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Archive-name: School/prtynite.txt

Archive-author: Dave Weingart

Archive-title: Post-Midterm Party Night

               Submitted for the enjoyment of the Net by

                 Dave Weingart (

    Copyright (C) 1991, but permission is given to make an infinite

   number of verbatim copies to pass around, dramatize, jerk off over,

        act out, videotape (and if you do, I WANT COPIES!), etc.


     Out here at "beautiful" Pebble Creek U. (a.k.a. the State U. of

New York at Stony Brook, home of mud and fluffies), we have a fairly

active science fiction club, the Science Fiction Forum.  Now, in

addition to the standard library and games and MUDding and whatnot, we

have some pretty wild people.  Most of them are "active" fen (as in, go

to cons, filk in their spare time, do weird murals on their dorm walls

type of fen).  We tend to kinda sorta of live in the Forum library, and

even the fringies and Significant Others can be found here during

various times of the day.  In fact, there are a few other Forumites and

pseudo-Forumites floating around at all hours.  I say pseudo because,

although they aren't strictly Forum (many of them, in fact, have no

interest in science fiction at all), they're here an awful lot.  And

quite a fair number of them, such as myself, never really leave.  We

take classes just for the hell of it, or (worse yet) go on to do grad

work just so we have an excuse to head out to the Brook long after

we've pulled down our degrees.  Naturally, you can end up with friends

in all age groups (our oldest active member is 40, our youngest is

about 17; for a reference point, I'm 28).

     One of my younger friends amongst the Forumites is a girl named

Holly.  She's a short girl, really pretty, with long dark hair and

large, wobbly tits.  Holly was born years late; she should have been a

60's flower child.  I mean, she's really a sweet kid, and probably one

of the nicest people I know, but she's _really_ flaky at times.  Be

that as it may, she and I (and a few others) hang out on a reasonably

regular basis, mainly to hit the Thursday night parties around the

campus.  Thursday nights are a popular party night, because lots of

people go home for the weekend, mainly on the 4:18 "cattle car" that

the Silver Snail runs out of Stony Brook Station.

     As on most campuses, lots of the best parties happen right after

mid-terms are over.  People need to let off steam, especially the ones

with real sweat courses like physics and orgo.  As a result, the "Post

Midterm Party Syndrome."  The parties can get _wild_.  Even before the

parties, things can get going.  Now, I knew how good it could be from

my undergraduate daze, but this past semester's experiences put those

to shame (and made me proud that the Babbling Brookies still rule the

party sector).

     I had popped by Holly's suite for the regular Thursday night party

run.  It was still pretty early, so I wasn't actually expecting anyone

to be there, but I was in the area (and it was on the way to Station

Pizza, the _best_ pizza there is, bar none), so what the hell, right?

When I tried the knob, the door was open, so I strode right in.  There

didn't seem to be anyone home, even after I waited around for a good

five minutes, so I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote a

quick note saying that I was there and would be back in an hour or so.

I was about to tape it to her bedroom door when I heard faint and

clearly ecstatic moaning on the other side.  I could never pass up an

opportunity to peek, sleaze that I am, so I tried the door.  It was

unlocked, so I opened it as quietly as I could and went in.

     What a sight for a healthy and horny heterosexual male!  Holly was

naked on the bed with her friend Cindi, another regular in the party

crew.  Cindi's one of the pseudies that hang out at Forum.  She's got a

_really_ hot body, not as as "top heavy" as Holly, but really nicely

rounded (I prefer women with smaller tits, myself, unless I'm sliding

my prick between them), and with bright (naturally) red hair.  Now,

Cindi's hobby is sex, and she's _good_ at it.  I speak from personal

experience on this -- Cindi and I had done it once or twice (well,

maybe more than that!) on differing occasions (usually after or during

parties), and usually in fairly public places.  Cindi really gets off

on the possibility of getting caught; she once got under the table at

the terminal room and gave me a blow job while I was checking my

net.mail!  Anyway, the two of them were sixty-nining away, and were too

engrossed in each other's pussies to notice me.  The sight of those two

attractive young women licking away at each other had my cock standing

at attention in no time.

     Cindi was on the bottom, with her head towards me.  As I watched

in an ever-growing state of arousal, she tugged and massaged on Holly's

pussy lips as she wiggled her tongue over that tiny, tart love-button.

Cindi's slipped a few fingers into Holly's snatch and began to slide

them in and out.  I heard faint squelching noises as Holly's hot box

opened and closed around Cindi's hand, coating it with her sweet cream.

     Holly started rubbing her bush over Cindi's quivering tongue

urgently.  She was clearly very close to cumming.  Cindi started

licking faster, and plunged her fingers deeper into Holly's twat.  I

watched Holly's asshole pucker and unpucker every time Cindi licked up

and down her slit.  Holly reached around with one hand and started to

rub her own ass cheeks.  She tugged, kneaded, and massaged them until

they were red and splotchy from her hand marks.

     Almost unconsciously, opened up my jeans and pulled out my cock

and began to rub it.  Holly's butt was smooth and pale, and the way she

was playing with it was really turning me on.  I stood there, jerking

off as the two of them ate each other.  Holly threw her head back,

spilling her long hair across her back.  She bit her lower lip and

tried to grind her cunt into Cindi's face.  A stifled shriek forced

it's way out of her mouth as she came all over Cindi's face and hand.

Her entire body stiffened and quivered.

     When the waves of orgasm had passed, Holly bent back to licking

Cindi's snatch.  Cindi lowered her head and slowed down.  She was

clearly enjoying herself (and enjoying Holly!  :{) ).  I walked a

little closer, still stroking my prick.  Holly's ass and cunt were

sticking out and I really couldn't take the sight any more without some

kind of release.  I went over to the bed and rubbed the head of my cock

up and down the length of Holly's slit.   Her juices made it smooth and

wonderful.  Cindi, who realized what was going on long before Holly

did, grabbed my rod and guided it into Holly's juicy twat.

     I guess Holly was too caught up in the sex to really notice.  But

she started fucking me enthusiastically all the same.  She moved her

body back and forth, sliding her dripping box over my rigid pole.

Cindi _really_ got into it.  She lifted her head up and, every time my

dick slid in and out of Holly's cunt, ran her tongue along it to lick

Holly's cum from it, so that I was simultaneously screwing Holly and

getting a blow job from Cindi.

     The combined sensation of tongue and twat was forcing me closer to

orgasm than I wanted to be right then, so I massaged Holly's ass a

little to give my mind more to occupy.  Holly's hand snuck around and

joined mine for a little bit.  She pulled on her ass cheeks and left

her little pink butthole exposed.  This gave me another idea.  I pulled

my cock out of her pussy and let it hang in Cindi's face.  I bent over

and poked my thumb up into Holly's twat (not an easy thing to do from

behind -- try it some time!).  I slid it in and out, and when it was

good and wet with her hot sauce, I slid it into her asshole.  Holly

gasped, "Oh, shit, yes!" as it went in, and pushed backwards to get my

thumb all the way inside her tight, little anus.

     Cindi, meanwhile, had been licking my prick as it dangled in her

face.  She's always been really great at giving head (at least as long

as I've known her), and I guess the fact that she was licking Holly's

pussy juice from my prick turned her onto it even more.  Even for a

woman of Cindi's talents, this was something special.  She kept her

tongue moving up and down the shaft, and wrapped her lips sensuously

around the head.  Her hands worked around to my ass and she tickled it

lightly while her mouth did its job on my cock.  Then she sucked gently

on my balls as she guided me back inside Holly.

     The three of us were into some serious rock and roll.  Holly was

eating Cindi's twat with redoubled vigor, and Cindi was licking Holly's

clit and my cock at more or less the same time.  My thumb was still

moving in and out of Holly's ass.  Threesomes are always a bit awkward,

and this was no exceptions.  Sometimes, we would just move the wrong

way and my dick would occasionally slip out of Holly's steamy slit.

Every time that happened, Cindi would just lick it clean of Holly's

tart pussy juice and push it back in.

     Cindi's tongue was so talented that it was a real effort to keep

from shooting my load whenever she was licking my rod.  Ultimately, a

futile one.  My cock couldn't take any more.  Between Holly's tight

pussy and Cindi's hot tongue, I was past the edge.  As Cindi's lips

kissed Holly's essence from my prick, the cum started shooting out.  It

was a really massive orgasm, and my cream seemed to spurt out forever.

Each pass of her mouth brought forth another thick squirt from the

depths of my balls.  Some of it splashed onto Holly's bush and stomach,

but most of it ended up on Cindi's face and tits.  Cindi immediately

started rubbing it over her breasts.

     Holly stopped eating Cindi's gash and turned upwards, pulling her

ass out of my reach.  I could see that her asshole was still a bit

dilated from my thumb.  Holly worked her way up to Cindi's tits so she

could lick my sperm off of them.  Cindi moaned in satisfaction as

Holly's pink tongue roamed over her erect nipples.  Her hands snaked

down to her pussy and she began to finger herself.  One set of fingers

drove deep into her snatch, while the other diddled her clit.  She

shuddered as her hand rubbed up and down, and spread her legs wide.

     Cindi was getting close to cumming.  She was pounding at least

three fingers in and out of her twat, and I mean _fast_.  Her cunt was

making slurping noised each time her hand pulled out.  The other hand

moved faster and faster over her clit.  And Holly was still sucking and

licking her tits.  Cindi started saying "Oh god fuck oh fuck oh god oh

fuckfuckfuck" in a low and urgent voice.  Suddenly, her whole body went

rigid as a truly massive orgasm swept her.  She rammed her fingers all

the way up inside herself and kept them there as her snatch clenched

them in an ecstatic embrace.

     I watched this quite happily, then turned my attention and tongue

to Holly's cunt.  I spread her pussy lips with my hand and started to

lap up her cream.  My tongue stabbed out again and again at her pulsing

pussy.  I moved my fingers in and out of the slit I'd been so recently

fucking.  Holly stopped sucking on Cindi's tits and rolled over onto

her back, spreading her legs to give me easier access to the depths of

her pleasure.  Her scent and taste were wonderful, and I was enjoying

them immensely.  Holly's hand reached down to my head.  She started to

push her twat into my face.  I responded by putting my fingers, slick

with her juices, up into her asshole.  This was too much for her, I

guess, because the walls of her slit tightened around my tongue as she

came.  She choked off a scream and wrapped her legs around my head,

trying to draw me inside of her.

     It was about this point that I noticed Cindi sucking and licking

on my cock again.  I was already hard, despite the massive cum I'd just

had, but I wasn't about (or even ready!) to shoot again for a quite

while.  So I just leaned back to enjoy a truly spectacular blow job.

Cindi looked stunning as she moved around my prick.  My cum from my

previous load was still dripping from her face, making her pale skin

shine.  Her lips were wrapped around the very tip of my prick, and her

hair was a brilliant burst of color.

     Cindi had lowered my pants all the way down so she could have full

access to my crotch.  She used this to the best advantage she ever

had...and she's only topped it once since.  She started just by running

her tongue around the head of my prick.  It was warm and wet and rough

and felt absolutely wonderful.  She started at the very edge and

spiraled her way in to the hole.  Then she lowered her lips and kissed

it gently.  Flattening her tongue along the bottom side of my rod, she

lowered her mouth over me.

     Cindi's cheeks tightened around my prick.  Her lips were a tight

circle and her tongue was in constant motion as she slowly lifted her

head up, until just the very tip was still in her mouth.  She swirled

her tongue around the head, sucking up the pre-cum that was oozing from

it in a steady stream.

     As I lay there enjoying the show (and the blow), Holly moved down

to join her.  While Cindi was playing her attentions over the head of

my cock, Holly got down between my legs and started to lick that little

area between my ass and my balls.  Only one other girl had ever done

that to me before, and the excruciatingly pleasant memory of that was

jolted into reality immediately.  My balls tensed up as Holly's tongue

ran all over, dipping down the very rim of my butthole, and then worked

oh-so-slowly back up to my testicles.  She ran her quick and tickling

tongue up the underside of my swollen sacs and took them gently into

her mouth.

     Holly's mouth worked my balls lightly for a moment.  Then, she

started her way up to up to my cock, where she joined Cindi in trying

to make me cum.  The two of them licked my prick from top to bottom.

They settled their tongues on either side of the head.  I had to close

my eyes and lean back.  I was really close to the edge as it was, and

watching the two of them giving me a double header would have just too

much.  I wanted to take my time and enjoy the feeling of having two

gorgeous females running their talented tongues over my cock.  And both

of them seemed to want for my load, because they kept trading places up

at the head, each trying to be the one to have my wad blow into their


     Holly seemed to be winning out.  I pumped my hips up and down as

Holly moved her mouth over the top of my stiff prick.  I could feel it

ramming up against the back of her mouth.  She just opened wider and

started sucking harder and harder, moving her mouth up and down over

the length of my rod.  She slurped loudly on it, making inarticulate

pleasure sounds.  "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm."

     Cindi moved up and started to kiss me deeply and passionately.

Her tongue moved in and out of my mouth.  Then she moved up slightly

and dragged my fact to her tits.  They were small, but well-defined.

Her nipples were firm under my lips.  She started whispering, "Go

ahead, suck them, pull on them."  On hand reached down to play with her

twat.  " like this, Dave?  I know you want to cum.  Come on,

do it.  I want to see you cum in her mouth.  You want that, Holly-ho?

You want his cum down your throat?"

     "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," was Holly's only response, as she swirled

her tongue around my prick.  I was getting to close for comfort, so I

really started to push my cock into Holly's mouth.  She was taking

every inch that she could, and then some.  I could feel the sperm

boiling up from the depths of my balls.  Behind closed eyes, I could

almost see it work its way up the shaft, until I couldn't hold back.

     I choked slightly as my cream shot out in a massive spurt that

filled Holly's mouth.  Holly cooed and let it sit in her mouth until I

was done.  Then she withdrew slowly.  Cindi immediately moved down and

and pulled her up.   "You have to share," she said.  I opened my eyes

in time to see Cindi as she pulled Holly toward her for a long, wet

kiss.  My cum passed from one mouth to the other, dripping down both of

their faces.  Then they moved down and started to lick the sperm from

my shrinking rod.  I sat and looked at the two of them with a silly,

satisfied grin.  The two of them looked incredibly sexy as their pink

tongues wiped my dick clean.  I could see drops of my cum glistening in

Holly's hair.

     Incredibly relaxed by the entire experience, I closed my eyes and

leaned back.  I must have drifted off, because the next time I opened

them, I saw another cock-raising sight.  Cock raising except in this

case, because I felt thoroughly drained.  No amount of mere visual

stimulation, no matter how sexy, was likely to get me up again, at

least not right away.  I have to admit, though, this was pretty damned

near close enough.

     Cindi was lying down on a blanket spread on the floor, on her back

with her legs spread far apart.  Her hands were busily rubbing what

appeared to be No Frills vegetable oil over her tits.  Her fingers paid

special attention to her nipples, and she stroked them gently but

firmly.  That wasn't the big turn on, although it wasn't too bad, I

must say.  I mean, I've seen women play with their boobs before.  One

old girlfriend used to suck on her own nipples while I was fucking

her...but I'll save that for _another_ net.article!  :{)

     Anyway, down between Cindi's legs was Holly.  Holly was on her

knees, with her ass up in the air and her head down, eating Cindi's

pretty pink snatch.  Two fingers were pushing their way deep into

Cindi's ass.  In addition, Holly was wiggling a large double-dildo

around in her own ass and pussy.  Man-o-Maneschwevitz!  I mean, I

_knew_ just how much into fucking and sucking Cindi was, but I'd never

known that Holly was also a major league player!  (And yes, I've taken

advantage of this knowledge since then.)

     As Holly's fingers moved in and out of Cindi's back door, Cindi

was moaning, "Ohhhh, yes, please, up my ass, that's it, deeper, god,

fuck my asshole, shit faster please fuck it fuck it."  She was sliding

back and forth across the blanket, trying to get more of Holly up her

butthole.  Holly responded by ramming her fingers into Cindi's ass, and

licking her clit really roughly.  Cindi squirmed and gasped.   She

pulled her legs up and apart and thrust her well-greased ass forward.

Her little brown rim was stretched wide around Holly's hand.   She held

it there as Holly tongued her to a throbbing orgasm.  Then she sort of

collapsed into a smiling and relaxed heap.

     I whistled appreciatively at the performance.  Cindi murmured

something to Holly that I couldn't quite catch.  Holly turned around.

I could see Cindi's pussy juices smeared on her face.  She licked her

lips and said to me, "She want you to do her ass."

     I smiled weakly.  "Ummm...I don't think I'm quite up to it." I

said, gesturing at my cock.  It was still making a halfhearted effort

to rise to the occasion, but I'd used up an awful lot of juice in the

last few hours.  "Unless you want to try and change the situation...?"

Holly gave me a very sensual and sat up, pulling the dildo out of

herself in the process.  She knelt down on the floor in front of me.

     Holly reached down to her dripping snatch and rubbed her hand

until it was thickly coated with her sweet cream.  She applied them to

my cock and kept repeating the process until my prick was well lubed.

I was very rapidly getting stiff again, but it was still too soon to

even _think_ about cumming again.  This was good, because I was able to

really enjoy Holly's hands as she jacked me off with her pussy juice.

     Holly's fist rubbed up and down my rod, sending little tingling

sensations throughout my entire central nervous system.  Her other hand

cupped my nuts, stroking gently all the while.  Her fingers spent time

tickling the head, which was already oozing pre-cum at a hefty rate.

Soon, the entire length of my dick was sticky with our combined fluids.

Holly reached out with her tongue and started licking it away from my

balls.  Then she worked her way up the shaft, moving slowly.  Her

technique was excruciatingly pleasurable.  Her tongue tickled it's way

around until she had slurped everything but the head clean.  Then, in

one swift movement, she gulped my cock into her mouth.

     Holly's tongue was rough and wet as it roamed around my dickhead.

She was really going down deep on my cock, and I mean all the way.  I'd

been deep-throated maybe a dozen times before, and she was far and away

the best at it I've ever had (still is, by the way).  Then she withdrew

slowly.  A thin line of saliva and pre-cum joined her lips and my

prick.  She reached around for the oil and poured a liberal amount into

her hands.  She rubbed her tits until they shone, the dark nipple

standing stiff and proud against the pale flesh of her mounds.  Then

she leaned up and engulfed my prick between them.

     The silky skin of Holly's tits wrapped around my rod.  Her nipples

rubbed up against my stomach, and I was starting to thrust back in

counterpoint to her motions.  Every now and again she would look down

and give my cock a lick or a kiss, but for the most part, she just

rocked her body back and forth, rubbing my rod with her pendulous


     Over on the floor beyond Holly, I could see Cindi using Holly's

discarded dildo.  One hand kept the flexible rubber cock plunging in

and out of her holes, and the other was centered on her clit.  Cindi's

hips pumped up and down as she humped herself.  That was enough to

really get me hot.  And when Holly bent down to kiss my cock again, I

was just about ready to stuff it into her mouth and shoot my load down

her throat.  But she pulled back and grinned up at me.  "I think you're

ready."  She stroked my prick lightly and pulled me over to where Cindi

was writhing ecstatically on the floor.

     Holly bent down, kissed Cindi's clit, and removed the dildo.  She

whispered (between occasional licks on Cindi's little love bud), "He's

ready, Cin."  Cindi smiled up at me and spread her legs wide.  Holly

poured some oil onto Cindi's asshole and massaged it in with her

fingers, letting them slip in and out of the little puckered anus.

Then she poured some more onto my cock and rubbed it in.  She held onto

it as I positioned myself between Cindi's legs and pulled Cindi's legs

up so that her butt was facing a tad upward.  Then she acted as a guide

as I slowly pushed my prick into Cindi's tight asshole.

     Cindi squirmed and sighed as my pole invaded her anal chute.  I

started to pump her rump, slowly at first, but gradually gaining speed.

She thrust herself against me and started muttering, "Deeper damnit, go

deeper, faster harder fuck it mmmph..."  She trailed off to a muffled

slurping as Holly plopped her cunt down onto Cindi's face.   Since she

was facing away from me, I couldn't see, but from the way Holly was

cooing and rocking back and forth with her head thrown back, I assumed

that Cindi was doing a real bang-out job of eating pussy.

     Cindi brought a hand down to play with herself.  Her fingers ran

along the dewy folds of her slit and rolled her little button.  She

moved faster and faster.  Even as I tried to take it slow, she kept

speeding up.  Now, as a matter of choice, I prefer to take anal sex a

lot slower than regular fucking.  I mean, no matter how good it is, the

asshole is designed as an "exit only."  It was never really meant to

have a prick invading it...kind of going the wrong way up a one way

street.  So taking it slow saves wear and tear.  Besides, a good tight

asshole deserves to be enjoyed, know what I mean?

     And I _was_ enjoying the feel of Cindi's rectum wrapped around my

cock.  Her butt muscles gripped my pole tightly, even after having been

reamed by Holly's fingers and the dildo.  Every time she clenched her

twat, her back door would follow suit, making a glove-tight fit and

bringing me perilously close to flooding her with my cum.

     Cindi slowed down.  I was mystified, until I realized that she was

concentrating on eating Holly, who was sitting on Cindi's face so

energetically the it's a miracle Cindi could still breathe.  Holly was

cooing with pleasure, and I could hear the tell-tale sounds of a hefty

cunt-lashing taking place.  Holly reached around, gripped her ass and

spread her cheeks.  Struck by inspiration, I grabbed the dildo and

snuggled it up against her asshole.  Holly practically screamed, "Shit

YES!" and wiggled around until it was up inside her.  She reached

around and took control, plugging her ass rapidly.  The other end of

the dildo flopped around Cindi's tits, which seemed to turn Cindi on,

because she started moving faster again.

     Holly was breathing loudly and trying to stuff her cunt into

Cindi's mouth.  Cindi was fingerfucking herself deeply.  The motion of

the ocean was right, and I started to really tail-end Cindi's well

greased asshole.  Holly sped up her anal action and screamed, "Fuck eat

me eat me eat meeeeeeeee!"  She held her crotch in place over Cindi's

eager tongue and practically rammed the dildo all the way up into her

ass.  Her entire body went stiff as she came all over Cindi's face.

Then she slid exhausted to the floor.  She lay there with the vinyl

cock still protruding from her bottom.

     This left Cindi and me to our buttfucking.  I really started to

push into her ass.  The walls of her backside felt marvelous around my

rod as I thrust in and out.  Cindi grabbed her legs and pulled them

back to spread her ass wide for me.  She started saying, "Push it

harder yes faster deeper do it shoot it fuck it oh fuck it."  I bore

down into her, filling her butt with cock.  She rose up to meet me,

until my prick was all the way up inside.  Again and again we pulled

back and came together, until I was past the point of no return.  I

crammed my dick deep in Cindi's ass and started pumping my hot cream

into her.  Spurt after spurt of cum squirted out until I was completely

and full drained.  Slowly, I pulled my cock out of her sticky asshole.

It was still dilated, and my semen oozed gently out of it.

     After I withdrew and collapsed on the floor, Cindi started to pump

her pussy with her fingers again.  She had several finger sliding in

and out of her hot box, and the other hand was vibrating her clit.  She

moaned and held arched her back with her legs spread wide open and

stiff.  Her fingers moved frantically over her little love button, and

her entire body shook.  Her snatch frenetically contracted and dilated

around her probing fingers.  Her rosy asshole quivered, and my sperm

flowed forth from her in a thick white stream.  Her breathing was short

and staccato.  Finally, she relaxed and went limp and brought her hand

up to her mouth to lick her own cum from it.

     We never get to any of the campus parties that night.  Somehow, I

don't think we missed out.


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