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Archive-name: Dreams/chifant2.txt


Archive-title: Chicago Fantasy - Part 2

I move down.  You spread your legs as I slowly kiss my way between them.  With

my thumbs I gently spread the lips of your cunt. Softly, with just my lips, I

taste the soft lips of it. My tongue brushes over your clit.  You moan and push

your hips upward.  I suck gently on your clit as I had on your tits...sucking

then licking, then just brushing my lips across it. You back arches slowly

pressing your cunt against my mouth.  My hands move around to you ass and the

fingers work into the crack of it.  As your hips move down, my fingers gently

pull the cheeks of your ass apart and I work my fingers in more deeply.  As

your back arches and you move up, I work my tongue deeper into the softer,

hotter parts of your cunt.  I become drunk with the perfume of your cunt. Your

movements become more demanding.  Yes, yes...I'm going to come."  I hear you

whisper between breaths.  But you don't right away.  I move my head back and

forth so that my mouth will be all over your cunt.  I move one hand deeply into

the crack of your ass and bring the thumb up so that it slides into your cunt,

as the index finger presses against the hole of your ass.  Your hips buck and

each time it moves down the tip on my finger slides deeper into your ass. My

thumb is all the way in your cunt and I feel you grind your hips in a circle as

I concentrate my tongue on your clit.  Suddenly your body stiffens, you moan,

and I hold your clit in my mouth without moving.  Your body relaxes and

stiffens a few times as the waves of the orgasm flow through you.  Finally you

relax completely and i gently kiss the insides of your thigh and slowly remove

my fingers from your ass and cunt.  I leave a gentle kiss on the sweet, hot

lips as I move up to hold and caress you softly in the afterglow. We kiss and

you can smell yourself on my face and in my beard.  We rest.

"I want to play with your my new toy."  I say, and reach for the vibrator I

bought for you.  You tell me that you forgot to buy lubricant.  "Lubricant?

BUY lubricant?!  Why BUY lubricant?!  You have enough of the natural stuff down

there to lube a Buick for life.  You could take care of every car in the Indy

500...not to mention the drivers!  There's more grease down there right now

than Mr. Goodwrench sees in a year!"  We laugh.  We laugh a lot. We laugh so

much that we have to rest...again.

Orgasms and laughter.  Natural.  One hundred percent pure. No additives.  No

preservatives.  Good for the lungs, heart and all major muscle groups.  Natural

up and downs.  Lose the pills and the booze and the smokes.  Safe and legal

[mostly] and cheap.  Do 'em alone or with friends.  Laughs and orgasms.

Orgasms and laughs.  Give 'em and get 'em. Be the first on your block to

collect the whole set!

"Let me do you, now." you say.  Always the gentleman, I agree to give you your

wish. I respond, "Tell me what you want to do." "No. You have to ask me for

what you want."  I love this. You turn my own game against me.  Wonderful! You

are just as big a tease as I am. "I want to tie you up, because I know you like

that, and then I want to use your whole body, but especially your mouth, to

make my cock feel good.  And I want to cum in your cunt, on your tits and in

your mouth...for starters."

I kiss you and feel your hands on my back and on my ass.  You pull me up to

you.  I am on my knees next to your face.  You look at my hard cock and smile

up at me.  As your hand reaches over to cup my balls, I bring an extra pillow

under your head, and brush your sweet cheek with the back of my hand. Your

other hand guides the head of my cock toward your lips.  I grab my cock near

the base of the shaft and move it so that the head rubs your cheek and then

across your lips. I move it back and forth across your mouth.  Your tongue

licks out at it and your hand presses from the top of the shaft to make the

contact firmer.  Your mouth opens to take the head of my cock in.  The hand

that cups my balls begins to caress the sensitive area behind them, and to

tease it's way toward my ass.  "Not yet."  I say and hold the wrist of the hand

near my asshole. "Too exciting.  Save it for later." You concentrate on working

on my cock with your mouth and hand.  You look up at me again as you take the

head deeper into your mouth, then pull it out slowly, licking the tip good-bye.

I want to ram it in as far as I can, but I just push my hips forward and watch

you suck it into your mouth again.  I place my hand softly on your cheek and

watch my cock as it gets wetter and moves between your lips.  Heat travels from

my cock and up my back.  You concentrate more with your hand just behind the

head, and with each stroke, my cock goes in deeper. The nerves in my cock feel

ready to explode and you move your hand away from around my cock so you can

take the whole length of it in.  I pull my cock out of your mouth slowly, not

wanting to cum yet.

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