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Archive-name: School/princpal.txt


Archive-title: In the Principal's Office

     Your mind drifts back to when you were 16 years old and

still in high school.  You were well developed for your age.

Your pretty athletic figure coupled with your large firm breasts

made you one of the most attractive girls in your school.  On

this day in particular, you remember being in school on a cool

fall day...

You are having a lot of trouble staying awake in your math class

because of the night before.  Last night you ended up going out

with a few of your more rambunctious friends.  You got a little

drunk and before the night was over, you had used some spray

paint on the school wall in the courtyard.  Today you're feeling

a little guilty.  It's not like you to be so naughty.  Usually

you're such a good girl.  Hopefully, you think, this will all

just fade away as a bad memory.  "Sharon!", you hear, "Are you

asleep?"  The sound breaks you out of your daydream.  Your math

teacher is looking at you intently.  "I called your name twice!".

"No sir.", you reply quietly embarrassed, "I'm sorry.  I'll try

to be more attentive."  "Good", says Mr. Galbrith, "Well, you can

be more attentive down at the principal's office because I just

got a note that he wants to see you."  Your heart leaps to your

throat as feel a wave of panic wash over you.  Your hands are

trembling as you gather your books and head down the corridor

towards the office.  You go to the principal's office where his

secretary instructs you to sit down on the bench to wait.  You

sit down on the hard wooden bench and wait quietly.  Your mind is

racing.  You are sure that the principal knows what you did last

night!  You have never really been in trouble before and you feel

close to tears as you think about what will happen if your

parents find out.  Your palms are moist as you sit passively,

waiting.  "You can go in now Sharon.", says the secretary.  "You

get to your feet, nervously open the door to the principal's

office and enter.  The door closes behind you.  Mr. Bolden is

sitting behind his desk.  You put your books down and stand in

front of his desk and wait for him to say something.  He doesn't

say anything for a moment but he looks upset.  Finally he looks

right at you, "Well?", he says in a load stern voice, "What do

you think are done with vandals in this school."  You hang your

head in shame as a blush hits your face.  You don't know what to

answer but he answers for you.  "I'll tell you!", he shouts, "We

call the police and we let them handle it!"  You are sniffling

now, close to tears.  He continues to yell at you.  Finally, he

pushes his chair back from his desk.  You think that he will be

standing up but he doesn't.  "You have been a very bad girl

Sharon.", he says in a low stern voice, "Come here."  With your

head still bowed, you walk slowly around his desk to stand before

him.  "Lie over my lap young lady.  You're going to be punished."

Your head shoots up to look at him, your eyes wide as saucers in

disbelief.  Surely he can't mean that he would spank you just

like a little girl!  You shake your head almost automatically as

you say no.  His large hands shoot out to grab your wrists and

before you can even think about it, you are lying across his

broad lap with you head facing the floor only a foot away.  One

of his large hands is holding you firmly at the small of your

back and you feel the other start to lift your navy blue skirt up

to your waist.  You begin to struggle frantically, trying to

avoid the humiliating punishment.  "STOP IT!", he shouts in a

loud commanding voice.  Despite yourself, you are still.  You

reach forward with your hands to steady yourself against the

floor and then you lie passively awaiting whatever he will do to

you.  You have it coming, you think as your skirt is carefully

tucked into your waistband thus exposing your white cotton

panties to his gaze.  A moment later, his hand begins pulling the

panties down your legs.  He stops when they have reached your

knees.  You close your eyes, mortified that this strange,

powerful man has exposed you totally while you remain helpless in

his control.  His hand now cups your exposed bottom and you feel

it gently caress you.  You turn beet red, not knowing what will

come next.  His broad, strong hand now begins to smack your

bottom.  At first, the strokes are very light, almost a feather

touch, but gradually he begins hitting harder.  Your breathing

quickens.  You can't believe that you, a sixteen year old girl

are actually receiving a bare-bottomed spanking at the hand of

your principal.  His strokes are quite heavy now and you feel the

stinging heat of the spanking travel through you.  Each smack

causes you to gasp and the strokes are both painful and oddly

exciting.  In another moment the combination of the humiliation

and the pain in your tender bottom is too much and you start

crying.  A couple of very hard smacks later and he stops.  You

get to your feet and pull up your panties as quickly as you can

manage.  "Oh no you don't young lady. You've been a bad girl and

you're not leaving so fast.  Go over into that corner and stand

there facing it.", says Mr. Galbrith.  You hesitate for a minute,

desperately wanting to pull down your skirt to cover your little

girl panties.  "Right now Sharon!", he says.  You blush as you

walk over to the corner to stand facing it passively.  "Now get

those panties down.", says the principal.  You close your eyes at

the humiliation, knowing that you are powerless to disobey him.

Very slowly, you start to pull down your panties while you look

at the wall.  Your hot red buttocks come into view and you stop.

"All the way off.", says Mr. Galbrith menacingly and you hook

your thumbs into the flimsy undergarment to follow his

instructions.  He picks the panties up off the floor to put them

on his desk.  You are now standing facing the corner of the room

with no panties on and your skirt tucked into the waistband thus

exposing your well punished bottom completely.  You have never

been so embarrassed and the silent tears roll down your cheeks.

He leaves you there for perhaps ten minutes.  It seems like ten

hours with every second an eternity of wondering if someone will

come into the office to see you naked as you are.  Finally, he

tells you to turn around and to lower your skirt.  You do so

gratefully.  The tears are over now but you feel the heat of the

spanking coursing right through your body.  "I don't want to ever

hear about you getting in trouble again.", he says, "I'm not

going to tell your parents about this time but if I ever find you

in here again, you will be very sorry.  Now get out of here."

You grab your books and leave the office.  The secretary smiles

at you knowingly and you blush yet again at the humiliation of

her knowing.  You are walking slowly down the corridor back to

class when you realize to your horror that your panties are still

back in the principal's office.  You know that you will not go

back there to ask so, reluctantly, you continue on back to your

next class very conscious of your naked body beneath your skirt.

The rest of the day passes in a sort of haze as the vivid memory

of the spanking keeps running through your mind.  You are both

troubled and strangely excited by what has happened.  Sitting

down, you feel the heat from your buttocks spreading out through

your whole body.  You are sure that everyone knows and that every

boy is looking at you knowing that you have no panties on.  Your

breasts are in a continual state of arousal and you go to the

bathroom to remove your bra.  Your nipples are erect and you look

in the mirror to see how they poke out of the fabric.  By the end

of the day your pussy is soaking wet and you are more turned on

than you have ever been in your life.  As soon as classes are

over you go to the gym to find your boyfriend Robert.  Robert is

shooting baskets in the gym all by himself.  You and Robert

haven't made love yet, you have been saving yourself for a

special occasion.  Tonight might be the night, you think to

yourself as you run your hands over your overexcited body.  You

have been on the pill for a couple of months and tonight it may

come in useful.  Robert sees you right away and runs over.  "Are

you the only one here?", you ask sexily.  Robert looks at you

curiously, "Yeah,", he says, "At least for the moment."  You look

around nervously.  If he doesn't touch you right now, you are

going to scream.  You reach over and grab his head your tongue

snakes into his mouth as you give him a strong, sexy kiss.

"Mmmmm", he murmurs.  You feel his bulge spring up in his shorts.

You reach down to squeeze it.  His eyes open wide at the touch.

You have never been so aggressive.  You take his hand and pull it

up under your skirt and right onto your naked, soaking pussy.

"Wow!", he gasps as he touches you for the first time ever.  You

take his hand and drag him into the boys locker room.  "Sharon!

What are you doing.", he exclaims  You take a quick look around

to make sure you are the only ones there.  You reach down and

with one smooth motion, pull off your sweater to expose your

naked breasts.  Your nipples are already hard.  In fact, your

entire body is in heat.  You pull his shorts and underwear to his

ankles in one yank and immediately wrap your mouth around his

erect organ.  He throws his head back and moans out loud as your

tongue runs up and down his cock.  You slide it deep into your

throat and enjoy the feeling of his flesh pulsing inside of you.

You push him back onto a bench so he is lying on his back and you

sit astride him facing backwards.  You feel his hands lift your

skirt and begin to stroke your hot buttocks.  It takes only a

minute before his tongue is running the length of your wet slit.

The sensation is unique and you redouble your efforts at sucking

him.  Just as you are about to come you get up.  You turn around

facing him and lower your body so that his throbbing cock is

barely touching your pussy.  You wait for a moment experiencing

the delicious anticipation.  This will be it, you think to

yourself as you slide down slowly, an inch at a time, feeling his

hardness fill you completely.  When you are completely impaled

you pause for a moment savoring the sensation.  Your bottom,

still burning from the spanking you received earlier is pressing

down against his body.  Now you begin to raise and lower your

body in an ever increasing rhythm, bouncing up and down.  His

large, strong hands find your breasts and begin pulling at your

long brown nipples.  The sensation drives your passion to the

boiling point and you cry out as your body tightens in what is

the most luscious sensation you have ever experienced.  You feel

Robert's body stiffen as his come shoots deep into you in spasm

after spasm.  You lean down to rest your head on his hairy chest

basking in the warm afterglow of your first love making.


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