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Archive-name: School/prof-des.txt

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: My Professor's Desire

	Having attended the university now for four years, I was fairly

well acquainted with most of the faculty in the English department

especially since I was an English major.  When registering for classes for

this fall semester I had noticed that Jana Seymour was teaching a course in

Native American literature.  I decided to sign up for it since I could use

the exposure to new forms of literature, and I figured that I would enjoy

the class also just because she was teaching it.

        When I was a freshman I had taken freshmen English from her, and

had enjoyed it quite a lot.  It was the kind of course that could have

easily been very boring, but she ended up making it very interesting by

going outside of the course objective and pulling in new material to teach

from.  She wasn't afraid to take risks.

	At the time of that class, she was working on her PhD and she

ended up getting it when I was a sophomore.  I ran into her after I heard

the good news and was glad that I had the opportunity to congratulate

her.  I was surprised and pleased that she actually remembered me.  She

was teaching many large sections of freshman English, so I wasn't sure if

she would remember one student.  I didn't remember sticking out very much

in her class, but that was just the kind of teacher she was.  She really

cared about her students.

	So with this background on her, I looked forward to spending the

semester learning from her.  I wasn't too much into Native American

culture or anything like that, but I thought that it would still be

interesting to read some of their literature.  I was an avid reader

whose tastes weren't very particular.

	When I walked into the classroom on the first day, it was with a

great deal of anticipation.  It was a small classroom, and when I arrived

there were already four other people in there.  I recognized a couple of

them as being English majors that I knew so I went in and talked to them. 

A few more people showed up, rouding out the class to twelve by the time

Jana showed up.

	My breath caught as she walked in the door.  I knew she was

beautiful, but it was like I was noticing this for the first time.  She

was in her mid thirties with long white-blond hair.  Her hair hung

straight and loose behind her, falling to mid back.  She had sparkling

wide green eyes and a long thin nose set in a heart shaped sculpted face with

high cheekbones and full lips.

	She was about five five with small breasts and thin hips.  She

didn't wear any makeup, but she wasn't really the type who wore it, so

this didn't surprise me.  To my eyes she looked more beautiful because she

didn't wear it.  She was wearing a light cotton blouse with Native

American designs on it and Native American beaded earrings.

	"Hello class," she exuberantly greeted us, rushing into the room.  

	Jana always seemed so full of energy.  I think that was part of

the reason she was able to keep her students interested in the topic.  She

was able to infuse some of that energy into us.

	"Well, I see some people in here that I recognize," she said,

scanning the room with a bright smile on her gorgeous face.

	"Hi, Trevor," she said, calling out my name.  "I'm glad to see

you're taking this class."

	"I'm glad to be taking the course," I answered.

	"Good," she answered.  

	"And Sarah, you're in here too," she continued, addressing the

woman a couple seats over from me.

	"Hi, Jana," Sarah answered.

	"It's good to see so many people interested in Native American

literature," Jana began.  "I hope you're all looking forward to an

insightful semester, because that's what I'm going to give you.  First

things first though."

	Here she stopped and handed out the syllabus.  "My name is Dr.

Jana Seymour.  I would like it if you would use my title as often as

possible, because I worked very hard for it," she said in a light,

humorous tone.

	There were some chuckles in response.

	"But it's not necessary.  You may call me Jana if you like.  I'm

comfortable with that.  It helps me think that I'm your age and not as old

as I am."

	There were some more chuckles.

	After her introduction she moved on to explain the course and what

we would be studying that year.  The hour passed too quickly and soon I

had to leave her, but the time was well spent.


	I'm kind of an average type of guy.  I'm 5'11", about 150 with

dark brown hair.  I have blue eyes and fairly average looks.  I'm not a

gorgeous hunk, but I'm not ugly either.  Girls tell me that it's my smile

that attracts them to me the most.  It's been described as anywhere

between cute to sexy.  I'm not quite sure what it is, but all I have to do

is smile a certain way and I can usually get a girl to at least come over

and talk to me when it's aimed at her.

	Growing up in the Midwest, and now going to a university in the

Midwest, I have what might be considered old fashioned ideas about things,

but they work for me.  As far as dating and sex goes, I am a gentleman. 

While this has kept me a virgin at 22, it has also gained me the respect

of many girls I've dated who don't believe in rushing into anything.  I'm

with them.  I don't plan on having sex until I meet that one special lady

that will make it all worthwhile.

	Like Jana Seymour.  I know, I can't believe I'm having thoughts

about my professor, but I am.  She's exactly what I'm looking for.  She's

extremely intelligent, good-looking, outgoing, vibrant, and I'm attracted

to her.  The only problem is that she's about 15 years older than me and

my professor.  I suppose though that if she were any younger some of the

qualities that attract me to her would no longer exist.  Why can't life

ever be easy?

* * *

	"Today we're going to talk about the families of Native Americans.

 Can anyone give me an example of how these differ from our own, as our

author talks about them?" Jana asked.

	"They don't really have the distincitions between relatives that

we do.  Like their uncles and aunts are their fathers and mothers and

their cousins are their brothers and sisters," I answered, always willing

to call attention to myself.

	"Right," she said.  "Is this different than most of your families?

 Denise, why don't we start with you?  Tell us about your family.  Who

raised you, and did you ever call your aunts and uncles Mom and Dad?"

	"My mother raised me, and I didn't really have too many other

relatives, or at least any that I knew about," she answered.

	"Okay," Jana said.  "How about you, Alyssa?"

	We went around the room and talked about our family.  Then Jana

started to go on and talk more about the general differences in philosophy

about family when Sarah interrupted her.

	"What about your family?" she asked.

	"Oh, I suppose that's only fair," Jana realized out loud.

	She ran her hands through her long, silky hair as she leaned

against the desk.  She cast her eyes to the ceiling as she composed

herself for the answer.

	"Actually, I was kind of raised in the Indian way.  My

grandparents raised me for most of my childhood, but that was only because

my parents were kind of wild," she said, chuckling a little at the end. 

"So I feel like their wisdom has kind of shaped me."

	"How are you going to raise your children?" Sarah pressed.

	Jana chuckled.  "First I've got to find myself a man.  I am

working on that now though.  I'm dating someone, and I'm trying to get him

to propose.  My biological clock is ticking, and I want to settle down NOW

and have children."

	We laughed a little at this.

	"Would you let your parents raise your children?" Devon asked.

	"Unfortunately I don't have a choice in the matter.  Both my

parents are dead.  I feel sorry about that too because when I have a child

I would have liked for them to learn from the wisdom of my parents.  Does

anyone in here have children?"

	"I do," Bridget said.

	"Oh, aren't they wonderful?" Jana asked, becoming very expressive.

	Bridget nodded and smiled that knowing smile.

	"I can't wait until I have some," Jana said.  She seemed to

disappear into her own private fantasy world for a while before she

returned to class.  "But enough about that.  Let's get back to the book. 

On page 128 there's a passage about...

* * *

	A couple weeks later I was scheduled to have a conference with

Jana about a research assignment I was writing for the class on the Native

American Ghost Dance.  I was supposed to meet her in the student union

lounge and bring my first draft for her to look over.  She liked to meet

in informal settings because she felt it helped to have a new environment

to meet in that wasn't a stuffy office or a cramped classroom.  She liked

the change of pace.

	It was early in the morning, about 9:00, and I was her first

conference of the day.  I didn't mind getting up early since I had class

at 10:00 anyways.  It gave me a chance to have Jana fresh before she'd

tired herself out with several conferences.

	She was sitting across the lounge from where I entered.  She waved

at me when she saw me and I headed over to her booth.  When I got closer I

noticed dark circles under her bloodshot eyes.  She attempted a weak smile

when I sat down across from her.

	"Is something wrong?" I asked.

	"I didn't get much sleep last night," she answered and then took a

sip from her coffee.

	"Why?" I asked.  

	"I broke up with my boyfriend," she replied.

	"Oh, that's too bad.  Do you want to talk about it?" I asked. 

Like I said, I'm the total gentleman.  I was concerned about her well

being and willing to soothe her troubles if I could.

	"We just weren't compatible.  I brought up kids last night, and

found out he didn't want them, and I realized then and there that this was

not the man for me.  It's time for me to find a guy who wants a family

before it's too late for me," she answered.

	I reached across the table and lightly placed my hand over hers.

	"I'm sure you'll find him," I assured her.

	"Thank you, Trevor.   We better take a look at that essay of

yours," she said.

	I reluctantly removed my hand in order to pull out the paper from

my backpack and hand it over to her.

	Later on in the day I bumped into Sarah from my Native American

literature course.  I told her what had happened to Jana.

	"Oh no, that's terrible.  How is she?" Sarah asked.

	"Not good.  She looked really bad, and she said she didn't get any

sleep last night," I answered.

	"We should do something for her," Sarah suggested.

	"Like what?" I asked.

	"Let's get a couple others from class and go over to her place

tonight to cheer her up.  We'll have a little party for her," Sarah answered.

	"Do you know where she lives?" I asked.

	"Oh, sure.  I've been over there a couple of times.  She sometimes

has little get togethers to talk about poetry and literature at her


	"Okay, that sounds like a great idea.  I'll try and get a hold of

some people," I said.

	"I'll do the same.  Why don't I give you a call about six and we

can set it all up."

	"Fine by me."

	I gave her my phone number and then went on my way.  I managed to

track down another student who said she was interested in going.  When I

talked to Sarah later on that day she said she would be bringing a couple

people and we would all get together beforehand at her place to buy some

things for the party.

	We took Jana completely by surprise when we arrived with the food

and drink.  She had been correcting some freshman English papers and said

she could really use the break.

	I was glad to see Jana having a good time.  We talked about

literature and politics, and I found that I was having a really good time

too.  Eventually Sarah brought up the topic of Jana's break up and she and

the other girls brought up the subject of Jana's sex life with this guy.

	"He wasn't really all that good in bed," Jana admitted to them.

	"See, then you're not missing much," Sarah said.

	"But he was a nice guy," Jana said.

	"Nice?  Who needs nice.  You really need a good lay," Bridget

assured her.

	The girls all chuckled about this, and then Jana turned the tables

on them, asking about their sex lives.  As they all started to reveal the

dirty details of their bedroom, and some wasn't even in the bedroom,

behavior, I knew I didn't like where this conversation was going.  Sure

enough, they soon turned to me and were asking about my sex life.

	Even though I'm comfortable with being a virgin, and I've chosen

to be that way for specific reasons, it's still difficult for me to tell

people I am since apparently it's so uncommon in my age group.

	"I'm a virgin," I said, trying to say it as nonchalantly as

possible, so nobody would make fun of me.

	It worked.  I could see that they were all kind of shocked, but

none of them laughed or made any rude comments.  I knew I was among real

friends here who wouldn't judge me.

	"That's very admirable of you, Trevor," Jana said.  "Are you

waiting for that special woman?"

	"Yes, I am," I answered.

	She nodded respectfully.


* * *

	About a week later I was invited to one of those get togethers

Sarah had told me about over at Jana's apartment.  There were only five

people there and it was a night of intriguing discussion.  Jana was

looking especially beautiful in a tight blue blouse and tight cutoffs that

hugged her firm little ass.

	I offered to stay late and help her clean up.  We worked side by

side in the kitchen washing the dishes, and at one point as I was reaching

over to take another mug to wipe, she moved towards me also as she placed

a dish on the counter.  We turned and looked at one another, our noses

within about an inch of the other.

	"You know, Trevor.  You're a very handsome man.  If I were a few

years younger, I think I would go for you," she told me, her warm breath,

smelling of sweet coffee, brushing across my face as she spoke.

	I leaned forward and closed that inch space.  My desire took over

my reason and I kissed those full, soft lips.  She didn't move away and I

increased the pressure on her lips.

	She opened her mouth and I responded in kind.  My tongue slithered

forward slowly and entered her mouth.  There I tasted of the coffee she'd

been drinking that night.  She moved her tongue into my mouth and they

danced in our mouths.

	With my empty hand, I placed a hand on her neck and lightly

stroked her there.  She moaned into my mouth, so I grew even bolder.  My

hand slipped slowly down the front of her blouse to her left breast.  I

cupped it in my hand through the tight cloth, feeling her bra and the

flesh underneath.

	Suddenly she pushed me away and stepped back.  "Wait a minute,"

she gasped, out of breath.  

	"I'm sorry," I replied immediately.  I knew I had stepped out of

line and now that I'd lost contact with her trim, sexy body I was

recovering my rationality.  "I shouldn't have done that."

	"No, it's my fault," she said.

	"No, it's mine.  I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.  Maybe I

should go."

	"That's a good idea," she answered.

	I dropped the dish towel and left the room and then the apartment

without another word to her.  I was so embarrased by what had happened, I

didn't know what else I could say then.	


	I hated to do it, but I skipped class the next day.  I just

couldn't face Jana yet after what happened the night before.  I had to

figure out what I was going to do about her before I could see her again. 

There was also a part of me that wondered what she was thinking.  I really

wanted to talk to her also and find out why she let me go so far, and then

why she pulled away.  I was just so confused, and I didn't know what to

think or feel, or do about any of it.

	My phone rang after that class hour ended.  I answered it and

found out it was Jana.

	"Trevor, are you okay?" she asked.

	"Yeah," I answered.

	"Are you sure?  I wondered why you weren't in class today," she said.

	"I needed to think," I answered.

	"Before you do too much thinking, I'd like to talk to you.  Are

you free for dinner tonight?" she asked.

	"Yes," I answered.

	"Good, why don't you come over here tonight at about 7:00 and I'll

make dinner for you," she said.

	"Are you sure that's such a good idea?" I asked.

	"Don't worry.  Please come over," she said.

	"I will," I promised.

	Those hours that I waited between her phone call and going over

for dinner were some of the most nerve-wracking of my life.  I was so glad

when I could finally leave and head over to her place because then at

least I could get my mind off the topic and do something about it.

	"Hello, Trevor," Jana greeted me at the door with a bright, open


	She wore a loose white dress that was almost the color of her

hair.  Her hair hung loose and appeared to shine with a new vibrance.  I

also noticed a sparkle in her eye.

	"Come on in," she urged.

	I followed her into her apartment.  It was very dimly lit, and I

soon found out that the only light was coming from candles at various

points around the room.  The table was all set up and there were a couple

of candles on it also.

	"Have a seat," she said.

	I took the seat nearest me, across the table from the other place

setting.  I wasn't quite sure what to make of this very romantic

atmosphere.  This was definitely not one of the scenarios that I had

envisioned for this evening.  I was determined not to misinterpret what I

considered to be a romantic interlude for fear that I would make another


	As she headed out to the kitchen to get the food, I saw the light

catch her white outfit just so that I could see right through her top.  I

could see her breasts clearly through with her firm nipples at rest on

those lovely mounds.  I couldn't believe that she wasn't wearing a bra,

and I was glad that she had left the room so she couldn't see me blush.

	Upon her return, she brought with her some wine which she poured

out into our glasses before she disappeared back into me kitchen for our

main course.  It was a delicious meal and the conversation put me at

ease, and I came to realize that she hadn't intended anything by the

candlelit room.  This was just a regular conversation between an English

professor and one of her students.

	After dinner we moved to the couch for some pie and coffee.  I was

still waiting for her to bring up the topic that I thought we had intended

on talking about all night, but she didn't.  I knew that I certainly

wasn't going to bring it up.  I wanted it to just go away so that I could

never think about it.  Yet the feel of her soft lips against mine and the

firmness of her breast continued to plague my memory.

	"I suppose it's time we talk about what happened," Jana said after

we'd finished the pie.

	"I guess," I answered, blushing as the memory returned in full force.

	"I've been thinking about it, and I realized that there is a

mutual attraction between us, and I don't think we should try and hide

it," she said.

	I was speechless.  What was she saying?

	"So, if you're interested, I think it's time we did something

about our feelings for each other.  What do you say?"

	I didn't know what to say.  Here was the woman that I thought

would be my perfect match, offering me...what?  A shot at dating her...?

	She leaned forward and removed the distance between us.  Her lips

came into contact with mine, and she took possession of my body.  I

returned her gentle kiss with one of my own, savoring this touch that I'd

sampled the night before.  It was just as warm and sweet as the last time.	

	I pulled her into my arms, and pressed her small firm body against

mine as our kiss became more passionate.  I could feel her breasts on my

chest through the thin cloth of her dress.  As we kissed I ran my hands

through her long hair, enjoying its silky feel.

	Her hands ran up and down my back as our mouths continued their

passionate battle.  We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other's

kiss.  We wanted more and our tongues quested for this inside the other's


	I slid my hand down her side and caressed the side of her breast.  Then

I moved around to the front and felt the firmness of her breast through

the sheer cloth.  My thumb lightly touched the button of her nipple,

arousing it.

	Her hand ran down my chest and slid into my crotch where she

brushed against the firmness of my erection.  She gripped this firmly in

her hand and then broke the kiss.

	"The bedroom," she whispered.

	I nodded and stood up with her hand still on my crotch.  She

stroked that region, coaxing my desire.  I ran my hand slowly up and down

her back as we walked into the room.  She closed the door behind us and

then went to the nightstand where she lit two candles, shedding light on

the dark room.

	She stood just off to the side of this light, away from me, and

proceeded to undress.  Her hands went to the back of her dress and

unzipped it.  Then, with a flirtatious little smile, she let the dress

fall off, revealing her naked bosom and slender, naked legs.  She only

wore a pair of white lace panties.  These she slipped off quickly too, and

I caught my first glimpse of her blond curly thatch of pubic hair which

formed an inviting V between her legs.

	"Come here," she whispered, gesturing with her hand.

	I walked over to where she stood, and she kissed me softly on the

lips.  I eagerly returned this kiss.

	"Do you think I'm beautiful?" she asked.

	"Yes," I answered vehemently.

	She kissed me again and took my hands in her own and brought them to

her naked breasts.  I took her soft, firm breasts in my hands and

tentatively stroked them.  I lightly pinched her hard nipples and then

brought my head to them and licked around her nipples.

	"Oh," she breathed softly.

	Jana took my head in her hands and licked at my ear.  She ran her

tongue all around the outside of it, and then thrust it into my ear,

sending a shiver down my back.  She lightly blew in it before returning to

my face where she kissed me.

	I felt her hands on my waist as we kissed and then I felt her

untucking my shirt.  I kissed her more intensely as she began to remove

it.  We broke and she bent at the waist to kiss my abdomen.  There was a

tuft of hair sticking out the top of my pants, and she kissed this also. 

Then she pulled off my shirt and tossed it to the floor.

	I pressed my naked torso against hers, enjoying the feel of her

breasts and nipples against my hairless chest.  Her hands slipped down my

naked back to my buttocks where she squeezed them as we kissed.

	We pulled away again and she undid the button on my pants and then

unzipped them.  She hooked her hands in my briefs and pulled down my

underwear and pants at the same time.  She got down on her knees as she

stipped off the rest of my clothes and kissed the line of hair that

started at my navel and ran down to meet with the thick, curly nest of

brown pubic hair at the base of my now-erect cock.

	 On her knees, she slipped off my clothes with some help from me,

and then she kissed the head of my cock.  Pre-cum had already slipped out

and her tongue lightly lapped this up.  The feel of her tongue on my dick

was sensational.  I thought I might come at that instant, but I think she

sensed this because she stood up and kissed me.  As our tongues met, I

could taste that lingering pre-cum in her mouth.

	She took me by the hand and led me over to the bed.  She crawled

into it, and I followed closely behind.  She lay on her back and my head

went to her breasts again where I lapped hungrily at the soft, delicate

flesh.  Then I kissed my way down her abdomen, pausing once I reached her


	"Kiss me down there," she whispered.

	I didn't need to be told twice.  I continued my trail of light

kisses until I reached her curly blond mound of pubic hair.  I planted

kisses over every inch of this secret area.  

	Her hands came down to where I was and parted the lips of her pussy.

	"Lick me," she asked.

	Tentatively, and with much uncertainty--since I'd never had

experience--I put my tongue slowly into that slit.  I found the mythical

clitoris and lightly worked on this.  She pumped her hips into my face and

urged me on, so I knew I was getting it right.

	Then she stopped me with a touch of her hand.

	"Do you want me?" she asked.

	"Yes," I answered.

	"Come here," she said.

	I crawled up onto her body, my naked flesh against hers.  She

spread her legs wider as we kissed.  I felt her hand on my cock, guiding

it into her.

	"Wait," I said, breaking the kiss.

	"What?" she asked.

	"Shouldn't we have protection?"

	"Don't worry about it," she said.  "Just trust me."

	Then she pulled me back to her lips and kissed away my concern.  I

thrust forward slowly, feeling the warm tightness of her vagina engulf my

cock.  It felt so good, even better than the touch of her tongue on me.  

	We slowly built our rhythm.  I went slow because I just wanted

this to last forever, and she followed my lead.  This being my first time

though, it didn't take long before I felt myself getting ready to come.  I

broke from kissing Jana because the sensations were so intense, I couldn't

concentrate on anything else.

	I groaned as my orgasm hit me and then I collapsed against her as

my virgin semen sprayed her insides.  We lay against each other for an

eternity afterwards as we caught our breath and lightly stroked each

other's flesh. 

	"Oh, Trevor, that was so wonderful," Jana said. 

	"Yes, it was," I agreed. 

	"I'm afraid I have a confession to make though," she said. 


	"The reason I said not to worry about protection is because I want

to have a child."

	"What?" I asked, incredulous, as I pulled out of her arms and

stared at her in disbelief.  What had I done? 

	"If you're worried about me trying to get money out of you or

anything, that's not what this is about.  It's just that I've wanted a

child for so long now, and you were there, and I just couldn't pass up

this opportunity," she explained. 

	I didn't know what to think.  She wanted to turn me into a father

already?  I was only 22, and I hadn't even really thought about the

possibility of being a father yet.  She did say that she didn't want any

money though.  Did that mean she was prepared to have this child on her


	"You want to have a child all by yourself?" I asked. 

	"Not really, but I've prepared myself.  That's why I did this.  You

don't have to have anything to do with a child if one comes of our union


	I thought about this for a while, and then looked at her.  A child

of our flesh.  I looked into her beautiful eyes which looked deep into

mine now, trying to divine my thoughts.  I carressed her silky hair, and

continued to think about the possibility. 

	"What if I wanted to be a part of our child's life?" I asked. 

	She raised her eyebrows at this question.  "I...I guess that would

be fine.  That would complicate things...I don't know how it would all

work out..."

	"We can work out the details later," I promised her, smiling at

this woman who I knew I would one day make my wife. 

	My penis began to stir and she felt this movement against her


	"Let's get back to work on this child," I said and then kissed her. 


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