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Archive-name: Dreams/burt.txt


Archive-title: Burt

   Sometimes when I wake up with a hard-on and my wife is too sleepy to get

interested, I use a favorite situation to help me get off:

   I'm walking along a sunny beach by myself, wearing a string bikini that

hides nothing.  The cool air is blowing in from the water.  Suddenly I see a

beautiful woman lying face down on a towel behind a sand dune, out of the

wind.  She's wearing a very brief two-peice suit with practically nothing but a

g-string over her ass.  I walk over and talk to her.  When she raises herself

up, I realize she has unfastened the top of her suit so she can tan evenly, and

I can see all of her beautiful breasts.  They're big with rosy-brown tits

surrounded by pink dimpled circles.  She smiles at me and moves over to let me

share her towel.  I straddle her back with my hands cupping her breasts,

squeezing and massaging and pinching her nipples until they're hard and

engorged.  Of course my cock is bulging against my leg.  I slide under her and

mouth her tits, licking and nipping at them until she really starts to wiggle.

She slips off my briefs. Then I roll her over and kneel over her ready to do a

sixty-nine, but first I guide my long cock gently into her open mouth.  It's

really big and pulsing and alive with excitement.  She licks its throbbibg end

and I'm almost ready to spill my load.  But I hold off while I slide my lips

down her belly and untie her g-string.  I bury my face in her soft curly bush.

I can smell her cunt and can hardly wait to get into it, but first I let her

take my hard cock in her little hands and pull it deep inside her mouth where

she slides it up and down, moving the skin, while her nails rake and squeeze my

balls.  I'm nearly crazy by that time, wanting her.

   Finally, I get into her cunt and wow! it's everything I hoped for-- all

juicy and slippery.  I spread her legs as far apart as they'll go and just look

at that beautiful pink pussy before I come down onto it with my mouth.  I reach

out my tongue to lick around the soft lips and slide it in and out of her

private opening.  I kiss her little clit and nip at it while she squirms and

wiggles her ass around under me.  Then I really suck at her and I feel all Hell

break loose when my load comes off in her mouth and she heaves her ass up off

the ground and practically drowns me with her sweet juice.

   Finally, after sucking and licking her up, I turn back and cuddle her in my

arms and we go to sleep with the sun drying the sweat on our bodies.


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