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Archive-name: School/secthoug.txt


Archive-title: Second Thoughts

	Margi opened her eyes and let them adjust to the dim room. As

the shadows became forms over the next minutes, she knew it was not her

room. A glance to her left revealed the form sleeping beside her. A few

moments of delving into the hazy fog of the evening before informed her

that her companion was 'Garry' from Omega Chi. She remembered the sex

and the brief snuggle before he turned to fall asleep.

	She carefully lifted the warm sheet from her naked body and got

out of the bed. 'Garry' rolled into the center and sprawled out. His

soft snoring didn't miss a beat. Margi spent painstaking minutes trying

to find all of her clothes in the dim light from the window. She

succeeded in finding everything except her panties which she gave up on

after several frustrating minutes. She slipped into the bathroom and

cleaned up.

	She heard his door lock automatically when she shut it on her

way out. It was 4am and Margi had not felt so low in her life. 'Garry' 

was sexy and had even tried to push her buttons in bed for a few

minutes before commencing to fuck her. But she did not come, nor get

that excited. As always, she faked it to cover herself. Why bring him

down, she thought.

	As she walked home through the warm breezy June night, she

looked at all the campus buildings, so full of people and life in the

daytime, so quiet at night. Something had to change.

	Her roommate was asleep when Margi slipped in their apartment. 

She undressed and slipped into a pair of warm pajamas. She felt close

to home in them, and the world was not such a scary place. Her bed gave

her a few hours of sleep before classes in the morning.

	Sitting in her first class at 8:55am, Margi couldn't really

shake the depression she'd felt last night. She'd seen two guys on the

way to class that she'd gone to bed with. They didn't even meet her

gaze. Not the way to start a day.

	The class filled up with people sluggish from another summer

semester night of partying. There were a few people who looked eager

and refreshed, but she had never talked to them much.

	As the class got started, Margi noticed one of the awake people

kept taking off-hand glances her way. She took a quick check of herself

to make sure nothing embarrasing was out of place or open. She tried to

catch his eye, but he always turned away. She dismissed it and returned

to listening to the lecture.

	Later that day, she walked to the campus Cafeteria/Restaurant. 

Having gotten herself a light lunch she looked around for places to

sit. She saw him motion for her to join him. 'Why not.' she asked, not

feeling like sitting alone.

	He stood when she got there. 'Strange'.

	His name was Adam, and yes he was in her 9am Math class. He

seemed unsure of himself and she found herself lapsing into silence

over her food.

	After a few minutes, he spoke.

	"How are you doing in Martin's class?" She looked up at him. 

Her pause was awkward and she shook it off as a burp in the digestive

tract of life.

	"OK, I guess. I'm still having trouble with the formulas in

chapter 17. I 'spect I'll work it out soon."

	"I didn't have too much trouble working out 17. If you want, I

could meet you sometime and go over it with you."

	Margi saw it all as plain as day. A study session and bite to

eat afterwards, couple of dates, one hot night and the cold shoulder. 

She couldn't bring herself to do it.

	"I think I can handle it. Thanks for the offer." She regretted

it as soon as she'd said it. He looked crushed. She realized that his

ego was far more fragile than your average fraternity man or jock.

	"Maybe we could study for the next mid-term though." she

asked. He seemed brightened a little, but he'd taken it deeply.

	"OK, whenever you're free." His lunch was finished, and he took

the opportunity for a convienent exit after polite goodbyes.

	'Great. That helped a lot.' thought Margi. She wrote off the

day and went back to her apartment for some studying.

	The next day, Margi was surprised when Adam sat next to her in

class and started up some gentle conversation. She looked for all the

signs of lines or strategies to get her, but she couldn't figure him

out. The class went well, and he did help her with one problem that she

missed with the lecturer. As the rest of the students got up to leave, 

he asked her to hang back.

	"I was wondering what you were doing Friday night." he seemed

hesitant but sincere. 'Doing anything to avoid the bars and men', she

thought to herself.

	"I hadn't really made up my mind, but I was thinking of renting

some videos and kicking back at my apartment with my roommate, Shelly. 


	"I don't know if I could compete with that," they smiled," but

I was thinking of going to a movie theater and catching something up

for an Oscar. So I could say I saw it when the pollsters come around." 

Margi dropped all her soul-wrenching confusion, or at least put it on


	"I've got a better offer. Two movies for $3 and all the popcorn

you can eat. 105 East Main Apt #7. Deal?" He looked really pleased.

	"Sounds great, what time?" She gathered her stuff into her

backpack as she worked the numbers.

	"Say 7 o'clock?" 

	"Perfect. See you then." He rushed off to his next class across


	Margi headed home wondering what movies she wanted to see.

	Shelly had left a note on the door of the refrigerator. "Gone

home to visit folks. Back late Sunday. Eat popcorn for me."

	"What have I gotten myself into?"


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