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Archive-name: Dreams/dreaming.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: Beyond Imagination

Chapter 1 - Dreaming Again




            Please, won't you come and join me in a journey through

            human sexuality.  We will explore together, the emotional as

            well as the physical sides of pleasure.  We will encounter

            people, sometimes fictitious, who have discovered that a

            total loss of inhibitions can expand ones consciousness.

            The women, men and all the others we will meet will inspire

            us to ponder our own sensuality.  My stories are sometimes

            true, directly from my own personal experiences.  Some of

            them are half-truths, and some are fantasies.  I will leave

            it up to you to decide which are which.

            I sincerely hope that you enjoy our travels together.  I

            truly believe that you will.   And I hope that, out of all

            of my tales of pleasure, you will stumble on something that

            will benefit you in your search for sexual freedom within




            COPYRIGHT (C)  1990   -   By Heather  Dawson   -  All rights

            reserved except  as provided for herewith: This document MAY

            BE freely  reproduced, or  transmitted by  any form  or  any

            means, electronic  or  mechanical,  including  photocopying,

            recording, or  information storage  and  retrieval  systems,

            electronic bulletin  board systems,  or magnetic  media,  or

            other means deemed suitable, providing it is not modified in

            part or whole nor sold, or combined with other products sold

            commercially, without  the express written permission of the


                              ***Beyond Imagination***

                             Chapter 1 - Dreaming Again

                                  By Heather Dawson

            It's early afternoon and I am sitting, working on another

            project.  As I try to  conjure up environments for my

            characters to make love, I find myself becoming stimulated.

            I lie my pencil down on my desk and go to my settee to lie

            down and relax.  It isn't long before I am off in a dream-

            state, to a place that I visit often, that restores my

            serenity and calms my stresses.  A place that gives me much

            pleasure and fuels my creative fires.  I slip off into the

            depths of my a world where anything at all

            can happen.........

            ....Gary and I enter the club as we usually do, with a style

            all our own.  We frequent this place and know all of the

            employees, and most of the regular patrons.  As we enter,

            several people stop to say hello to us and to ask how we are

            doing.  We chat a moment with some of them before moving on

            to our table, which is just enough out of the way to

            accomplish what we came for.  We come here so often because

            the club is a part of a stylish hotel, and there is a

            regular influx of people from out of town.  Usually they are

            alone and would usually do anything for some company.

            I had, for several years, worked for an elite call girl

            agency in L.A.  I met alot of important people and kept

            regular company with some of them when they would breeze

            through town again.  After marriage, Gary and I felt that it

            wasn't feasible for me to do it on a regular basis.  So

            instead of working for the agency, we would go out and, once

            or twice a month, meet a gentleman who was willing to pay my

            high price, and have some fun.

            It is alot of fun for Gary and I to play our little fantasy

            game, and provides some very hot times for us when we are

            alone. Gary will stay in the room while the man and I

            "conduct business."  Sometimes, if the patron doesn't mind,

            Gary will film the event for our later enjoyment.  I am an

            exhibitionist and love to be seduced by the strangers we

            meet.  Gary, on the other hand, likes to watch as I fulfill

            the men's desires and wishes, and, at times, he will even

            join in on the fun!  I usually get dressed up in a very

            seductive outfit that would intrigue any man.  After

            spotting my hit, I will order them a drink and then join

            them for some conversation.  Tonight would be no different.

            I am dressed in a very tight short skirt that conveniently

            shows most of my long, shapely legs.  The skirt is a dark

            purple, almost indigo, and it has tiny buttons all the way

            down on the back.  My blouse is a similar purple, and is

            cropped to come just below the base of my breasts.  It is a

            see-thru sheer material that lets my lavender half-bra show

            through.  The garter and stockings that I am wearing are

            also the same lavender as my half-bra.  The shades of purple

            are my favorite because they compliment my dark, sun bronzed

            skin very well.  I am also wearing shoes with a 5 inch heel

            that give my already long legs, much more length.  Always,

            as a call girl, my appearance had to be stylish, classy, and

            extremely provocative.  This outfit was all of those

            things....and more!

            As Gary and I talk about this and that, we search the tables

            for professionals that would likely be interested in taking

            me up to a room.  We look several potential "customers" over

            and try to determine what their willingness would be.  We

            notice a man that is very handsome, dressed extremely well,

            and seems to be alone.  Gary and I lay out our plan and then

            put it all into action.

            I move to a table where I am in clear view of the man.  I

            call a waitress over and order two drinks, one for myself

            and one for my prey.  The waitress takes the drink over to

            him and tells him that I am interested in talking with him.

            He looks up at me and smiles a very sexy smile.  I am sure

            that he was probably used to women trying to pick him up, a

            man of that apparent caliber is sure to have females falling

            all over him.  However, I figure that he was not accustomed

            to ladies that looked as I do pursuing him as I was.  I nod

            to him as I hoist my drink for a toast.  He smiles slyly and

            does the same.  After a sip on both our parts, I get up from

            my table and began to make my approach.  As I am walking

            towards the man, I glance over at Gary and wink.  When I get

            close to the man, he speaks first.  "Well, I hope that you

            are alone?"  I can tell immediately that he is just right

            for mine and Gary's plan.

            I respond coyly, "Yes I am alone, but maybe that won't last

            too much longer," I say as I am eyeing him with a keen

            desire.  He knows that I am very interested in him.  "Why

            don't you sit down and lets have another drink, maybe we can

            get to know one another."  He says as he looks me over.  I

            slide into the seat next to him, and scoot to chair closer

            so that I can use my hands to pursued him to play my game.

            We chat about his purpose for being in L.A.  As it turns

            out, he is a venture capitalist, and is here putting

            together a venture for two corporations and he is leaving

            the next morning.  He asks me my name and out of discretion,

            I tell him that it is Cassandra, the Greek name for "helper

            of men."  He agrees that it was evident that I could help

            men, and probably give them much pleasure during the

            process. "That was it, my niche, I knew then that I was in,"

            I thought to myself.

            I look over at Gary every chance that I have to let him know

            that everything is going well.  I ask him his name, he tells

            me that it is Saxon.  "But you dear, please, just Sax."  I

            am very interested in getting close to you, why don't we

            take our drinks into the hotel, I have a room there?"  I

            look at him and see his anticipation, "Yes Sax, I would like

            to do that.  But I think that there is something that I

            should tell you first,"  I purred.  He looks a bit

            concerned, "Okay, what is it?"  I get closer to him, so that

            I can whisper.  "Well you see, it's not exactly that easy to

            get your hands on me.  I want you very badly, I want

            desperately to fulfill your desires, but, there is a catch

            Saxon."  He is listening intently waiting for me to let him

            in on the way to get me to his room.  "Sax, I am a rare

            find, someone who can please you beyond your wildest

            imagination, and I am a woman who wants to be seduced by

            you.  But as I said before, there's a catch...and if you

            want me badly enough, you will be willing to do anything to

            have me."  I put my hand between his legs and cup his balls

            in my palm.  He looks at me and smiles as I begin to squeeze

            them.  I feel his dick begin to become erect and he is

            looking deeply into my eyes.  "You sir, can have everything

            you want from me, but it will cost you.  And there's one

            other thing, I am here with someone, and if you do want to

            take me to your room, then the man I'm here with wants to

            watch you seduce me."

            Sax looks at me, he is obviously considering my proposition

            carefully.  I continue to stroke his dick through his pants

            to give him some encouragement.  "Well Cassandra, I think

            that this can happen.  I would like to have you, and I would

            love to have your friend accompany us."  I smile seductively

            as I turn to Gary, motioning him to come over.  Gary gets up

            and comes over.  I introduce him to Sax and they seem to hit

            it off immediately.  We pay the check and go up to Sax's

            room.  He is staying in a suite so the accommodations are

            very comfortable.  Once we get settled Sax turns to Gary, "I

            am glad that you are willing to share this creature with me,

            I'm sure that we can all have a great time together!"  Gary

            laughs and nods his head in agreement.

            I am sitting on the couch when Gary speaks, "Cass, why don't

            we all go into the bedroom so that you can show Sax what

            exactly it is that you can do for him?"  I smile shyly,

            "Yes, of course."  We all get up and go into the bedroom,

            Gary and Sax sit in two chairs across from the end of the

            bed.  I stand directly in front of them and begin to

            unbutton my blouse, Gary gets up and switches a nearby radio

            to a station that played red hot jazz.  I sway with the

            music as I slip my blouse off, and then my skirt.  Both Gary

            and Sax are watching me with fire in their eyes.  I am

            partially undressed.  The only things that remain are my

            bra, panties, stockings, and heels.  Sax gets up and comes

            over towards me, I can see his desire to have me increase

            with every step.

            He is standing right in front of me and we embrace, he pulls

            my body up tight against his.  I can feel a slight bulge in

            his pants, and feeling it sends chills up my body.  "Cass, I

            hope that you are willing to please me, I want to have every

            part of your body over and over."  Before I can say another

            word, he is moving his lips down my neck, kissing and

            nibbling along the way.  I let my head fall back, taking in

            the glorious strokes of his hot tongue on my skin.  He turns

            me around with his hands firmly on my shoulders, and removes

            my bra.  The bra hits the floor as he moves his hands under

            my arms and encircles my breasts with his hands.  I glance

            at Gary, he is smiling sweetly as he watches Sax caress and

            squeeze my breasts.  "Cass, you are beautiful!"  I smile at

            Gary as he watches, pursing my lips to send him a kiss.

            Sax presses his body to mine as he moves us down onto the

            bed, "I want you to lie on your back and spread those

            beautiful legs."  I oblige.  He puts his hands on my inner

            thighs and gently pulls my panties down and tosses them on

            the floor.  Gary comes over and sits on the edge of the bed.

            After a moment of gazing at my body, they simultaneously

            stand and remove their shirts and pants, leaving just their

            underwear.  I look at both of them, their cocks are anxious

            and ready....I want them both!

            Sax lets his fingers again grace the surface of my skin,

            this time he goes straight for my pussy.  He massages my

            clit spreading my juices over the entire area of my vaginal

            lips.  "You have a very pretty pussy Cass, why don't you get

            on top of me so I can eat it while you wrap those lips

            around my cock?"  I quickly agree with his wishes and help

            him and Gary out of their underwear.  On the way Gary and I

            kiss, feeling his tongue probe my mouth arouses me even

            more.  I get up on top of Sax and let my pussy hover in the

            air just above his face.  I take his rigid cock in my hand

            and guide it to my mouth.  I start at the head and lick my

            way down to it's base.  When I reach it's head again, I take

            the whole thing in my mouth.  I move my head over it with a

            quickened pace, sucking hard with each stroke.  Sax is

            groaning loudly with each of my oral strokes as he laps at

            my clit with his tongue.

            Gary plays with his nipples as he watches Sax push his

            tongue up inside my pussy.  Sax continues as I do for a few

            moments, "Cass, why don't we turn around.  Gary probably

            would like you to suck him and I would like to fuck this

            pussy of yours while you do it."  I am almost ready to come

            so I rearrange myself quickly so that I can also please

            Gary.  Gary comes up in front of me and sits beneath my

            face, I look anxiously at him, knowing that he is going to

            enjoy his view.  Sax moves around behind me, spreading my

            legs out farther so that he can have better penetration,

            "There you go baby, I want to put my cock way up inside that

            creamy cunt."  Sax is rubbing his head of his cock against

            my pussy when I take Gary's cock into my mouth.  I am on all

            fours, so it is easy for me to take both of them deep, but

            Gary is the first to go off.

            I swallow him all until his head is pressing against the

            back of my throat, sucking lightly, I begin my ascent to his

            head again, then back down.  Sax is just beginning to push

            himself up inside of me, "Oh yeah Cass, I love this, I want

            to fuck you hard while Gary is in your throat!"  He is

            plunging deep into me causing my body to rock harder against

            Gary, Gary is moaning and sighing with pleasure.  I am in

            total ecstasy, a sexy stranger in my cunt and my husband in

            my mouth.  "It can surely get no better than this!"  I think

            to myself.

            Gary is thrusting his pelvis forth so that I can take him in

            my mouth easily, I am plunging down onto him sucking hard

            and feverishly.  Sax is behind me with his hands on the

            sides of my ass, he is pulling me against him, his dick is

            deep inside of me and with each dive he takes, I gasp for

            breath.  Moments go by, maybe 10 before the heat between my

            legs is unbearable, I am ready to explode.  Both Gary and

            Sax are pushing into their respective places with precise

            precision.  I know that they cannot  last much longer

            either.  I let out a low deep moan as I feel my juices begin

            to flow.

            I hear Sax and Gary both groan deeply as I feel their cocks

            swell inside of me.  I am mouth fucking Gary, pulling my

            lips up to his head and then swallowing it to it's base,

            Gary is pumping me harder and harder with each plunge.  Gary

            gasps, "Ohhhh yeah baby....I want you to swallow all my

            cum!"  Just as he speaks, his hot creamy juices gush into my

            mouth and down my throat....I take every drop and savor it.

            Sax is next, he is pulling my ass up high, pounding against

            me.  "Here I go babe....I'm going to shoot it all up that

            sweet pussy!"  I feel his cum rush out of him and into me,

            drops of it running down my inner thighs.

            I continue to suck Gary as he lies back against the

            headboard, Sax hops off of me and comes around to the head

            of the bed.  "Baby, baby, baby.....Ummmmmm, I never dreamed

            that I would meet a lady such as you."  I look at him and

            pull him down to me as I embrace them both.  We lie there

            for an hour or so, talking and getting to know each other

            better.  I doze off to sleep, and when I awake, Gary and Sax

            are sitting in the living area.  I walk in and greet them.

            Sax comes up to me, "I have to leave in a little while, Gary

            and I have worked out my payment for services rendered.  I

            will be back in town in a few weeks, can I call you guys

            then?"  I look over at Gary, he smiles lovingly, "Sure, we'd

            love to hear from you!"

            I write our number down and give it to Sax.  Gary and I

            collect our things and leave for home.  Once we arrive home,

            I perk a pot of coffee for us.  We sit leisurely in bed and

            talk about our latest adventure, we conclude that it is

            wonderful that we can share these type of experiences.

            Closing my eyes, I slide under the covers for a short


            ....I awake to hear a sudden knock on my den door.  It is

            Gary, he has come home from work.  "Well good evening

            princess!  Lying down on the job huh?"  We laugh together as

            he comes over and lies down beside me.  "Well Gary, it's not

            that simple.  I had this dream that you wouldn't believe!  I

            think it would make a great story."  He looked inquisitively

            at me, "You know the rule H.H.., you can't write about

            something you don't know about!"  I giggled out loud, "Just

            wait until I tell you what we're going to have to do for

            this one!"

            Gary looks at me with a dad of confusion as he helps me to

            my feet, "UH oh....not another of your fantasies?"  I look

            up at him and kiss him gently on the lips, "Yes Babe, you

            got it right.  Now let me tell you all about it so we can

            make some plans,"  Gary and I start towards the bedroom,

            "You see, there's me and you and a man named Sax.  And well,

            we go to this bar and................."


            I hope that you enjoyed our little visit, I certainly did!

            There is a special place that I would like you to know

            about, it's my own mail folder on DataStar BBS - Node 3,

            (404-244-7059), it's called "HEATHERS IN & OUT BOX".  Please

            feel free to give me a call there anytime.  You can leave me

            messages, let me know what you think about my stories, or

            just engage in some chit-chat.  Come and join in on some

            good ole' adult fun with me and my friends.  Bring along

            some of your own friends if you like...we'd love to have you

            all!  I'm sure we can have a delightfully wonderful time


                               Hope to hear from you soon!


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