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Archive-name: Dreams/amy2.txt

Archive-author: Jim Long

Archive-title: Amy - Fantasy Fuck II

     As I promised here is another one of my fantasies about Amy

and me.

     After our last session Amy is even more friendly when no

one else is around.  I also think that she has quit wearing

panties because I don't see any pantie lines any more and some

times I even wonder if she is wearing a bra.  Like today.  Amy

is wearing a grey woman's suit with a blue and black stripped

silk blouse the front of which seems to move around a little

more than usual.  Its hard to tell since the suit jacket hides

her nipples which would show were she not wearing a bra.  Amy is

in a playful mood today.  Joking with everyone.  We had some

time during lunch for some conversation.  She usually eats lunch

out but didn't today because she had some extra work to do.

Some of the remarks she made would almost make a sailor blush.

At least it did her and me.

     We both end up working late again.  "This is getting to be

a habit," I said.  Amy just laughed and said, "We had better be

careful or people will start talking."  As if they already

hadn't, at least about Amy.  I am surprised when she says to me,

"How about coming to my place after work for a drink?"  I said,

"Sure.  We'll take your car and leave mine here.  That way no

one will see it at your place."  So we lock up the place and

head toward her apartment.  When we arrive Amy says, "Why don't

you kick your shoes off while I go get comfortable."  So I do

and prop my feet up on the coffee table.  She calls from the

other room, "What would you like to drink?"  "Got any hard

stuff?" I answer.  "I can mix us up something. I'll surprise

you.", was her response.  Well you could have you could have

knocked me over with a feather when she came back into the room

with our drinks.  She definitely got comfortable.  Amy was

wearing this almost transparent top and a pair of short shorts.

There was no question of what she was wearing under the top or

shorts.  That was NOTHING!  Her nipples were hard and strained

against the fabric of the top and the crotch of her shorts dug

into her cunt showing the bulge of pussy lips and crease of her

cunt slit.

     She hands my one of the drinks and says, "How do you like

it?"  I must have been starring at her breasts because I almost

spilt the drink and could just stammer, "Iiiits great." Amy

laughs and says, "No, I mean the drink."  Of course I hadn't

even tasted the drink yet.  We both laugh.  She sits next to

next to me and we sip the drinks and talk about work, life, etc.

The drink has its desired effect.  We both begin to relax,

except my cock.  The longer I looked at Amy's nipples making

little bumps in the front of that top and felt the heat of her

body near mine, the harder and harder my tool got.  And pretty

damned uncomfortable.  An erect 7 1/2 cock doesn't fit very well

in a tight pair of pants.  Especially if it's bent in the

middle.  I put my arm on the back of the couch and she slides

close.  Her breast is now pressed against my side.  The drink

must have had the same effect on her as it had on me.  I glance

toward her crotch and it looked as though a wet spot was forming

where the shorts disappeared between her legs.

     I got so uncomfortable that I just had to adjust the

position of my cock.  I sat my empty drink glass down and tried

not to be to obvious about moving my dick around in my pants.

As I reached for it she must have know what I was going to do

because she got there first and said,  "Let me help.  That must

sure be uncomfortable."  When she didn't take her hand away I

knew this was going to be another fantastic fuck session.  Of

course my cock only got harder and began to ache as she rubbed

it through the material of my pants.  I leaned toward her and

pulled her to me.  Our lips met in the most passionate kiss I

think I've ever had.  Her tongue found mine.  My free hand found

her breast.  Amy moaned as I gently lifted it and pressed my

thumb against the hard nipple.  We spent some time enjoying the

pleasure of the kisses and caresses.

     Soon I slid my hand under her top.  I wanted to feel the

soft flesh of her firm breast against my skin and the hot

hardness of her nipple against the palm of my hand.  With each

squeeze of her nipple Amy squeezed my cock.  The feel of my big

cock in her hand and my hand caressing her breast must have

really excited her.  Because the moans were louder and they were

coming from deeper in her throat than before.  I needed to get

at those tits so I pulled her top off over her head.  She let go

of my cock just long enough to let me peel the cloth away.  The

sight of those pink upturned nipples caused my tool to throb

even more and the ache was now spreading to my heavy balls.  I

pushed her down on the couch so that I now leaned over her.  My

lips brushed her neck as I made my way to her tits.  Her hands

were now in my hair guiding me to her hot nipples.  Slowly I

licked around her right breast making smaller and smaller

circles leaving a wet trail with my tongue as I worked my way

toward the first hard bud.  Amy's moans grew louder and louder

the closer I came to actually sucking it into my mouth.  With my

left hand I worked my way down across the smoothness of her

abdomen.  I worked my way under the elastic waistband searching

for her love mound.  When I felt the downy hair that covered the

upper portion of her cunt I knew for sure that she wasn't

wearing panties.  As I sucked her nipple into my mouth I pushed

my finger across her clit and into her cunt hole.  Amy had been

really hot because that was all it took to give her first orgasm

of the night.  But I knew that the night was still young and

there was more to cum.

     I moved to her other breast giving it the same treatment

and I continued to finger fuck that hot slippery tunnel.  She

moved her hips against the thrust of my finger saying, "Jim that

feels sooooo goooood!"  I got curious about how many fingers

would fit in her cunt since she had been able to accommodate my

big fat cock which is 7 1/2 inches long and 2 inches across

(that's almost 6 inches around).  So I inserted a second finger

twisting my hand as I pushed it in.  It was snug at first but

she was able to relax her cunt mussels and with her juices

flowing as they were I was able to finger fuck her as fast and

hard as before.  With each thrust of my hand Amy moaned, "Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!"  She pulled harder against my head forcing more of

her tit into my mouth.  I stabbed her nipple with my tongue

forcing another moan from her lips.  I felt her cunt grasp my

fingers in another orgasm.  I couldn't believe how tight she

could make that hole.  I knew that once my cock was buried to

the root between those pink lips that I would again enjoy the

fuck of my life.

     When Amy came down from that last orgasm she realized that

my cock had not yet received the same satisfaction that her

pussy had enjoyed.  Getting up from the couch she pushed her

shorts to the floor.  Stepping out of them she said, "Lets go to

my bedroom."  I got a glimpse of the dark fur on her mound just

before she turn toward her bedroom.  I followed her to her bed

watching the movement of her ass as she walked my cock throbbing

like it never had before.  Amy sat on the edge of the bed

drawing me to her.  She reached for my belt buckle and undid it.

As she pulled down my zipper she said, "Let me see what you have

hiding in here."  Though this was not the first time she had

seen my tool she gasped at the size of it.  She began to stroke

it back and forth pulling the foreskin off the head of my shaft.

She squeezed my iron hard rod but her hand still didn't even go

all the way around.  I made fucking motions with my hips as she

stroked the skin of my cock.  Each time she slid her hand to the

base grunting noises came from me.  I knew I wouldn't be able to

withstand much of this treatment.  I said, "Baby, if you keep

that up I'm going to cum all over your tits."  She looked up at

me with an impish grin and slid off the bed.

     My cock hit her right on the cheek.  I couldn't believe

what she was about to do.  Most women would not have thought of

attempting to suck my cock because of its size.  Amy backed away

just enough to allow her to slide her tongue around the head of

my tool.  I moaned and tried to push toward her mouth but her

hand was at the root of my cock holding me back.  She was

enjoying the torture that she was putting me through.  My cock

throbbed in her hand and every time she licked that sensitive

spot on the underneath side of my cock head it jump in response.

She continued to tease me until I moaned, "Ohhhhh, Amy.  Please

suck my cock.  My cock and balls hurt.  I need to cum!"  With

that she open her mouth and her lips slid over the head of my

cock.  I almost came right then and there.  I felt the cum

boiling up out of my heavy balls.  But I was able to hold it

back.  Amy lowered her head and more of my meat slipped into her

small mouth.  Her lips stretched as they reached the widest part

of cock and she gaged a little as my dick head tickled the back

of her throat.  I have to give her a lot of credit very few

women ever get past taking the head of my tool into their mouths

and here she was going for the hole thing!  She relaxed her

throat and press her head even lower.  Damn!  That was tight and

she had about 6 inches of my meat going down her throat.  I

didn't get a chance to see if she could take all 7 1/2 inches of

it.  I lost it.  My cum boiled out of my cock into her throat.

She gaged at first, not expecting me to blow my load so soon,

but she was able to swallow every spurt of my cum.

     My cock began to soften in her mouth but she had other

ideas.  She reached for my heavy balls and gently messaged them.

First pulling, then gently squeezing, then rolling them around

in my hair covered nut sack.  With her other hand she stroked my

tool and every so often she took all of it into her mouth and

suck it increasing its size each time.  I didn't give much hope

for a quick recovery because it usually takes me a little time

to get a second hardon.  That's why I make sure that my lover

gets at least a couple of good climaxes in before I shoot my

load.  Amy's hands and mouth worked magic.  It didn't take but a

few minutes of this treatment for my meat log to begin to

harden.  Of course I played with her tits all the time she was

working on my cock.  I realized that they were very sensitive

and a guy who would give them a little extra attention could

really get Amy's juices going.  As soon as my cock was hard

again she slid up on the bed spreading her legs so I could look

directly into her honey hole.  I'm no mind reader but any idiot

could see that she wanted to be fucked.

     I wanted to screw that pussy more than anything but I had a

different position in mind.  I said, "Get down here and put your

ass in the air.  I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are."

She must have been in heat because I've never seen anyone move

so fast.  Her ass was in the air right in front of my big cock.

I looked at her pussy and saw that her cunt lips were all puffy

from her arousal and shiny from the honey that had dripped from

it.  I took hold of my tool and stroked it up and down the

length of her slit from her anus to her clit pausing there each

time to give it some extra attention.  She purred and tried to

push back onto my cock as it crossed her hole but I controlled

the situation by pulling away as she moved her ass back toward

my cock.  I tease her for a long time.  Her cunt juice covered

my cock and dripped onto the bed.  She began to whine with the

want of penetration.  She wanted her honey hole filled by my

meat log.  Amy moaned, "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!  I WANT YOUR COCK!" So

I put the head of my tool against her pink hole and pushed just

the head into her.  She held her breath thinking more was coming

but I held back.  When she realized what I was doing she tried

to ram my cock deep by shoving her ass back at me but I knew

what she was about to do and moved the same time she did.  There

we were with only the head of my dick still in her.  She


I grasped her hips and eased another inch into her.  It was hard

to hold back but I wanted her to cum before all of my meat was

buried to the root in her fuck hole. She thought that she was

going to finally get what she wanted but instead of pushing more

into her I pulled all but the tip out.  She cried, "NOOOOOO...

but just then I shoved 3 inches into her cunt.  Even thought

this was the second time I had fucked her I still couldn't get

over how tight and hot she was.  She tried for more and I

allowed about half of my cock to slip in.  I began to stroke in

and out of her hole and watched how the lips of her pussy clung

to my meat.  Being pushed inward as I pushed in and stretched

outward as I pulled away.  She knew that I was giving her only

half of my cock and begged me for all of it by whimpering,

"More, please more.  Give me all of iiiittttt."

     Finally even I couldn't take it any more.  I pulled all but

the tip of my hard shaft out of that hot juice dripping cunt.  I

increased my grip on her hips and rammed every inch of my

throbbing aching tool into her fuck hole.  She screamed as if in

pain.  I thought I had hurt her but then I felt her cunt squeeze

my iron shaft.  It was then that I realized that her scream was

not because I had injured her but was because of the sweet pain

of yet another orgasm.  I didn't wait for her climax to subside

but began fucking her in earnest.  Stroking my cock all the way

in and all the way out.  Deep hard strokes my heavy balls

slapping against the top of her cunt.  My tool hitting bottom on

every stroke.  Getting animalistic grunts from her with every

thrust.  The cum began to boil in my balls and work its way to

the base of my aching tool.  I could hold it back no longer.

Cum squirted from my cock.  She felt it too.  My mind detached

itself from all my body except my cock.  I became one huge tool

filling her with my hot cum.  I could feel the heat of my cum as

it flowed around my cock oozing out of her full hole and onto my

balls.  The heat of my cum spurting into her forced her over the

edge into another orgasm.  We both collapsed onto her bed my

cock still buried and her cunt still milking my meat for all it

could get.

     We dozed for a while being awakened only by noise from a

neighboring apartment.  As much as I wanted to spend the night

with her I had to leave.  We both had work the next day and it

wouldn't do for me to be seen leaving her apartment in the

morning.  We dressed and we gave each other a long knowing kiss

good night.  She took me back to my car.

     Amy, what a gal.  If only I could share my tool with her

one time outside of this fantasy world.  It would be a dream cum

true.  In my fantasies we have may such times together.  Got to

go now.  Writing this gave me another hardon which I will

relieve while I think of Amy.

     Another story for another time.



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