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Archive-name: School/teacher.txt

Archive-author: Knockers Software    (c) 1989

Archive-title: My Teacher

  Being a young,some what experienced horny male, a hot babe that will

say yes is what I need. A Women named Branddii is what i call my

"Teacher". First, we studied the art of anal sex. She taught me how to

thrust in that tight little hole, and how to bring us both into a

heavenly world of our own with that tight little opening. Next, she

showed my the pleasures of being ridden by a women. Sitting on my dick

was an incredible feeling that was extremely pleasurable. Next, the

Missionary position was the basics. As i thrust in and out, she felt

my asshole. When i became good enough for her, she told me that she

would grade me on performance and ability. I agreeded to do it, and

she stripped, and bent over. I immediately began to thrust in all of

the positions that i knew, and here's the conversation that we shared

as i worked her into 4 crazy orgasms....

"OH Matt, Make me feel real good"

"bend over"..."oh god branddi...does it ever feel good"

"Oh Shit...Oh Shit...Push harder..Harder..OOOOHHHH.."

"OOh..turn over i want to suck your cock"

"UUUGGHH..OOH I LOVE IT!..Im Gonna come..oh yeah..oh yeah...UHHHHHHH

 Im coming...UHHHHHHH..Holy Shit...Im COMING (loud screams)"

"Now, you sit back, and Im going to give you one helluva orgasm"

"Oh Matt...Oh Matt...Harder..Uh..Uh..Uh..OHHHH..Harder.."

"Yeah feels sooo right..I want to make you come branddii"

"Oh Shit...Yeah..OHHH..Oh GAWD..Im Coming..Im coming!!"

    (After 2 more orgasms)

"Branddii, i want you to drink my hot love potion"

"(She sucks my dick)"

"How does it feel?"

"HOLY SHIT!- suck harder..i feel it it comes.."

"YUM..Oh yeah...that was good..Oh yeah..tastes sooo good..UMMM"

              (4 days later i get a letter in the mail)


          *              Report Card # 1             *

          *              ---------------             *

          * Anul Sex - A+     taste of cum - A+      *

          * Missionary-A+     pussy sucking- A+      *

          *                                          *

          *   Good Job Matt.....                     *

          *   I look forward to another performance  *

          *   soon.................................  *


                       --A True Story!!!--


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