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Archive-name: Dreams/dream.txt

Archive-author: Theena

Archive-title: Dream

    Hi, everybody.  The Wizard invited me to join this special 

group, and I said yes, though at the time I didn't think I would 

contribute anything.  But then I thought, why not tell the dream I 

had the other night?  I'm a little embarrassed, but here goes, 



    I dreamt I was in my bed alone and asleep, when something woke 

me.  I opened my eyes, and in the moonlight I saw a man standing 

there. A large man wearing a ski mask and a tight black sweater and 

tight trousers. He was very muscular.  

    I was very frightened and wanted to scream, but I didn't. He 

walked slowly and very quietly over to the bedside and stood there 

for a moment. Then he gently lifted the covers from me, leaving me 

exposed, for I sleep naked. I was really afraid, now! But I still 

didn't scream.  

    He just stood there looking at me for a long time, not moving 

at all, and though I was very frightened, I found I was also 

becoming sexually aroused! I just lay there, my eyes half closed, 

trying to feign sleep while he looked and looked. I was on my back 

with my legs slightly parted and I was sure he could see 

everything. I felt myself becoming wet, and, despite the fear, 

wishing he would do something. I could see, in the bright 

moonlight, that he had grown a bulge in his trousers.  

    After what seemed an hour, he laughed at me, and said very 

quietly, "You ain't sleepin, cutie!", and he unbuckled his belt and 

dropped his pants. His member was stiff and thick.  

    He reached down and lifted me, pulled my legs over the edge of 

the bed, put the pillow under my hips and turned me face down on 

it, and forced my knees apart.  

    "No, please," I said, but he only laughed. I felt his hand on 

my bottom, then between my thighs, then stroking my already wet 

pussy, and he laughed again. His large, strong hands stroked my 

back, then pressed between me and the sheets, lifting my chest, 

cupping and squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples.  

    "Please don't!" I said again, but in a moment he was entering 

me, first teasing at me, then, suddenly filling me, his thickness 

spreading me. For a moment he just held still, then he began 

stroking in and out, his hands squeezing my bottom again. Soon my 

fear didn't matter any more, my body began to move, my hands 

grasping and bunching the sheets.  

    I came twice in rapid succession, gasps and moans escaping my 

lips in spite of myself, and then I felt him pulse and jerk within 

me, his hot fluid enter me. He grunted and fell onto me, his weight 

pressing me into the mattress.  

    I awoke, then, and found myself alone.   


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