, she

cannot see me through the glare.  Angela held my gaze at the window

for several seconds, then planted a hot kiss on my sister.  her hips

swung around so her ass faced the window.  her blonde pussy hair

was neatly trimmed revealing a lucious pink slit.  she straddled

Donna's head and lowered her pussy on my sister's waiting tongue.

Angela paused a minute to stroke her breasts and pull at her nipples.

then she eased my sister's panties off, the slight rise of Donna's

hips making the affair much easier.  then Angela placed her face

in my sister's snatch.  after several minutes both were moaning heavily.

i quietly made my way back to my room figuring the girls would soon

be done, and i did not want to get caught.  my sister could still

make life hell on me if she wanted to.  i debated masturbation, but

decided to sleep.  soon i was drifting in dream's sweet touch again.

i am awake again.  i glance up at my clock, and it is only 1:30.

a voice calls my name from the door and i look up to see my sister.

i click on the bed lamp and ask 'what?'

'enjoy the show?' she asks.

i am instantly awake, and instantly stammering.  my sister closes

the door halfway, and comes over to sit on the edge of my bed.  she's

wearing a short white robe that exposes some of her chest but no

nipples.  as she sits, i also see that she has panties on.

'it's alright,' she says.  'well, did you enjoy it?'

'how could i not?' i asked rheutorically.  'i thought you liked guys.

how long have you two ...'

'i do, and we've been having sex since we became teenagers.'  she

shifted and the robe exposed her left tit.  i couldn't help it, i

became erect again.  she noticed because my sheet had fallen off,

and i was only wearing boxers.

'how long has it been since you've had sex?' she asked.

'junior high' was my stuttered reply.

to my surprise, she reached down and pulled my shorts off.  i just

sat there.  she stood and removed her robe, and climbed over to teh

other side of the bed.  with a twist of her head she through her

shoulder length hair to one side, and grabbed my cock with her hand.

she gave it a couple strokes, then a gentle lick, and finally she

took it down.  my body went tense with ectasy.  i was too dumbfounded

to do anything about the present situation, so i just went with it.

i leaned back, and she sucked, licking up and down the shaft, occasionally

my balls, and a couple very nice feeling deep throats.

after a minute i reached out and touched her ass.  i gave it a gentle

squeeze.  she seemed to enjoy it and shifter her ass closer my way.

i ran my hand up and down her inner thigh, and stroked her pussy

lightly through her panties.  she began moving back and forth against

my hand.  i slid her panties to the side exposing her slit.  her

dark hair was neatly trimmed like Angela's offering a pleasant view

of her pussy.  i parted her lips and inserted two fingers as far

as they would go into her pussy.  she gave a soft moan and began

to stroke faster and suck harder.  a series of deep throats sent

me reeling and she began to fuck my hand.

i position my thumb on her clit, and began rubbing as she moved up

and down my fingers.  her juices were flowing down my arm, and her

panties were drenched.  she straddled my chest, and the shift of

her mouth sent me through another wave of pleasure.  i pushed her

panties further aside, and licked her clit.  she paused sucking for

a moment, but continued stroking my cock.  her juices were dripping

on my chest, and for a minute i thought she was going to sit straight

up and jump up and down on my face.  she retained her position however

and returned to sucking my cock.  my fingers went into her pussy

and she went down hard on my cock again.

i exploded in her mouth as she was fully down on my cock.  she continued

to suck bringing me great pleasure, and i continued to finger fuck

and tongue bringing her closer to her climax.  as i was nearly finished

with mine, she climaxed.  she rolled off my chest, but my fingers

stayed in her pussy, my thumb gently carressing her clit as the climax

played out.

her climax was nearly ended, when the floor at the door creeked,

and we both looked up.  Angela was standing in the door.  she dropped

her robe do the floor exposing those lucious breasts, and neatly

trimmed pussy.

'that's the appetizer.  now the main course.'

i leaned back against the headrest.  this couldn't be happening.

unconsciously, i continued to stroke my sister's clit with my thumb.

she spasmed once more, then her climax ended.  Angela walked over

from the door to join us.  she grabbed my dick and pulled, drawing

the last vestiges of cum.  she went down and sucked the head of my

cock taking the cum.  as she rose, her teeth dragged across the still

sensitive head of my cock causing another wave of ectasy.  Angela

leaned over to Donna, and her tongue shot out.  my sister eagerly

swallowed the tongue in a passionate kiss.  i decided to pursue a

more active role in this escapade.

i sat up and pulled Angela onto the bed.  she was still on her hands

and knees, and i bent over and ran my tongue across her clit, into

her pussy, out, and into her asshole.  i repeated the process with

my fingers, first pussy, then ass.  Angela shifted to suck Donna's

tits, while my sister shifted under her friend to complement the

action.  after a while, i was hard again.  my sister climbed farther

under Angela.  i climbed up behind her, and Donna parted Angela's

slit.  i inserted the head of my cock into her pussy, and slowly

began fucking.  my dick sunk deeper and deeper into Angela, unti

i was fully inside making long smooth strokes.  Angela's head lay

between my sister legs, and Donna refused to stay out of the action.

her tongue ran across my balls and Angela's clit.  i was surprised

when she stuck her finger into my asshole.  i humped hard and fast

bringing a gasp out of Angela.  i continued the pace rapidly bringing

Angela to climax.  she was a lot more vocal than my sister, moaning

and crying out.

we all shifted on the bed.  i ended up on the bottom.  Angela straddled

my cock and sank back into position.  Donna kissed my chest, and

cheek, then climbed on top also.  i lifted her onto my and ate her

as i did Angela, clit, pussy, ass, complementing with fingers to

fill the hole i wasn't pleasing.  Donna was sucking Angela's tits,

and Angela had her arms wrapped around my sister using her for support.

her pace increased frantically and she came again screaming.

the shift occurred again.  i was quickly reaching my climax and the

girls realized this.  i ended up on Angela's chest.  Donna placed

my cock between her friend's tits, and Angela supported her breasts.

my balls ran across Angela's stomach as i fucked her tits.  Donna

licked the tip of my cock as it came through, and pulled on Angela's

nipples.  occasionally, the girls would kiss occasionally, tongues

flicking in and out of each others mouths.  finally, i exploded all

over Angela's chest.  she released tension on her breasts, and Donna

took me full in her mouth causing ectasy.  Donna licked some cum

off of Angela's breast and neck, and Angela sucked on my cock until

i was out.

we rested for a while, had a couple drinks, then fucked several more

times.  i wound up on Angela, her legs locking me in place.  Donna

watched and fondled us and herself, until i shot deep into Angela's

pussy.  both of us then brought Donna to a tremendous orgasm, and

so it continued through the night.  we fell asleep, Angela to one

side with her hand on my chest, and Donna behind her.

i awoke the next day at noon.  the sun was out, and the day was already

hot.  i was sweating, and my sheets were stuck to me.  i was still

wearing my shorts, but i was rock hard.  it was all a dream.  a sickly

vivid dream.  Angela accidently walked in on me taking a shower,

but apoligized and left.  we talked a little, and i made a pseudo-pass

at her, but nothing came of it.  she gave me a nice kiss before she

left, but it was all i really got.  a week later we all left for

college, and i prayed i could find sexual reality.

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