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Archive-name: Dreams/chifant1.txt


Archive-title: Chicago Fantasy - Part 1

             For C.B.F. on cold Chicago fantasy of her...

I am in your bed. I am naked. I have showered and my skin is clean and smooth

and fresh smelling.  My hair is perhaps still a bit damp.  I lie under crisp,

clean sheets listening to the water  run as you shower, preparing yourself.  I

try not to think about what is to come, but i can't help listening for the

water to stop, knowing you are out of the shower and closer to being with me.

I feel my cock begin to get hard and i try to clear my mind of all

expectations.  I don't want it hard now.  I want you to feel it grow to meet

your touch.  I relax for a moment.  The sound of the water stops.  The sheets

feel wonderful against my skin.  Every inch of my body feels sensitive and

eager.  There is a momentary flash of light as you open the bathroom door, then

you turn off the light and there is only the glow of the candles.  I can feel

you walking toward the bed and i anticipate the sound and sensations of you

joining me.  I hear the sheets being pulled back, feel you getting into the bed

and the brush of a thigh, then a breast against me.  You place one hand on my

back and rub slowly, comfortingly. "Yes, that feels good."  You continue to

massage my back, the nape of my neck and my shoulders.  You softly kiss my

shoulder, then my back, and your lips follow your hand down my back, over my

ass and on to the back of my legs.  I spread my legs slightly as your hand

comes up the inside of my thigh and brushes gently by my balls and then traces

a line up between my buttocks.  I cannot resist any longer and I turn over.

"Slowly.  Tease me."  You kiss my chest, and run your hand down my side,

avoiding my cock.  I ache with the wonderful torture of it.  Just as I think

I'll not be able to stand another second of it, you touch my cock with your arm

as your hand sweeps across my chest, and you move down and I feel the light

touch of your lips on the shaft of my cock, low near my balls.  Your hand moves

down caressingly between my cock and my belly.  As your lips kiss up the shaft,

your hand slowly raises my cock upright.  I feel the touch of your lips teasing

the head.  Then the flick of your tongue teases and i feel the occasional nip

of your teeth on the sensitive underside of my cock.

I reach out and caress your buttocks and slowly work my fingers toward the

inside of your thighs.  You move to make the reach easier as I tease your soft,

warm skin. I reach your cunt but only brush my hand lightly across the hair,

but with every slow playful pass, the pressure of my hand is slightly greater,

the intent more obvious.  Eventually I touch the lips of your cunt and allow

the tip of one finger to feel the line of it.  Softly, slowly I toy with it.  I

move my finger into it just a bit more and bring some of the moisture out and

spread it over the outer lips. I feel your lips and tongue on the head of my

cock.  You don't take it into your mouth, but just play with it.  I am getting

very aroused, and don't want to go any farther myself, for the moment, so I

reach down and gently pull you up to me. We lie together hugging and kissing

deeply.  I move my head down to your breast and slowly circle the nipple with

my tongue.  As i hold one breast up to my mouth, my other hand moves to caress

you between your legs.  Your cunt is now very wet and your hips have to move,

letting me know that the caresses can be even deeper and firmer.  I take your

nipple into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.  I am amazed at how hard it

is, and I take the hard tip between my teeth. I release it, flick it with my

tongue, then softly rub my lips across it..  Your hand is on the back of my

head.  At first it is just caressing, but now it becomes demanding, pushing my

face to your breast, as your hips push against my hand. You moan, then urge my

head up, and pull me to you and we kiss.  "What do you want?" I ask.  You

answer, "You know." "No, you have to ask for it."  "Use your mouth."  "What?"I

ask, "What do you mean?"  You smile up at me, and with a slight shyness, you

say, "Eat me.  Put your tongue in my cunt.  Rub my clit with your thumb, and

then pull my cunt open and lick it. "Oh! Use my mouth!"  We laugh. You kiss and

bite my ear and say, with no hint of laughter or tease, "Yes, please, eat me

and make me cum with your mouth."

I kiss your face and move slowly down to your neck, your breasts and over your

belly with my lips. And now i smell the hot, pungent odor of you.  My mouth

feels the coarse hair and my tongue searches through it searching out the

clearing in the forest...seeking the soft wet hot cunt that awaits.


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