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Archive-name: School/naughty2.txt

Archive-author: Andrew L. Roller

Archive-title: Naughty Naked Dreamgirls 2

Mary felt her bottom cheeks pulled apart.  A pointed tongue touched

her anus.

**** Episode Three **** Our story continues:

It was silly.  It was crazy.  Two grown women suckling the breasts of a

third  like newborn babes.  Someday they would be managers, directors,

corporate executives.  But at this moment they were just beautiful, naked

girls, aroused by their adventures and surrounded by copulating friends.

It was a case, too, of the 'hostage syndrome,' of prisoners falling in

love with their captor, of the captor coming to care for the captive.

Therese kissed the top of each girls' head.

"Are you my babies?"  Therese cooed.  "Do you want to be my babies?

Let me untie you and I'll soothe your poor scorched bottoms with baby


Therese reached down and worked her fingers into the cords about the

two girls' wrists as Mary and Susie continued to suckle.  It took a few

minutes, the bonds having been made very secure, but eventually Therese

worked them apart.

Surprisingly, Mary and Susie stayed in position, merely pulling their

elbows beneath their breasts to better support their weight.  Their lips

remained glued to Therese's teats.

"Now girls," Therese said, addressing the two as they slurped.  "Please,

it's time to stop this."  But the girls continued.

"Girls, I'm going to get up now," Therese said.  "Mary?  Susie?"  Finally

Therese just stood up.  The girls' mouths dropped open disappointedly

as they gazed up at the fruit that had been so rudely withdrawn.

"C'mon," Therese said, stepping to the side of Mary and grasping her

breasts and tummy.  Therese pulled Mary upright and off the chair.

Susie struggled to rise, at present unused to anything other than her

bent-over position.  Her muscles were stiff and sore.  Therese caught

her around the breasts and pulled up.  Susie tumbled off the side of the

chair and hung limply in Therese's arms.  Then she dropped heavily upon

her bottom to the floor, wincing as it came in contact with the carpet.

Mary stood briskly rubbing her bottom with her hands.

"I'll do that for you, honey," Therese said, stepping behind Mary and

cupping the girl's bottom in her palms.  Mary tossed back her head

and rested it on Therese's bare shoulder.  Her eyes met Therese's in a

lusty gaze.

"God, I'm horny," Mary said.  No further words were needed.  The girls'

lips meshed.  Therese's palms slipped to the front of Mary's thighs as

Mary ground her bottom cheeks into Therese's pubic hair.  Mary's hands

clasped together behind Therese's head.  Mary's breasts, sticking straight

out like the 'rocket tits' they were, cantilevered upward as Mary bent

back.  Therese's fingers stole to the creamy insides of Mary's thighs.

Just as Therese's fingertips skimmed up to Mary's labia lips Mary broke

the awkward embrace.

"You said I could be the teacher," Mary said, turning to Therese.

"Yes," Therese breathed.

Mary picked up two discarded cocktail glasses from the floor, their

contents empty save for a collection of slowly melting ice cubes.

Mary handed Therese a glass, reserving one for herself.

"Put the ice in your mouth, hold it there, let it melt over your tongue,"

Mary said, doing the same herself.

"Just what do you have planned?" Therese asked.

"You'll see," Mary grinned over a mouthful of ice.

The two girls stood there for a few minutes, their eyes sparkling at

each other, their bodies nude and full of desire.  It was a desperate,

wonderful feeling.

"Kneel," Mary commanded.

Therese obeyed.

Mary turned to Susie, who still sat where she had dropped upon the rug.

"Come here," Mary ordered.

Susie blinked, then crawled to Mary's feet like a little puppy.

Mary knelt down and kissed Susie lightly on the forehead.

"Turn around and present your bottom to me," Mary said.

"But it's sore," Susie whined, expecting a further round of erotic


"I know, darling, that's why I want it.  Don't worry," Mary said.

A bit hesitant, Susie did as she was told, but kept her head turned over

her shoulder to watch.

Mary then knelt on all fours herself, her own bottom presented to the

kneeling Therese.

"You don't need any baby oil if you want to soothe my bottom," Mary

told Therese.  "Just lick."

"Of course," Therese said, and at once applied her tongue to Mary's

red cheeks.

Mary turned and smiled at Susie.

"You don't have to do any work," Mary said.  "Just enjoy."  And with

that Mary began licking Susie's fire-streaked bottom.  Susie moaned at

the touch of Mary's cool, wet tongue to her burning derriere.  It was

a welcome relief after the scorching whip.

The girls were still busy licking a full ten minutes later when suddenly

Therese spoke up.

"Have you ever tried the feuille de rose?"  Therese asked Mary.

"What's that?"  Mary asked, still laving Susie's bottom.  Mary felt her

bottom cheeks pulled apart.  She was about to protest when a pointed

tongue, no doubt Therese's, touched her anus.  It circled the crinkled

hole once and then delved inside.  Mary shivered.

At once Mary decided to favor Susie with the same.  She parted the

blonde's bottom cheeks to find a taste of vaseline and pre-cum around

her rose.  Boldly, Mary stuck her tongue in as far as it would go.

Susie trembled, dropping her face to the carpet.  She pushed her bottom

back to capture more of Mary's soothing tongue.  Mary spread Susie's

cheeks wide and delved even deeper.

By this time some of the couples had ceased their erotic embracements

and had once again grown aware of those around them.  Their eyes turned

to Susie, Mary, and Therese; undoubtedly the ones engaged in the most

intriguing enterprise at the moment.

Mary was just getting the hang of Therese's newest attraction when

she realized the moans in the room had died down.  Mary looked up,

her fingers still separating Susie's bottom cheeks.

Half the room was staring at her.

"Go for it!"  A man shouted.  Some of the girls looked incredulous.

Susie looked up, blearily wondering what had happened to her bottom's

lithe wet suitor.

Mary dropped Susie's buttocks and pulled her bottom from Therese.

Therese looked up.  The room was silent.

"Uh, who would like to try this with us?"  Therese asked, making light

of the matter.

No one answered.

Therese rose.

"I learned that in France, as an exchange student," Therese said.

"It's weird, especially with other women, but it's fun."

"Let's all try it!"  A man suggested.

At first there was no response.  But then, with some who only pretended

to be strangers to the practice taking the lead, the group soon settled

into a bout of anal tittilation.    The game promised to be a delightful

interlude between genitilic engagements.

Therese, Susie, and Mary were about to join in the merriment when suddenly

the fire of an unattended coffee pot replaced the fires of passion.

Suddenly the Phi Oui sorority house was ablaze with more than scorched

bottoms or burning loins.  The fire alarm went off, breaking the absorbed

reverie of the room.


"What a night," Mary said to Susie, gliding over to her as Susie plunked

down her books by the pool.

"I never did get to come," Susie said ruefully.

Mary laughed.

"Isn't it funny?"  Mary giggled.  "A day ago we didn't even know each

other!  Now we're sharing our sexual frustrations!"

"Shhh!"  Therese said, suddenly appearing beside the girls.  Her body

was wet from the pool.

"No doubt you remember this person," Mary said to Susie.

"If I try to forget my bottom will remind me at once," Susie said.

"Don't worry, we're due to give Therese a whipping of her own; eh,

Therese?"  Mary asked, reminding the girl of last night's agreement.

"Well, if  you insist," Therese said.  "But I'm rather bored with

whippings myself."

"Which is why I've ordered a nice slim cane from that silly sex shop

downtown," Mary replied.  Therese looked surprised.  "Its being delivered

to my apartment in an hour.  Why don't we just lounge around the pool

here with these other students until it arrives?"

"Uh, I have a class," Therese said.  "Several, in fact."

Mary took Therese by the arm.

"Come, dearest," Mary said.  "Let's go relax on those chairs by the

jacuzzi and think naughty thoughts."

"Good God, and you were such a shy girl once," Therese said, relenting.

"You've created a monster, dearest," Mary replied.

Mary's apartment was cool, a welcome relief from what had turned out to

be a very hot day.  The air conditioner purred obediently.  The girls,

clad only in trifling bikinis, sipped mixed drinks as they waited for

the delivery boy to arrive with Mary's cane.

What the girls had hoped might be a muscular, virile young jock turned

out to be a nerd instead, with Mary's package under one arm and a fistful

of odd-sized xeroxed literature in the other.  Mary quickly paid the

boy and dismissed him, whereupon he reluctantly returned to an absorbed

reading of BATDING, Year Three Part 1.  Mary heard the boy trip over a

lump in the hallway carpeting as he headed for the elevator.

"Shall we undress you, or can you do that yourself?"  Mary asked Therese.

"Aren't I naked enough for you already?"  Therese asked.

"I want you just like I was last night," Mary grinned maliciously.

"But that was an official sorority function," Therese objected.

Susie had been edging up on Therese from behind and, with that statement,

Susie grabbed the brunette, spilling Therese's cocktail from her hand

and down the front of her tawny body.

"Now look what you've done, you've gotten your swimsuit all wet," Mary

admonished Therese as she jumped in to help Susie hold the recalcitrant

girl securely.

"Fuck you!  What did your dumb friend grab me for, anyway?"

"Because I told her to," Mary replied.  "I expected some resistance

from you."

"Let me go!  I don't want to be caned!"  Therese snapped.  "What are

you two, anyway?  Lesbians?"

"Not at all,"  Mary replied.  "In fact, your remark just gave me an idea.

Come on, Susie, Let's get this girl tied down so we can attend to her

sassy bottom."

Therese struggled fiercely as Mary and Susie attempted to pull her

into Mary's bedroom.  Fortunately, perhaps owing to the genteel

rearing of the girls, the brawl did not descend into a "catfight."

Only a few scratches were inflicted (and these inadvertently), and no

hair was pulled.  Mary and Susie both lost their bikini bras, however,

and Susie's panties were pulled down to her knees.

Finally, however, perhaps sensing an opportunity for sexual fulfillment

in the matter (and Therese was particularly fond of the more decadent

forms of sexual fulfillment), Therese permitted herself to be thrown

upon Mary's bed and trussed down like an animal about to be branded.

"Gag her," Mary told Susie, as she swished her new cane through the air.

Susie knelt on the bed behind Therese, her own bottom naked and raised

to the air, and pulled off Therese's panties.  Then Susie stuffed the

panties in Therese's mouth and tied Therese's bra over them.


"Do you like to fuck?"  Jed asked Susie.

"Only if it's done gently," Susie said.  "I'm not into all the things

Mary and Therese are."

"You mean S and M?"  Jed said.  "You can be trained to enjoy that.

Some girls have to be."

**** Convenient minicomic hardcopies of NAUGHTY NAKED DREAMGIRLS are

available for 50" postpaid from Watson Graphics, c/o Vinson Watson,

4141 South Indiana, Chicago, Illinois  60653; (312) 924- 1289.

NAUGHTY NAKED DREAMGIRLS is copyright 1988 by Andrew L.  Roller.  NAUGHTY

NAKED DREAMGIRLS is a trademark of Andrew L. Roller.  World rights

reserved, including the right to practice the sexual acts described

herein.  Licenses available.

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