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Archive-name: Dreams/carla.txt


Archive-title: Carla's Letter

Dear Lori,

    Well, babe, you said to write back quickly, so here it is.

Wow, you don't mess around, do you? 16 pictures! (Actually, I

hope you DO mess around. And I want to do it with you!) We could

argue over who has the better body, but why waste the time? Lori,

I'm going crazy over yours. Your tits are just the right size for

me, and your nipples look delicious. Now I'm looking at your ass

and wishing my lips were planting soft kisses all over your

cheeks. Do you like to have your ass kissed? Your first photo

hinted at the cuteness of your face, but it certainly didn't do

you any justice. And I REALLY like the photos of you oiled up,

too. You look so sexy that way. Wouldn't it be fun to get oiled

up together and make beautiful love? Oh what I'd give to rub my

body against yours!

   I know what you mean about typing with one finger. That's how

I typed the first letter I sent you. I think I write sexier that

way. Luckily, I have a computer, so I can go back and correct the

mistakes. But don't worry about yours. The mistakes show me how

excited you are. And I want you to be excited. Today I'm wearing

my Joni's Butterfly, so I can use both hands. But I can tell

already that I won't be able to make it through all of this

without an orgasm break.

   Yesterday was such a bummer for me. I found your anxiously-

awaited letter in my mailbox, but my husband and kids were around

all day. I wanted so much to spend time poring over your letters

and photos. And I had such a need to write to you. I was

constantly aware of the wetness between my legs. Finally, when

the kids were down for their nap, I told my husband I was going

to take one, too. He winked and offered to help, but I begged off

with fatigue. Then I locked myself in the bedroom and spent an

hour and a half masturbating over you. Lori, you've really

excited me! And don't worry about my husband. You primed me

pretty well for some rousing fun with him last night.

   I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to watch you bring

yourself to orgasm. It's nice to know someone else who admits she

appreciates masturbation as much as I do. You know how secretive

girls are about that. Even some of the bi girls I've known

wouldn't admit they masturbated. I'll never figure that one out.

You'd think that would be an easier taboo to overcome than

bisexuality. My college roommate and I use to sit in chairs

facing each other while we masturbated and talked dirty to each

other. That was always exciting to me. I like to watch my lovers

masturbate, and I was even fortunate enough to see a couple of

girls do it when they didn't know I was watching. Anyway, we'll

have to compare notes.

   I loved the story about you and Karen. It's fun to imagine it

happening. And it's fun to picture what you must have looked like

at 15. Probably because of my background, teenaged girls will

always turn me on. But enough of that. You were curious about my

first time.

   My first experience with sex of ANY kind was at fourteen. My

sister was sixteen, and she'd just returned from her first date.

(I think we started dating a lot later than you, Lori.) I'd been

curious about cocks for a couple of years, and I'd certainly felt

the empty, tingling feeling between my legs. But other than

squeezing my thighs together, I did nothing and knew nothing. And

I'd been envious of Kathy's big breasts for quite awhile, too.

(Mine were just little buds.) But I can't say I had any sexual

feelings for her or her breasts.

   At any rate, I'd lain awake waiting for her return because her

first date was exciting for both of us. Under the covers and in

the dark, she whispered all the little details. Unbeknownst to

me, however, she was playing with her pussy while telling me her

exciting story. All of a sudden, in the midst of the petting

"struggle" at the park, she stopped and was lost in her first

orgasm. I had no idea what was going on and was afraid that

something terrible was happening to her. She kept me from getting

Mom for help (Wouldn't that have been something!?), then told me

all about what had happened, how good it felt and what caused it.

   I tried. It felt nice enough, but it certainly wasn't a big

thing for me.

   Kathy came over to my bed to show me how. I still remember

every single second of that night, Lori, and the emotions each

one carried. The first touch of her fingers on my pussy was the

most glorious moment of my life. I soared. I loved it. And I can

feel those same feelings today as though it just happened. (I've

since learned that a man's touch is very different from a

woman's. I like the firm, strong touch of a man, but the soft,

sensual touch of a woman is special.)

   She told me how exciting it was to have a boy squeeze your

breasts (outside your clothes, of course!). As I became more and

more excited, I fondled the spongy orbs I'd envied for so long.

What a thrill: the softness, the fullness  and the obvious

pleasure it gave her. It seemed natural to kiss and suck them,

and I did both while I humped against her hand. Her big, hard

nipple was in my mouth when I moaned through my first orgasm.

That was the beginning, and I could write two pages on the

beautiful feelings of that first time.

   I really feel fortunate about all of this. Most of my friends

took years to learn how to orgasm. But with Kathy's hand and

words of encouragement and reassurance (I got scared when I

started to lose control) I was able to learn right away. Today I

orgasm easily and often. In college I became multi-orgasmic.

   We were two very horny young ladies, thrilled with discovery

and the wonderful, delicious feelings of being naughty. Over the

next few weeks we progressed to breast play, mutual masturbation

and finally pussy licking. I flipped out over having my pussy

licked. Kathy did it to me first, and I went through the ceiling.

I could hardly wait to return the favor. What a wonderfully

sensual feeling!

   Today I simply love to lie between a woman's thighs with the

smooth wetness of her cunt around my tongue and lips as I gaze up

between her breasts to watch her passion. At any rate, it was a

heady time. We were at each other every chance we could safely do

so. We thought up all kinds of games to play, and even

experimented with fruits and veggies.

   (I knew I was going to get in trouble, Lori. My pussy is

practically dripping with excitement. I've taken my shirt off to

sit on so I don't stain the chair. The vibrations are up on my

Butterfly, and I'm back to typing one-handed. My breasts and

nipples wanted too much attention. I'm afraid I may have to take

that orgasm break before long. This letter might take forever!)

   Our little brother was two years younger than I. (I guess he

still is, isn't he?) His cock had been a fixation for me ever

since I was twelve. I didn't know why. I just knew I was

constantly curious about it. When we were wrestling, I could

sometimes feel it--and sometimes feel it hard. I was forever

trying to catch him in the act of dressing or undressing so I

could see it. And I was always trying to spy on him when he was

in the bathroom. But he was always so private that I couldn't see

it--which, of course, made me want to see it all the more!

   As I began to develop, I began teasing him to see if I could

make it hard. I'd sit so he could see my panties or stand in

front of the light so he could almost see through my nightie.

Sometimes I'd leave my door open when I changed clothes, then act

surprised and mad when he saw me partially naked. Or I'd leave

the bathroom door cracked when I took a shower in case he wanted

to peek.

   It was exciting to watch his reactions. Part of the thrill was

testing out my powers as a young woman. It seems he had a hard-on

all the time, and I knew I frequently caused it. Sometimes I'd

stand outside his bedroom door and listen to him jerk-off. Of

course, I didn't know what he was doing, but it was something he

wasn't suppose to do. And that made it more exciting.

   (That's it. I can't take this any longer. Time for a break!)

   (Well, it's another day. One orgasm wasn't enough yesterday.

And after the second, I was too wiped out to continue. Today I

thought I'd try one of my soft dildos while I type. There's no

vibration, but I like the fullness. This is fun, getting naughty

with you, Lori.)

   Well, back to the story. After about six months of playing

around with each other, Kathy and I decided to get Scott. By then

she'd touched her boyfriend's cock when they'd made out, and

she'd told me all about it. I'd told her about Scott, too, so

we'd both been teasing him. And she told me what he was doing in

his room. One night Mom and Dad were gone, so we put our plan

into action. We really teased him that night while we watched TV.

We wrestled with him in our nighties so he could "accidentally"

touch us, and we really sat "sloppily." Then, when he went to

bed, we waited outside his door until we heard the bedsprings


   At that, we rushed in and turned on the light. Sure enough, he

was laying on his back, his hand wrapped around his little

pecker. You should have seen his face, Lori! At first he was

really mad at us, but Kathy got him calmed down and told him we'd

take all our clothes off for him if he'd show us what he was

doing. I was so hot from just seeing his cock that all I could do

was stand there and shake. God, it was so exciting! After we

watched him pump himself for awhile, Kathy said she'd let him

touch her breasts if she could touch his prick. I could take that

for only so long before I had to get into the act. Kathy showed

me how to jerk him off, and I made him shoot all over the place.

Now that I really loved! And at that age, of course, they never

get soft, so we kept playing until we heard Mom and Dad drive in.

   As long as we lived at home, the three of us had each other

for love, comfort and fun. Eventually we taught Scott how to play

with us and eat us, and we learned to suck him off. That's where

we drew the line, but we had hours and hours of loving fun. I

like to think Kathy and I taught Scott how to be a superior

lover, but I suppose I'll never know. Once each of us left home,

the subject never came up again.

   The only feelings I've ever had about all of that are Good and

Wonderful. I've read where incest is suppose to make people feel

dirty and become anti-social. It's hard for me to relate to that

because I did well in school, was popular and never felt dirty at

all. No one will ever convince me that what we did was wrong-- it

was too good to be bad. It brought us closer together, and

there's always been lots of love. Although we agreed to stop at

oral sex, I'll admit I wanted Scott in me very badly. I wanted

him to take my virginity; I still think it would have been better

and more loving if he had. But I'll admit I don't think about the

social issues anymore. I've spent half my life worrying about my

sexuality and the other half saying, "Who cares?"

   What I do in my bedroom is my business. I know I don't fit any

of the "This Is A Woman" molds. By any standard I've ever seen,

I'm definitely over-sexed. I have strong exhibitionist

tendencies, which fits the mold. But I'm also very visually

oriented, and have a strong voyeuristic streak, as well. That

doesn't fit the mold. Sexual guilt is almost foreign to me, and

I'm more drawn to adventure than security in sexual matters.

   So I don't know where I fit in, but I don't worry about it too

much. I know that other than the emptiness and loneliness of life

without a woman since I've been married, I've had a much richer,

fuller and happier sex life than most women ever will.

   That first incident with Scott began my life-long obsession

with cocks. I'm an inveterate crotch watcher, wondering what's

behind the zipper, what it looks like, how it feels and things

like that. Each size and shape has it's own special attraction,

but I love them all. I love the way they look, the way they feel

in me, on me and in my hand and mouth. I love their taste and

their texture. And I love their warm cum in my mouth or on my

face and breasts. One of my favorite fantasies is to be naked on

my knees, surrounded by 5 or 6 naked sixteen or seventeen year-

old boys. I could go around the circle, giving each a nice, long

suck; then lie back and watch them jerk off until they splash hot

cream all over my body. I know my chance of ever having that

happen is gone, but oh, do I love the fantasy!

   As bitter as I sometimes get with my husband's closed-

mindedness about bisexuality, I'm grateful for his understanding

of my love of cocks. Every once in awhile he arranges a 3-some

with another man. Have you ever done that, Lori? Those are such

wonderful times for me. The "discovery" of a new cock. Two cocks

to play with. And the devoted attentions of two men. I always

feel so female and so special. And I love my husband all the more

for it.

   Well, another book and still not enough questions asked of

you. I can't believe how good it feels to be able to talk like

this with someone. Maybe now that I've blurted all of this out we

can move on to a better correspondence.

   Write soon, Lori.

   Horny for you,



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