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Archive-name: Dreams/cathfan4.txt

Archive-author: Gossamer Wasp

Archive-title: Cathie's Fantasy #4

At the end of our last installment....

I was amazed to feel my whole body continue to relax until I felt like

an insensate blob of clay. All I could feel was a long stream of urine,

apparently endless, pumping out of my cock and down Cathie's throat.

She swallowed it all, then sucked the last gush of urine out of my cock.

Finally, she licked the last drops off the tip.

When she moved up and snuggled into my arms she said, "I have another

fantasy and it's really gross. Do you want to hear it?"

"No," I said, just before I fell asleep.


Cathie was her usual sweet self and allowed me several days to recover

from her previous fantasy. On Friday night we met our friends in the

local bar after work, drank a bit, danced a lot and finally wandered

home about 11 pm. It was still July and hot and at this point, I hadn't

quite convinced her we needed an air conditioner.

I walked into the house, down a hallway and into the living room.

I grabbed the remote control and clicked on the television and looked

at the news. It wasn't good. It never is.

I was at "my" end of the couch, to the right, still wearing faded jeans

and a blue dress shirt. I'd already kicked off my loafers so I was also

in sock feet. Cathie tumbled onto "her" end of the couch. This night

she was wearing black slacks and a silky red blouse with ruffles over

her large breasts. I'm not a fanatic about breasts but the red and the

ruffles accentuated Cathie's tits and I watched them bobbing out of the

corner of my eye.

"I have to tell you this fantasy," she said. I looked over at her.

Cathie has a perfect, smooth, white complexion, and a valentine-shaped

face highlighted by large, dark brown eyes and thick, sensual lips.

At this time, her pitch black hair was cut in a straight pageboy cut

that framed her face, kind of like representations of Cleopatra.

Before I met her, I'd always been attracted to short, thin women.

Cathie was nearly as tall as I am, five foot eight or so, and voluptuous.

She had large breasts and wide, wide hips. Just goes to show, I guess,

we fuck with our minds, not our bodies. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given

Cathie a second glance.

"Sometimes when you're away on a trip," she said, "I get horny, laying in

bed at night. Now and then I wonder what it would be like if you didn't

come back, if you dumped me for someone else."

Dutifully, I said, "That'll never happen, Cath."

"I know," she answered. "Still, I fantasize about having this party.

I'm single again and I invite everyone, all my friends and even people I

meet in the bar. I'm not with anyone, I'm just the hostess. I wear that

short, black cocktail dress you bought for me, with the hem way up above

my knees and the low cut top, bare feet and no bra or pantyhose. All I

have on is the cocktail dress and my white, silk panties underneath."

"Very sexy, the black and the white together," I commented.

"Well, I need  new man in my life, don't I?" she asked. "You've left me

all alone."

"Right," I said.

"We have the stereo blasting away and we're dancing and drinking, telling

jokes, having a great time. Probably because you're not there," she said.

"Uh huh," I grunted.

"During the party, I notice a guy named Mack who got invited at the bar.

I don't know him but he asks me to dance a lot and I can tell he likes me.

He has two friends with him, Tony and Steve. They ask me to dance too and

I have a great time, probably because I'm too drunk to think about you."

"Could we cut the disparaging, editorial comments about me?" I asked.

"After all, I haven't left you and I have no intention of leaving you."

"OK," she agreed. "I was just trying to tell you what I feel in my

fantasy, to make it complete. Mack is good looking. He's wearing

jeans and a jean jacket, he's about medium build and he has straight,

brown hair down to his shoulders, with bangs. He's a very intense guy.

Tony is Italian or Greek or something. He's not very tall and he's

thick through the body. Not fat, just heavy. Steve is the Nordic type,

with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He's kind of tall and thin."

Cathie said, "All of them are perfect gentleman during the party, even

though I'm teasing them, playing one off against the other. Anyway,

about two in the morning, most of the guests have gone. The last ones,

except Mack and his friends, leave about two thirty."

I moved over to Cathie's side of the couch, ignoring the television in

the background. "The plot thickens, along with your juices, I'd guess."

I ran my right hand through the ruffles atop her breasts.

"You're a crude boy, Goss," she said. "But you're right. This is the

part of the fantasy where I begin to get aroused. Here I am, alone in

my house with three strangers. Mack asks me to dance to a slow tune on

the stereo and I accept. His strong arms are wrapped around me and his

hard-on is pressing against my pussy and we're barely moving to the

music when I feel fingers on the back of my bare left thigh."

She also felt fingers on her bare left breast, sneaking in through the

buttons on her blouse. My fingertips caressed her soft flesh, found an

erect, rubbery nipple.

"Can I ask you to do something a little weird?" Cathie asked.

"Sure, the weirder the better," I told her.

"Go into the bedroom and get the KY jelly."

A smile crossed my lips as I got up and went to fetch the tube. When I

got back, Cathie was just stepping out of her panties, totally naked.

"Take your clothes off and put some of that jelly on your cock."

As I was doing it, Cathie was arranging pillows on the couch. Two large,

fluffy pillows went to the middle and two went to one end. She jumped

onto the couch face down, arranged pillows under her thighs so she

was kneeling without effort and her large, round ass was pointing up.

Her head rested on the other two pillows.

"I want you to put your cock all the way up my bum," she said. "Don't

fuck it. Just keep still while I tell you the fantasy. I want to see if

I can make us come, just talking."

"Hmmm," I said. "That's sort of unnatural. How am I going to stop myself

from moving? It's sort of like a reflex." I climbed up behind her and

positioned myself between her legs. Upright on my knees, the tip of my

cock grazed her fleshy buttocks and settled in between her ass cheeks.

I grabbed her, one hand on each hind cheek, began squeezing rhythmically.

You could have said Cathie had a fat ass. It was wide and protruding

but it was also perfectly smooth, soft, and round.

"If I can do it, you can do it," she assured me.

Leaving my left hand on her left cheek, I used my right hand to direct

the tip of my cock to her anus.

"Don't mess around," she said. "Just push it all the way in and hold


Cathie pushed back as I was pushing forward and I felt the length of

my cock swallowed tightly by her asshole. I pulled back a bit, just to

enjoy seeing the shaft disappearing between her ass cheeks, into her body.

"All the way in and hold still, she commanded.

After I complied and we moved around a bit to get comfortable, she

continued with her fantasy.

"Where did I leave off?" she asked.

"You were dancing with Mac and he was feeling your ass," I prompted.

As I said it, my cock twitched slightly.

"He has his hand on the back of my bare thigh," Cathie corrected.

"I tell him to stop but I'm giggling as I say it. I tell him Steve and

Tony will see. Mack responds by kissing my neck and putting his hand

right on the left cheek of my bum. He's squeezing my bum and I'm looking

around to see if the other guys are watching. Tony is sitting on the

couch, smoking a cigarette and watching closely. My dress is hiked up

so I know he can see the whole ass end of my panties and Mack's hand,

squeezing my ass cheek. Steve is standing in the entrance to the kitchen,

sipping on a can of beer and he can see too."

While Cathie is talking, I can feel my cock pulsing in her asshole.

Now and then she squeezes it. "Then what happens?" I ask.

"The song ends and Mack lets me go. I'm pretty embarrassed but I'm also

drunk and horny and I think I'd like to go to bed with Mack so I don't

say anything. I brush past Steve and go into the kitchen. I don't know

why, but I start stacking dishes on the counter. Displacement activity,

I guess."

"Suddenly I feel someone standing behind me and there are hands on

each side of my waist and a very hard cock pressed into my ass through

the dress. He starts dry-fucking me through the dress, jabbing his cock

into the crack of my bum and rubbing around in circles, all over my ass.

After a minute or two, I hear Mack in the doorway saying, 'What a slut!'

and I notice Tony is with him. I know it's Steve banging away at my ass.

I feel like I should protest but the cock humping at my bum feels

very good. I let Steve rub against me for awhile."

At this point, my cock was throbbing in Cathie's ass and my hips twitched.

"No," Cathie said. "No fucking. Just hold still." Her ass clamped down

hard on my cock. I steeled myself and held still. I couldn't look down

at my cock in her ass or I was sure I'd come instantly so I stared off

into a dark corner and just listened.

"Eventually I pull away from Steve and, without looking him in the eye,

I walk back into the living room. Tony is just putting on a record he

asks me to dance. I feel like I can't say no, even though I find him

least attractive of the three. The whole album is slow and sexy and I

can see Mack and Steve sitting on the couch. Tony behaves himself for

awhile and I think he's probably shy. He isn't."

"After a few minutes he has his left arm around me and his right hand

on my left tit, rubbing the nipple. Then he puts both hands on my ass

and pulls me toward him. I can feel his hard prick against my cunt and

I'm embarrassed again because he's pulling my dress up at the back,

giving his buddies and good view of his hands wandering over my panties.

I feel like I want to tell him to stop but I don't say anything."

"I need to fuck you," I told Cathie.

"No," she said. "Just wait, Goss. Wait until we both explode."

"Argh," I answered.

She continued, "When the song ends, Tony lets me go and we both stand

there. A new song starts and Mack says, 'My turn.'. He and Tony change

places and before I know it, Mack has me pulled up tight against him.

Immediately, he pulls up the back of my dress and begins massaging my

ass through the silk panties, making sure my back is towards the couch."

At this juncture, I felt Cathie sigh. She pulled slightly away from me,

sliding part of my cock out of her ass. Mesmerized, I watched my cock

emerge. Suddenly she pushed back and held tight. I groaned. Not moving

was almost painful.

Slightly breathless, Cathie said, "So we're dancing for awhile and I'm

getting my bum felt up by this stranger while his friends watch and I just

ignore it. Well, it's hard to ignore but I pretend nothing is happening.

I also pretend not to hear when Tony says, 'Pull her panties down,


"Sure enough, still swaying to the music, I feel Mack's hands move up to

my waist under my dress and take hold of the elastic top of my panties.

Slowly, in time to the music, he drags them down over my bum and they

drop to the floor and I step out of them. Now my bare ass is pointing at

the two guys. Mack is just holding the hem of my dress up as we continue

to dance."

I jabbed my cock in and out of Cathie's ass a few times before she

clamped down and forced me to stop.

"When the song stops," she continued, "Mack steps back and looks me in

the eye. 'We're all going to fuck you,' he says. Coming partially out of

my sexual coma, I say, 'I only want you, Mack.'. He says, 'Prick teaser.

You've been coming on to all of us all night and now you want to shut

my buddies out. You deserve a spanking. In fact, you deserve three

spankings.' I say, 'Oh, no, please.' and he says, 'Shut up and bend over

that footstool.'. He pushes toward the armchair and the footstool. Like a

dream inside my fantasy, I kneel on the carpet and bend forward over the

footstool. My dress rises up and all of them can see my bare ass again."

"Mmmph," I said, pulling my cock almost all of the way out of Cathie's

ass, then pushing it all the way back in. "That's cheating," said Cathie,


"First Mack kneels beside me to my left and flips my dress up over my

back. He slaps me with his right hand, really hard, right in the middle

of my ass. I hear this loud cracking noise and I feel burning. Then,

in quick succession, he slaps my right asscheek, then my left asscheek.

I squeak both times but I don't yell. I can actually feel the imprint

of his palm and fingers on both cheeks, like two brands. I'm mentally

digesting the pain and looking at the front of the easy chair and the

carpet when he says, 'You deserve it, don't you, slut?'. 'Yes,' I say in

a tiny little voice. He slaps my bare bum a few more times, hard enough

to drive me forward into the footstool. Through the pain, I can hear

Tony saying, 'Yeah, look at that fat ass shake. It looks like jello.'

My ass is just burning."

Cathie stopped talking and sort of mewed, like a kitten. Her bottom

started doing slow circles around my cock. "Goss," she said, "I'm not

sure I can stand this much longer. My anus is sending shivers of pleasure

up and down my backbone. It's like you feel when fingernails scratch on

a blackboard but better. A lot, lot better."

I watched her big ass move for a few seconds and realized I was in

control of myself. "If I can stand it, you can," I encouraged her.

Cathie stilled her hips.

"When I'm masturbating, the spanking part of the fantasy goes on for a

long, long time," she said finally. Speaking quickly, she said, "It seems

like Mack spanks me for an hour - or a few minutes. It's hard to tell.

Then they make me take off my dress and I'm stark naked and they're

all dressed. This part is fuzzy, Goss. I have to bend over Steve's lap

on the couch and he feels my bum for a long time, then he spanks me,

very hard. When Steve stops for a second, Tony feels my bum and sticks

his finger up my asshole. At least, in my fantasy I think it's Tony.

Finally, it's Tony's turn and I know my ass is all red already because

the burning covers all of it."

"Tony makes me bend over the arm of the couch with my feet sort of half on

the floor and my face on the couch cushions. He spanks my ass a lot harder

than Mack or Steve. Maybe it's because he's standing up beside me or maybe

because he doesn't ever rest, he just keeps slapping my poor bum and it

sounds like a machine gun firing and it hurts non-stop. After awhile,

I think he's never going to get tired but eventually he stops and sticks

two, then three fingers in my bum. He starts finger-fucking my ass and

despite my tears and the incredible pain in my ass, it feels really good."

Despite all my control and my good intentions, I notice my cock is slowly

fucking in and out of Cathie's ass, of it's own volition.

"Stop," she said. "We're almost there. At least, I'm almost there."

I stopped, even though the blackboard scratching feeling was now running

up and down my own backbone, as if I was a tuning fork that had just

been rapped very hard by a metal object.

"Quick," I croaked. "What happens? What finally makes you come when

you're masturbating?"

"Mack says, 'Let's all bumfuck her.' and Steve and Tony agree,", said

Cathie. "In a flash, I think about getting fucked up the ass three times

by three different guys I don't even know. In a mental flash I know

this isn't going to do my reputation one bit of good around this town.

I struggle but Steve pins me down on the arm of the couch and I can feel

his hard prick digging between my ass cheeks. In spite of my struggles,

his cock pops inside my asshole. Without stopping, he pushes it all the

way up my ass. I'm pinned to the couch and he starts fucking my ass."

"While I'm getting used to the cock reaming my tail," continued Cathie

breathlessly, "Mack asks me, 'Do you like it bitch?' and I cry out,

'Yes!' and Steve continues to fuck me, really hard. My asshole relaxes

finally and it begins to feel really good. Steve jerks around a bit,

then comes in my ass, just I was starting to really get off on it."

"Umm, Cathie, I'm getting close," I said. Pleading, I asked, "Is this

fantasy going to last a lot longer?"

"Tony makes me lay flat on my belly on the couch," Cathie continued,

oblivious to my plea and maybe to me, too. "He lays with his belly on my

back and puts his legs outside my legs. I feel a fat little prick push

through my tightly clenched ass cheeks, slippery with sweat. Eventually

he pushes it into my asshole and begins fucking me. It's not very deep

but it's stretching my asshole and the friction, with my legs closed,

is incredible. I can't believe it but I come like a river. I don't think

Tony notices because he doesn't even slow down. His cock must be a blur,

sliding in and out of my bum. When he yells, he pulls out and shoots

his sperm all over my bare ass. I can feel all the hot splatters."

"Uh, Cathie, anytime," I said.

"Mack makes me get up off the couch and forces me to my knees. First Steve

puts his soft prick in my mouth and I suck it for awhile. Then Tony moves

in front of me and I suck on his cock. Finally, Mack makes me suck him

until he's got an erection. He wipes his prick on my face, leaving wet

streaks. Looking down into my eyes, Mack says, 'Do you want it up the ass

again?' and I look up into his eyes and say, 'Yeah, fuck my ass, Mack.

I want you to fuck me in my ass.'. 'Bend over, slut,' he says."

"I can hear Steve laughing, 'Up her ass, Mack. She really loves it up

her ass.'. At the same time, Tony is saying, 'Hey, Mack, Cathie's got

a sweet bum. Bumfuck her until she can't sit down for a month!'. I bend

over with my head on my arms and stick my ass up in the air. My legs are

spread wide. Vaguely, I notice none of them has even bothered to take

off his pants. They all have their cocks sticking out of the front of

their jeans. I don't care. In a way, it's even exciting, being the only

naked person in the room."

"Can I fuck you now?" I asked Cathie.

"No," she said. "Just wait until we come naturally."

"There's nothing natural about this," I replied laconically. "But I'll

try anything once."

"At long last, the guy I really wanted to fuck kneels down behind me,

between my legs," said Cathie. "Originally, I didn't really imagine him

fucking my ass, but I'm in the mood now and I'm really anticipating a

good assfucking. It's funny, Goss, but I hardly feel Mack's cock go

into my ass. He starts pumping me and I can actually feel his long,

thin penis caroming off the edges of my anus and the walls of my rectum.

I don't know how he ever gets up enough friction to enjoy himself but

eventually he comes up my ass. I don't even feel him pulling it out."

"Then they all leave and I'm left alone," said Cathie. "I'm totally

unsatisfied and I go to bed and masturbate."

I looked down at her wide ass and narrow back, at the curls of black

hair laying on her neck. "That's it?" I ask, incredulous.

"Of course, stupid," she said. "It's you I want up my ass, Goss. It's you

I want to come in me. About three more throbs of your beautiful cock

and I'm going to come."

As I was glancing down at my cock, buried to the hilt up her asshole,

Cathie came violently. Reflexively, she pushed her buttocks back,

then pulled forward for a long time, then rammed back onto my cock.

Unmoving, totally relaxed, totally unprepared, I exploded into her.

It felt something like a firehose blasting away at a burning building.

After a minute or so, I began wondering if my heart could take it,

then decided I didn't care.  I let my mind, my heart, my soul and my

life drain into Cathie's body for a short eternity.

When I came to my senses, she was collapsed onto the pillows and I was

collapsed onto her back.

"Leave it in," she said. "I have another fantasy I want to share with


I didn't hear anything because I was asleep.


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