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Archive-name: School/teachme.txt

Archive-author: Plato

Archive-title: Some Girls Need Private Lessons.

  Bill had been teaching freshman biology for only four years now, but he 

knew exactly what type of student Kristen Parker was.  She would show up for 

her appointment promptly at five, despite the fact that she hardly ever showed 

up for class.  She would tell the story about the dead grandmother, and expect 

to be given an A.  But the fact remained, she failed the first exam.  

     He wondered what they had been teaching these kids in high school.  It 

seemed that by the time you got to college you would be able to handle a 

little upset in life(assuming of course the upset was for real, and it seldom 

was).  It was a tough situation.  These were potentially good students, but 

they failed.  He could offer a makeup exam, but she would probably fail that 


     Kristen got to the door of Professor Ludlow's office a few minutes early, 

and she stood in the hall trying to compose herself.  She knew it was her own 

fault that she failed the exam, you have to expect that sort of thing when you 

don't go to class.  But this was something she did not know if she could 

handle.  she had heard about other girls who got stuck like this.  She needed 

to pass biology in order to join the sorority in the fall, but there was no 

way that Professor Ludlow would tutor her long enough so she could catch up.  

He would however offer to pass her if she could do a little extra credit.  He 

was after all a man, and all men ever think about is sex.  God she was 

frightened.  The closest she had come to sex in her eighteen years was the 

time back home with her cousin Bobby.  He let her touch his "thing", as he 

called it, and wanted her to make it "squirt".  She was curiose to see and 

feel his cock, and did kind of enjoy it when he came, but that was it.  How 

would she react when this grown man told her he wanted to fuck her?

     Bill heard a tap on the door, and he told her to come in.  Kristen was 

dressed in typical coed style.  White sweat pants that were much to tight, and 

an oversized white sweat shirt with a gold kitten decal, pink and whit LA gear 

sneakers and pink ankle socklets.  Her dark black hair was teased up into a 

strange configuration that must have utilized half of a can of mousse.  Bill 

found something about her attractive, but he didn't know what.  He thought 

perhaps it was the way her breasts stood up so firm and round under the soft 

fabric of her shirt.  Well, whatever it was, she was too young, not to mention 

a student.  Bill caught himself, and stood to great her.

     She couldnt believe it.  Up till this point she thought it was just her 

imagination, and in a few minutes she would be laughing at her ridiculus 

fears.  But it was happening.  She walked in the door, and the first thing 

this pervert did was stare at her tits.  She felt a short involutary tremble 

pass over her as he touched her shoulder and showed her to a chair.  He was 

old enough to be her father, and he was staring at her tits.

     "Well", Bill began,"I believe the reason you have asked to see me is your 

last exam grade.  I believe you scored a ten."

     "Yes, that's why I came.  My other grades this semester are fine, but bio 

is just so hard, so much memorization."

     "Well, I think you would find a little understanding goes a lot further 

than memorization.  Understanding, incidentially is what I try to dispense in 


     Bill waited.  His last words set her back a bit, and she had to regroup.  

He could tell that she was quite suprised to discover that he had noticed her 

absence in such a large class.  He knew that she was formulating the dead 

grandmother story

     " I'm really sorry that I missed so many classes.  I was sick a few 

times, and...  I don't know what else to say.  I have to pass this course, or 

else I won't be able to get into the sorority."

     He was impressed.  It was not the whole truth, but it certainly did 

contain some elements of the truth.  He thought for a moment.  She was not so 

far gone that with a little bit of extra help she couldn't pull a C for the 

rest or the course.  The problem was the first exam.  Maybe if she would do 

some sort of a research peper, an extra credit assignment.  Why she might even 

learn some things the others in the class wouldn't.

     "Is there anything I could do to pass this course?"

     "Well",Bill replied, "There is a way I could give you a passing grade, 

but you will have to work for it, and I don't think you'll like it."

     Bill was compleatly unprepared for what happened next.  Kristen stood up 

in front him , a determined look in her eye.  He thought she was going to 

claim that no amount of work was too much,  and in a way she did.

     "I know what you want me to do", Kristen said "You want me to be dirty 

for you.  You want to Fuck me, don't you.  You want me to fuck your brains 

out, and maybe even put your cock in my mouth."

     Bill was about to protest.  He was shocked, and wanted to assure her that 

he meant no such thing, but before he could, he noticed that she was smiling.  

He was very confused by the situation, and now to make matters worse, he felt 

his Cock begin to stir.

     " Well It's O.K.", Kristen continued," I'll let you do it. I'll be dirty 

for you.  Oh, I see you dick is already hard.  Lets see how hard it gets."

     She took the bottom edge of her sweat shirt in either hand, and slowly 

pulled it over her head.  If Bill had any chance of stopping her, it was gone 

now.  She was wearing a yellow and black striped ribbed tank top, and he could 

clearly see the impression of her nipples.  He could not believe how firm and 

round her breasts looked, even though she was not wearing a bra.  She smiled 

at him, and repeated the same slow removing action with the tank.  As she 

peeled it off, he saw first her smooth white stomach, then, the first sign of 

her breasts showed beneath the trailing edge of the shirt.  Finally, after 

what seemed like hours, Her breasts fell free of the confining shirt.  He was 

amazed at the size of them on a girl so young, and small of stature.  They 

were creamy white, with dark brown nipples that were quite erect.

     "Do you like Kristen's boobs?", she asked.  "Does the teacher want to put 

his hard cock between Krissy's tits?"

     He couldn't answer, only nod his head. He was compleatly enthralled by 

her.  She bent over in front of him and began to untie her sneakers.  He 

admired the way her tit's hung down when she was bent over.  She took off one 

sneaker, and then the next. She put the sneakers down on his desktop, and 

turned her back to him.  She bent over again, thrusting her ass practically 

into his face.

     "Do you like my ass?  Touch it for me teacher, squeeze my ass." 

     He reached out with one trembling hand and caressed her soft ass through 

the fabric of her sweat pants.  She straightened up a bit, and began to slowly 

peeled out of her pants.  She revealed a yellow and black pair of bikini 

panties that matched the now discarded tank top.  The fabric had ridden up the 

crack of her ass, and he could clearly see both of her butt cheeks.

     He glanced over at the desk and saw her sneakers sitting there. e picked 

one up, and looked at it.  He was suprised by how small it was, how light.  

Bill held the sneaker under his nose, and breathed in.  There was an enticing 

aroma that was not unpleasent. They were relatively new sneakers, and he could 

still smell leather.

     Kristen was making quite a show of rubbing her ass cheeks in front of 

him.  She couldn't believe it, but she was starting to enjoy teasing him like 

this.  It was as if something deep inside her was awakening.  She stood up and 

turned around to see that Proffessor Ludlow had picked up one of her sneaks, 

and was licking the inside of it, while his free hand was kneading at his 

cloth imprisoned cock. 

     "You like little girl's shoes", she purred,  "do you like Krissy's shoes, 

do you like my toes?"

     She sat in the chair across from him.  She was now dressed only in 

panties and her pink socklets.  She lifted one leg and waived her foot in 

front of his face.

     "Take off my sock for me.  Come on, peel it off my foot."

     Bill never really considered himself to be a man with a foot fetish,  but 

then again he never considered himself the type to let eighteen year old girls 

strip for him. He looked up at her, and saw those tits.  My god they were 

great jugs.  If she left right now he would be content to jerk off, imagining 

his cum landing on those young soft tits.  As he began to peel the sock off, 

she slid her other foot up his leg and into his lap.  He felt her sliding it 

up and down the length of his now ridgid cock.  He peeled the sock all the way 

off to reveal the most beautiful set of toes he had ever seen.  Each one was 

tiny and rounded, almost bulblike.  Each toenail was meticulously painted a 

brite pink. Although he found it strange, and almost perverted, he knew he 

would have to taste her little pink toes.

     "Go ahead, suck them.", Kristen said,"Suck my toes."  And suck he did.  

It was strange to feel his warm mouth on her foot, to feel his wet toungue 

circling each toe.  She felt herself getting wet between her thighs.  She also 

noticed a dark stain spreading on his pants.  It was only precum, but she 

didn't want him to come yet.  She took her foot from his mouth, and dropped it 

to his lap to replace the other.  She made a show of slowly peeling off the 

remaining socklet, and tossing it over her shoulder.  She knew that he could 

be made to cum now, and that would be her grade, but she wanted something out 

of it too.

     She stood up and pearched herself on the edge of his desk.  He spun his 

chair around, and found himself eye level with the crotch of her panties.

     "I never had my pussy eaten." Kristen revealed.  "Could you please eat 

me, pleeeese."

     Bill knew that the pleases were a fake, but he didn't care, She arched up 

off her bottom, and let him pull off her panties.  Bill couldn't believe what 

lay before him.This beautifull eighteen year old coed was lying naked on his 

desk, and was begging him to eat her pussy.

     "Go ahead, eat my slit", she said.  "I want to feel your toungue in my 


     She took her fingers and parted her beautifull pink lips.  Her cunt was 

compleatly shaved, except for a small tuft of dark pubes at the top.  Bill 

bent foreward, and enhaled the sweet smell of her pussy.  he kissed around her 

lips, a few times, and then slid his toungue into her tangy wet hole.  She 

bucked her hips, and rammed her cunt into his face. " Ohhh yeess", she cried, 

"Eat me, eat my cookie.  Oh, make me cum on your face." She came almost 

immediately, as he furiously lapped her delicious young slit.

      Kristen's whole world exploded, then surged back together, only to blow 

up again.  She had never orgasmed before, and couldn't believe what she had 

been missing.  As soon as the last  wave shook her body, she knew that she 

wanted his cock.

     She led him to the center of the office, and made him lie down on the 

carpet. She took his shirt off, and then his pants. He lie there in only his 

underpants.  She straddled his shins and bent over towards his waist.  Making 

a big act of getting his waistband with her toungue, she grabbed it with her 

teeth, and began to pull his underwear down.  As soon as his cock sprung free 

of its prison, she dropped the waistband from her mouth in suprise.  It wasn't 

that Bill had such a monster cock, but that she had never seen a grown man's 

cock before.  She pulled the Underwear off the rest of the way with her hands, 

and knelt next to him.  She took his cock in her right hand and began to 

slowly slide her fist up and down it.  Bill groaned in pleasure.  She looked 

up at him and smiled.

     "The teacher has such a nice hard cock", she said in a very breathy 

voice.  "Krissy wants to suck the teachers cock."

     Bill smiled in agreement. 

     "I never had a cock in my mouth.", she said, speaking to his dick.  Oh, I 

want to suck this soooo bad."

     She moved up and kissed him.  He felt her warm pink toungue slip into his 

mouth.  The whole time she didn't stop pumping his dick.  She kissed his ear, 

and stuck her toungue inside it.  He nearly shot his load it felt so good.  

     She breathed into his ear,"I wanna blow you,  I want to taste your hot 

cum.  Oh teacher, ooooohhhh.  May Krissy please suck your prick?"

     Bill could only let out a groan.  She slid domn his chest, her large tits 

scraping across him.  She took his cock in her hand and lovingly kissed the 

tip.  He watched as her small pink toungue licked at his cock hole.  She was 

actually eating his precum.  She ran her toungue up and down his cock a few 

times. then looked up at him.

     "MMmmmmm. Krissy likes her lollipop.  She's gonna eat the whole thing."

     She put her mouth over the tip of his cock, encircled it a few times with 

her toungue, then really started going down on him.  He felt her warm wet 

mouth sliding up and down his Cock.  He felt his jiz rising as she sucked his 

cock deep into her throat.

     She felt him stiffen and knew he would soon cum.  She slid his cock out 

of her mouth, and carressed his balls with her free hand, running her pink 

painted fingernails through the hair on his jewels.

     "This is good candy, but it makes Krissy thirsty.  Do you think if she 

sucks on this straw, she'll get a drink of something good?"

     She looked longingly at his stiff tool.  Her toungue darted out and gave 

his cock a long wet lick.

     "Krissy was a bad girl making teacher eat her pussy.  Krissy's sorry, 

pleeeease give her a drink of your hot cum?"

     She put his cock back into her mouth, and began to pump her hand up and 

down his shaft. " Oh fuck", he thought, "she's jerking me off in her mouth.  

This little coed slut is jerking me off in her mouth.  Krissy is jacking my 

cock into her mouth!"

     He could take no more. He felt his cock explode inside her mouth with a 

feeling you can only get from a blowjob.  He felt as if he came for a very 

long time.  He felt her swallow once, still sucking and stroking like mad.  

She tried to swallow again, but choked. Kristen jerked her head back, and his 

cock fell from her mouth, but she kept pumping it with her little hand.  

Another gob shot out, and spattered on her snow white cheek.  Seeing his cum 

splat on her innocent little face gave him another surge that forced the last 

of his cum out.  It shot out, arced through the air between them, and landed 

on th top of one of those perfect, brown nipples.  He watched as it dripped 

down and rolled across her tit. She licked wildly at his cock, her hot, pink 

toungue sliding up and down his spent shaft.

     "Wow", He said, "looks like you get an A for the course."

     "No", she replied, "Not an A for the course, just for that exam.  I have 

four other exams to take in your class, and I will be needing a lot of special 

tutoring.  In fact, I have a friend who didn't do so well on the exam, Maybe I 

should bring her along next week."

     And she did, but that's another cock draining episode.


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