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Archive-name: School/nightlab.txt


Archive-title: Night in the Lab, A

Computer Science

Yes, you might say I am the typical computer nerd.  6'1", 150, and absolutely

NO looks. I wear braces (I had a terrible case of Bugs Bunny before college)

and glasses to boot.  So you might (as I kind of do) find this story

unbelievable.  I am a freshman here, and live in the dorms.  The neat thing

about the dorms here is that they are practically next door to the computer

labs.  So it hardly ever comes as a shock to my roomate when I am not home

the next day.  It was at one of these late night sessions that I met Kris.

During the night in the computer lab, I usually play games.  (Considering I

am a computer science major without my own computer, this should be a shock.)

However, it is true, and since I avoid playing the games when there are term

papers due the next day, hardly anyone is in the lab, and the computer

operator doesn't say anything.  This one night, however, was different.

It was raining that night, and apparantly, everyone else had decided it was

not worth the drive (or walk) to use the computers.  So I was not surprised

when I walked into the lab and there was one person there (no offense, but

this guy NEVER sleeps it seems).  I said hi to him, and walked around the

corner into the room with the IBMs.  I sat down, pumped up the music on my

walkman, and went to work on Shaka, Alexander, and George in the game

Civilization [ed. note: great game ].  I was totally engrossed in the game

and didn't notice the blonde walk into the room.  I sensed that there was

someone there, and surprised when I looked over my shoulder to see the girl

watching me play the game.  She quickly averted her gaze back to her screen,

apparantly embarassed by my catching her.

"Hi."  I said as I turned off my walkman.  "My name is Doug."

"Hello, my name is Kris" she said, blushing as she did so.

Now this girl was pretty good looking.  Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect tits,

the works.  I was actually shocked that she was blushing.  I mean, here I am,

not the most handsome man in the world (in fact, on a scale of 1-10, I

probably rate a low 4 at best), and she is blushing because I caught her

glancing over my shoulder.  She could definitely do alot better than me.

Dismissing any thoughts that I had a chance with her, I smiled (remember, my

smile is not a killer one) at her, turned up the music, and resumed my game.

About five minutes later, my walkman abruptly stopped playing.  Thinking my

batteries had run down (again), I looked at it to see a hand wrapped around

it.  She had not liked the way I had brushed off the introductions with only

a smile.  She was standing behind me, leaning over me with one hand on the

back of my chair and another resting on the table next to the keyboard.

I turned around to look at her, this time not just at a glance.  Because she

was not hidden by the table this time, I was able to appreciate her looks.

She was wearing blue jeans, a white button down shirt, and no bra.  Her shirt

was tucked in and tight around her breasts,  and I could see her nipples

underneath the thin fabric of the blouse.  I also noticed a heavy jacket

hanging over her chair.  Catching me appreciating her breasts, she blushed

again.  Surprised, I asked her what was wrong.

"Nothing," she told me, "I was just watching you play this game and it looks

interesting.  What is it?"  Yeah, right.  Watching someone play Civilization

is about as interesting as watching paint dry. This time, however, I could

smell the beer on her breath, and figured the only reason she was talking to

me was because she was drunk.

"The game is called Civilization, and is a boring game after a while.  What

are you doing, anyway?"

"I was just writing the first draft on my writing paper."

I could see that the conversation was dying quickly.  I asked her what grade

she was in and the usual small talk.  I found out she is a sophomore from LA

and commuted to school.  There was a party she was at in Newport, and she

figured that since she was here she should start on her paper.  That explained

the beer on her breath.  Seeing that there was no point my letting her drive

home drunk, and since my roomate was at home for the weekend, I asked her if

she would like to spend the night in my room so she wouldn't have to drive

home in the weather, drunk.

"Love to.  In my state, I can't even begin to think about doing my paper."

I figured that since she was drunk, she would probably fall asleep when we

got to my room and I would too.  It was a hot rain, and since I had an

umbrella, I was not surprised whe she opted not to wear her jacket on the

walk back to the dorm.  However, I was surprised that she bolted out from

under my umbrella about 50 feet from the door and ran the rest of the way.

It was raining pretty heavily, and since I was carrying both of our stuff, I

had to walk the whole way, lest I slip.  When I got to the outer door (the

outer doors are opened by the same card that opens the room) she was drenched.

Her tight blouse was soaked, emphasizing her rock hard nipples.

"Oh," she said, grinning," I seem to be all wet!"

"No problem, I'll give you a towel in the room."

We went up to the room.  I gave her a towel, and told her that if she liked, I

would leave the room while she undressed and she could hand me her clothes

out the door so I could throw them in the dryer downstairs.

"Sure, but you don't have to leave, I'm not embarrassed by my body."

"Yeah, but your pretty drunk, and I don't want you to do anything you'll

regret tomorrow."

I was beginning to get the feeling her getting wet was no accident.  There was

no stopping the girl, though, she had already unbuttoned half her blouse.

However, she didn't continue, she only looked up at me and smiled, with her

hands poised on another button.

"Come over here and help me with this."

I walked over and unbuttoned the rest.  I then deftly reached down to her

jeans and started to work the buttons on her fly.  When I pulled them down, I

was only half surprised that she was also not wearing any panties.  She

shrugged out of her now free blouse and stepped out of her jeans.  I just

stood there dumbfounded.

"I..better get these into the dryer."

Now, I have to say that I have had zilch experience when it comes to girls,

and this was all running at full speed.  I used the clothes as an excuse to

get out for a minute and catch my breath.  I started the dryer, and walked

back up to my room.  When I opened the door, there she was on my bed, her

back turned towards me on her side.  I thought to myself that she had fallen

asleep and was about to leave when she told me to come on in.  She turned over

onto her back and showed me what she was doing.  When I thought she was

asleep, she was maturbating.

"I couldn't wait for you.  I hope you don't mind."

Mind? Nah, I couldn't hide the hard on I had gotten when she turned over onto

her back.

"Oooh, is Mister Dick a happy boy!" she said, laughing as she did so.  "Come

over here."

I walked over to her.  She turned on her side, and with a flick of her wrists,

had my pants down, including my underwear.  I thought to my self that she

seems to have experience in that area.  No sooner were my pants down when she

took me into her mouth.  I had never had a blow job before that (I had never

fucked anyone either, but that's beside the point.), so the after the first

couple of strokes I started to come.  And boy did I come.

"Mmmmmm" she said, "you sure are tasty.  Now you must return the favor."

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and since I figured (correctly) that

it would be a while before I had a chance to do something like this again, I

lowered myself down to her pussy.  The taste came as quite a shock to me, and

I reeled back at first.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it.  Just dig in and enjoy."

I thought "boy, this chick must really be hard up if she knows how

inexperienced I am."  But with her words of confidence, I lowered my face

back down and started to enjoy.  It actually wasn't that bad, and whinin a

minute when her hips started to buck, I realized she was about to come.  I

put a couple fingers into her vagina and started to pump her while flicking

her clit with my toungue.  She moaned again and I felt her spasm through her

orgasm.  When she was finished, she changed positions so her face was only a

few inches from mine and said,

"You know, honestly, that was the best blow I have ever had.  I didn't think

you would be so good. She smiled at me and tired from the orgasm and alcohol

fell asleep on the bed.

Seeing nothing better to do, I went downstairs and got her clothes.  I put

them over my chair and fell asleep on my roomates bed.  I woke up late the

next day (considerring it was 3 am when I fell asleep).  But when I woke,

Kris was gone.  She had left me a note, however, which said:

	I was not kidding last night...that was the best orgasm I ever had.

	But you and I both know it was a mistake.  I would never have given

	you the chance had I been sober.  I don't think that I should let

	it be known that we had done anything.  If we see each other, please

	don't let on that I know you.


Yes, I was annoyed, but happy at the same time.  After I had read the note, I

thought that I would ruin her at the earliest chance.  But after thinking

about it, I decided not to.  Why?  because she was the best orgasm I ever had.


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