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Archive-name: School/sylvia.txt


Archive-title: Sylvia

Once upon a time, in a well known Ivy League University, there was a student 

who earned her living by working in one of the offices. She was always the 

most prim and proper lady, and mantained a professional attitude. One day it 

came to pass, as it does with all college students, that she graduated. And to 

celebrate, she invited all her associates -most of them males- to her room for 

a celebratory party. This in itself came as a surprise since nobody believed 

her to be the party throwing type, and everyone knew she never attended them.

We all arrived at her room at the appointed time, only to find a note that 

said she'd be back in a while, but to go in and start without her. Many of the 

members of our group decided not to stick around, or to return later. The rest 

of us entered her room. In the fireplace were a couple of logs, already well 

on the way of being consumed. There were no furnishings except for an array of 

matresses scattered on the floor, and a small table littered with bottles.

About an hour later, Sylvia returned. She was carrying a large (almost empty) 

bottle of hard liqueur, and made it quite aparent that the missing portion had 

already been consumed. She came in with another student/friend of hers, who 

also brought a radio along. In a short while, music was blaring from there, 

and Sylvia began to dance to the tunes.

Suddenly, during a really wild song, she reached down, and tore off her shorts 

and threw them aside. These were followed by her T-shirt, which got freed 

after a number of tries. By then a really slow dance began, and she took up 

one of the fellows to join her. He refused, and more uneasy than surprised at 

the diametric opposite character Sylvia displayed, decided to split -along 

with most of the others. I was sitting in the corner, sipping my drink, when 

she came over, took the glass from my hand and gulped its contents down. Then 

she pulled on my shirtsleeve, trying to get me to dance with her, but wound up 

tearing it instead. She began to giggle and bent over to apologize, loosing 

her balance and falling on top of me, pinning me against the wall.

Her hand reached up to my collar, and in a nasty tone demanded why I had made 

her fall. I explained to her that she had fallen on her own account, but she 

would hear nothing of it. At this point the rest of the people had enough, and 

left us alone. She accused me of kicking everyone out, and therefiore I would 

have to suffer the consequences. She then proceeded to rip my shirt off, and 

picked herself off me enough so I could squeeze out from under her. She asked 

her schoolfriend to turn out the lights and turn off the music. Then, after 

getting rid of the remnants of my shirt, she undid my trousers. Her 

unsteadiness caused her to ask her friend to help her pull them off.

After that was done, she managed to stand up and pick up a knife that was 

lying on the plate contained some lemon slices. She aimed the tip at her 

chest, and cut open her bra. There stood Sylvia, with a tattered bra, in front 

of me. She then asked her friend to leave us, which she did, albeit 

reluctantly. Sylvia knelt in front of me and told me that my punishment would 

be to suck on her tits, then shoved one of them into my mouth.

As this was happening, she began to sob. I asked her what was wrong, and she 

told me that she hopes the others would still like her. I assured her that 

they would. She then confessed to me that she had always fantasized about 

having me make love to her after she forced herself on me. Already I was 

having mixed feelings, and she must have noticed because I began hesitating. 

She became angry, picked herself off me, and went to sulk in a corner. I 

gathered what was left of my clothes. But she stopped me, and asked me to keep 

her company. I agreed, provided she leave me alone, to which she consented. I 

stayed with her a long time. eventually she fell asleep, and so did I. She 

awoke with a terrible hangover, and screamed when she took a look at herself. 

She told me that she couldn't remember what happened, and wanted me to tell 

her. I told her everything. She thanked me, appologized for what she did, and 

insisted on paying me for the damaged clothes. I told her not to worry about 

it. As I made ready to leave, she drew me to her, and gave me a long, 

passionate kiss.

I got a call from her this morning. She wants me to come over and spend some 

time with her. She needs someone to take care of her, and wants me to do it. 

She told me that she wants to make up for what she did, and do it the right 

way this time...


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