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Archive-name: Dreams/cathfan2.txt

Archive-author: Gossamer Wasp

Archive-title: Cathie's Fantasy #2

At the end of our last installment....

When I returned to my senses, after minutes that seemed like eons,

I heard Cathie say, "Leave it up there, Goss. We'll watch Jay Leno,

then I'll tell you another fantasy, a better one."


They were playing the new Tonight theme on television and Cathie and I

were in the much the same position as we'd been before the show started.

I was on my left side with my back to the backrest of the couch and

she was curled up, spoon like, in front of me. She was still naked from

the waist down but I'd pulled up her white T-shirt so I could feel the

smoothness of her soft, white back. The shirt was crumpled into her

straight black, pageboy hair.

Although I still wore my faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt, my flaccid

cock was still stuck comfortably up her relaxed asshole.

"Do want to hear another fantasy, Goss?" she asked dreamily.

"I dunno," I said honestly. "I dunno if I can hard again so soon and I

don't want to waste it." I nuzzled her neck for awhile.

Cathie laughed softly. "I don't think that's a problem," she said and

I knew her large, dark brown eyes were twinkling. I looked down at the

thin tube of my cock disappearing into her asshole and saw it twitch

with anticipation. Her buttocks were large, white, round and smooth.

Using two fingers I pried her hind cheeks apart and looked at the brown,

spongy asshole encircling my cock. I noticed her asshole was still loose,

leaving room for the expansion of my cock.

"What's this fantasy about?" I asked innocently.

"The usual," Cathie said. "All my really good fantasies are much the same.

Some strange men strip me naked, spank me and fuck me in my bum. I guess

I'm just neurotic or something. The strange men never seem to want to

kiss me or fuck me normally in my cunt."

"Hmmm." I said, trying to be casual. It was difficult for me to pretend

to be casual  when my cock was expanding in Cathie's ass. I also guess

she's leaving out a common element in her fantasies. She likes it.

"So what happens?"

"Well," she said. "I'm laying her on the couch in my pink bathrobe.

You know the terry cloth one with the zipper that goes all the way down

the front? I've just had a shower and I'm stark naked underneath. Anyway,

I'm watching TV with the drapes closed and all the lights on in the living

room and you're away on a business trip so I'm all alone in the house."

"Uh huh," I said, my right hand massaging Cathie's fleshy right asscheek,

stroking, squeezing, pinching and pushing on it.

"Suddenly there are these two guys, dressed all in black and wearing

black ski masks, in the room with me. I have no idea how they got

into the house. I jump up and one of them grabs my arms from behind,

holding me. He's big and heavy and somehow I know he's the subordinate.

The guy I think of as the  leader is standing in front of me. He's tall

and thin and he's wearing black leather gloves on his hands and he

reaches out and pulls my zipper down past my belly button.

"Doesn't anyone say anything?" I asked, three of the fingers on my right

hand inserted into her hot, wet cunt.

"I say something like, 'leave me alone or I'll call the police' and

I scream a little," Cathie answered, "but you know we don't have any

neighbours. Then the leader says, 'Fuck you, you cunt,' and pulls my

bathrobe open so he can see my tits. He grabs a nipple in each hand and

squeezes and twists them. I'm in terrible pain."

"Uh huh," I say, thinking that the 'terrible pain' in her fantasy probably

isn't so terrible, in a fantasy, anyway. I pulled my cock almost all the

way out of her ass, then jammed it tight, all the way into her asshole.

Her buttocks sealed tight against my thighs.

"Then the one behind me pulls my robe all the way open and holds me

tight against him and I can feel his hardon against my ass through the

terry cloth and his pants. The leader begins slapping my tits with both

of his hands. The leather gloves keep cracking and cracking against my

tits, up and down, left and right, hurting my nipples and turning my

breasts bright red."

I said, "Get on your hands and knees, Cathie. I feel like I can fuck

your ass for hours."

She scrambled up onto her hands and knees, incidentally dislodging my

thick, hard, heavy cock from her bottom. I settled in behind her on my

knees and, using my right hand to aim it, forced my cock all the way up

her asshole again. With my hands on each side of her waist and my eyes

on the tight, wide, round curves of her buttocks, I started fucking her

ass with a long, slow, steady rhythm.

"Oh, Goss," she said. "I might come any second now."

"Finish the fantasy," I demanded.

"OK," she said. "The guy is slapping my breasts, really hurting me.

Then he says, 'Lay her down, I'm going to spank her fat ass' and the

guy behind me pulls me onto my back on the couch. He grabs my legs and

pulls them up over my head, which curves my back and raises up my robe,

leaving my bare bum hanging free, up in the air. The leader begins

spanking my bare bottom with his gloved hand, really hard."

Abruptly, Cathie stopped talking and began pushing her ass back into

my thighs, rising up on her knees on the couch. "Oh, Goss," she said.

"Oh Goss, fuck my bum really hard. It feels so good tonight. Fuck me

hard, Goss. Fuck my ass really hard! It's never felt this good!"

I found myself pounding my cock into her asshole, my thighs slapping

onto her pliant buttocks.

"The leader spanks my bare bum for a long time," she said. "He spanks

me until my ass is red and burning hot. Ah, Goss, he spanks my bum and

he spanks it and he spanks it, really hard. I've never had such a bad

spanking in my whole life."

It occurs to me what she is describing is slightly similar to what I'm

doing at that very moment with my thighs.

"Then what?" I ask desperately.

"He stops spanking me after half an hour and he tells the other guy, 'I'm

going to fuck this whore in the ass until she can't sit down for a week.

Then you can fuck her ass too' and the guy who's holding my legs up in the

air grunts or something. The next thing I know, the leader has his pants

down and he's kneeling on the couch and he's holding my legs with his

arms and shoulders and I can feel his big cock jamming into my asshole.

Without any lubrication or anything he shoves his cock all the way up

my bum and it burns and burns. Then he starts fucking my ass and there's

nothing I can do about it except lay there and take it."

"What about the other guy?" I ask out of curiosity. My erection feels

like it's a piece of wood, no real sensation, and I continue fucking

Cathie's ass.

"Oh, oh," she gasps. "The big guy sticks his cock in my mouth.

It's upside down because my head is pulled back and he's behind me.

He makes me suck on his cock and move my tongue around all over it,

all the time the leader is fucking me in the ass."

I felt a very strange sensation in my loins about that time and I pushed

and I wiggled and I squeezed my cock as far up Cathie's ass as it would

go. Then I held it there, more or less motionless, the circumcised head

feeling like it was floating in air. It was a very erotic feeling.

"I'm about to come like an ocean," Cathie said calmly, her head scrunched

down into a pillow at the head of the couch and her hind end stuck up

into the air.

"Finish the fucking fantasy," I pleaded.

"The leader finally comes in my bum," she said. "I can feel him squirting

and squirting inside me. After awhile he pulls his cock out and they

force me onto my knees on the carpet. The big guy, who has a very big

cock, pushes it into my bum and it hurts! He bumfucks me for a long,

long time. When he finally comes, his cock lifts me right off the floor

up into the air."

"Is it over?" I pleaded with Cathie. "Is the fantasy over yet?"

"No," Cathie breathed. "No, Goss. Actually, when I'm masturbating with

this fantasy, I don't have an orgasm until the next part."

"Jeeze! What's the next part?" I ask, my cock quivering in her ass.

"They roll me onto my back," Cathie continued. "Then the leader pees on

me, all over my body. When he's finished, the big guy puts his cock in

my mouth and pees. He makes me drink his pee. Then I come."

At that moment I felt an explosion of twitching, spasming, rock hard

muscles squeezing my cock. Instinctively, I instantly yanked my cock

out of Cathie's asshole and she farted and screamed long and loud.

I assumed the sudden removal of my cock had intensified her orgasm.

She fell onto her belly and twisted and twitched for a long, long time.

When she was finished, I grabbed my cock with my right hand and pumped

it exactly twice. I had an intense spasm and watched my sperm shoot out

of the tip of my cock and splatter all over Cathie's bare ass. And again.

And again. And again. Finally, I collapsed beside her on the couch.

My fogged mind heard my voice saying, "Let's keep it down to one fantasy

a night from now on, OK, Cath? This is gonna kill me."


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