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Archive-name: Dreams/beautdrm.txt

Archive-author: Jason Packer - July, 1993

Archive-title: What a beautiful dream...

I wrote this the other night, inspired by my girlfriend, who is away from me

for the summer.  I know it's not as kinky as some of the submissions to these

newsgroups, but I certainly hope a few of you out there like it.

I wake, and it's still dark.  You're still laying in my arms, snuggled up with

your body fully against me.  I glace groggily at the clock.  It's 3:38.  Seems

I'm always waking up right around 3:30, and regardless of how wildly we made

love the night before, or how little sleep I've been getting with you here with

me, I'm always horny.  Not that I mind.

This morning is no exception.  You're still asleep, so you don't really notice

the heat between us, and you certainly don't notice my insistent cock, pushing

between the flesh of your thighs.  As I grow more awake, I notice the distinctly

pleasurable sensation of being trapped between your thighs, and with a tiny

discrete movement, I'm pressed right up against the warm furry patch between

your legs.

Not wanting you to awake too soon, I very slowly begin to move my hips against

you, rubbing against your warm body.  The top of my cock rubs against the 

sensitive outer lips of your pussy, making you breathe a little harder, but

not awaken.  As my movements become a little faster, the moisture from between

your honeyed lips begins to lubricate my passage.  I move my hand around you, 

from where it had been holding you close to me, and reaches down to stroke your

clit, and play with the tender flesh at the top of your pussy.

With this more direct attention, you seem to wake.  A full fledged moan escapes

your lips and your hips begin to grind against me with a conscious effort.  I

recognise this sort of sleep-sex.  You never wake up that easily.  I grin as

I fondle you and slide myself against you.  Wanting to take you further, I pull

gently away from you and ease you onto your stomach, spreading your legs.

Your bare pussy now exposed to my attentions from behind, I let my finger tips

dance lightly against you, eliciting another moan.  Tips of fingers gently

push inside of you, wetting themselves.  Lubed up nicely, I push them into you,

a few millimeters deeper with each pistonlike stroke.  Gentle and slow.  Soon

I've got my middle finger buried to my palm, and I desperately want for you to

get going.  My motions become faster, and at one point, I stop to insert another

finger into you.

Soon, I'm levering my arm back and forth, plunging my fingers deeper and deeper

into you, and now, for sure, you're awake.  I know this because you're clawing

the sheets, slamming your cunt back against me with every stroke, and biting

the pillow to keep from screaming aloud and waking the neighbors.  I 

intersperse my thrusts with brief slowdowns and alternate between slamming 

into your pussy and twisting my fingers in half circles.  I then begin to feel

the tightening of the muscles in your tight tunnel.  I redouble my efforts at 

pushing my fingers all the way inside of you, and you finally let go and

scream in ecstasy.

I awake with the sounds of your screams still echoing in my mind.  I open my

eyes to find myself on my back with you between my legs.  You're looking up

at me, your eyes fairly glowing with triumph.  Dribbles of my cum are rolling

down your chin, and your lips are curled in a most satisfied grin.  It seems

that you finally got your wish.  For once, you woke up before I did, and got

to wake me up your way.


Send any commentary to me,


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