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Archive-name: Dreams/cathfan3.txt


Archive-title: Cathie's Fantasy #3

At the end of our last installment....

When she was finished, I grabbed my cock with my right hand and pumped

it exactly twice. I had an intense spasm and watched my sperm shoot out

of the tip of my cock and splatter all over Cathie's bare ass. And again.

And again. And again. Finally, I collapsed beside her on the couch.

My fogged mind heard my voice saying, "Let's keep it down to one fantasy

a night from now on, OK, Cath? This is gonna kill me."


"Do you want to hear a fantasy, Goss?" asked Cathie.

I groaned. "I'm not sure I can take another fantasy of yours," I said.

"It's been two days and I'm still not fully recovered from the last

two fantasies."

We were in the small kitchen of her house. Cathie was washing and I

was drying. She wore tight, almost new blue jeans that accentuated

the wideness of her hips and the protruding fullness of her buttocks.

They swelled and swelled in a pair of round curves. She'd managed to

splash soapy water on the front of her Harvard maroon shirt.

I'm not particularly affected by breasts. It just happened, as it

usually does for the female figure, her breasts were big and buoyant,

to balance her big ass, I guess. As unaffected as I am, I noticed that

her nipples were hard and erect through the soft material of her shirt.

I reached over and grabbed her right nipple between the forefinger and

thumb of my right hand, just feeling the rubbery protrusion.

Cathie shook her head to get her bangs out of her eyes. She had fine

black hair, cut in a pageboy that fell to her shoulders. Her hair framed

a perfectly smooth, white complexion. Her face was heart shaped, with

thick, luscious lips topped by a small straight nose and overly large,

deep brown eyes. Although I found her figure to be slightly overblown,

she had the most beautiful, delicate, porcelain face I'd ever seen.

"Ow," she said, obviously referring to my fingers pinching her nipple.

"I'm going to have my period soon. My tits are ultra sensitive."

I immediately let go.

"No," she said. "Pinch the other one for awhile, Goss."

Obediently, my right hand reached across her body and my fingers squeezed

her left nipple through the maroon shirt material.

"Do you want to hear my fantasy?" she asked again.

"Give me a break, Cath," I said. "I just got home from work and ate


"Go get a beer from the fridge," she told me. "A beer will loosen you up."

I let go of her nipple with my right hand and flipped the dish towel

onto the counter. I got a beer out of the fridge and sipped at it.

Cathie continued to wipe dishes and put them in the rack. "Chug it,"

she said.

"It's Monday night. Do I want to do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, chug it," she said.

I chugged down the beer, then got another bottle from the fridge.

"Chug that one too," she said, gazing out the window over the sink.

"How loose do you want me?" I asked, draining the bottle.

"Keep going," Cathie told me.

I retrieved another bottle and started drinking it. I noticed the mauve

colors of the setting sun, shining through the window, were starting to

look a bit fuzzy around the edges.

"Maybe I'll have a shower tonight," Cathie said, draining the sink.

"Um, golden?" I asked, having connected the beer to the fantasy. I'm not

at all stupid.

"Maybe," she answered.

We'd both read about golden showers but we'd never done anything like

that. I wasn't even sure I wanted to do it.

"I don't know, Cath," I said, sipping at the beer. "That's the outer

limits, don't you think?"

"It's no big deal for you," she answered. "All you have to do is pee.

I'm the one who has to sit under it and get wet. Do you think you can

do it?"

"If I have enough beer, I'm sure I can do it," I answered. "I'm just

not sure I want to do it."

"Well, have another beer and think about it," said Cathie. I got another

beer and thought about it. In the meantime, Cathie grabbed the dish

towel and started drying the rest of the dishes. I stood in the corner

and stayed out of her way.

"If we did it, how do you think we should do it?" she asked.

"Hmm?" I said, too embarrassed to say anything.

"Should I have my clothes on or off?" she asked. "Should I lay down?

On my back or my front? Maybe I should kneel down in front of you,

like I'm going to suck your cock?"

"Whatever," I said. We went into the living room and sat down on the

couch. Cathie clicked the TV on with the remote control and we found

ourselves watching the news. She curled up with her legs tucked under

her body, facing me from the other end of the couch. I sat sprawled out,

slouching, on the other end. I was wearing my blue elastic track pants

and a floppy gray sweatshirt.

After awhile, I became uncomfortable as Cathie stared at me. She was

looking at the stretched crotch of my track pants.

"Yes?" I asked, somewhat exasperated.

"Are you full yet?" she asked eagerly.

"No," I said sullenly, although I could feel a slight heaviness in

my bladder.

She jumped up and headed for the kitchen. "I'll get you another beer," she

said, disappearing around the corner. A few seconds later she was back,

depositing two bottles in front of me on the coffee table. "Drink up,"

she encouraged me as she settled back on her side of the couch.

"Yeah," I said, going for another bottle. "If I keep this up, I won't

be able to do much tonight." This was a somewhat forlorn announcement,

since I knew I didn't have much choice in any matter that night.

She was tucked up on her end of the couch again. "All you have to do is

pee," she said. "It's not like I'm expecting marathon sex or anything."

"Sooner or later," I agreed.

I was finishing the sixth beer when the news ended.

"Don't you have to go yet?" Cathie sounded frustrated.

Although I did have to go, I said, "No."

"Wow," she said, a smile dancing around the very edges of her full

lips. Her brown eyes twinkled. "I never noticed your capacity before.

It's amazing."

"Practice," I bragged, my eye teeth floating.

"Not even a dribble?" she asked, smiling at me.

"No," I was gritting my teeth.

"I'll get you a beer," she volunteered, jumping up and running into the

kitchen before I could object. I looked at the ceiling and thought that

eventually I'd have to give in. Still, I was determined to hold out as

long as possible.

She came back with three beers, two for me and one for her. We watched

a half hour sitcom and I made a point of not laughing at anything.

In spite of myself, I gobbled down the seventh and eighth beers.

"So what are you going to do?" Cathie asked finally, perched like a

vulture on the other end of the couch. "Are you going to pee on yourself?"

Her eyes kept dipping down to my crotch at regular intervals.

"Really, I'm fine," I lied. "I just don't need to go yet, honest."

"I'm impressed," she said. She wandered into the kitchen and came back

with a beer for herself and numbers nine and ten for me.

Glumly, I eyed the two open bottles on the coffee table and I had a

mental flash. This was the first time in my life I'd ever counted beers.

Feigning innocence, Cathie dropped her long, black tresses into my lap,

laid down on her back with her head firmly against my lower abdomen.

The pressure was incredibly out of proportion to the weight of her head.

In amazement, I watched my right hand reach out for a beer bottle and

tip the neck into my mouth. I drank.

"So," said Cathie. "So if you're ever ready, how are we going to do

this?" She twisted her head from side to side, increasing my discomfort.

I concentrated on the television screen. There were tough cops and bad,

bad guys.

"I think I'd like to feel it on my face," she announced. "Wouldn't you

like to pee all over my face, Honey?"

I just grunted and even that hurt.

"Oh, I understand," she continued, although I couldn't fathom how she

understood anything from my neutral grunt. "You want to pee in my mouth.

Well, I didn't want to do that but I'll do it for you, Goss. You can

pee in my mouth and I'll drink it."

"Cathie, that's not necessary," I objected.

"Well, if you're going to force me, I'll just have to do it," she ignored

me, turning onto her left side and facing away from the television.

She grabbed the waist of my track pants and pulled them down to my thighs.

After she started nuzzling my flaccid cock with her lips, I suddenly

became aware of how sensitive it had become over the past hour or so.

"I know you have to," she said. "It's OK, Goss. Pee in my mouth."

I felt her lips close around my cock and slide down to the root. When she

began gently sucking, I moaned loudly. Still, I couldn't let go, even

when I felt an acidic burning at the tip of my cock and knew I was leaking

urine into her mouth. I could feel it as Cathie swallowed once or twice.

Even though I was trying to hold back, I felt several more spurts of

urine shoot out of the end of my cock and into her mouth. Cathie sucked

harder and swallowed several more times. She made a "Mmmmmm," sound

that vibrated along my cock and I spurted again and again. She continued

swallowing in gulps.

I could feel the tip of her tongue lightly flicking the slit of my cock

as I finally gained partial control over myself.

"Cath, stop," I said, trying to pull away from her mouth. Unfortunately,

I was sitting solidly on the couch and my back was tight against the

backrest and I couldn't move very far. I grasped her head with my hands

on her ears and tried, gently, to pull her head away. It didn't work.

Her mouth was busily sucking on my cock and the suction made my pulling

on her head very painful for me.

"Oh, geeze," I said, feeling a stream of urine shoot out of me. Oddly,

at that second I was thinking that I'd rarely peed like this, sitting

down, shooting up instead of down. I watched Cathie's cheeks suctioning

in and out and her Adam's apple bobbing.

Watching her perfect face in profile, I purposely urinated in her mouth

for the first time and saw her to swallow my pee. My mind was growing

more and more sexually excited, although my cock remained flaccid.

"Cath, Cath, on your back," I muttered. I raised up and twisted to my left

and she dutifully twisted herself onto her back under me. Eventually,

I ended up on my knees above her face. Still, she would not let my cock

out of her mouth.

I tried to grasp my cock with my right hand but her damp lips were in

the way. "Let go for a second," I insisted. Cathie finally opened her

mouth and allowed my cock to swing free. I grasped it in my right hand.

"Pee on my face for awhile," she said.

"The couch?" I wondered.

"Fuck the couch," she said. "Pee on my face."

I directed a long stream of warm urine over her eyes, nose and mouth.

Cathie giggled. "It's up my nose," she complained, snorting.

"I want to see it going into your perfect mouth," I said.

"Me too," she said. "Push back a bit so I can see too."

I sat back on my haunches and released a long stream of urine at

her open mouth. I could see her eyes watching the process intently.

Eventually her mouth filled up and there was a period of swallowing,

choking and spitting. I forced myself to stop.

Cathie shook her head. Her hands were trapped behind my legs. "Turn me

over and pull my jeans down and pee on my panties," she asked. "Soak them,

then spank my bum a little."

Disciplining myself not to piss, the elastic of the track pants tight

under my balls and my cock swinging free, I stood beside the couch

and grabbed the waist of Cathie's jeans, rolling her onto her stomach.

She couldn't help, that would have spoiled things for her. Reaching under

her, I undid her belt and the button at her waist. Then I unzipped

her jeans. Finally, I yanked the waist of her jeans to her thighs,

leaving sheer, pink panties covering her bulging ass.

Still standing upright, I sighed with relief and holding my cock in my

right hand, I allowed a long stream of urine to shower down onto her up

thrust, pink panty-covered ass. As the urine soaked the silky material,

the pink panties became transparent, highlighting her big, twin globes.

"It's so warm it's hot," said Cathie, her face buried in pillows. "Goss,

it feels so good and so sexy. I want you to pee on me from now on,

every time you need to pee, do it on me. Don't waste it in the toilet!"

Although I had more in me, I stopped the urine stream directed onto

her ass.

"From now on," said Cathie, her face still muffled in the pillows, "Every

time you need to pee at home, Goss, just stand up and pull your cock out.

Then stick it in my mouth and let go. It tastes kind of salty but I like

the taste. Somehow, drinking you makes me feel peaceful and sexy."

"OK," I said, nonplused.

"Now spank my wet bum for awhile, through my panties," Cathie said.

"Spank it really hard, OK?"

I pushed the coffee table away behind me and knelt beside the couch on

my knees. My right hand smacked Cathie's bottom.

"Ohhh, yeah," she murmurred. "Spank me good, lover."

I have to admit, I'm always fairly disinterested in spanking Cathie but it

seems to give her pleasure, so I continued to slap her bottom as hard as

I could. I got some satisfaction out of watching her writhe on the couch,

pumping her hips down into the couch cushions like she was fucking them.

"Pull my panties down and spank my bare bum," she pleaded after five

or ten minutes. Grasping the elastic waist with both hands, I pulled

her wet panties down, just below the lower curve of her ass cheeks.

The twin globes of her wide, fat ass were pink and glowing.

Cupping my hand, I landed several slaps on each round hind cheek.

Cathie yelled, "Ow! Damn! It hurts! It hurts so good, Goss! Ow, Owwww!

My whole bum is just burning up. Spank me some more, Goss. Spank my bum

harder and harder."

In spite of her pleas, I continued to slap her fat bottom with exactly

the same intensity. I knew she didn't want it harder, just longer. Being

clinically detached from the punishment, I was the perfect instrument.

I never got carried away and hurt her more than she enjoyed.

More than ten minutes passed before she said, "Stop, stop, I've had

enough for tonight. Really, I have."

I stopped, pulled her maroon shirt up around her neck and began kissing

her, up and down her backbone.

"Goss," she said.

"Yes," I answered.

"Do you think you could pee on my tits and then slap them for awhile?"

"Yes, Cathie," I said, standing beside the couch. She wriggled onto her

back and I moved my cock over her breasts. After peeing on her breasts,

I couldn't help directing the stream of urine onto her valentine face.

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. I sprayed my urine onto

her tongue, into her mouth and all over her face again.

After I stopped, Cathie swallowed and licked her lips. "Slap my tits,"

she said. "Make them as red as my bottom, OK, Goss?"

"OK, sit up," I said. Cathie sat with her back against the backrest

and removed the maroon shirt, exposing swinging tits topped by large,

brown nipples. She then secured her arms, trapping them behind her back.

"Slap them hard," she said. "Slap my tits and make them sting like

my bum!"

My right hand did a short arc and my palm landed flush on the bulging

side of her left breast with a loud cracking noise. My left palm then

connected loudly with the outside of her right breast. "More," she said.

"Harder. Make it hurt."

I landed several slaps on her breasts and the white flesh began to turn

pink. Cathie lay back against the backrest and thrust her breasts out.

"Take my belt out of my jeans and whip my tits," she said. "On the

nipples. Whip my nipples."

I reached down and pulled the black leather belt out of the loops on

her pants. The belt was long and thin.

"Whip me, Goss," she pleaded. "Whip me hard."

I snapped the belt against her breasts and nipples twenty or thirty times,

stopping now and then to watch the red stripes form on the pink flesh.

Cathie was crying but she was pleading, "On my nipples, Goss. Whip me

on my nipples.

My heart wasn't in it but I snapped the leather onto her right nipple,

then the left, then the right. I alternated for several minutes.

Both of Cathie's big, floppy breasts were bright red and I could see

welts forming.

"Stop," she finally commanded.

I stood back, puffing, with the belt hanging from my right hand.

Cathie looked deep into my eyes and said, "Now my ass again. Do my ass,

the same way you did my tits. Whip my ass with the belt until I can't

sit on it for a day or two, OK, Goss?"

Looking into her eyes, I nodded. Cathie reached behind her and took two of

the pillows. Then she arranged herself, face down on the couch with the

pillows under her thighs. Her big ass was pushed far up into the air.

At this point, the pinkness was mostly fading. I watched her take a

pillow from the other end of the couch and put it under her face.

She turned her head until her left cheek was against the pillow.

I couldn't avoid that one, big brown eye, boring into both of my eyes.

"I know you don't spank me very hard," Cathie said flatly, with no

inflection. Her glare penetrated my eyes. "Tonight I want you to put

your back into it," she continued in a monotone. "Tonight I want you to

hurt my bum, Goss. It's OK."

Cathie's head was to my left, her straight black hair mussed with

thin strands spread in a spray of perspiration across her high, right

cheekbone. Her wide, white back was bare, bisected by the backbone,

pointing down at her waist. Because of the pillows under her thighs,

her ass spread up and round, two delicious fat, pink round cheeks pointed

at the ceiling. Her long legs tapered back to the other end of the couch.

It occurred to me, Cathie was probably a sadist's wet dream. But I wasn't

a sadist.

"I've never really whipped you," I said. "Tonight is our first time with a

belt and I had a hard time, whipping your breasts. I don't know," I said,

looking down at my bare feet, buried in the green pile of the carpet.

Cathie raised up on her elbows, her red, welted breasts swinging from

side to side. "Look at me," she demanded. I looked into her eyes.

"I make your fantasies come true, don't I?" she asked.

"Yes," I admitted. Cathie had never refused to do anything I wanted her

to do.

"Tonight," she said. "Just tonight, I want my ass whipped like I've

fantasized about it being whipped all my life. My mother and father

always spanked me like you do it, just enough to sting. Since I was

eleven or twelve years old, I've dreamed about a big, cruel man tying

me down and beating my ass black and blue. It's made me come a thousand

times since then. Tonight, Goss, I'm so horny, I want it to come true!

Tonight the pain is making me hornier, the worse it gets! Really! I almost

came when you were whipping my tits but I waited because I want to come

while my ass is being whipped, like in my fantasy."

"I'll try," I said.

Turning her head away so her left cheek was against the pillow she said,

"You're a cocksucker, Goss. You're a lousy shit of a lover and I hate

your guts. You've never satisfied me, ever."

Grasping the belt buckle in my palm, I wrapped a loop of the thin,

leather belt around my hand. When I stopped, there was about 24 inches of

belt hanging loose. I raised my right arm and swung down past Cathie's

bare bottom. The thin strip of leather whistled through the air and

then cracked against the flesh of her ass. Cathie shrieked and a thin

welt bubbled up across the widest part of both of her buttocks. In fact,

I was pretending anger but the result was the same.

Cathie was crying freely but she said, "Yessss. That's it, Goss.

Just like that. Whip my ass just like that."

I raised my right arm and brought the belt down on a diagonal. crossing

the original stripe with a new welt. Cathie shrieked again but raised

her ass up higher into the air. Sidearm, I lifted and snapped the belt

directly across the underside of her buttocks.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried. tears spilling onto the pillow. "Again! Again!"

Levering my body from side to side, I cracked the belt down onto her fat

ass five or six more times. I was sweating like a pig. Her big bottom

had welts all over both cheeks.

I paused and she cried, "More. More, Goss."

Deliberately, with all the strength in my right arm, I continued

to whip her ass. Although she thrashed violently from side to side,

Cathie never moved her hands out from under her body. In fact, as the

welts crisscrossed her big ass, she kept pushing it up, anticipating

each stroke.

The muscles of my arm were burning with fatigue after ten minutes and

I could see that Cathie's lower back, bulging bottom and upper thighs

were displaying a violent red color. Her ass was a fiery red circle.

"Stop," she croaked and I dropped the belt on the carpet.

"Piss on my ass," she moaned.

I directed a long stream of urine down her backbone, over the red-striped

mounds of her buttocks, between her thighs, onto her cunt.

"Now fuck my bum," Cathie said. "No lubrication. Just stick your cock

up my ass and fuck me."

I moved onto her back, keeping my weight on my elbows and knees so I

wasn't pressing onto her abused ass. I immediately had an erection and

I tried to burrow between her thighs, into her pussy.

"No, Goss" she said clearly. "Force your cock up my asshole and fuck me

until you come. Don't worry about me, I'm already coming non-stop."

As directed, I burrowed between her red ass cheeks until I felt the

circumcised head of my cock move though her anus.

"Oh, yeah," said Cathie. "Now stick it all the way up my bum. Push it in."

Her hind end was wiggling and pushing back at me. My cock, in spite of

a certain amount of friction, slid all the way up her ass.

"Now bumfuck me, Goss," she said. "Just fuck me up my ass as fast and

as hard as you can do it."

After awhile, the burning sensation left my poor cock and it was sliding

in and out of her ass at a leisurely pace.

"No, harder and faster," Cathie demanded.

As my hips pistoned back and forth and my cock burned rapidly in and

out of her asshole, I began to feel an orgasm approaching.

"Come in my bum, Goss!" Cathie yelled suddenly. "Come! Up my fat bum!

Fill my big bum with your come, Goss. Give me a come enema in my bum.

I want to feel you coming in my bum!"

When I let go, it felt like a river flowing up her ass. I swear, I didn't

stop pumping sperm into her asshole for thirty seconds. Then there was

another thirty seconds as my spasms continued.

"Oh, Goss, I'm so full of you," said Cathie. "You can pee in me too,

if you have to. You can piss up my ass."

I was so relaxed, it was several seconds before I realized I was urinating

in Cathie's ass. I didn't do anything consciously. I just lay on her

back with my cock up her ass, pissing into her. The urine just kept

coming and coming, flowing into her rectum.

"It's perfect," Cathie breathed. "Just like my fantasy. Pee in my bum,

lover. Keep peeing in my bum."

After awhile, it just stopped. I was so relaxed, my flaccid cock popped

out of Cathie's ass and I fell off her back, onto the couch cushions.

She twisted around and scrunched down until she could get my cock in

her mouth. She sucked on my limp cock for several minutes, her tongue

licking all over it.

I felt her lips slide the length of my cock and let it fall out of

her mouth.

"One more thing," she said. "You have to pee in my mouth one last time,

Goss. Come on, let it go. I have to drain you."

I felt her lips circle just below the head of my cock. The tip was barely

in her mouth. I pissed in her mouth and she swallowed. Another spurt of

urine squirted out of my cock and into her mouth and Cathie swallowed

it again.

I was amazed to feel my whole body continue to relax until I felt like

an insensate blob of clay. All I could feel was a long stream of urine,

apparently endless, pumping out of my cock and down Cathie's throat.

She swallowed it all, then sucked the last gush of urine out of my cock.

Finally, she licked the last drops off the tip.

When she moved up and snuggled into my arms she said, "I have another

fantasy and it's really gross. Do you want to hear it?"

"No," I said, just before I fell asleep.


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