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Archive-name: School/shauna2.txt

Archive-author: Ghostwheel

Archive-title: Halloween with Shauna (2nd in a series)

Dear Phantasies,

Since you published my letter about how Shauna and I first met, I

thought you might be interested in hearing about one of our recent

adventures.  Although sex between us is always great, we've recently had

an experience that we think is worth sharing with your readers.

For those who missed my first letter, I'm a graduate student at an Ivy

League college, and Shauna is a freshman at the same school.  She's five

feet tall, with red hair, green eyes, and a body that fits my

specification for the perfect sex partner: 36-24-34, and muscular in a

very feminine way, especially in the legs and ass.  Her fiery passions

(in bed and otherwise) betray her Irish heritage.  I stand 5'-10", and

weigh 145 pounds, and I'm in very good shape from a regular exercise

routine.  My sports have conditioned me more for stamina than for

strength, which is a big help for the way Shauna and I like our sex.

It was the weekend before Halloween, and naturally various fraternities

and sororities were holding their Halloween parties.  Our usual

playmates, Mike and Sindra, had gone to Mike's parents' house for the

weekend, so Shauna and I were on our own.  I've never been much of a fan

of fraternity parties, but she had been looking forward to this one for

a while, so I agreed.  I really do have a hard time not giving into her

wishes.  At first, I had resisted, but finally she had explained why she

was so hot to go to the Alpha Delta Phi party.

"The girls in my dorm told me that every year, the party turns into a

costumed orgy," she said.

"Mm hmm.  Have any of them ever been to it themselves?" I asked.

"Well, no, but there's always some truth behind a rumor, right?" she


"Usually there is," I had to agree.  "But what if there isn't?"

She gave me her patented angel-and-devil-in-one grin, and said, "Well,

we'll just have to make sure that there is, won't we?"

Well, I don't believe in doing things halfway, so we made sure we had

the best costumes we could come up with, and spent a couple of Saturdays

working on them.  We chose a couple of comic book characters, Shadowcat

and Nightcrawler.  Shauna's costume consisted of a blue leotard, light

blue tights, blue bomber-style jacket, blue domino mask, and, much to my

delight, a pair of calf-high blue boots with four-inch heels.  Blue

isn't really her color, but she looked absolutely great.  My character,

Nightcrawler, has a rather demonic appearance, but he's really a good

guy.  I put on midnight-blue face paint and hair dye, with a red

leotard, black tights, white gloves, and matching white boots.  I also

wore a fake pair of pointed ears, and had fake fangs that I could put in

when I wanted to show them off.  The hardest part was the tail, which I

eventually ended up draping over my shoulder to keep it from getting

stepped on.

So, in these crazy outfits, we headed for A-D-Phi.  I was glad to see

that they were turning away anyone who wasn't in costume.  It kept the

crowding down, and made sure we were all in the proper spirit.  The band

was good, and we danced and snacked and met new people.  There weren't

many that either of us knew there.  Neither of us usually drinks much,

but as the night wore on, we got pretty thirsty, and there were no

non-alcoholic beverages around, so we both managed to get mildly buzzed.

There was another couple we'd met, in Tarzan and Jane costumes, who

really looked the part.  Tarzan was big, muscular, and tanned, while

Jane's tits threatened to fall out of her leopard bikini top with every

motion.  We traded dancing partners throughout the night, until just

after midnight, when we happened to get caught with each other's dates

when a slow dance started.  "Do you think Shauna will mind?" Jane (that

really *was* her name) asked, as she pressed herself against me.  I

looked over, and noticed that Shauna was already doing the same with

Tarzan (who was actually named Kevin), and decided that she wouldn't

mind.  Throughout the dance, Jane got more and more intimate, and my

reaction wasn't at all hidden by my leotard.  I began to wish I'd stuck

with the Robocop costume, until Jane reached down and stroked my cock,

saying, "I've always wanted to fuck a super-hero.  Interested?" Not

quite sure of how to handle this, I looked over at Kevin and Shauna.

Due to the foot and a half difference in their heights, he was now

carrying her as they danced, and from the way her legs had wrapped

around his waist, it looked like she was screwing him through his

loincloth already.

"I'll check with Shauna.  You ask Kevin," I said, just as the dance

ended.  We quickly went back to our dates.  Shauna seemed rather

breathless, and was blushing as I told her what Jane had said.  I

reminded her about her hoping for an orgy, and she agreed, but said she

had to get some fresh air first.  As we turned around, though, we were

surprised to see Kevin pulling on his coat and storming out, with Jane

following him.  Apparently, only three of our potential foursome had

been up to it.  "What now?" I asked.  "Back to my place?"

"No, not yet," Shauna said.  "I'm still looking for adventure, and

Tarzan's cock was so big, I was almost coming just thinking about

getting it inside me." Now, a lot of guys might've taken this the wrong

way, but we have a very special relationship, and I know that whatever

gets her hot, I'm the one who it always pays off for, so I really didn't

mind.  "I've got an idea," she continued.  "Let's do it right here!"

"Here on the dance floor?"

"No, there's too much beer on the floor already.  I don't like screwing

in beer.  Let's find a room." I didn't ask how she'd formed her opinions

about screwing in beer, but just followed her as she headed off to find

a good room.  The imp in her had taken over that night, and she insisted

on using a room not too far from the party, so we could hear the music,

and so there'd be just a chance of getting caught.

"What if someone walks in on us?" I asked.  I wasn't really worried.  If

we'd survived the locker-room orgy where we first met, one uninvited

guest wouldn't be a problem.

"Let 'em find us.  I'll fuck 'em all!" she said.  By this point, I was

starting to worry, just a bit.  You see, I had no doubt that under the

right conditions, she *could* fuck the entire fraternity, their dates,

and the guys in the band, and still want more.  And that seemed to be

what she was looking for this time.

We found an empty bedroom, a small single, about 5 doors up the hall,

and let ourselves in.  Like most fraternity bedrooms I've seen, it had

all the amenities: Loft, laundry on the floor, Penthouse and Sports

Illustrated pictures on the wall, packs of condoms on the dresser, etc.

Shauna picked up the condoms.  "Look at this!" she said.  "Unlubricated!

This guy must not think at all about what the girl wants!"

"Maybe he only fucks little flash-floods like you, and he doesn't need

lubricated ones?" I suggested.  I grabbed for her ass, but she dodged

me, and started rummaging around some more.  It seemed she was enjoying

this for more than just sexual reasons.

"No, wait, here we go!  Large economy size, yet!" She had found a

squeeze tube of lubricant, and had started smearing it on her fingers.

"Not bad," she said.  "Better than KY.  Hell of a lot better than

Vaseline." Again, I decided not to ask, although I was sure she was

dying to tell me the story.  I decided a more direct approach was in

order, so I scooped her up and tried to put her on the loft.  "Not the

loft!" she protested, "I want to get fucked in the laundry." By this

time, I was sure she was either a lot crazier or a lot drunker than I'd

originally believed.  But, as always, I had to give in.  The fact that

she was now on her knees, sucking on my dick through the fabric of my

costume might've influenced my decision.  I pushed her back over into

the laundry, and started pulling off her clothes.  Unfortunately, our

costumes weren't built for quickies, and I had to get her completely

naked, except for the mask.  She squirmed around through the entire

process, not really resisting, but making it damned difficult anyway.

As soon as I got her jacket and leotard off, I went after her breasts,

trying to suck on them, since I know that's the quickest way to get her

totally involved.  She wasn't going for it this time, though, and she

rolled over on her stomach, and brought her knees up under her, so that

her sweet little rear end was sticking straight up in the air.  She

wiggled it at me, in a way that has to be seen to be believed, and said,

"I've got better things than that for you, hero!" I was getting as

frustrated as I was horny, so I grabbed her boots and started trying to

pull them off, while she kept on kicking and wriggling.  I finally

succeeded in getting them off without getting kicked in the face, and

flipped her over again, going for the waistband of her tights.  She

wasn't done playing yet, though, and threw me another curve ball.  I've

mentioned how strong her legs are (and how much I love to get them

wrapped around me!), and she put them to good use, planting both feet in

the middle of my chest and heaving me halfway across the room.  I landed

flat on my back with the wind knocked out of me, and before I could

recover, she was all over me.  "Nobody pulls off Shadowcat's tights and

gets away with it!" she laughed.  "Now, super-villain scum, you'll pay!"

I considered resisting, just to get even, but our exertions had gotten

me so hot, I just wanted her to get my clothes off and do something to

me!  In under a minute, she'd gotten me naked and had jammed my cock

into her mouth.  She'd been practicing, trying to learn how to

deep-throat me, and it seemed her lessons from Sindra were paying off.

I was amazed as all seven inches slid down her throat in one easy

motion, and she began pumping it in and out of her mouth.  Every few

strokes, she'd stop pumping, and just lick the head for a while.  "Baby,

you're the greatest!" I said, when I'd caught my breath.

"It's my new super-power," she said.  "I'm thinking of changing my name

to Oral Sex Girl.  Or maybe Blowjob-Cat."

"Stop talking, and put that thing back in your mouth," was the only

response I could think of.  She obliged, and once again I felt myself

being sucked all the way in.  She surprised me again by poking her

tongue out past my cock and tickling my balls with it at the same time.

If you've ever had that done to you, you know how great it is.  If you

haven't, go out and get it done to you!  "Well, Blowjob-Cat, I'm about

ready to super-come in your super-mouth.  What do you think of that?"

"Oh, no, NightBaller, you can't do that!" she squealed.  She left me

there, and crawled back over to the laundry heap, and again stuck her

ass up in the air and started wiggling it at me.  I followed her,

wondering what she had up her sleeve this time.

"Are you going to play nice now, or do I have to get rough with you?" I

asked, in my most menacing tone.

"Oooh, please, get rough with me!  You know it turns me on!" Actually, I

know it doesn't as a rule, but since she was definitely not her usual

self tonight, I grabbed her tights, tugged them off, and applied a few

not-very-gentle swats to her behind.  "Hey, I was kidding about getting

rough!" she said, "Here.  Play with my tits instead." As she said this,

she rolled over onto her back, and started squeezing her nipples between

her fingers.  I eagerly licked my way up her body, from her hips to her

breasts, and started sucking on them, nice and hard the way she likes,

throwing in the occasional love-bite just to keep her interest up.  I

could feel one hand on the back of my head, and out of the corner of my

eye I could see the other starting to probe her dripping pussy.  I

reached out a hand to help, and found her to be as drenched as ever.  I

got three fingers inside her, with a thumb on her clit, and had her

bucking and panting through about three orgasms, when she said, "Quick,

get the lubricant!"

I was amazed.  "Lubricant?" I asked, never letting up the motion.  "I've

got most of my hand sloshing around inside your cunt, your ass is

floating in a puddle of pussy juice, and you want lubricant?"

"Get the damned lubricant, and I'll show you what I want it for!" she

gasped, as the fourth orgasm hit.  So, I got the damned lubricant, and

she showed me what she wanted it for.  She squeezed some into the palm

of her hand, and started smearing it around on her breasts.  "The hell

with it," she said, and just gave the tube a couple of long squeezes,

emptying most of it directly onto her tits.  "Now, stick that thing of

yours up here where it'll do us both some good," she commanded me.  I

gladly complied, since I love a good tit-fuck, and Shauna's the best I

know.  The lubricant had run all over her chest, shoulders, and stomach

as well, so I was just sliding around trying to keep myself on top of

her, giving her a full-torso fuck.  It was crazy, but it was the best!

To help me out, she grabbed hold of my ass with both hands, and guided

me back and forth.  She started shoving me far enough forward so that

she could pop the head of my cock in and out of her mouth on each

stroke.  After about five minutes of this, I knew I was close to losing

it again, and I guess she could tell, too.  "Are you going to come now?"

she asked.  I just nodded.  "Then fuck me, quick!  Nice and hard and


I climbed off her, and she turned over.  "Do it doggie-style for me,"

she said.  I would've done it kangaroo-style if she'd asked, and I

wasted no time in shoving my cock into her.  We instantly started

slamming back and forth into each other, so that I was going balls-deep

and then some with every stroke.  I started to come, and I grabbed her

shoulders, pulling her up so that we were both kneeling, her in front of

me.  I reached around and grabbed a handful of tit in each hand, burying

my face in her shoulder.  She braced herself with one hand, and rubbed

her clit with the other, bringing herself to yet another orgasm.  I'd

never seen her have more than four before, but this was at least her

fifth, and she showed no sign of stopping.  I kept pumping my load deep

inside of her, loving the feeling of her tight little ass pressed

against my thighs, and the feeling of her dancing to the rhythm of her

own orgasms.

When we'd finally finished, we collapsed into the pile of clothes around

us and squeezed and kissed each other.  We could still hear the music

from the dance floor, so the party was still going on.  We were looking

for our clothes and discussing the possibility of doing it again when we

got home, when we heard the vocalist for the band announce that they

were going to take a break and come back for their last set.  We knew we

were in trouble then, because someone was bound to notice us coming out

of the bedroom.  We were frantically looking for her leotard when

disaster struck, and we heard two voices, male and female, outside the

room.  He was trying to talk her into coming in, and she was resisting.

Not taking any chances, Shauna did the practical thing, and dove under

the laundry.  I took a second to turn of the light, and then joined her.

"You want adventure?  You got it!" I whispered, just as the door opened

and a small desk lamp was switched on.

Apparently the guy had won, and we were stuck there until they went away

again, or caught us.  We couldn't see a thing, but we could hear it all.

They quickly undressed (throwing even more clothes onto us), kissed for

a moment, and then she climbed up the ladder to the loft.  He turned off

the light and followed.  For about the next hour, we were treated to the

sounds of some rather unimaginative sex from above us, as we quietly

kissed and fondled each other in the dark of the laundry heap.  We

couldn't say anything, but I was sure Shauna was loving every minute of

it.  I could just imagine what was going through her mind when the guy

above us begged for blow job, and the girl refused on the grounds that

it was "gross." After the second time they'd done it, she excused

herself to go find a bathroom, and he started snoring the instant she

was out the door.  Shauna started extricating herself from the clothes

on the floor, and I thought we were making our escape, until she

whispered in my ear, "The poor guy had to go to sleep without getting

his cock sucked.  This is a job for me!  I've just got to do this!

He'll never know what hit him!"

"What am *I* supposed to do?" I asked.

"Wait until what's-her-name comes back, and do what you do best," she

answered, and gave my hardening dick a quick squeeze.  She stepped over

to the door, opened it, closed it again, and started up the ladder.  The

guy in the loft didn't even wake up, until I heard him give a startled

yelp, and I knew Shauna had started on him.

"I thought you didn't do that?" I heard him say.

"I couldn't resist," she whispered back.  And she was telling the truth,

too, I knew.  I heard them continue going at it for a few more minutes,

until I heard her ask him to go down on her.  From the ensuing

scuffling, I guessed he'd agreed.  I couldn't help wondering why he

hadn't noticed yet that it wasn't the same girl.  Maybe he had, and just

didn't care.  Meanwhile, I'd moved over to a position by the door,

waiting to grab the girl when she came back in.  This was Shauna's show,

and I wasn't going to let anything ruin it for her.  I got lucky, and

they had quieted down for a moment when the door opened, and a girl

almost my height, wearing a bathrobe, came in.  I quickly grabbed her

and kissed her on the mouth, untying the bathrobe with one hand and

easing the door shut with the other.  I found out later, Shauna had

wrapped her legs around the guy's head at that moment, to keep him from

seeing or hearing anything.  The girl, who was drunk, stupid, horny, or

all of the above, didn't offer me any resistance as I pulled off her

robe and eased her down onto the floor.

Back in the laundry pile, I thought.  I can't wait to get home and make

love to my girlfriend in the good old missionary position in a good old

bed.  In the meantime, I'd gotten this girl I'd never even seen naked on

the floor of some stranger's room, while he ate my girlfriend's pussy in

a loft above us.  Shauna lost it then, and started moaning.  "What's

that?" the genius under me asked, and she actually believed me when I

said it was just a couple of friends.  I took my mouth off her tits,

which were nice, but much smaller than Shauna's, and spun around to

start licking her pussy.  It, conversely, was nice, but much larger than

Shauna's.  I guessed she must've done this sort of thing fairly often.

Then she surprised me, because in spite of what she'd told the other

guy, she slid my cock into her mouth and started sucking it, and not

like a first-timer, either.  Great, I thought, anything to keep her from

talking.  I had other reasons not to complain, of course.  Meantime,

Shauna and her playmate had apparently quit fooling around, because I

heard her offering to get on top, and then the whole loft started to

shake.  Headlines of 'Four Killed In Fraternity Sex Disaster' flashed

through my mind, so I started sucking my new partner's clit with even

more determination.  She began writhing around, but didn't miss a stroke

in sucking me off.

What happened next can only be described as a sexual chain reaction.

Shauna was apparently doing quite a job on herself and her anonymous

partner, because she started in with her usual deep growls, then started

moaning out loud, the way she does when she's really worked for an

orgasm.  He went off next, grunting and panting.  From what Shauna told

me later, he was very well equipped, and when he started pounding into

her for the last time, she got a little scared that he might actually

hurt her.  Fortunately, he didn't keep it up for too long.  Then my

friend on the floor and I both started going at the same time.  She

started thrusting her hips, jamming her cunt against my lips and filling

my mouth with her sweet juices.  I sent a couple of spurts down her

throat, and then she pulled her head back and started jerking me off.  I

couldn't tell for sure, but I guess she wanted to get the load on her

face.  Kind of unusual for a girl who had earlier said that blow jobs

were gross, but I don't try to explain women.  After all, it was a woman

who'd gotten me into this in the first place.

A few minutes later, they guy in the loft and the girl on the floor were

both starting to fall asleep, and I heard Shauna excuse herself to go

look for the bathroom.  I did the same, and we quickly gathered up our

clothes, pulled on enough to be decent, and let ourselves out.  The

party had ended about an hour before, but a couple of guys were still

cleaning up, and they said goodnight to us as we left the building.

On the walk back to my apartment, Shauna and I exchanged stories, and

laughed about what we'd just done.  What *would* the couple in that room

do when they woke up the next morning, with him in the loft, her on the

floor, and completely different recollections of the last time they'd

done it?  And how would they ever explain the baby blue tights, one

white glove, and pair of fake fangs we hadn't managed to locate in the

dark?  Shauna and I agreed that it'd been a good night, and she

suggested making love again once we got home.  It was a nice idea, but

by the time we got there, she was falling asleep, so I carried her to my

room, undressed her again, and tucked her in.  After all, there was

still the next morning to look forward to.

                           -- Ghostwheel

                                   (Address withheld by request)


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