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Archive-name: Dreams/chifant3.txt


Archive-title: Chicago Fantasy - Part 3

I move over you and straddle you across your belly, and bend over and give each

of your nipples a light kiss and a lick. Then I move up so that my cock is

between your beautiful, large tits. I take your hands and make you squeeze your

tits around my cock as I fuck between them.  Occasionally I push forward enough

so that your mouth can reach my cock to moisten it, then I move down and rub my

cock hard across your nipples then between your tits again to fuck them some

more. I reach behind me and easily slide three fingers inside your cunt.  Drops

of moisture come out of my cock and leave a wet trail on your tits.  I rub my

cock in it and watch your hand as it pinches your own nipple as you press the

breast against my cock. I move back up to your mouth and rub my prick across

your cheek and lips and leave moisture on your face. You suck it into your

mouth grabbing the shaft tightly with your hand. As you pull it out of your

mouth you hold the tip of it against your lips, look up at me and say, "Fuck

me.  I want you inside."  Ever the gentleman, I move down between your legs.  I

feel my prick touch the very wet, open lips of your cunt.  I hold the shaft of

it with my hand and rub the head across the you clit, and tease the lips open

further. As I tease you, your hips thrust up trying to devour me.  I move my

cock with my hand so that just the head is inside you. You push again, wanting

it all, and although i ache for the same thing, I toy with both of us and play

with only the head inside you.  Then, suddenly, I plunge my prick deeply into

your cunt.  The heat of you is amazing.  You pull at my shoulders and I hear

your deep intake of breath.  I have to move in long, deep strokes, and I feel

you hips move to meet every thrust.  The tension built by the teasing ebbs a

bit and we slow to an easier rhythm as we fuck.  As I thrust into you, I hold

your face in my hands and kiss your lips, your cheeks and softly on your eyes.

Your hands on my back knead deeply into my muscles.  Your mouth has the taste

of my cock in it.  I nip your ear lobes and then arch my back so I can bend to

kiss the nipple of the breast your hand offers up to my mouth.

We roll over and you are sitting on me, bringing my cock to an almost painful

angle.  But now you control the feel of my prick inside you...the angle and the

movement, and i want you to take as much pleasure as you can.  I reach up to

your breasts to caress them, and then move my hands around to your ass.  You

put your arms behind you, resting your hands on my knees as you arch backwards

forcing my cock to strain hard against the front wall of your cunt. You

position emphasizes the size and firmness of your breasts.  I move one hand

around to your belly and then down so that the thumb rests on your clit.  I

slowly spread the moisture around as you move my cock inside you.  You bring

your face down to mine and thrust your tongue deeply into my mouth.  I reach

around to your ass and again let the thrust of your hips help force my finger

into the hole.  As you move down, you take my cock deeply into your cunt, and

as you hips rise off of my cock I leave my finger in place and you force my

finger more deeply into your ass.  No matter how you move you are impaled on me

and I am lost in you. I hear little cries from deep inside your throat.  I urge

you on, "Yes, use my cock.  Take it.  I love the feel of you needing me,

grinding yourself on my cock. Yes, use my cock."  You move faster.  I am afraid

I am going to cum so I hold your hips for a moment making the movement stop.

We rest for a bit with me inside you.  I make my cock jerk inside you and you

answer with a squeeze of the muscle inside your cunt.  We smile at each other.

"We can't go on meeting this way." I say. We laugh.

After resting and talking for a while, I take the silk scarves you have left by

the bed, and tie your hands together, and then to the headboard.  You make no

sound.  You lie passively, looking up at me.  I know I have made the knot at

your wrists a little tighter than you had expected.  There is a twinge of fear

in your eyes, but I go about my work pretending not to notice.  I take two more

scarves and tie one around each of your ankles, and then to each leg of the

bed, so that you are spread wide, and open for me.  I kiss up the insides of

your leg, to the thigh.  I nip you there with my teeth, just a little harder

than usual.  I kiss over the lips of your cunt, then leave a trail of kisses up

your belly.  When I take one of your nipples in my mouth, what starts as a

licking and sucking motion, ends with a sharp bite that causes you to flinch

and make a sound deep in your throat.  There may be a bit of doubt as to how in

control I am.  Even I am not sure how far the passion can take me now that I

have you here this way, so soft and warm and inviting and vulnerable....totally

at my mercy.


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