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Archive-name: School/naughty1.txt


Archive-title: Naughty Naked Dreamgirls

"Hold your pee in just a trifle longer, dearest," Therese said to Kathy,

who gave her an agonized look but obeyed.  Kathy was beginning to regret

the bottle of champagne she had so eagerly downed  an hour earlier.

The mildly intoxicating bubbles, so pleasantly soothing in her tummy,

took on an altogether different aspect in her bladder.

"I ought to just pee on you," Kathy said to Therese.

"Now that would  be naughty," Therese smiled, then turned and walked

back down between the bookshelves, her bare hips rolling with alluring


Kathy adjusted her weight as she knelt precariously atop two shelving

units stacked with library books.  The units were separated by a space

of some two feet, just enough to allow a person to squeeze between them.

Kathy's naked thighs and genitals arched over the space.  Her knees

rested on either unit, protected from the hard surface of the top of each

bookshelf by seat cushions borrowed from a cluster of nearby chairs.

Kathy's wrists were bound above her head, the rope suspended from an

overhanging chandelier.  The taut rope kept Kathy safe; any slip would

merely leave her dangling harmlessly in midair.

It was, without question, an odd way to make use of a library.

But technology, in the form of movable bookshelves that could be

separated by a dozen feet or squashed together at the touch of a button,

had finally invaded that last bastion of sterile serenity, the public

library, with an air of eroticism.

The institution at hand was, in actuality, a university library, and no

doubt its cold walls had witnessed a fair share of sensual expressions

amongst the more hot-blooded of its youthful visitors over the years.

But it was doubtful whether the reference section of the library had seen

much.  At the moment its sensibilities were probably somewhere between

shock and unconsciousness; no doubt the career emplyees who staffed it

during the day would have long since passed out had they known that "that

nice girl" who was under their direction this semester was at present clad

in nothing but spiked heels and long white gartered stockings, with a deep

interest in urinating but no interest in removing herself to the bathroom.

"Why, there you are," Kathy heard from the far end of the shelving units,

and saw Therese step out to greet Susie.  Kathy was back far enough that

all that could be made out from the far end of the row of shelving units,

if indeed it could be perceived at all, was that there was a line of

rope that dropped down from one of the chandeliers.

Certainly Susie didn't notice the rope.  Besides being all a- flutter

with curiosity at the "little initiation" her two newfound friends had

planned for her, she was, upon finding Therese, quite overwhelmed by

the bewitchingly aggressive girl.

"Did anyone see you cross the campus?"  Therese asked with feigned

innocence, knowing full well that the stark naked Susie had been observed

by a dozen members of the Phi Oui Sorority.

"I don't think so," Susie whispered.

"And you brought your towel, soap, shampoo, and washcloth with you I

see," Therese said.  "I hope you didn't disobey our instructions and

cover yourself with them as you came over."

"No!  Of course not!"  Susie said haltingly.  But Therese knew better.

She had already been informed by a sorority member that Susie had

been well wrapped in the towel as she made her proscribed pilgrimage.

That portion of the initiation would have to be repeated later, with an

appropriate punishment added on as well.

"Turn around, for you must be blindfolded for our next little surprise,"

Therese said.

Susie spun about on her heels and Therese quickly secured a kneesock

over her eyes.  Then she took the girl's hand and led her into the row

of bookshelves.

Kathy watched the pair as they approached her.  The shelves just

beyond where Kathy knelt were separated by half a dozen feet, to permit

unhampered access to their volumes.  But no one in the reference section

tonight would be making recourse to the tomes.  The most the old books

could hope for in the way of attention this evening was the deposit of

a few droplets of pee.

Therese was nearly bouncing with exuberence.  The girl had been imbued

with a heavy dose of sexuality since birth, and the exertions of the

male penis, while still enjoyable, today required a touch of decadence

to bring out its full flavor.  Like Kathy, Therese had little on; only

an abbreviated see-through nightie and the fact that her underclothes

were black distinguished her attire from her friend's.

"I'm going to shower in the library ?"  Susie squeaked, obviously


"Shush, darling,"  Therese cautioned, touching a finger to her  lips.

"But of course you are.  You wouldn't think we'd make you carry your

soap and things all the way over here just so you could sit and read

the encyclopedia, do you?"

"Now stand right here," Therese directed Susie, squeezing the girl between

the next two bookshelves in the row and underneath Kathy.  Then with a

single swift movement Therese removed Susie's blindfold and grasped both

her arms, pulling them back behind her.  Susie gasped as she caught sight

of the genitals positioned overhead.  Her full, pert breasts bounced in

the stale library air.  Kathy looked down at her and smiled.

"Hi, I guess I'm the one who's been assigned to be your shower," Kathy

said.  Susie turned her head and looked over her bare shoulder at Therese,

eyes wide.

"You're going to...?"  Susie asked, shocked.

"Now, dear, I think you'll like it," Therese said gently.  "In any case

now that you're here you must go through with it, otherwise we'd have

no protection if you squealed."

"Oh, I wouldn't tell," Susie blurted.

"You wouldn't, and you won't, because you're going to become a member

of the best sorority on campus, Phi Oui, and attend all our parties and

have a more wonderful time than you'd ever imagined during your four

years at Ohio State," Therese said firmly.

"But," Susie protested.  And then the most amazing thing happened.

Therese quieted her protests with a kiss.  It didn't last long, and

wasn't passionate; just the gentle reassurance of female lips and female

breasts pressed warmly against her.

When they separated Therese knew that Susie was ready.  She placed the

girl back between the narrowly separated bookshelves and signaled Kathy.

The girl above gave an inaudible sigh of relief.  Then, in a last minute

display of decorum, Kathy looked down at Susie and asked, "Ready?"

"I guess so," Susie replied.

"Kathy has endured the most uncomfortable agony of holding back an entire

bottle of champagne in her bladder just for you," Therese told Susie.

"You should appreciate and enjoy the rare gift she is about to bestow

upon you.  Few women outside our sorority would go to such lengths to

give you the pleasure of being sprinkled with their essence."

"I know," Susie said, more to appear to agree than anything.  But inside

her a lascivious spark had suddenly ignited.  The situation was so

bizzare, like something out of a Roman orgy, with her standing naked

in the library about to be wet upon by a girl clad only in stockings,

that her body couldn't help but suddenly feel a rush of heated sensuality.

Susie's next thoughts were drowned out by a sudden stream of urine

upon her head.  Impulsively, she looked up and the stream hit her full

in the face.  Susie squealed, surprised and suddenly delighted as the

golden rain flowed over her, running down the slopes of her breasts and

off the tips of her nipples.

Therese, unobserved at the moment, quietly snapped photos for the

sororitie's files.

Eventually Kathy's urine dribbled to a stop and Susie turned to Therese,

eyes bright and face flushed.

"See?  I knew you'd enjoy it," Therese said.  "Now take your soap and

see if you can raise some suds."

Susie lifted the bar from where it nestled between her breasts, secured

by a cord about her neck, and began lathering the jellied mounds of

her mammaries.  The soap had a scent of strawberries, fresh and ripe

and juicy, newly plucked from the vine to be crushed between the teeth

of its harvester.

Therese, meanwhile, quickly slid a nearby ladder into place and alighted

upon it to free Kathy.  She wiped the girl's genitals, to ensure that

in descending from her perch Kathy's stockings were not stained with any

delinquent drops of urine.  Then she reached up and undid the rope that

bound Kathy's wrists.  What a pity that no male was in sight to view

the pair as Therese reached to undo her friend.  At that moment both

girls were stretching upward, their lovely titties bobbling in the air.

The soft flesh beckoned to be cupped, held, squeezed; but instead it was

left to jiggle freely, naked and unfettered.  Even Therese's gauzy nightie

was unwilling to intervene.  It floated carelessly upon the air, its

fabric seemingly welcoming the light that shafted through it, it's straps

plotting to fall from Therese's slim shoulders at the first opportunity.

Soon all three girls were between the shelves, and Susie was running

out of moisture to make lather.  The crackle of a police walkie-talkie

announed the arrival of the night watchman on his designated rounds.

"That's Charlie," Kathy warned Therese, a look of desperation in her

eyes despite her knowledge as to the time the library was generally

inspected for intruders.

"And with our luck he's ten minutes early," Therese hissed.  She grasped

Susie's upper arm.  "Come, dear, you've done all we've asked and now

its time to go."  The girls slipped as noiselessly as possible out a

side door of the library, Therese taking note of the nearness of this

single unlocked exit to the front entrance and her good judgement in

leaving the rest of the sorority back at the house.

As the girls stepped out into the chill air of early Spring they each

regretted their lack of clothing, particularly Therese, who might have

remained dressed throughout Susie's shower.  But she had felt that

Susie would feel less uncomfortable about being nude if her host were

nearly nude herself, and in that respect Therese knew she had made the

correct decision.

A warm bath awaited Susie at what passed for what the girls improperly

referred to as their "house," a two-story townhouse just off campus

where several of the sorority girls shared apartments.  Susie, her

long blonde locks still damp and slightly bedraggled, was led sticky

and blushing to the bathroom.  A "sister" helped her step into the tub

and sat and chatted pleasantly with her while she bathed.  It was late,

and the "sister," whose name was Mary, wore a brief peignoir and french

cut panties.  Susie admired Mary's good taste in lingerie as she washed,

and even commented upon it, much to Mary's delight.

"So you're a connoisseur of undies just like I am," Mary laughed.

"I'm glad you're joining Phi Oui.  We should have lots of fun comparing

notes.  Perhaps you'd even let me try on a few of your things.  You can

have some of mine after your bath if you'd like.  I hear you live clear

across campus."

"Yes, and they made me cross it stark naked," Susie said.

"Stark naked?  You had a towel wrapped around you when I saw you,"

Mary said.

"You?...You saw me?"  Susie asked, astonished and suddenly quite

embarrassed, despite her nakedness in the bath.

"Oops, I don't think I was supposed to say that," Mary gulped.

"Indeed you weren't," Therese said, entering suddenly.

"Just who saw me?"  Susie asked Therese.

"Only the other girls here, your 'sisters,'" Therese replied.  "Is it

true you covered yourself with a towel as you crossed the campus?"

Susie looked down at the suds in her bath.

"How did we instruct you to cross the campus?"  Therese asked.

"N-naked," Susie replied softly, eyes remaining downcast.

"And now, despite your flagrant disobedience, you sit here splashing in

our bath, thoughtless as to who filled it or who shall have to scrub it

down after you've left."

"I-I'm sorry," Susie began, but was interrupted by Therese.

"Being sorry won't quite be enough.  I'm afraid that despite your

co-operation in the library your unwillingness to cross the campus

correctly has permanently disqualified you from membership in Phi Oui."

Susie looked up, eyes wide with dismay.  Therese turned to leave.

"Kindly drain the water when you're finished.  Toweling the tub down

would also be appreciated.  Cleaning the tub is not required, and is in

fact forbidden as we are eager to start our party and cannot until you

are gone."

Susie put her face in her palms and broke into sobs.  Suddenly she wanted

to be a part of Phi Oui very much.

"Don't cry," Mary said soothingly once Therese had left.  She put a soft

hand on Susie's wet shoulder.  "I'll still trade nighties with you,

if you like.  I'll even sneak out the back and walk you home tonight.

And give you some clothes, real clothes, so you don't have to worry

about bumping into Charlie on your way back."

"But I want to be a part of Phi Oui," Susie said, looking up, tears

streaking her face.

"Would you like me to talk with Therese?"  Mary asked.

Susie plunked her face back into her hands and nodded, sniveling.

Half an hour later Susie was bent naked over the back of a stuffed chair.

Her arms were pulled tautly downward over the seat.  Her wrists, bound

together, were connected to the stubby legs of the chair with a taut cord.

Therese lightly whisked the tails of a whip over Susie's bare bottom.

"Are you ready for your punishment?"  Therese asked the gagged Susie.

Susie nodded.

"You understand, of course, that by simply shaking your head 'no'

at any time you may discontinue your whipping at once.  That will,

unfortunately, permanently bar you from membership in Phi Oui, with no

hope of reprieve.  Enduring the whipping, however, does not automatically

qualify you for entrance to Phi Oui.  Had you successfully completed your

initiation, you would have been admitted automatically.  Now, however,

your application for membership must be voted on by all the sisters.

They will be closely observing your performance during your whipping for

any signs of unladylike behavior.  We only admit adults into our sorority.

Little girls who bawl, scream, and cry out excessively are simply not

fit to enjoy the mature pleasures which matriculation offers."

Therese brushed Susie's bottom with the whip yet again, caressing the

flesh; her touch beguilingly tender, a far cry from what would soon ensue.

"Do you still wish to be whipped?"  Therese asked.

Susie nodded her head.

"Alright, then.  Girls, are you ready?"  Therese asked, looking about

the living room.  The sisters, all in various states of dishabille,

attempted to nod somberly but broke into giggles.

Therese herself was nearly on the brink of laughter.  Here was this

poor girl, an inexperienced freshman in her second week at Ohio State,

with her bottom bared for all the world to see, and to do whatever they

pleased with.

Therese stepped forward and slipped the thongs of the whip into the

furrow between Susie's bottom cheeks, then pulled the knotted leather

tails of the whip up through the two plump halves of flesh.

"Your posture is perfect for now, dear, but before I am through you will

be provided with a small coffee table and asked to stand upon it, which

will require you to bend your legs, as your wrists will remain bound

in place.  In that position your cheeks will be separated, preventing

me from performing that little trick I just did with the tails but

allowing me to flagellate the innermost portions of your derriere.

This is most necessary if your entire bottom is to be disciplined.

I am not your mother, and I will not be content with merely striking

the outer surfaces of your cheeks.  My whipping will be a proper one,

or none at all, for we are, I assume, both adults, and know the correct

meaning of 'whaling' one's posterior."

Susie nodded her understanding.

Therese stepped back.

"Remove the gag," Therese ordered.  "I am fully confident that she will

not need it."

Mary came forward and bent over Susie's shoulders.  She undid the gag.

Her breasts dangled naked beyond the low- cut front of her peignoir.

"Good luck," Mary whispered.

"Thankyou," Susie breathed.

Then, bending close as if planting a kiss on Susie's cheek, Mary whispered

in her ear, "Ask Therese to whip you."

"Please...please whip me," Susie asked, recovering her voice.

"What?"  Therese asked with mock incredulity.  "You know, I think I'm

actually going to be proud of you, Susie.  Please call out each stroke

prior to its application."

There was a long moment of silence.

"Say 'one,'" Mary prompted.

**** NEXT ISSUE: **** With a groan of pleasure each man eased the crest of

his cock into a bottomhole.  Mary and Susie twisted their hips valiantly,

but were unable to dislodge the penises.

**** STILL AHEAD: **** "Hold it a moment in your mouth before swallowing,"

Therese suggested to Susie.  The blonde, her cheeks bloated with semen,

smiled as she held the precious seed, nearly spluttering it out in a

giggle as she imagined how silly she must appear.  "Doesn't she look

pretty with a mouthful of sperm?"  Therese asked Jed as his penis was

favored with Mary's lips.  Jed, his own testicals churning on the brink

of release, could only grunt in reply.  Peter, who had provided the

reproductive fluid that was now under discussion, sat in a stupor of

satisfaction on a plush loveseat.

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**** NAUGHTY NAKED DREAMGIRLS **** "You will each be given an opportunity

to relieve yourselves of your precious burdens," Therese said.  ****

Episode Two **** By Andrew L. Roller **** INTRODUCTION--Ohio State

freshman Susie had hoped her initiation into the Phi Oui Sorority would

be a smooth one.  It might well have been, if Susie hadn't cheated by

covering herself with a towel when she was ordered to walk across the

campus naked late at night.

Now Susie is bound over the back of a  stuffed  chair, her body bared to

the thongs of a ravenous whip.  The flagellation will begin when Susie

calls for the first stroke.  It will continue only so long as Susie

continues to request successive strokes.  It will end when Therese,

the sorority president, decides that Susie's supplication is complete.

Therese is impatient for Susie's ordeal to begin.  The fact that the

task of whipping the girl has fallen to her does not appear to dissuade

Therese in the least.  Therese seems enervated by the prospective labor,

standing unclothed behind Susie's upraised bottom, her face proud, her

breasts jutting forth commandingly, her straight long legs sheathed in

black nylons and secured by a  slim garter.

The sisters of Phi Oui surround the dominitrix and her victim.

Some fidget nervously, their sympathies secretly with Susie; others,

eyes gleaming, identify with Therese.  All make some attempt at masking

their feelings; sipping sherry, munching hors d' oeuvres, trading

bits of gossip with a friend.   Only one, a girl in a peignoir and

panties named Mary, is overtly concerned with the situation at hand.

Or at least she appears to be.  If Susie lifts her eyes she can just see

Mary's intense gaze.  It attempts to reassure her.  It tries to downplay

the threatening girl poised in spiked heels at Susie's naked posterior.

Silently, it urges compliance:

"Call for the first stroke," Mary's gaze seems to say.  "Take your

punishment and be done with it.

"I was just a scared little girl when I arrived at Ohio State too,

but now I'm a woman; a member of Phi Oui.

"Just say 'one'..."

*** "One," Susie said haltingly.

Susie wrenched upward as the first blow fell.  Her lips parted in a gasp

of astonished pain.  For a moment she couldn't catch her breath.

"Two is the number which follows, Susie," Therese said.

"T...TwoOOOO," Susie said, her words ending in a howl as the thin straps

connected with her exposed bottom.  Susie squished her legs together in

an attempt to quell the searing heat.

"Legs apart, Susie,"  Therese cautioned.  "Remember, you are to maintain

the posture of a dignified young lady, not a sniveling little girl.

Present yourself and ask that the third stroke be administered."

Susie straightened her legs and bent forward over the chair.

"Th...three," Susie said almost inaudibly.

"What's that?  Did you ask to be released?"  Therese said.

"No!  No!  I said 'three,'" Susie said.

A swift crack followed.  Susie cried out, shivered, and requested

a fourth.

"She has a lovely bottom, hasn't she?"  Therese asked at large, delaying.

The girls gave a murmur of agreement.

"Pity you've insisted on whipping it," Mary told Therese.  "I would have

settled for a spanking."

"Too childish," Therese replied.  "But fear not, your little friend's

bottom won't come to too much harm.  A few cuts, perhaps..."

"A few cuts?!  Therese, you didn't say..." Mary blurted.

"Does that upset you, Mary?"  Therese asked.  "None of the other girls

look upset."

"Susie's my friend!"  Mary said.

"They met in the bathroom," Therese cracked to the crowd.  Everyone

laughed, for in fact it was true.

"If she really is your friend, I know of a way that you can ensure that

her bottom is merely striped, not cut," Therese said.  "Share Susie's

punishment with her.  Bare your own bottom and accept some of the strokes

that would otherwise have to be delivered to her."

This sounded like a capital idea to the other sisters, who urged Mary

to take up their President's offer.  The spectacle of a little-known

initiate's bottom was fascinating, but the sight of a fellow member's

bottom bared to the whip was almost too delightful to contemplate.

At first Mary refused.  But backing out proved difficult.  After all,

she was a member of Phi Oui, which prized friendship above all else.

Naturally, Mary's fellow members were quick to seize upon the most

damaging arguments.  Soon Mary's peignoir and expensive french- cut

panties lay discarded upon the floor and her bottom stood bare beside

that of her friend.

"Call for your first stroke, " Therese directed Mary.

The other girls grew quiet with anticipation.

Mary's bottom bulbed out, the flawless white flesh stretched taut.

Mary took in a deep breath.

"Make my cheeks rosy," Mary breathed.

The whip struck with a vengeance.

*** The position was impossibly lewd.  A low coffee table had been placed

beneath the feet of Susie and Mary, forcing them to bare their legs,

which in turn spread wide the cheeks of their bottoms.

Perspiration speckled Therese's brow as she aimed her next blow.

The twin anuses of Susie and Mary presented themselves, their pert labia

lips pouted just below.  The flesh along the inner cheeks of each girl's

bottom was as white and unmarked as newfallen snow, a stark contrast to

the surrounding twin orbs, which blushed deep red.

The two girls trembled visibly.  Their nude bodies were coated with sweat.

Saliva drooled unchecked from their open lips, heads bent down into the

seat of each of their respective chairs.

And then it began.  Susie cried out as her pretty, puckered anus was

caught by one of the knotted tails of the whip.  A moment later Mary's

pussy was stung by a tail.  Her sharp scream joined Susie's just as it

was dying.

"Just seeing if you two are still awake," Therese laughed.  "Those are

nice, soft chairs you're bent over.  I wouldn't want you two falling

asleep on me."  The next strokes, mercifully, opted for the flesh of

each girl's furrow, avoiding their nether holes and unprotected pussies.

After a dozen or so more strokes Therese suddenly dropped the whip.

"Bring forth the gentlemen," Therese commanded.

Two male collegiates were led into the room.  They had been divested of

their clothes, and stood in obvious readiness for the task at hand.

"You're only to whip us!"  Mary said shrilly, her ears reporting to her

what her eyes could not see.

"I only wish to have a certain photo for our sorority scrapbook,"

Therese said calmly.  Therese nodded her head at two girls in the crowd.

If this was to be done, it had to be accomplished quickly.

Two sisters advanced upon Mary and Susie with an open jar of vaseline.

They each dipped a slim finger into the goo and poked their digit into

one of the girl's bottomholes.  Mary and Susie both squirmed and mewed

in protest.  The long, sharp nails that their intruders sported did

nothing to ease an already uncomfortable situation.

Each of the sisters gave her finger a quick twist and then withdrew it.

Two males, meanwhile, stood ready to enter in the finger's place, their

rigid cocks newly creamed with vaseline.

"Slowly," Therese warned the two males. "And just halfway.  Under no

circumstances are either of you to ejaculate.  These girls are doing me a

personal favor by consenting to your cocks, and they have no interest in

receiving your seed.  Be content with the modicum of pleasure they permit

you and I will see to it that you receive more substantial enjoyments

before you depart."

"Does that mean after this we get to fuck you?"  One of the men asked,

obviously promoting that possibility.

"It means that you will each be given an opportunity to relieve yourselves

of your precious burdens in a warm, receptive, beautiful young woman."

"Well, that definitely  excludes you," the other man said.

Therese turned crimson.

"I've a mind to whip the two of you!"  Therese snapped.  "Perhaps those

naked loins of yours would prefer the stinging bites of a whip!"

The men simply laughed and stepped beyond Therese to the girls.

Two sisters bent and covered Susie and Mary's mouths with their palms.

Each man grasped the hips of his assigned girl and pressed the knob of

his penis to her tight, crinkled brown rosehole.

Mary wrenched her bottom aside, attempting to evade the prospective


"Be still girl," Therese said, suddenly beside her, whip in hand.

Mary made to scream an epithet but it was quelled by the hand at her


With a groan of pleasure each man eased the crest of his cock into

a bottomhole.  Mary and Susie twisted their hips valiantly, but were

unable to dislodge the cocks.

Another moment and the two penises pushed deeper.  The girl's nether

channels clamped down upon them, attempting to prevent further entry.

Therese gave each girl's lower back a quick snap of the whip, causing

each in turn to release the muscles of her bowels as she flinched at

the unexpected pain.

Then the flash of a camera was heard, as the denouement was captured

on film.  Each of the men glanced sideways at the photographer and

grinned triumphantly.  Their cocks, embedded halfway in the full moons

before them, seemed almost to sprout from the bottoms themselves.

"A unique picture, if I do say so myself," the girl who played

photographer smiled.

Suddenly each man wrenched forward.  Therese, armed now with not one

whip but two, struck the bare buns of each man simultaneously.  The men's

cocks, so carefully held at the mid-point of entry in the girls, plunged

involuntarily into the depths of their rectums.

"Hey!"  Each man shouted, attempting to turn and look over his shoulder,

but caught short by a second blow to his rear.

"I couldn't help it!"  Therese squealed, and quickly followed her first

two strokes with a half-dozen more.

At once each man, betrayed, abandoned his earlier promise and began

sturdily pumping his member in and out of his respective victim, while

Therese continued to apply the tails.  The girls, unused to anal entry,

twisted and kicked as the painful sodomizing continued.

Two sisters suddenly stepped out and knelt between the legs of either man.

Each clasped a sac of testicles and began squeezing it, urging it to

spill it's spermy contents.

The air in the room was electric.  Now Therese would get the picture

she really wanted.

The two men grunted, each fighting to retain his seed, to prolong the

pleasure a moment longer.  The girls below them, experienced devotees

of male genitalia, nodded to each other, knowing better than the men

themselves, whose thoughts were deceived by hope, when release had gone

from impending to imminent.

Each girl gave a sharp tug on her man's testicles, at the same time

reaching between his legs with her free hand and seizing the shaft of

his penis on the outstroke.  That, combined with the continued struggles

of Mary and Susie, resulted in each man suddenly popping out of his

respective bottom, the crown of his cock bulging stiffly in mid-air.

A second later a spray of semen burst from the twin penises.  The sperm

hit Mary and Susie's bottoms first, but was then directed over their

backs at the girls beyond who imprisoned their mouths.  The two girls

who knelt between either man's legs were responsible for this sudden

diversion of reproductive fluid.  They literally howled with laughter

as they aimed their assigned cocks at their fellow sisters, who were

visibly startled at the unexpected shower.

Therese dropped her whips and surveyed the room.  The sisters of Phi Oui

were painfully aroused.  Their hands squeezed each other's arms as they

gleefully observed the twin fountains of sperm, their breasts brushed,

then rubbed together in uncaring arousal.  Several girls began kissing


Therese motioned to several girls, forewarned of the event, who quickly

stepped in and separated the more amorous of the observers.

"Perhaps some of you would enjoy a visit from Gamma Sig fraternity,"

Therese said to the crowd of girls, referring to Phi Oui's male


The response was hot and unanimous.  Men were needed, and needed at once.

Therese motioned to a girl to go make the call.  The special session of

the Phi Oui sorority disintegrated into chaos as half the girls rushed

to a phone while the others broke for the two nude men in the center

of the room, preferring a chance at immediate pleasure to the option of

pleasure later on.

'Later' proved to be but five minutes hence.  As might be imagined,

it took very little time indeed for lusty men to respond to the call

of females in heat.   But five minutes was all that Therese required to

regain control of her girls.  They must be dignified, they must be coy,

they could be gracefully receptive but they must not be easy.

A dance was decided upon as the most suitable prelude to copulation.

The stereo was turned on and tuned to a feverish pitch.  The girls met

the men and drew them onto the cut-pile carpeting of the living room

which passed as the dancefloor.  Soon the wild beat had divested dancers

of both sexes of their attire.

It continued for a while as a nude dance, the bodies writhing in tandem

amidst a litter of lingerie and menswear.  Susie and Mary remained

tied over their respective chairs, a spectacle for all to behold and an

encouragement to bacchic pleasures.  Several men, unable to confine their

relish to merely viewing the pair of bottoms, endeavored to spear them.

Two others opted for the mouths of Mary and Susie, and had just ensconced

themselves within the tempting lips when Therese intervened.

"These girls are for the pleasure of your eyes, not your penises,"

Therese said, striking at the men with her whip.  But suddenly a hand

grasped her wrist and relieved her of the whip, which fell to the floor.

"I've heard that you've given quite a few orders tonight," a husky male

voice whispered.  "Now it's time for you to obey."

*** It was the oldest trick in the book.  Worm your way down to a man's

penis and bring him off.  With your hands, if you really loathed him.

Cunning.  It was stronger than muscle. Therese tossed her auburn locks

back in contempt.  She rose from the man stretched out on the bed and

dropped her feet to the floor.  The man made as if to rise.

"Rest, darling, be rigid for me when I come back with your drink,"

Therese said,  caressing his limp penis.  The man smiled and nodded.

Therese turned and left.

Therese was surprised to find Mary and Susie unattended when she

arrived downstairs.  Apparently the men who had wished to relieve

themselves inside the girls had been pulled away by amorous sisters.

In the few minutes it had taken Therese to unload the hunk who had dared

to play her captor, the dance had melted into an orgy.  Bodies twisted

and turned all over the carpet, eager to obtain their first release of

the evening.  Even the two males who had made earlier donations of bodily

fluid were back in the fray, their mounts pinioned firmly beneath them,

in  missionary positions.

Therese stepped over the rolling bodies, a hand on her brow, holding

back her long locks as she bent her head to watch where she placed her

spiked heels.

It was time to release Mary and Susie.  Therese squatted down before

the two girls and stroked the backs of their heads, running her fingers

through their hair.  In several places the hair was matted, stuck together

by a dried glob of semen.

Both girls looked up.

"Poor darlings, you probably think I'm quite mean," Therese said.

Mary glared at her, but Susie appeared docile.  They both looked


"We don't mind staying like this for the rest of our lives, you know,"

Mary said.

"You were very brave," Therese said to Mary.  "I admire your pluck in

sharing your friend's punishment."

"It's more than you would do for me," Mary said.

"I know, dear, and that's why I want you to teach me how to do that,"

Therese said.

"You'd never," Mary said.

"Oh, but I would, in fact I insist that you teach me," Therese said.

"Then you must not insist, but ask," Mary said.

"You would be my instructor?"  Therese asked.

"Of course, if you make Susie a member of the club," Mary said.

"At once," Therese said, and rose.

"Are there any objections to Susie joining our sorority?"  Therese asked

the mass of bodies entangled on the floor.  Grunts and cries of passion

were Therese's only answer.

"No objection," Therese said proudly, squatting once more before the

girls.  Her naked breasts bounced as she dropped her bottom to her heels.

Mary and Susie grinned gleefully.  At Therese, and then at each other.

Their eyes sparkled with girlish delight.

"Thankyou," Susie said quietly to Therese, and then, much to Therese's

surprise, Susie smiled coyly and captured Therese's bobbling nipple that

was closest to her and began to suckle.

Mary and Therese gaped at each other.

"I guess this night has just been too much for her," Therese said.

She gazed down at Susie, her eyes closed, her glossed lips gently working

Therese's areola.

"It's been quite a night for all of us,"  Mary said.  "You're quite a

slavedriver when it comes to erotic pastimes, Therese.  But then you're

also very, very good."  And with that Mary placed her lips upon Therese's

remaining nipple and began to suck.

**** Naughty Naked Dreamgirls is also available in a convenient minicomic

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