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Archive-name: Dreams/cathfan1.txt

Archive-author: Gossamer Wasp

Archive-title: Cathie's Fantasy #1

Fantasy One


I was laying on the couch, on my left side with my back to the backrest,

wearing faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Cathie was in front of

me, with her back to me, with a loose, white T-shirt covering her large

bare breasts. She was naked from the waist down and she was wiggling her

big ass, enjoying the sensation of my hard, upright, denim-covered cock

nestling between her naked ass cheeks. My left arm was trapped under my

body but my right forearm was resting on her fleshy right hip and the

fingers of my right hand were brushing through the black pubic hair over

the slit of her cunt.

"Tell me a fantasy," I said.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Something sexy," I said. "What's your favorite fantasy when you're

alone in bed at night, masturbating?"

Cathie shook her head, causing her black, straight, shoulder length

pageboy hair to swing from side to side. I couldn't see her large,

deep brown eyes but I knew they showed alarm.

"Goss, I can't," she whispered.

I looked down at the bulge of my cock showing through my jeans, half

hidden in the crack separating her round, fleshy buttocks. It twitched.

I moved my hips a bit, causing my cock to slide up and down her crack.

At the same time I allowed the fingers of my right hand to brush up

and down between Cathie's thighs, the left edge of my forefinger barely

grazing the lips of her cunt. She whimpered.

"Yes you can," I said into her right ear, feeling her whole body vibrate,

her naked bottom pushing back into my lap, her ass cheeks grasping at

my cock.

Past the coffee table in the immediate foreground, the television

muttered and flickered in the gloom of the living room. To the right,

an easy chair fronted by a footrest loomed.

"What's your absolute best fantasy?" I insisted. "The one that always

makes you come? Maybe I can make it come true."

"I don't think so," she said, continuing to rub the skin of her ass

against the denim covering my slowly leaking cock. "You'd be jealous."

"Really?" I asked, perking up. "A fantasy is just a fantasy, we don't have

to make it come true. Tell me about it and I promise I won't be jealous.

Cross my heart."

While Cathie ruminated on this I put my forefinger on her clitoris and

began a gentle circling motion. After awhile, I could feel body heat

rising up into the palm of my hand and a sweet, viscous lubrication

building up in her cunt. I darted my finger inside her cunt for a moment,

then resumed a wetter, smoother stroking of her clit. A sensual muskiness

filled the air and I could hear Cathie breathing more heavily.

Into her right ear I whispered, "I'm going to stick my cock up your ass."

In response, Cathie moaned softly and pushed her bare bottom tightly

onto my cock. She was a sucker for dirty talk. I unzipped my jeans and

painfully extricated my raging erection. With some shifting of her hips

and legs, I managed to dip my cock into her amazingly hot, wet cunt and

pumped it in and out a few times.

"Oh, Goss, fuck me," she said into a pillow.

Pulling my hips back, I managed to free myself from her cunt. Using my

right hand to guide it, I placed the tip of my circumcised cock at the

spongy opening of her anus and pushed forward slowly until her ass was

squeezing the head tightly.

"Tell me your fantasy," I whispered. My right forefinger was still

massaging her clitoris. She was pushing her ass back at my cock, trying

to get it inside her rectum while I was pulling back, allowing only the

head to penetrate.

"It happens right here in the living room," she said. "You bring three

of your friends... three guys... home for supper and they sit here on

the couch and you sit over on the chair."

As a reward, I allow more of my cock to sink into Cathie's asshole,

then start slowly and gently fucking in and out of her body. At the

same time, my finger is becoming more and more familiar with her clit.

The sexy odor becomes stronger and her liquid cunt becomes hotter.

"I'm wearing a white, see-through apron that covers my tits and my

thighs but there's nothing at the back but the bow where it's tied,"

Cathie continued breathlessly. "While I'm serving them supper on the

coffee table, all of them feel my bare bum. I can see you're watching

but you don't say anything about them feeling me up."

"Yes, go on," I said,  allowing my cock to slide up her ass to the root.

I began tickling the underside of her clitoris, which she seems to like.

"You tell me the supper isn't any good," said Cathie. "You tell me I

have to have a spanking. You pull me over your lap so everyone can see

my bare bum up in the air and you spank me...hard...for a long time.

You spank me and spank me."

Cathie's last sentence coincided with two deep thrusts of my cock,

in and out of her asshole. The month was July and I could feel that I

was soaked in sweat. Looking at Cathie's back, I could see perspiration

droplets blossoming through her white T-shirt.

"Does it hurt?" I asked softly, continuing to fuck her ass.

"Yesss," she answered. "It hurts and it burns and my bum is all red

and stinging. You just keep spanking me harder and harder until my whole

rear feels like it's on fire."

"Then what happens?" I asked.

"You push me down onto the carpet on my stomach and all three of them

stand over me and masturbate until they all come all over my ass and


At this point I had Cathie almost onto her stomach on the couch and I

was stroking in and out of her bottom with short, hard, angry strokes.

"Did you like that?" I asked "Did you like them coming all over you?"

"Yes, yes," she gasped. 

"Then what happens?" I wanted to know.

"Then one of them decides he wants to fuck my bum," she said clearly.

"They all push me head first over the coffee table and the one who wants

to fuck my bum gets behind me. He pushes his cock all the way up my ass

the first time and he starts fucking me. And it hurts."

"Do you like it?" I gasped, slightly out of breath.

"Yes. YES!" she said, fucking her ass onto my cock.

"Then what?" I whispered in her ear, my cock pistoning in her asshole.

I was very near to coming and I could feel Cathie was about to explode


"He fucks me and he fucks me and he fucks me," she breathed in rhythm

with our own fucking. "He fucks my bum and he fucks my bum and he fucks

my bum."

I'm sure my voice cracked when I said, "Yes???"

"After the first one comes in me, another one takes his place and he

decides to fuck my ass again."

"Mmmmppphhh," I said.

"Then the second one comes in me and the third one fucks me up the bum."

"And you like it," I prompted, about to come myself.

"Yes!" Cathie cried out.

"You like it," I said again.

"Yes, I like it, I like it!" Cathie cried out. "All of them fucking me

in my ass. I like it, I like it!"

I think I let go first, but it was close. As my cock was gushing come

up her ass, suddenly her asshole clamped down hard on my cock, squeezing

it tighter and tighter. I experienced spasm after spasm during the time

her anal canal had an intense grip on my cock. Eventually Cathie relaxed

and my cock lay, erect, like a wooden pole buried deep in her bottom.

When I returned to my senses, after minutes that seemed like eons,

I heard Cathie say, "Leave it up there, Goss. We'll watch Jay Leno,

then I'll tell you another fantasy, a better one."


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