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Archive-name: Dreams/chifant4.txt


Archive-title: Chicago Fantasy - Part 4

I move away from you and kneel again next to your face and put a pillow under

your head again so that you can reach my cock with your mouth.  You turn your

head toward me and you lick it as I hold it tightly with my hand.  I move it

over your face and it gets very hard.  It is still wet and smells of us from

our fucking.  I hold my cock near your mouth and let you devour it, watching

your lips circle it's head and then the shaft as it goes in deeper.  I pull it

out and make you strain to reach it. Again I shove my cock deeply into your

mouth and watch it slide between your wide spread lips, and see the bulge in

your cheek.  I pull it out and lay it across your lips and press my prick into

your lips so you have to suck on the underside of the shaft, and I move so that

you can lick my balls.  I feel your tongue on the soft skin behind my balls and

your tongue probes toward my ass.  I try not to stroke my cock myself, to save

myself, to make you do everything.  I grab the base of my cock in my hand and

move it to your face.  I slap it against your cheek, then against the lips of

your open mouth.  I rub the moisture from the tip across your cheek, and you

turn your head to lick me clean.  I lean down and kiss your face and wallow in

the smells and the heat of you.  I kiss your lips and run my tongue around

inside your mouth to thank it for the ecstacy is gives me.  I cannot control

myself, and now i bring my cock up to your mouth again.  "Suck me.  Suck it,

hard."  I thrust it into your mouth and slowly move so that I am over you,

directly above your head, thrusting down into your mouth, literally fucking you

there.  I manage to release the scarves holding your hands, and you know to

caress my balls and let a finger go to my ass as my cock moves more demandingly

in your mouth. My prick moves faster through the tight grasp of your fist and

into your mouth.  Sometimes you close your mouth and just rub the underside of

the head across your lips as it slides in and out of your fist. The feel of it

all...the sight of it all...have me almost to the point of orgasm.  You can

feel the tension in me and you poise the head of my cock above your open mouth

as you work it with your hand. Your tongue licks at it, and then you suddenly

devour it deeply with your mouth, twisting your head as you suck on it.  Then

your finger jabs deeply into my ass, and I feel the first throb begin deep

inside my groin.  The second throb is ten times greater and i see the cum shoot

out on to your tongue.  You suck my cock into your mouth as it throbs. The pain

and pleasure of your lips and tongue on me drive me mad. I pull back and some

of the cum shoot on to your lips and begins to run down your cheek.  I wipe it

with my finger and put the finger in your mouth.  As i remove the finger from

your mouth I slowly wipe my cock down your body and place my lips over your

mouth and taste myself in you. I rest with my head on your shoulder.  Slowly I

return to reality. We kiss.  "Well, so much for foreplay."  We laugh. We kiss.

We rest together. "Is there some place near here that deliver's pizza?" I ask.

"Maybe. Are you going to untie my legs now?" "Maybe." We laugh.


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