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Archive-name: School/teazed.txt

Archive-author: Geo. "Bud" Sanders

Archive-title: Shelley the Teaser


  **From the PANTY-TEASERS files : (8-14-90)


Uncle Bud writes of his days as a college instructor, the

teasing he's encountered, and his enjoyment of it.  He tells of

women who enjoy making men hard and aching with just the

right flash of smooth leg and a glimpse of prettily pantied

crotch; and the power they hold over a teaser-loving man.



I've heard a lot of guys complain about women who'll carry on in

a manner that will cause your cock to stiffen up real hard, but

then not take things any further than putting a good ache in

your balls and a swelling in your joint.  Well some men may not

like it but I appreciate a good prickteaser.  There really is a

fine art to real prickteasing, and a woman who knows that art

can make a guy like me want aching balls.


When I have the good fortune to spend anytime in the company of

a prickteasing woman, I'm always most appreciative.  I don't

mind having to eventually leave their nasty presence with aching

balls and a throbbing hard prick.  I know I'll be pumping the

cream right out once I get into private, remembering the fine

display they've given me.


Although I'm recently retired, I was an instructor at a nearby

junior college a couple of years ago.  Oh what hot little

teasers those co-eds can be.  In their fashionable short skirts

and high-heeled pumps - why I can't even begin to count the

number of times I'd be sitting behind my desk at the front of

the room, feeling the aching frustration in my swollen prick and

balls, as I looked out at one or two of the female students in

short skirts sitting in the front row.


There were many times when I'd wonder if any one of the smooth

legged young women would realize what she was showing me as she

wiggled her firm, round ass in the seat to get comfortable,

opening her legs just wide and long enough for me to get a peek

at her pretty little panty covered crotch.  I would sit behind

my big wood desk, where no one could see the hard bulge in my

slacks, and watch for skirt wearing co-eds as they walked into

the classroom.  I would often pretend to be busy reading,

holding a book or paper up, when I was actually watching those

provocatively dressed young women lowering themselves into their

desks.  Jesus!  Just thinking back to that time now gets my rod

aching and throbbing in a way that I'm sure would make any hot

little prickteaser extremely proud of her talents and powers.


Yes indeed, sitting there at the front of the room afforded me a

view that I knew could almost always get me a little peek up

their short tight skirts.  Oh, the joys of working with eager

young students!  There were many class periods when I didn't

dare leave my desk because of the extremely conspicuous bulge

those shapely legged, and prettily pantied youngsters produced

in my pants.


Lucky for me, my office was adjacent to my classroom.  After

class, when all the students were out of the room, I'd rush to

my office, lock the door behind me, and pull out my engorged

prick.  I would indulge myslef in a vigorous session of fantasy

and "tool polishing" that always led to shooting my load in a

big way. I'd imagine myself with one of those sexy little co-eds

in my office.  She'd lean over my desk, pull her tight little

skirt up around her slender waist, and jut her firm, round,

pantied ass towards me, telling me I could rub my prick against

it if I'd promise to let her pass the next class exam. Oh, I'd

be pumping my stiff prick, picturing myself rubbing it against

her hot ass.  Yes, those sexily dressed young women inspired

many a draining jerk-off session in my old office there.


But one day, those fantasies became a reality.  I'd just entered

my office after the class ended when I heard a light, feminine

knock at the door.  When I opened it, there stood Shelly Owens,

one of the fantasy-inspiring students.  I had spent much of the

earlier class hour stealing peeks at her long, smooth legs,

encased in sheer black stockings accenting each delicious curve.

They were displayed so prettily below a short and tight emerald

green skirt and atop black stilletto heels.  Yes, you can bet I

was getting all the peeks I could that afternoon as Shelley and

the class worked on an essay exam.  She asked if she could

talk with me about the exam, so I invited her in.


I sat at my desk and invited her to have a seat in the only

other chair in the room that sat beside the desk.  As she sat

she wriggled her firm round ass into the seat cushion and

crossed her long legs in a slow provocative manner.  She began

by telling me that she was concerned that her grades in my class

were very poor and that she wanted to find a way to improve



It took all my energy to keep from simply staring at her sexy

legs, so close and so beautifully sexy.  I began to tell

her that studying was really the only way she was going to

improve her test scores.  She told me she did study but still

wasn't able to remember everything she read.  As she spoke she

let the shiny black pump slip from her heel and dangle on her

toes.  I couldn't help but look glance down quickly to catch a

peek at her legs and that sexily dangling `FM' pump.  Needless

to say, I could feel my penis stiffen and rise in my slacks

instantly, causing a growing bulge that I covered with my folded



"Aside from referring you a student tutor, Shelly, I'm not sure

there's anything I can, uh ..." I lost all train of thought as

she uncrossed her legs in a slow and deliberate manner, giving

me a flashing peek up her tight skirt, and causing me to stop

abruptly in mid-sentance.  I saw that she wasn''t wearing

pantyhose, but stockings with garters.


She smiled at me innocently, looking very attentive, waiting for

me to go on.


"I, uh, was saying," I began again, trying to regain the

composure I was losing under the sweet view of her deliciously

long legs, "I, ummm, don't know of anything else that could be

of help."


As I spoke I noticed that she was looking at my hands folded

over my lap.  I felt suddenly nervous that she was noticing my

growing erection, and fell silent again.  She settled back into

the chair, wriggling her bum again as if getting more

comfortable, which caused her skirt to raise an inch or two up

her thighs.


"Is everything alright, Mr. Sanders," she asked innocently as

she lingeringly recrossed those long lovely legs, letting her

skirt slide higher up her smooth thighs, "You seem a bit



"I-I'm f-fine," I managed to say, "J-just fine, Shelly.  Now

about improving your grades..." I began when her dangling pump

dropped from her slender foot to the floor with a loud thump,

derailing my train of thought as I tried to keep from staring at

her feet and legs.


"Oh, Mr. Sanders," she smiled, "I'm sure there's something I can

do to help my grades, don't you?"


Saying that she leaned down and with one hand slipped her

high-heel back onto her foot.  As she sat back up she let her

red nailed fingers lightly trail up her leg, stopping at her

skirt hem and toying with it.


"There's just got to be a little something we could arrange that

would most definitely raise my grades," she said nonchalantly,

then added with a teasing smile, "raise my grades and other



She ran her hand across her bare thigh, over her knee, then back

up to the skirt hem and began talking in a low throaty voice as

she looked at me, "I've learned that I have certain assets, you

might say, that are appreciated by particular kinds of people,

Mr. Sanders."


She continued stroking her thigh as I sat spellbound at the

sight and words.  She continued, "Yes, Mr. Sanders, I believe

there is a little something I can do - a little something we can

work out that will be beneficial for both of us."


She stood and stepped with slow provocative steps towards me.

Standing in her stilletto heels near me her legs seemed to go on

forever and she appeared to tower above me.


"When it comes to taking tests, I may not be outstanding," she

turned so that she faced the desk, giving me a profile view of

her standing an arm's length away, and placed both hands on the

desk top, leaning forward and flexing her legs atop those high

nasty heeled shoes, "But when it comes to my legs," she turned

her face to me and smiled as she jutted her firm, high ass out,

"I've been told I'm very outstanding!  Alot of men like my legs,

Mr. Sanders.  I've known that for several years now.  Do you

like my legs, sir?"


I couldn't speak at that point, but only shake my head yes.


"Mmmmmmm," she murmured as if very pleased with my admission,

then added, "I'll bet you do, Mr. Sanders.  I'll bet you like

them enough to reward me if I were to give you a special little

leg show here in your office - no touching, just looking.  Do

you think that then my grades would improve, sir?"


Again I shook my head yes, and managed a hoarse, "Of course,

Shelly, of course it will improve them."


She turned slowly and perched herself up on the desk.


"I'm going to give YOU a test now, Mr. Sanders.  I saw you

looking at my legs today in class, trying to peek up my short

skirt.  Can you tell me what color panties I'm wearing today,

sir?" she asked teasingly, "If you guess right, Shelly will let

you see them.  Would you like that, Mr. Sanders - I do fit them

rather well, sir."


She smiled coyly and winked, as her hands played lightly across the

tops of her thighs.


"I'll give you a little hint, they're a wickedly nasty color,"

she giggled and continued running her hands across her legs.


"Well, Shelly," I began.  My stiff prick was throbbing and

aching in my pants.  The anticipation was painfully delicious.

"I'd have to guess black Shelley - you're wearing black



"Oh, Mr Sanders, you're right.  Now I'm gonna let you see



Placing a hand on each knee, she spread her legs and let me look

up those long smooth sexy thighs, into her tropical valley of

delights.  Sure enough, her mound was snuggly covered with black

sheer nylon panties.  I could see her neatly trimmed bush

through the thin fabric.  She tugged up slightly on her skirt to

afford me a better view.


"Remember," she whispered, "you can look but you can't touch."

She slipped her hand into her those sheer panties.  Her fingers

moved in a rhythmic motion inside her black panites and she ran

her wet pink tongue across her full red lips.  She looked into

my face and commanded me.


"I'll bet you're really stiff down there in your lap, aren't you

Mr. Sanders?"


I nodded yes.


"Pull your pants down, Mr. Sanders - pull 'em down and let me

see how hard I've made you.  Oh gosh, Mr. Sanders, did I cause

that?  Its so big and sooo hard!"


I nodded again.  My stiff cock bobbed, pointing straight out

towards her.  Out of habit, and before I realized it, I took

ahold of it with one hand, absent mindedly giving it a long



"That's right Mr. Sanders, show me how you work that big stiff

thing.  Yeah, stroke it and make it squirt for me.  Come on now,

I know you can do it - now, stroke it and make it squirt for



As if in a trance of horniness, I did as she said and began to

earnestly run my hand up and down the length of my prick.  In

turn, she licked her pouty lips and moved her fingers within her

panties in time to my strokes.


"I'll bet that feels good, doesn't it Mr. Sanders?" she said

with a throaty whisper.  "I'll bet your big bloated balls are

aching to unload."


I managed to say yeah as I stroked, running my hungry eyes from

her diddled crotch, down her fine legs, and back up again.  I

could feel my cum churning in my balls, preparing to blast.


"Stop!" she said suddenly, pointing at my cock with her free hand.

She then motioned to me, pointing to a spot on the floor right


"Kneel down here, right here in front of me so I can see ... and

you can see me."


Still holding my rod in my hand, I slipped from the chair to

the floor, and on my knees, walked to her.  I could clearly

smell her woman scent and hear the sound of her fingers

sloshing in and out of her soaking wet pussy.


"Now," she instructed, "jerk it again.  I wanna' see you cum -

I wanna' feel you cum on my legs."


I didn't need any more encouragement.  With those words I was

just few fast strokes from shooting my wad.  My balls tightened.

My strokes became faster as the point of coming approached.


"NO, stop," she commanded again.  I followed her words.

She kept finger fucking herself as I kneeled there, no more

than ten inches from her.


After about a minute, she told me to do it again.  I resumed.

She was making me jerk-off as I kneeled between her legs!

She watched me as she continued frigging herself atop my desk,

directing me to stoke myself harder, or to stop when I was just

about to shoot my load.  All the while she had her hand in her

silky little panties, sliding her shiny wet finger between the

swollen cunt lips and slipping her fingers up to twirl her rigid

little clit.


She teased and taunted me, asking if I'd like to rub my

throbbing, sensitive cockhead between her swollen, wet pussy



"Oh yes, Shelly, yes I would!"


She lifted her wetted fingers to her mouth and licked her own

juices as she told me, "That's too bad, Mr. Sanders because I

just can't let a dirty ol' man touch my young, sweet quim ...

and it is sweet Mr. Sanders, very sweet and rich."


When she said that I began working my tool in fast short pumps.

But she made me stop again.  She had me lick my fingers and

just use one finger tip and rub the cock tip lightly as she

alternated between taunting me and asking me if I liked to watch

her teasing display.  This went on for at least forty-five

minutes as she became more and more aroused with her self

stimulation and control over me.  Finally with a heave and

shudder she rubbed her hand fiercely against her cunt and came.


With her eyes half open and breathing shallow she commanded me,

saying, "Jerk it, jerk it real good!"


I could feel the cum churning in my balls as they tightened

anad readied to blast my pearly cream.  She could tell I was

about to blow my load and she told me to shoot it on her legs.

I crawled closer, still stroking my prick, and aimed it at her

smooth tanned calves.  The dirty talk she made, the sight of her

sexy legs and her pussy play, and the short rapid strokes I gave

myself all combined to make my cock erupt with long blasts of

thick, sticky ball juice across her legs.


Yes indeed - I blasted in a big way. When I unloaded, it felt

like my balls had turned inside out from the intense surges she

inspired.  The long strings on sticky white cum were running

down her tanned legs when I looked up.  She reached down and

rubbed my pearly ball-cream into her stockinged legs.  The white

jizz shone brightly against her black nylons.  Then as I watched,

she unclasped her stockings from the garters holding them up,

rolled them down her long smooth legs.  She slipped off her

pumps, slid the stockings from her pretty feet, and tossed the

cum soaked nylons onto my desk.


"Well Mr. Sanders, " she smiled, "I expect this little session

will help my grades immensely.  Wouldn't you agree?"


I shook my head yes, as I remained kneeling on the floor with my

rapidly wilting prick in my hand.  She slid her feet back into

those nasty high-heeled pumps, stood, smoothed her sexy skirt,

then stepped to the door.


"I'll see you before the next exam," she said, winked, then closed

the door behind her.



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