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Archive-name: Dreams/cgs.txt

Archive-author: Rastro

Archive-title: Forty Nights - Chapter 3

   Sue's first fantasy put Sam in quite a state. His cock

stiffened as he thought of Sue lying naked on the beach,

her fingers covered with cunt juice. He unzipped his pants

as he read about the powerful but gentle dolphin bringing

Sue to her first cum. He stroked his cock as he read about

the two of them fucking and, as they climaxed, so did he,

ecstatically spurting cum all over his computer keyboard.

   How was he going to top this? Well, there was the time

his old girlfriend fulfilled one of his own fantasies. He

began to write...

                   Catholic Girl's School

   In high school, I used to ride on the bus with some

girls from a Catholic  school.  I had my eye on the

prettiest one for a long while.  Her name was Mary.  At

sixteen, I had a constant hard-on, no experience and a lot

of curiosity. My selfish urges overpowered my realization

that we had nothing in common. I asked her out and she

accepted.  She was overjoyed at my attention. I was

overwhelmed by her beauty and by the realization that I

couldn't understand anything she was saying due to the

noise on the bus.  I just nodded my head.

   Now I'm sure you think you know what comes next. Young

boy finds carnal bliss. Well, I didn't find it with Mary.

Her cool head prevailed (luckily for both of us probably)

and we never got past first base. We were looking for

different things. She wanted to go out and do things with

me. I wanted to find out what her breasts looked like. I

was working six days a week and she was keeping her blouse

on, so we had no basis for a relationship. Selfish person,

I got what I deserved.

   I gave a lot of thought over the years to how it could

have turned out differently.  It left me with a desire to

fulfill my teen-age dreams and go all the way with Mary or

someone like her. I thought about her in that cute school

uniform, the white blouse, the skirt ending just above the

knee, the white socks, the polished, black shoes. I thought

about the one time I saw her bra down her shirt.  I thought

about the one time she bent over a little too far so that

her dress went up just enough for me to see her white


   I met Ginger many years after high school. She was no

Mary despite the fact she had gone to Catholic School. She

did remain a virgin until after she graduated high school,

but between that time and the time I met her, she turned

into a bold, imaginative and wonderful lover. She was also

an incredible mind reader, so I shouldn't have been so

surprised by her birthday present to me.

   I went over to Ginger's house on my 27th birthday. She

opened the door. It was all I could do to keep from cumming

on the spot! There she was, almost as if taken from my

fondest memories, wearing the white blouse, white socks,

and tartan wool skirt of her old school. She had her hair

in a school girl ponytail. Her small breasts pressed

against her shirt. Her cute ass gave shape to the skirt.

Ginger pecked me on the lips, gave me an innocent hug and

said, "I'm curious about sex. Could you show me how?"

   There were no sweeter words she could have said. I'd

been waiting years to be able to explore the pleasures of

sex with this fantasy figure. I wanted to savor this

experience, recreate the thrill and curiosity and tension I

felt, hoping to get into Mary's pants.

   "First", I said, "there's the kiss.  Open your lips a

little and put them against mine." She stood on tip toes

and gently kissed me. I put my arms around her, careful to

stay on first. I slowly moved my tongue along to her lips

and searched for hers inside her mouth. I felt it, rough

and soft and wet. She wouldn't reciprocate at first, then

she started to get into it. As usual, she brought me close

to cumming, just with her lips and tongue against mine. Oh,

did she make me hard!

   I broke from her and said, in my best professorial tone,

"That is called French kissing".

   She jumped up and down. "Oh, that was fun! It made me

feel so juicy inside."

   I knew Ginger and I knew what she meant by juicy. But

how I longed to show the fantasy Ginger what the juiciness

was for. I said, "I liked it too, you sure are a good

kisser.  Well, that was first base, do you want to go to

second?" I nodded in the general direction of her chest.

   Ginger played coy. "Well, I don't know, maybe just a

little, to see what it's like."

   I put my hand on her left breast, or what there was of

it. Ginger really doesn't have much besides nipples, which

is a real turn-on for me.  Her breasts were pretty much

lost in the blouse. It felt like she had a padded training

bra on underneath. Anyway, my rubbing and squeezing wasn't

doing much good.

   "Gee, I don't feel a thing", said Ginger, confirming my

fears. "There must be more to it than this. If it's second,

it should be better than first."

   "Well let me try this", I said, unbuttoning the top

button of the blouse. I put my hand down the front of her

shirt and into the bra. Ginger let out squeals of delight

and mock embarrassment as I gently stroked her nipples to

erection. The blouse slowly slipped past her shoulders and

down, over her breasts to her waist.

   I asked Ginger if I could take her bra off. "Oh, but

then you'll be able to see my breasts!", she said.

   I begged her, "They feel so wonderful, please let me see

them! It's not really second base unless I can kiss them."

   She nodded, OK, and, with coordination befitting a

typical 16 year old, I fumbled with the clasp in the back.

I let the bra rest on her shoulders and placed my lips on

her right breast, moving under the bra to her nipple,

nuzzling it's wonderful firmness with my lips. I licked and

sucked it bringing sincere moans from Ginger.

   I stopped, and with an innocent voice, I asked Ginger if

she'd like to find out about third. She asked what third

was and I told her it was "petting below the waist". "That

sounds like fun!", she said.

   I told Ginger that she should feel free to put her hands

anywhere she wanted. She put one on my thigh, not the

boldest of moves. I put a hand on her dress, feeling her

soft, strong leg underneath. I moved my hand halfway up her

thigh, pulling the dress up with it. I reached under the

dress, feeling naked thigh.

   I had fantasized about this moment throughout most of my

post-pubescent life. Here was my hand, underneath that wool

skirt, inches away from the mysteries of pleasure I longed

to experience. I slowly slid my hand higher and higher, up

into the warmness, until my hand reached the delicate

cotton fabric that foretold of delights to come. Meanwhile,

Ginger's hand had slid, unbeknownst to me, up to my

wonderfully hard cock.

   "Oooh, it's so hard and long!", she said, exploring

outside my zipper.

   I was too engaged to comment.  I had succeeded in

lifting up her dress. She was sitting with her legs

together, so, although I could see her beautiful panties,

her charms remained well hidden. Her ass cheeks did poke

out cutely from the sides of her undies.

   Meanwhile, Ginger had pulled my cock from my pants.

"Wow! It's got this big fat head on top and all these

veins," She stroked it, making believe she didn't know how

excited it was getting me. I countered by putting a hand

down the front of her panties.

   I traced the folds of her labia up to her clit and

stroked it with the rotating motion that always makes

Ginger come. She ground her cunt into my hand and began to

hump on it in a frenzy. Ginger came in no time flat,

shooting her juices into the pure white panties.

   By this time, it was impossible for either of us to keep

up the pretense. I grabbed a rubber.  Ginger raised her ass

in the air and I stuck my cock under her skirt. I pushed

her panties to one side and thrust my rock hard cock into

her steaming, wet puss. She pushed her ass at my cock with

a sharp, rhythmic motion. I thrusted deep inside her, my

hips slapping against her ass.

   Oh, the sight of my cock, plunging under her clothes,

pushing the pink cunt flesh aside, deeper and deeper. I

held back for as long as I could, but, finally, I found

myself unable to hold back from consummating my fantasy of

fifteen years. My ass muscles tightened. My jaws clamped

shut. My balls shot a gusher of cum out of my throbbing

cock and into my warm, sassy and fun friend, Ginger.

   I wonder what I'll get for my birthday this year?


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