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Archive-name: Dreams/anatomy.txt


Archive-title: The Anatomy Lesson


I teach anatomy to medical students and nurses.  Although I

have never tried to seduce a student, I often have

fantasized about making love to one or more of my students.

The following is a story based on that fantasy.

I hear a knock on my office door.  As I open the door I am

greeted by the sight of two sensuous students, Tina and

Linda.  Tina is a brunette with large, dark, inviting eyes.

She has a slender figure, with small, firm breasts, a tiny

waist, and a nicely rounded ass.  Linda is a voluptuous

blond.  She has a beautiful face, framed by long blond hair.

Her figure flows from her abundant mammaries, to a slender

waist and then expands into her full, round ass.  Both these

freshman nursing students really fill out their student

nurse uniforms.  They both are freshman nursing students in

my anatomy class.  Unfortunately, neither of them are doing

well in the class.  I do welcome their presence in lecture,

because they wear short skirts to class.  Since the lectures

are given in a large ampitheater and these two do not keep

their legs together, I have a very nice view of their crotch

all during class.  I often have thought about screwing these

two, but no opportunity has presented itself.  That is until


"Hello Tina and Linda, What can I do for you?"

"Professor, we know that we are failing anatomy.  We want to

know if there is anything we can do to improve our grade in

your course.  Perhaps you could give us some special


"Well Tina, I think that special tutoring sessions can be

arranged.  After all, its still early in the semester

so you both still have time to raise your grade.  Both

of you come into my office and sit down."

As I begin my tutoring session, I explain to the girls that

they must come in twice a week for the remainder of the

semester to pass the course.  They quickly agree.  I ask

them some questions to break the ice:

"Tell me girls, how old are you?"

Tina replies "I'm 18."

"Me too." adds Linda

"Have either of you spent much time away from home before

coming to college?"

"No" and "No" are their replies.

"I realize that it is difficult being away from home for the

first time.  Tell me, are you comfortable discussing the

human body?"

"What do you mean?" asks Linda

"Are you embarrassed by talking about the human body?"


"Are you embarrassed by looking at the human body?"

"Sometimes." answers Linda

"Never" replies Tina.

"Are you comfortable with your own bodies?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," answers Linda.

"Linda, have you looked at your own body in the mirror?"

"Well, yes, everybody does that."

"How about you Tina?"

"Every chance I get," she replies with a smile.

"Linda, do you explore your body?  Do you caress your

breasts in front of the mirror?  How often do you play with

your pussy?"

"Now I am getting embarrassed, those things are personal,"

replies Linda.

Tina continues, "I play with my boobs every night.  I like

to masturbate when there is no one around to do it for me."

"Tina!!" says Linda, her face turning bright red.

"Tina, you seem to be quite experienced, how old were you

when you lost your cherry?"

"Oh I got laid for the first time when I was 13.  I've tried

to do somebody at least once a day since then."

"I say, you are quite experienced.  Linda, when did you lose

your virginity?"

"I've never done it.  I've just petted heavily with my

steady boyfriend."

"Well, he must be one fustrated fellow.  Well lets get on

with the lesson.  One of the most important aspects of

anatomy is surface anatomy.  Do you know what that means?"

Tina replies, "Isn't that the things we can see on the

surface of the body, without cutting it open?"

"Yes, Tina, but it also includes those things one can feel

on the body.  We need to pursue this further.  I have always

preferred a live body to a cadaver.  Tina, come over here."

As Tina comes over I'm tingling with anticipation.  She is

one sexy female.  The way her hips wiggle as she walks over

excites me further.  As she reaches me, I reach out and

begin to unbutton her student nurse uniform dress.  I finish

unbuttoning it and let it fall to the floor.  She is not

wearing a bra, so her beautiful, firm, small tits are

visible.  They stand out firm from her chest wall.  They are

creamy white, with pink areola and pink, erect nipples.

Obviously, she is getting excited by this, also.  I reach

down and remove her bikini panties.  She has a luscious

mound covered with black pussy hair.  Her thighs are slim

and firm.  She does a short bump and grind.

"What are you doing, professor?" asks Linda

"Linda, we need a body to study anatomy, Tina will be our

specimen, unless she has an objection."

"Sounds good to me." replies Tina.

"Linda, come over here and palpate Tina."

Linda comes over, I take her hand and touch it to Tina's

breast.  I help her fondle Tina's tits.  We stroke both tits

at once, moving her hand from the full breast out to the

nipple, lightly pinching each nipple between her thumb and

forefinger.  I move her hands from Tina's breasts down her

flat, soft stomach, down to her ass, where we squeeze her

cheeks, finally comming around to the front to feel her 

pussy.  Tina's pussy is dripping wet by now and Linda pulls

back at the touch of Tina's wetness.  "There is nothing

wrong with Tina being wet."  I assure Linda.  "Tina is

becoming aroused and her body is reacting normally.

Does this excite you Linda?"

"Well, yes it does, but I've only done it with just one

other before, much less group!"

"Try it you'll like it." answers Tina.

I reach out and unbutton Linda's uniform dress.  Tina begins

to remove my shirt and pants.

"Must you get undressed too, professor?" questions Linda.

"Of course I must, we need to look at a male body as well

as a female one," I reply.                                                                                                                                    Tina removes my pants and shorts.  My cock stands out straight.

"Looks like the prof is getting excited too." remarks Tina.

Linda gasps, "Oh my, I've never seen an erect penis."

Linda's dress falls falls to the floor.  I unhook her bra

and let her 38D tits fall out.  They are incredible.  Large

cream colored mounds, topped with pink areola and nipples.

I remove her panties and discover that she is a natural


Tina understands the nature of the tutoring session.  She

takes hold of my throbbing cock and begins to lick it.  She

gently licks the tip of my cock, working her tongue down the

shaft and back up.  She spends a few minutes licking the

underside of it which is very sensitive. 

Linda looks down at Tina with a puzzled expression on her face.

"I didn't know you could do that!" she says.

I explain that oral sex is very pleasurable no matter how you do

it.  I lay Linda down and part her legs.  I move my head

between her legs, looking at her inviting, virgin pussy.

I run my tongue along her inner thighs.  She gasps at the

first touch of a tongue on her flesh.  I move my tongue up

to her large cunt lips and gently stroke my tongue along the

length of each one.

She gasps again and pussy juice leaks from between her lips.

Tina has taken my cock into her mouth and is moving up and

down on it.  She is incredible, able to swallow my whole

penis.  When the tip rubs against the back of her throat it

sends tremors through my cock and body.  Tina rolls me over

on my back.  She climbs on top of me, takes hold of my cock

and guides it into the opening of her sweet cunt.  Then she

lowers herself down onto my shaft and begins to move up and


I position Linda so that I can eat her pussy.  I gently open

her large lips to reveal the pink flesh of her inner lips.

There is a small pink bulge where her clitoris is covered by

its hood.  I reach out with my tongue and lick her lips,

spending time on her hooded clitoris.  While I'm eating her

pussy, I reach up to fondle her gigantic tits.  They feel so

soft and firm.  The nipples have become hard now, standing

out from her mounds.  I push my tongue between her lips,

toward the opening of her cunt.  The sensations are

overwhelming.  Tina pumping up and down on my cock while I

eat lovely Linda's pussy.

A word about Tina.  Her cunt is wet, red hot, and tight.  It

almost strangles my cock.  The sensation of moving in and

out of her pussy drives me wild.  I turn Linda around so

that she can watch what Tina is doing to me.  Linda gasps,

and more pussy juice flows out of her wet cunt.  Tina

continues to pump up and down on my cock.  I stick my tongue

deeper and deeper into Linda's hot pussy, running up against

her cherry.  I lick her cherry and gently try and push my

tongue into it's opening to widen it for later.  Linda gasps

again, and I receive another face full of pussy juice.  My

cock is straining.  I want to come inside Tina.  The juice

starts to squirt from the end of my dick.  I can hold back

no longer.  Spasm after spasm flows through my cock.  The

juice leaks out of Tina's pussy.  Tina reaches down and

sticks her fingers in the cum.  She brings the fingers up to

her mouth and licks them.  She gathers up more cum on her

fingers and holds them over to Linda so she can lick the

juice off.  Linda hungrily licks the cum off Tina's hand.

Even though I just came, the sight of these two delicious

females makes my cock immediatley come back to life.  I roll

Linda over on her back.  I move between her legs, my hot

cock in my hand.  I position my penis at the opening of her

cherry pussy.  I press gently until it runs up against her

hymen.  I stop there, wrap my arms around her, give her a

big hug, while kissing her passionatly.  With one quick

thrust I push past her cherry.  I lie on top of her

motionless, my cock burried up to the hilt in her tight,

wet, and warm cunt.  I start to stroke in and out slowly.

Very slowly at first, then faster and faster.  Linda learns

this lesson fast, as she begins to hump back against me.

Tina moves so that her pussy is in Linda's and my face.  We

both reach out with our tongues and lick Tina's pussy.  We

taste the combination of my cum and Tina's pussy juice.

Tina must like what we are doing because she pushes herself

against us harder.  I'm pumping as fast and as hard as I can

inside of Linda.  She continues to moan and eat Tina's

pussy.  The screwing inside Linda seems to continue forever.

It's amazing how much longer it takes to cum the second

time.  All the more pleasure.  I feel the orgasm building in

my cock.  Linda and Tina are both moaning and screaming.  My

second orgasm erupts, overflowing beautiful Linda's cunt.  I

am spent.  The three of lie on my office floor holding

each other for a while.  I tell the girls that if they

continue to perform at this level, they will both get an "A"

for the course.  How about that and "A" for a "F___."  I

also tell Linda to stop frustrating her boyfriend.  We get

dressed and I tell the girls I'll see them the day after

tomorrow for their next anatomy lesson.



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